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Flashy and fun, and a nifty showcase for Yen.
It's just too bad that Legend Of The Fist breaks up that action with long scenes of well-dressed men and women sitting around in nightclubs, talking politics.
This isn't at the same level of quality as Yen's "Ip Man 2," which played earlier this year and was one of the best martial arts movies in a long time. But it is entertaining, even if it does ask you to suspend boatloads of disbelief.
Boxoffice Magazine
Pleasantly old fashioned, with plush period sets of '20s Shanghai and actual hand-to-hand combat.
This superhero spin on a largely Eastern legend will appeal primarily to Asian genre aficionados on homevid.
It's generally fun to watch Mr. Yen move and not much fun to watch him act, and Legend of the Fist is no exception.
Too bad it lacks a substantial story to go along with the kick-ass combat scenes.
Village Voice
Anyone who's seen a martial-arts picture expects a certain amount of thumb-twiddling between the big numbers, but director Andrew Lau's handling of exposition is markedly poor, distended with rubbish plotlines, flashy sadism, and overwrought jingo.
The movie's infrequent martial-arts centerpieces deliver the feeblest of punches.
Unexpectedly flatfooted when it should be light on its toes, Legend of The Fist fails to pack much of a punch.

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