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172 out of 221 people found the following review useful:

Surprised by some of the "reviews" posted here

Author: scarhavok from Australia
11 September 2011

Having read so many "reviews" which consist of watching 1-5 episodes I would like to comment myself having watched the entire series. This is not one of the best sci-fi series i've ever watched. However it is much better than anything else out there now. I wasn't too sure about the series after the first couple episodes and it had a strong Stargate Universe feel to it. I'm not going to post any spoilers but I can say the story significantly improves in my opinion and so does the care factor for the characters and where its all going by the end. The finale is a blast and had my girlfriend look at me with her mouth wide open after the ending and that we need to wait until next summer for the follow up... She wants to see it right now! As do I. The season ended very well and the show has been massively underrated on here.

If you haven't seen the show or you've seen a few episodes and aren't sure. I encourage you to use your own opinion and give it a chance i'm sure you will like it much more by the end.

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224 out of 364 people found the following review useful:

Truly Awful, Lazy, Patronising....

Author: whatutalkinaboot from Ireland
29 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you're going to do an Alien Invasion series, it should, at the very least, be as good as 'V' from 1983. Well it's 2011 and Falling Skies isn't even a quarter as good. The acting is wooden, the script, lazy. Think the Waltons meets Party of 5 with a few aliens and 'baddies' (the aliens are bad but the real danger to the humans are the humans themselves - so terribly patronising - it's been done to death) thrown into the mix.

Even the design of the Aliens themselves seems to have been undertaken by a below average sub-prime banker who, having lost his job, is now trying his hand at working in TV and got a job in the design team via an uncle producer who owes his family after they donated large sums of money to cover up his dubious personal practices which were discovered by the Stanford campus police back in 1984. Bi-peds copied from starwars. Skitters copied from starship troopers. Slightly changed of course, but nothing original.

And the whole premise of a band of wholesome people on the run from a deadly force seems a bit irrelevant after the quite excellent Walking Dead has done the same thing, only infinitely better.

Watched the 3rd Episode last night. I wasn't at all sure that anything could be as bad as the first two episodes, but that thought would evidently appear to have been vary naive. Shame on me for having a shred of hope that the series might improve slightly over time. Yes, you are right dear readers, the 3rd instalment was the TV equivalent of chewing someone else's toenails. Horribly wrong.

The world has been taken over by an oppressive alien force. The humans are on the run. Despite this, the humans appear to be able to live in large numbers quite comfortably and undisturbed in a sizeable unconcealed above-ground building, strolling about without any sense that they might be attacked. What the heck are the aliens playing at? Just nuke 'em and put us all out of our misery. To compound matters, there only seems to be about 2 or 3 Aliens in the area at any one time, whereas there are about 300 humans. What the heck are the humans playing at? Just rush 'em with numbers, overcome them and be done with it.

No sense of dread, no sense of suspense and no sense that any character is in mortal danger. Noah Wyle's son is staring down the barrel of an alien gun, the picture cuts to black and ten minutes later he shows up alive? I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

And as for the character of that bloke who was the leader of the outlaw group - one minute he's the leader of a gang of men guilty of rape and pillage and the next he's (voluntarily) the cook for the entire group of wholesome humans (who just killed all his buddies). Yeah, he's a real stand up guy all of a sudden. Are we just supposed to swallow this without question? Well sorry Mr Spielbergo, you might get away with that stuff with certain audiences but not with me sunshine.

I'm angry at how bad this show has turned out to be. Im a massive sci-fi fan and usually i would got over certain flaws if the show has enough imagination to compensate. This has none.

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204 out of 325 people found the following review useful:

Must see the next episode!

Author: Jobbe9 from Denmark
27 July 2011

Normally not one to watch many TV-series but this one caught my eyes. The storyline was simple enough: a group of people trying to make ends meet in a post-apocalyptic world in the aftermath of alien invasion. Simple! But oh my was I ever wrong.

