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Harrison Ford Aims to Kill Off Indiana Jones in Next Film

22 December 2010 3:25 PM, PST | Filmofilia | See recent Filmofilia news »

Veteran Ford really aims to kill off Indy at the end of Indiana Jones and the Eternal Cross of Paradise? Does Doctor Henry really got a sendoff from Harrison or this is another rumor installment? Till we find out if iconic hazardous explorer would leave the whip to be picked up by his son, let us turn to the past for help.

January 3, 2009 The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull finished 2008 as the second most successful movie at the worldwide box office with $ 787 million.

July 4, 2009 Spielberg could begin filming Indiana Jones 5 as early as 2010.

February 5, 2010 Starring role told Empire Magazine that Ford is ready for Indiana Jones 5 (while talking about Extraordinary Measures, Ford’s most recent box office mega flop disaster).

June 11, 2010 Producer Frank Marshall denied the idea that Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) will have a reduced role with Mutt Williams (Shia Labeouf) as the primary hero.

August 27, 2010 Spielberg »

- Nikola Mraovic

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Indy 5: The Death Of Dr. Jones?

21 December 2010 6:31 AM, PST | | See recent TheMovieBit news »

Take this news as just a rumor as of right now, but ShowbizSpy got the scoop from an inside source close to George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg, that actor Harrison Ford (star of the Indiana Jones series) has told the creative pair that if Indiana Jones 5 ever comes to pass, that he'd like the character to die at the end. The source claims, "Harrison thinks it would be good for Indy to die and pass on his hat to his son in the next one". Also, Spielberg is said to be considering the idea of a swan song for Dr. Jones, where as Lucas is said to be strongly resisting the idea of killing off his creation. Again, this news is just a rumor as of right now, but I'm hyper at the idea of another Indiana Jones. Sure, Crystal Skull wasn't everything we'd hoped it would be (I »

- (Ferg)

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Does Harrison Ford want to kill off Indiana Jones?

21 December 2010 12:58 AM, PST | Den of Geek | See recent Den of Geek news »

With Indiana Jones 5 still in the planning stages, Harrison Ford is rumoured to be wanting the character killed off in the film...

Okay, this one might be a little obvious, given that Harrison Ford is pushing 70, and action heroes of such vintage are thin on the ground. But the plan with the in-the-works fifth Indiana Jones movie is for it to be Ford’s last (although last we heard, all concerned were still trying to nail the story).

Further than that, though, Showbiz Spy is reporting that Harrison Ford is keen for the character to be killed off in the fifth film. And what's more, that idea apparently isn’t being met with massive objections from Steven Spielberg at least, although George Lucas isn’t keen

It cites a source who says that “Harrison thinks it would be good for Indy to die and pass on his hat to »

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Indiana Jones to die in fifth film?

20 December 2010 11:39 AM, PST | The Hollywood News | See recent The Hollywood News news »

If Harrison Ford has his way, Indiana Jones may not make the third act of Indiana Jones 5.

According to Showbizspy, the actor wants to the character to meet his end in the next Indiana Jones film, which is currently being written by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

The site quotes an insider on the film: “Harrison thinks it would be good for Indy to die and pass on his hat to his son in the next one…George especially is resisting the notion but Steven  is considering it. Funnily enough Harrison wanted the same for Han Solo in the final Star Wars but George put an end to it. This time he doesn’t have all the say though.”

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull was released in May 2008 to a wide critical drubbing but became a commercial success, so the idea of a sequel was always on the cards. »

- Adam Spinks

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Updated: Harrison Ford Wants To Kill Off Indiana Jones?

20 December 2010 10:25 AM, PST | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »

Updated: Harrison Ford’s reps have denied the story, unsurprisingly. In a way though the character is kind of dead, at least for the next four years anyway as Spielberg is busy with other things.

Warning! We have entered the silly season for gossip sites to invent new stories as Hollywood shuts down for the holidays and sites like Showbiz Spy still need to fill their quota of posts. You could say I am doing the same by reciting a story that is almost sure to be false but the truth is with this post I am explaining why it might be four or five years, probably more, before we might even get a fifth Indiana Jones film, let alone one that might kill off it’s title character.

