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Renee And Dana Gets Killed
Desertman8414 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
While Dalia Hassan speaks at the UN, Jack and Cole infiltrate and rescue Dana from the private safe house. She takes them to a bank where she has a joint account with Cole, and where she has a safe-deposit box containing her evidence. Charles Logan proposes to President Taylor that his aide Jason Pillar be sent to CTU to take over as head of manhunt for Bauer. Taylor agrees to this, while Logan meets with Novakovich and makes it clear that it is in Russian interests to have Jack stopped and requests that Novakovich deploy his nation's covert operatives to deal with Jack. Novakovich assigns Pavel to the hit, and Jason begins to feed Pavel information from inside CTU. Dana's safebox, in addition to a memory card, contains a suppressed pistol and a flashbang trap which incapacitates Cole; Dana calls NYPD and sets them on Jack before escaping on foot. Despite police interference, Jack resumes his pursuit of Dana. After a brief gun fight and chase, Jack corners Dana, collects the incriminating data, and, despite her pleas for mercy, executes her.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.Renee Walker is shot and killed by a sniper in Jack Bauer's apartment. Jack Bauer demands Dana Walsh's evidence implicating the Russian government in the day's attacks. Under threat of death, she gives him the bank where she stored it, but pleads that she had nothing to do with Renee's murder.

2.At the bank, a flash-bang Dana hid in the safety deposit box incapacitates Cole Ortiz, allowing Dana to take the data card for herself.

3.President Charles Logan reassures President Taylor that Bauer can still be stopped, and recommends appointing his aide, Jason Pillar, to lead that effort at CTU New York. In secret, he allows Mikhail Novakovich access to Pillar's intel so that his covert operatives can eliminate Bauer themselves.

4.Jason Pillar successfully locates Jack Bauer at the bank and relays the information to Pavel Tokarev.

5.Police attempt to apprehend Jack, but he escapes and pursues Dana Walsh to a construction site. After a stand-off, he takes the evidence from her, then kills her in cold blood.

Killings continue as Renee gets murdered and Dana Walsh,the CTU mole,gets killed by Jack after extracting information from her.It is obvious that Day 8 is definitely the most violent season of 24.
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just below average
MarvelFan432110 October 2010
With only 5 hours left jack now goes to Cole to get Dana Walsh to get what he needs so jack kills everyone who is torturing Dana the get the information and Dana escapes,Jack chases her and kills her.

The biggest problem is the president and even CTU does not get anywhere with this, that is the bad thing about this episode it over shadows everything that comes up good.Other than that I really do not have a lot to say about this episode it is going to get better next 2 or 3 episodes.

Close to average but no.

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