The show will probably not change your viewing-habits but it will leave you with an deep impression of the great care the creators worked by. The characters are well-written and well-acted, they have emotions and soul, personality. They seem real. The story is paced moderately and the show rarely focuses on one element, like pure action or spacey Sci-Fi-phenomena, for long but manages to find the balance between these genres, making a show everybody should be able to sit through. And enjoy :-) The setting, mood and world is believable (as believable a post-apocalyptic world would be to me) and the atmosphere reaches a point of realism yet maintaining the fourth wall. The aliens are charming and sounds like the velociraptors from 'Jurassic Park' (actually a good thing), but they are more than meets the eye. We want to know more of them, yet the show keeps them at bay. They blend seamless into the world of chaos thanks to the before mentioned care by the creators. This is not one of those series that rely on cheap jokes, puns, mundane stereotypes, half-cooked morale and whathaveyou, but rather depicts a world not unlike your own: clever and natural.

Check it out :-) BTW, my first review ever on IMDb so be gentle with the rookie :-)

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138 out of 198 people found the following review useful:

I am totally hooked on this show.

Author: StoicBlade from UNC, North Carolina
10 August 2011

I do not understand why so many people are being so harsh regarding this show. Yeah, its basically "The Walking Dead", except with aliens...but I think this is a good thing. Unlike "V", this is a show that focuses on the survivors. Many reviewers have said that the characters are clichés. However, I would simply call them archetypes and I thoroughly enjoy watching most of the characters when they are on screen. It seems that many reviewers have based their opinions on the first 2 episodes. However, with so many characters, it takes time to get to know them. The show definitely starts off at a slow-burn. I think many people are having the same problem with this show as they did with "48 Days Later". Many people wanted to see a zombie horror movie. However, once they realized that the movie was a human drama and the zombies where more of a situation that humanity had to deal with, the reviewers whined that the movie sucked. "Falling Skies" is the same way. The show is not about aliens. The alien invasion is just the situation. The show is about the human drama that is the result of the situation. Watch more than just 2 episodes before you form an opinion. I think that you will enjoy it.

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114 out of 177 people found the following review useful:

Not terribly impressive so far and getting worse with each episode!

Author: Rob_Taylor
26 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love post-apocalyptic stories. I love sci-fi. Given those two statements I was, naturally, looking forward to this series with a great amount of anticipation.

But oh my! On the strength of the two episode pilot, I am sadly rather underwhelmed.

I expected Walking Dead with Aliens. Instead I got an unhappy mix of the War of the Worlds TV show, Battlestar Galactica and the Brady Bunch. There's altogether far too much "family drama" and not enough action/grim reality on display here. Token nods to reality, in the form of "we need to find more food" and such-like comments, do little to increase the believability of the show.

Acting is passable, on the whole, but the show has what appears to be low production values. I'm sure this wasn't the case, but it just looks cheaply put together.

In addition, though the Earth has apparently been conquered by the aliens, there seems to be no real sense of menace to the group. The aliens appear, but only here and there. Somehow, I would think the aliens would take a little more interest in a group of three hundred people trolling about the countryside. Instead, the aliens seem intent on "lurking" wherever the humans might conceivably go. Logistically, this is a nonsensical idea that is clearly a plot device, however idiotic.

Likewise, along with the lack of menace, there is a total lack of urgency displayed by the group. They appear in no rush to move away from the infested city, no doubt in part due to the seeming lack of interest on the aliens part in rooting them out.

A whole boat load of "family crisis" has been unloaded into this pilot. So much so that even those with a particularly sweet-tooth will find themselves feeling sickly at the sugary niceness of it all.

Another rather irritating thing....along with the family melodrama comes one of the most cringe-inducing melodramatic scores I've heard for a long time. It's just overdone to a terrible extent. I'm sure it was meant to evoke sympathy for the plight of the poor citizens, but all it did for me was to make me, by turns, scowl or chuckle at the screen.

The characters are thinly drawn and somewhat stereotypical. Grizzled War Vet, knowledgeable Professor, Lady Doctor, Annoying teen brats etc, etc. Of course, they all display the typical TV show lack of intelligence when it comes to dealing with their situation. So, for instance, a discussion in which they wonder why the "Skitters" have six limbs and the mechs are bipedal, doesn't end with any kind of speculation on the nature of the invading force, just a shrug.