First though, here’s the rumour…

“Harrison thinks it would be good for Indy to die and pass on his hat »

- Matt Holmes

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Rumor: Harrison Ford Wants to Kill Off Indiana Jones

20 December 2010 10:23 AM, PST | | See recent news »

If Indiana Jones 5 ever comes to pass, it will likely be the last time Harrison Ford ever picks up the hat and whip.  But the manner of that exit is important and sources tell Showbiz Spy that "Harrison thinks it would be good for Indy to die and pass on his hat to his son in the next one."  That would also involve bringing back Shia Labeouf, who publicly admitted that he didn't think much of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  Showbiz Spy's sources also say that while producer George Lucas is resistant to the idea, Steven Spielberg is considering  it.  While I would like to say that I'm okay with killing off Indy as long as it's done with dignity, Crystal Skull indicated that "dignity" really has no place in the future of this franchise.  Indiana Jones will most likely die while strapped to »

- Matt Goldberg

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Rumor Debunked: Harrison Ford Doesn’t Want To Kill Off Indiana Jones

20 December 2010 9:00 AM, PST | Slash Film | See recent Slash Film news »

[1] Update: Ford's representatives have denied reports t0 The Huffington Post - this rumor is false. Original story follows below: ShowbizSpy [2] is reporting that Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford wants his character to be killed off in the fifth installment of the action-adventure franchise. According to the report from the gossip website, Ford told George Lucas and Steven Spielberg that he wants Indy to die in the next film, officially passing the hat to his son (played by Shia Labeouf in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). “George especially is resisting the notion but Steven is considering it. Funnily enough Harrison wanted the same for Han Solo in the final Star Wars but George put an end to it. This time he doesn’t have all the say though.” Who knows if there is any truth to this report as many of the Indiana Jones rumors have turned out to be completely false, »

- Peter Sciretta

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Harrison Ford Denies Wanting to Kill Off Indiana Jones in Next Film

20 December 2010 | The Daily BLAM! | See recent The Daily BLAM! news »

Update: The latest rumor surrounding the next installment of the Indiana Jones franchise,claiming the 68-year old actor petitioned to George Lucas & Steven Spielberg to hand the Indy mantle to Shia LeBeouf, has been proven false. Earlier this year, a rumor spread like wildfire that Indiana Jones 5 would center on the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. The story was quickly proven to be false, but it proved that many fans are still hungry for more Indy action; even though the last film in the series (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom on the Crystal Skull) was poorly received. Gossip site ShowbizSpy is now reporting that the last news about the yet to be titled film has lead actor Harrison Ford requesting his whip-wielding hero meet his demise: “George especially is resisting the notion but »

- Pietro Filipponi

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A Drunk Harrison Ford Channels Joaquin Phoenix on Conan

17 November 2010 1:03 PM, PST | The Film Stage | See recent The Film Stage news »

After the Cowboys & Aliens trailer, lets just declare it Harrison Ford Day. Today’s Daily Distraction may not be as funny as Joaquin Phoenix‘s Letterman appearance, but it is certainly inspired. Harrison Ford stumbled on Conan‘s show last night and they discussed blimps, children, shitting and dying, grumpiness, and the cashgrab that is is Indiana Jones 5. It must be seen to be believed. Check it out below and look for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Alcoholism in theaters in 2012.

E-mail Jordan Raup here. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook for the latest Tfs updates! »

- Jordan Raup

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Morning Meme: How Homoerotic Is "The Eagle," the "Glee" Christmas Card, and Harvey Fierstein Joins "La Cage Aux Folles"

11 November 2010 5:45 AM, PST | The Backlot | See recent The Backlot news »

Remember last week when the Log Cabin Republicans went to Justice Kennedy and asked him to vacate the stay of the order ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? The government today filed their opposition. The White House needs to pick a side, either they want the policy gone in Congress, and get aggressive, or drop the court opposition. They can’t have it both ways. And the report that the DoD commissioned shows they don’t have to.

Well, the casting on Hot In Cleveland was ruined for me today. Sherri Shepherd is going to play the judge tasked with deciding if Elka (Betty White) is competent to stand trail. Who here feels Sherri is competent to decide anything?

Nintendo is trying to trademark “It’s on, like Donkey Kong!” I think they’re a decade late, and utterly ridiculous.

