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"24" Day 8: 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. (2010)

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Open with Dalia addressing the media and heaping praise on President Taylor and the U.S.

Pillar tells Logan that Bledsoe still hasn't gotten any info out of Dana. They confirm that the deal is to kill Dana after questioning.

Cut to Dana getting more waterboarding but still refusing to talk.

Jack and Cole plot their strategy for getting Dana from the safe house. Jack tells Cole his goal is to let Dana go once they have the evidence. Cole answers a call from Chloe and keeps up the ruse of having Jack in custody.

Chloe tells Arlo to have Jack given a complete psych evaluation when he arrives.

Jack and Cole have zero trouble getting into the safe house. They incapacitate the roof guard, then once inside use his walkie to call-in a fake ambush on the roof. When the rest of the guards go upstairs, Jack sneaks up to the guy running the operation, holds a gun to his crotch and gets the location where Dana is being held. Jack kicks in the door and when Bledsoe puts a gun to Dana's head precipitating a stand-off, Jack quickly ends it by shooting him in the face. Cole grabs Dana and they leave the building.

Chloe finally learns that Jack tricked her and got the jump on CTU. They see via video that he and Cole (who they think is a hostage) have already left the safe house with Dana.

In the car Jack asks Dana for the file, and gives her "my word" that he'll let her go afterwards. She balks and he pulls the car over and puts a gun to her chest. She tells him the file is in a safety deposit box at a nearby bank. Dana tells Cole that Jack's plan is probably to kill her and everyone else responsible for Walker's death. He throws her in the car. Jack assures Cole that he wasn't really going to kill Dana.

During Dalia's conference Taylor steps away and learns Jack is missing and has possession of Dana. Taylor calls former President Logan, who offers Pillar to head up CTU's manhunt for Jack and the evidence. Pillar was a former FBI agent who hunted high-value targets in Afghanistan.

Logan speaks with Novakovich and Pavel. Pavel doesn't believe Dana could have any evidence implicating Russia, and Logan tells them his man is hunting down Jack. Logan asks Novakovich to kill Jack once CTU has located him. Logan will have Pillar feed Pavel real-time updates on the search for Jack.

Jack agrees to guard the lobby while Cole takes Dana into the bank. Once they leave Jack, Dana continues to try and convince Cole that Jack is going to kill her and use the file to hunt down the Russians responsible for killing Walker. We see them speak with a bank employee and walk into a room.

Pillar arrives at CTU and Chloe learns that, at least on the hunt for Jack, she is no longer running the show.

Dana and Cole wait for the safety deposit box. Dana says she had no idea what she was getting into when she first hooked-up with the Russians. She tells Cole the reason she made the file in the box was to hold off the Russians so they could be together. The bank manager brings in the box. Cole opens it and sees a gun. Seconds later Dana covers her eyes and a mini flash-bang device on a delay goes off, blinding Cole. Dana body-checks Cole into the wall, grabs the suppressed pistol from the box and shoots the manager when he pops his head in the room. Dana grabs the file, a passport and some cash out of the safety deposit box. She strokes Cole's face, then calls 911 and reports seeing Jack outside the bank.

CTU learns of the anonymous call about Jack. Pillar orders the team to tap into the bank's security system and they quickly discover Jack outside the building. Pillar informs the NYPD and then furtively calls Pavel to tell him he'll have to take out Jack while he's in police custody.

Jack is interdicted by two cops outside the bank. After seeing Dana slink away, he gets the jump on one of the officers and holds him at gunpoint. Jack talks the other officer into dropping his weapon and then apologetically shoots him in the foot before taking off in pursuit of Dana.

Dana spots Jack behind her and takes off running. Dana grabs a human shield and takes a few shots at Jack before continuing to flee. Inside a nearby building the two exchange gunfire and eventually Dana runs out of ammo. Jack catches up to her and has her show him the evidence file. She places it on the floor.

Knowing that the jig is up, Dana asks "what can I do?" He quietly responds, "Nothing. Nothing," and shoots her in the chest.

She falls, stricken but conscious. Jack stands over her, then shoots the duplicitous and cold-blooded Russian mole again, killing her.

He picks up the file and walks out.
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