There's a whole military vs. civilian friction dynamic that simply shouldn't exist. An "us and them" mentality that is beyond foolish. The opening child's narrative points out that all the soldiers were killed and "then the mummies and daddies had to fight". Except...apparently not every mummy and daddy. It's a world invasion....shouldn't everyone be a warrior now?

On the plus side, the series started out with a low, so things can only get better from here. Right? I certainly hope so, else this show isn't going to survive long enough for us to find out much about the aliens.

SUMMARY: Looks cheap, stereotypical characters, no sense of menace or urgency, enough saccharin sweetness to give you Diabetes five times over. Will not survive the first season unless things improve greatly.

EDIT: Episode 5 was the worst much sentimentality and melodrama...I'm! Help! Some TV company throw me a frickin lifeline here! There must be better things to watch......gurgle.

EDIT, EDIT: Oh God! There's to be a season 2! Here's hoping they listened to what was wrong with season 1.

EDIT FOR OPENING OF SEASON 2: Well, it IS better... but there is still the tendency to drop into piano-music accompanied melodrama at the drop of a hat. You have to be a real cheese lover to enjoy this. Hopefully it will improve, but then, I've been saying that since the first episode of season 1, so....

EDIT FOR END OF SEASON 2: Yes. I watched right to the end! It is getting better and I will tune in to Series 3 when it airs. I've even given it an extra star. But no more! I have my limits!

EDIT FOR SEASON 3: Ah, what to say. Opening episode skips 7 months of time. New alien at the end of S2 are now allies with no attempt to show how that all came together. The tendency to melodrama and over sentimentality has returned with a vengeance. For God's sake stop with the piano music. It takes more than that and having the main character cry or be angry in turn if you want the audience to connect with your hero. Speaking of which... get rid of Noah Wyle. Get somebody new in or at least have the guts to kill him off and do away with the whole vomit-inducing "Family is everything" shtick. It got old in season 1 guys! Stop with the formula writing crap already! -1 star for failing to shoot the piano player!

END OF SEASON 3: It got better! Oh no, wait... I started watching Revolution, which is so bad it makes this look better. Falling Skies... better than Revolution! There is a ray of sunshine on the horizon!

SEASON 4 EDIT: It is much better! To the point where I've given it another star! It's a little over the top, plot-wise, but enjoyable. I'm actually now a little sad that it is finishing after season 5.

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102 out of 157 people found the following review useful:

Plot holes the size of craters

Author: ggbyrne from United States
29 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This isn't just bad sci-fi, its dreadful TV. The plot holes are the size of craters. If this is supposed to be post-apocalpse - the producers have failed to hire a continuity editor to make sure that there is some sense of damage. The high school of refuge is in pristine condition with floors dust-free, the science lab immaculate and the medical supplies in brand spanking new boxes of apparently unlimited quantity while the civilians can't find food other than lima beans. Preposterously - the world best doctor shows up in a clean button down shirt, belt, and khakis as though he just stepped out of a limo.

The children have ample art supplies, civilians apparently clean and ambling about raking leaves (what happened to the seasons?), and the local suburban housing un-used and not ransacked for supplies. The plot, already thin and laughable, isn't support by context. The CGI is irrelevant since the aliens are so incompetent with weapons one wonders why they have them.

If there weren't bad enough, the characters are clichés. The only interesting person in the entire three hours I've seen so far is the bad-guy-turned-chef. I find myself more interested in how he made lima beans edible than how the best hope for teenage captives is a propane torch and morphine drip. Which as a surgical technique is plumbers work, literally.

At least Mad Max had grit.

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109 out of 177 people found the following review useful:

I could not stop watching!