Isaiah Washington, no stranger to saying things that totally tick people off, »

- Ed Kennedy

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Ford to reprise role in ‘Indiana Jones 5′

10 November 2010 9:49 AM, PST | | See recent RealBollywood news »

London, Nov 10 – Veteran actor Harrison Ford is set to reprise his Indiana Jones role for the fifth time.

The 68-year-old actor will once again be seen playing the role of archaeologist Jones in ‘Indiana Jones 5′ that will be directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by George Lucas.

‘If there’s something that the three of us can agree on then I’d love to do it. George is working on something but I haven’t seen anything on paper,’ quoted Ford as saying.

<p. »

- News

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Harrison Ford Says 'Indiana Jones 5' Is 'On George Lucas's Plate'

9 November 2010 9:27 AM, PST | MTV Movies Blog | See recent MTV Movies Blog news »

There are basically four schools of thought when it comes to making "Indiana Jones 5." One: It's an awesome idea because "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" was rad and more Indy is always a good thing. Two: It's necessary because "Crystal Skull" was sort of a letdown and Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas deserve a chance to give Dr. Jones a proper sendoff. Three: It's not advisable because "Crystal Skull" was the aforementioned letdown. Four: It's a bad idea because "Indy 4" was the perfect swan song.

Regardless of how fans feel about the prospect of "Indiana Jones 5," however, the reality is that the movie whipped up $786 million worldwide... making a fifth installment all but a foregone conclusion. Plus, the 68-year-old Ford is just itching to don Indy's iconic fedora one more time, as he told MTV News MTV News at the press junket for his new comedy "Morning Glory, »

- Tom DiChiara

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Harrison Ford Calls Cowboys and Aliens a "Real Cowboy Movie"; Says No Script Yet for Indiana Jones 5

9 November 2010 7:25 AM, PST | | See recent ReelzChannel news »

Attendees of the Cowboys and Aliens (C&A) movie panel at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con were fortunate enough to not only see Harrison Ford in his very first appearance at the comic and movie geek mecca—he was dragged out to the stage by security guards and was bound in shackles, a wink and nod to fans who know that he had refused previous invitations to appear at the Con—but also to see some finished footage of the movie featuring Ford and Daniel Craig. It was evident from that screening that director Jon Favreau's goal was to make the movie adaptation of the Platinum Studios graphic novel look as much like an authentic Western as possible, even after the aliens descend to raise hell, and Ford confirmed in a recent interview with Access Hollywood that C&A is a "real cowboy movie."

Next Showing: Cowboys and Aliens opens »

- BrentJS Sprecher

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Harrison Ford ‘Looking Forward’ to Indiana Jones 5

9 November 2010 5:30 AM, PST | | See recent HeyUGuys news »

Thought we’d give you a little update on a movie franchise that some of you may still be interested in (even after Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!). Harrison Ford is currently on the promotional tour for his new movie, ‘Morning Glory’ and therefore will no doubt be asked over and over again about Indiana Jones 5.

MTV caught up with him and asked the question to which he replied:

“It’s on George’s plate, and I’m hoping he’s working hard at it, because I’d look forward to doing it again if the three of us could get together — George, [director] Steven Spielberg, myself — I’d love to do another”

He goes on to say it will be ‘better for everybody’ if it’s done ‘while I’m still alive’. Good to know that Ford is interested in doing another and that it »

- David Sztypuljak

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Harrison Ford on Indy 5

9 November 2010 5:24 AM, PST | The Hollywood News | See recent The Hollywood News news »

Indiana Jones 5 could be on the cards for Harrison Ford if he and producers George Lucas and Steven Spielberg can work out what direction to take the next movie, according to Access Hollywood.

Since the release of the last in the saga, there have been rumours washing around about the direction a potential fifth movie might take. There has been talk of the Bermuda Triangle becoming a big part of the story however none of the involved parties have made an official comment.

“Oh sure, I’d love to do it,” Ford told Access Hollywood. “If there’s something that the three of us can agree on then I’d love to do it.”

“George is working on something now, but I haven’t really seen anything on paper,” Ford said. “We’ve talked a little bit about it. It would be fun.”

