The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia (2013) Poster

Plot Keywords

georgia daughter
slave trailer
mother revenge
malevolent entity evil man
decomposed body tied to a table
human taxidermy sewing
border collie police tape
human skeleton flashlight
calling for help stuck in a well
lost in the woods nightmare
doll full moon
larva cockroach
child in a bath some scenes in sepia
woman wearing a veil shrine
talking to a ghost animal trap
frightened child chain swing
caged animal barking dog
underground railroad station stepping in a hole
tree swing learning to ride a bicycle
prescription drugs woman in bath
bug zapper startled
recreational vehicle tear on cheek
stuffed animal number 2 in title
digit railroad station master
station master woods
little girl screaming
sawdust ku klux klan
racism murderer
murder fire
dead man dead body
dead woman rope ladder
police car police
gun skeleton
slavery piano
insect vomit
slow motion taxidermy
taxidermist african american man
african american woman african american
blind woman blindness
axe chopping wood
crying girl girl crying
hanging dog
running quilt
lantern clothesline
underground railroad photograph
convertible bicycle
blood woman in bathtub
bath wearing clothes in a bathtub
bathtub seeing the dead
hallucination rake
porch sister sister relationship
suitcase baseball hat
aunt niece relationship aunt
apparition false scare
raccoon beer
radio undershirt
tank top mother daughter relationship
new house sequel by name only
teddy bear ghost
stand alone sequel crying woman
woman crying numbered sequel
sequel year 1993

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