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Zachariah: What, you thought you could actually kill Lucifer? You simpering wad of insecurity and self-loathing? No. You're just a human, Dean. And not much one of them.

Dean Winchester: What do you mean, I'm the sword?

Zachariah: Michael's weapon. Or, rather, his... receptacle.

Dean Winchester: I'm a vessel?

Zachariah: You're "the" vessel. Michael's vessel.

Dean Winchester: How? Why? Why me?

Zachariah: Because you're chosen! It's a great honor, Dean.

Dean Winchester: Oh, yeah. Yeah, life as an Angel condom. That's real fun!

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Dean Winchester: [angrily] You listen to me, you two-faced douche. After what you did, I don't want jack-squat from you!

Zachariah: You listen to *me*, boy. You think you can rebel against us? As Lucifer did?

[looks down, sees blood dripping from Dean's hand]

Zachariah: You're bleeding...

Dean Winchester: [looks down] Oh yeah. A little insurance policy in case you dicks showed up.

[whips the sliding door out, revealing the angel-banishing sigil]

Zachariah: [lurching forward] No...!

[Dean slams his palm onto the sigil; the angels vanish in a flash of light]

Dean Winchester: [to the empty air] Learned that from my friend Cas, you sonofabitch.

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[Zachariah has been threatening and tormenting Dean; Castiel appears and kills the other angels with a silver stiletto]

Zachariah: How are you...?

Castiel: Alive? It's a good question.

[indicating Dean and Sam]

Castiel: How did these two end up on that airplane? Another good question, because the angels didn't do it. I think we both know the answer, don't we?

Zachariah: No... It's not possible.

Castiel: [fiercely] It scares you. Well, it should. Now, put these boys back together, and go. I won't ask twice.

[Zachariah disappears; the brothers recover]

Castiel: You two need to be more careful.

Dean Winchester: Yeah, starting to get that. Your frat brothers are bigger dicks than I thought.

Castiel: I don't mean the angels. Lucifer is circling his vessel, and once he takes it those hex bags won't be enough to protect you.

[he touches their chests, the brothers flinch and groan]

Dean Winchester: What the hell was that?

Castiel: An Enochian sigil. It'll hide you from every angel in creation. Including Lucifer.

Dean Winchester: What, did you just brand us with it?

Castiel: No, I carved it into your ribs.

[pause while they take this in]

Sam Winchester: Hey Cas, were you really dead?

[a beat]

Castiel: Yes.

Dean Winchester: Then how are you back?

[Castiel looks at them for a moment, not answering, then vanishes with a sound of wingbeats]

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[Nick is visited in a dream by his murdered wife]

Lucifer: You're dreaming, Nick. But it doesn't mean this isn't real.

Nick: Sarah?

Lucifer: I'm not your wife, Nick. I'm an angel.

Nick: An angel?

Lucifer: My name is Lucifer.

Nick: Sure. Naturally. Um... Could you do me a favor there, Satan, and remind me to quit drinking before I go to bed?

Lucifer: I'm here because you're special, Nick. There's very, very few people like you.

Nick: Is that so?

Lucifer: You're a vessel... a very powerful vessel.

Nick: Meaning what, exactly?

Lucifer: I need to take control of your mind and your body. To be honest, it'll probably be unpleasant for you. But it is necessary.

Nick: Okay, look... if it's just the same to you, I think I'd like to wake up now.

Lucifer: I told you, this is real. Don't be afraid. This is your choice. You need to invite me in.

Nick: Even if this is real, which it's not, but assuming it was... why the hell would I do something like that?

Lucifer: You people misunderstand me. You call me "Satan" and "devil", but do you know my crime? I loved God too much. And for that, He betrayed me. Punished me. Just as He's punished you. After all, how could God stand idly by while that man broke into your home and butchered your family in their beds? There are only two rational answers, Nick: either He's sadistic or He simply doesn't care. You're angry. You have every right to be angry. I am angry, too. That's why I want to find Him, hold Him accountable for His actions. Just because He created us doesn't mean He can toy with us, like playthings.

Nick: If I help you... can you bring back my family?

Lucifer: I'm sorry. I can't. But I can give you the next best thing. God did this to you, Nick. And I can give you justice. Peace.

Nick: How do I know you're telling the truth?

Lucifer: Because, contrary to popular belief, I don't lie. I don't need to. What I need... is you. Nick, I need you to say yes.

Nick: Then yes.

[Lucifer possesses Nick in a flash of heavenly light]

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Sam Winchester: [Stumbles back] Geez! Ow!

Chuck Shurley: Sam?

Sam Winchester: Yeah.

Dean Winchester: Hey Chuck.

Chuck Shurley: So... you're okay?

Sam Winchester: Well, my head hurts.

Chuck Shurley: No, I mean, I mean, my last vision... you went, like, full-on vadar. Your body temperature was 150. Your heart rate was 200. Your eyes were black.

Dean Winchester: Your eyes were black?

Sam Winchester: I didn't know.

Dean Winchester: Where's Cass?

Chuck Shurley: He's dead. Or gone. The archangel smoked the crap out of him. I'm sorry.

Dean Winchester: You're sure? I mean, maybe he just vanished into the light or something.

Chuck Shurley: Oh, no. He, like, exploded. Like a water balloon of chunky soup.

Sam Winchester: You got a...

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Zachariah: I am completely and utterly through screwing around. The war has begun. We don't have our general. That's bad. Now, Michael is going to take his vessel and lead the final charge against the Adversary. You understand me?

Dean Winchester: How many humans die in the crossfire, huh? A million? Five, ten?

Zachariah: Probably more. If Lucifer goes unchecked, you know how many die? All of them. He'll roast the planet alive.

Dean Winchester: There's a reason you're telling me this instead of just nabbing me. You need my consent. Michael needs my say-so to ride around in my skin.

Zachariah: Unfortunately, yes.

Dean Winchester: Well, there's got to be another way.

Zachariah: There is no other way. There must be a battle. Michael must defeat the Serpent. It is written.

Dean Winchester: Yeah, maybe. But, on the other hand... eat me. The answer's no!

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[the Winchesters have been told about the Sword of Michael]

Dean: You think we're talking about the actual sword from the actual archangel?

Bobby: You better friggin' hope so.

[opens a book to a Renaissance painting depicting a beautiful and feminine angelic warrior]

Bobby: That's Michael. Toughest son of a bitch they got.

Dean: You kidding me? Tough? That guy looks like Cate Blanchett.

Bobby: Well, I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley, believe me. He commands the heavenly host. During the last big dust-up upstairs, he's the one who booted Lucifer's ass to the basement. Did it with that sword. So if we can find it...

Dean: We can kick the devil's ass all over again.

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