The 68-year-old actor just finished working »

- Adam Spinks

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Don’t expect Indiana Jones 5 anytime soon…

8 November 2010 11:38 PM, PST | Den of Geek | See recent Den of Geek news »

Harrison Ford is doing the media rounds for his latest film, Morning Glory. And he’s giving a familiar answer when asked about the status of Indiana Jones 5

It's not what you'd call a massive update, but Harrison Ford is currently doing the junket rounds for a new film, and inevitably, people are asking him about the current status of Indiana Jones 5.

To be fair, you could probably guess the answer a mile off, but Ford is batting it out in his usual style. Talking to Access Hollywood, he's confirmed that "George is working on something now, but I haven't really seen anything on paper." He goes on to say, "We've talked a little bit about it. It would be fun. I'd love to do it."

That has been the party line for some time now, and the truth of the project is likely to be that, until George Lucas, »

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Harrison Ford Gives Indiana Jones 5 Update

8 November 2010 6:44 PM, PST | | See recent Worst Previews news »

We had the chance to speak to Harrison Ford yesterday, but didn't have enough time to talk about anything else except for his "Morning Glory" movie. Luckily, CNN and AccessHollywood had enough time and made sure to ask about "Indiana Jones 5." "I'd be happy to do another one if we could all agree on it and it was something that I thought was going to work," he said. "George [Lucas] tells us that he's working on something, and both Steven [Spielberg] and I are waiting to see." Ford added that he has yet to see anything on paper, but he already has had some early discussions with the filmmakers. Lucas previously stated that he wants Shia Labeouf to take over the franchise and wants Ford to come back like Sean Connery did in the third film. Ford, however, is not ready to let go of the character quite yet. And regarding the »

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Spielberg Commits to Directing 'Robopocalypse'

22 October 2010 12:38 PM, PDT | Rope of Silicon | See recent Rope Of Silicon news »

Back in November 2009, DreamWorks Studios and Doubleday acquired the rights to Daniel H. Wilson's unpublished manuscript, "Robopocalypse." Dreamworks immediately put the film into development, though it wasn't until March 2010 that Drew Goddard (Cloverfield screenwriter and The Cabin in the Woods helmer) was brought on to adapt the story into a screenplay and speculation began brewing as to whether Dreamworks head honcho Steven Spielberg would direct. Well, wonder no more.

Today it was announced Spielberg has commit to directing Robopocalypse as his next feature with shooting expected to begin in January 2012 for a 2013 release through Touchstone Pictures.

The book of which the film is based is currently slated for a June 7, 2011 release (Amazon is accepting preorders) and is described as exploring the fate of the human race following a robot uprising. Based on the book's artwork I can't help but think of I, Robot and based on the premise I »

- Brad Brevet

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Retro Reminder: 'Star Wars' Surpasses 'Jaws'

16 October 2010 5:12 PM, PDT | Rope of Silicon | See recent Rope Of Silicon news »

I was just sent the following scan from the December 2, 1977 Daily Variety in which Steven Spielberg congratulates George Lucas for Star Wars, which surpassed Jaws at the domestic box-office. Released in 1975, Jaws went on to make $260 million at the box-office while Star Wars, in its first theatrical run, ended with $307 million. Future re-releases saw Star Wars end with $460 million total domestically and should Lucas's 3D release pattern hold true, that total could end even higher.

Star Wars is currently the fourth highest domestic earner of all-time behind Avatar, Titanic and The Dark Knight. Jaws is number 53, directly behind How the Grinch Stole Christmas... Oh, the horror...

As for the Lucas-Spielberg relationship, the two would work together on the Indiana Jones franchise as well as serving as producers on The Land Before Time. Will they work together again on an Indiana Jones 5? »

- Brad Brevet

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Harrison Ford eager to rope in Sean Connery for Indiana Jones 5

15 September 2010 4:19 AM, PDT | | See recent RealBollywood news »

London, Sep 15, – Harrison Ford is trying to convince Sean Connery to return as his dad in Indiana Jones 5.

The Bond legend has said he will not make any more films.

However, Harrison is confident he can tempt the 80-year-old to appear as Henry Jones Sr, a role he played in 1989’s The Last Crusade.

Apparently, Harrison, 68 is trying his best to persuade Connery by sending him gifts.

“I hear Harrison has been sending over gifts to try to convince him,” the Daily Star quoted a film source as saying. (Ani) »

- News

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