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Having lost all his other investments the hotel is Sam's only asset and his first job is to bring in an inspector to assess its 'green' credentials. He is very fussy but James exposes him as a hypocrite, wanting a cushy holiday. Married television cooks Erin and Ed Martyn, the "perfect" couple, arrive with small son Tyler whom Anna is delegated to baby-sit. She discovers that the Martyns are far from happy and on the verge of divorce but talks sense into them for the sake of Tyler who tells her she will make a good mother. To quash the staff rumours about her child's father she has named young waiter Darren, who is happy to play along. Two rival boxers are double-booked on the eve of a big fight and start brawling. One is injured and threatens to sue the hotel but Juliet and Sam unite to expose the claim as a scam by his crooked manager.

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