Author: michaelfredrickson from Minneapolis, Mn
29 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It pains me to see so many negative reviews. Unlike many of the other opinions, I find this TV show to be fresh take on an old story. I enjoy the gritty depiction of humanities struggle for survival, yet their ability to unite together in such odds. I enjoy the progressive discovery of how the aliens think and feel. They don't dumb them down and make them simply a tyrannical race that is out to destroy the world, nor do they make them unbeatable. The Visual effects have some very strong moments. They are not afraid to show the aliens and they also do not steer in any open ended directions. They meet questions that arise head on.

There are weak points in some of the machines CGI, however. Nevertheless I find it subtle enough to where I can take the show seriously without noticing any flaws. I rarely discover a show that I am able to get so involved in. I feel I can insert myself into the story when watching and be apart of the adventure that is unfolding, and at the end of the day they tie in hope. Some people have issues with the religion that is rarely thrown in. I personally find it refreshing. It is in dire times that people turn to faith. Realizing that there may be something beyond themselves. It gives hope, not matter what you believe in, and hope is what gets you through. Rather than taking an offended stance I enjoy watching the integrity of those who maintain faith, and the respect given for the differences we all have in such walks of life.

Rather than going into specifics about the show I encourage you to watch it yourself and form your own opinion. There, at present, are only 7 episodes so it will not be hard to watch in order to form an opinion. In closing I find this show fresh, gritty, yet filled with hope and strength. I have enjoyed every aspect of it and I hope to see more seasons to come!

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63 out of 86 people found the following review useful:

Watching this was a truly masochistic experience

Author: marinwiki from Croatia
10 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

At first, I have to say that I really had some expectations for this show. I mean, yeah, the plot was nothing revolutionary but i still hoped to get some good post-apocalyptic/drama/sci-fi TV out of it. Oh God was I wrong.

The acting was awful. The actors were stiff as boards, not as nearly depicting the situation they were really in. Combine that with truly annoying characters and you have the recipe for a disaster (man did I hate that religious girl). And the babbling about history and great battles in the past where smaller armies defeated much larger ones? Well how many times in history did armies wage war against aliens? *facepalm*

The writing was so cheesy and full of clichés that at one point, I actually hoped that the aliens were just gonna nuke them or something, just to put an end to it. An awful soppy family drama with huge holes in the plot.

But nevertheless, I continued to watch, hoping that it might get better. Well, it didn't. It just got worst, the season finale being not worth watching and insulting my intelligence. As user idonotexist wrote on the message board, the scene where the aliens tell Tom that they didn't expect such resistance, well I "wanted to peel my eyes off".

p.s Who the hell gave money to do a season two!?

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100 out of 176 people found the following review useful:

Getting Better and I Like it

Author: odinsjoke from United States
19 July 2011

It started off as a re-run of other syfy shows I have seen, but I gave it a chance. Now I like it and find myself rootin' for the humans and wanting a piece of the skitters myself. Each episode is better than the last (so far) and the story line is progressing (slowly). To me, this show is like FireFly. Started of a little far-fetched, but like FireFly, is becoming a show I anticipated to see the next episode. Sadly, FireFly was canceled just as the story line was progressing and when it developed a good audience. Just hope this show develops in the same manner but not canceled. Curious, however, to how long the conflict will last, will the aliens and humans learn to coexist, will there be a victory and defeat of either side....and will there be some higher philosophical question for all of us to ask ourselves about life, existence, family and humanity. If that develops into the storyline....this will surely be a show with a following like FireFly and one worth watching again.

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44 out of 65 people found the following review useful:

It started quite OK and degraded to pretty bad

Author: Raphael Huber from Switzerland
3 September 2014

The saddest thing about this show is how few SciFi-Fans actually get how cheap, unimaginative, repetitive and lame the show got over it's course up to season 4.

There is very little good to say about season 4. Actually I can't think of anything. About every idea is old, every dialog feels phony, acting appears bored and staged and the plots and main plot are just plan stupid.

Do the people making this show and the actors saying those lines really not notice how bad this show has become? Or do they not care? Or are they in a collective hype and don't see clearly anymore?

But anyways. The fact that some people call this still a good show or even praise season 4 to be the best saddens me a even more than the quality of the show which had such potential.

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