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Video Essay. Broken Rhythm: Nanni Moretti's "The Son's Room"

The fifteenth entry in an on-going series of audiovisual essays by Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin. Mubi will be showing Nanni Moretti's The Son's Room (2001) May 21 - June 20 in the United States.A water polo celebrity who freezes inexplicably before firing between the goal posts (Palombella rossa, 1989). A newly elected Pope who finds himself unable to address the faithful masses from the Vatican balcony, and instead furtively flees into the streets (Habemus Papam, 2011). A film director who can no longer hold it together on set, as her mother lays dying in hospital (Mia madre, 2015). Nanni’s Moretti’s films often address urgent issues of personal blockage, panic, fear, grief, and especially life-sapping depression—always within the ever-widening, intersubjective circles of family, work, community, and society. His wisdom recalls that of the militant psychoanalyst Félix Guattari, who commented in the 1970s that genuine political change will only occur “from
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All about My Mother by Anne-Katrin Titze

Mia Madre director Nanni Moretti with Anne-Katrin Titze Photo: Lilia Blouin

Margherita Buy, Giulia Lazzarini, John Turturro, Beatrice Mancini, Enrico Ianniello and Nanni Moretti star in Mia Madre (My Mother), Moretti's multi-layered, personal and universal exploration into private emotions and public movie work.

Meeting the director for a morning conversation at the Regency Hotel on Park Avenue, not far from Central Park, we discussed how Wim Wenders' angels from Wings Of Desire fit in with Mia Madre, grammar turning into grandma and the work of mourning.

Nanni Moretti as Giovanni: "There is reality, there is the film inside the film and then there's dreams, memories, fantasies."

I had suggested screening We have A Pope (Habemus Papam), when Robert Zemeckis’s The Walk, the New York Film Festival's Opening Night Gala screening was moved a day due to the visit of Pope Francis and the Film Society of Lincoln Center
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Mia Madre review – lights, camera… trauma

A film-maker has to cope with her dying mother and a pompous American star in this tragicomic triumph by Nanni Moretti

Italian tragicomic auteur Nanni Moretti approached the subject of his own mortality in 1993’s international breakthrough feature Caro diario (Dear Diary), which documented, among other things, his all too real encounter with cancer. In his most celebrated feature, the 2001 Palme d’Or winner La stanza del figlio (The Son’s Room), he dealt superbly with parental bereavement and mourning. Now, in Mia Madre, he focuses on the impending loss of a mother, drawing heavily upon personal experience (Moretti’s own mother Agata died while he was completing 2011’s Habemus Papam/We Have a Pope), but also keeping enough distance from his subject to achieve a sense of universality. The beautifully observed and delicately balanced result is a sublimely modulated blend of laughter and tears, a film that cuts to
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Habemus Papam by Anne-Katrin Titze - 2015-07-29 19:50:09

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Philippe Petit in The Walk

The Film Society of Lincoln Center has announced that the New York Film Festival Alice Tully Hall Opening Night Gala screening of Robert Zemeckis’s The Walk in 3D, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Philippe Petit with Ben Kingsley, Charlotte Le Bon and Ben Schwartz, has been rescheduled due to the New York City visit of Pope Francis.

The Walk will now have its world premiere on Saturday, September 26 for "logistical and security reasons." The New York Film Festival is looking to program free screenings for the opening day on Friday. Nanni Moretti's We Have A Pope (Habemus Papam) would make for an interesting choice.

Tickets for the 53rd New York Film Festival will go on sale in early September.

This year's New York Film Festival runs from September 25 through October 11....
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Nanni Moretti's 'My Mother' to open Jerusalem fest

  • ScreenDaily
Nanni Moretti's 'My Mother' to open Jerusalem fest
Actor John Turturro to visit Jerusalem and take part in opening ceremony

Nanni Moretti’s My Mother (Mia Madre) is to open the 32nd Jerusalem Film Festival (July 9-19).

The movie’s premiere in Israel will be screened at the Sultan’s Pool on July 9, following its world premiere in Competition at the Cannes Film Festival last month.

The opening ceremony will be attended by John Turturro, who stars in the movie.

Italian maverick Moretti’s latest film, which stars Margherita Buy alongside the director, is a return to the family drama he explored in 2001 Palme d’Or winner The Son’s Room.

This time it’s a mother’s slow decline that sparks the melodrama, leavened by comic touches courtesy of a film within the film featuring a Us actor played by Turturro.

Moretti’s previous film in Cannes Competition was 2011 papal dramedy We Have A Pope (Habemus Papam).

Jff director Noa Regev said the selection
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Cannes: ‘Son of Saul’, 'Masaan', 'Paulina' win Fipresci prizes

  • ScreenDaily
Cannes: ‘Son of Saul’, 'Masaan', 'Paulina' win Fipresci prizes
Other prizes go to My Mother, Masaan and Paulina.

Hungarian Holocaust drama Son of Saul has been named the best film in the main Competition section of the 68th Cannes Film Festival by Fipresci, the International Federation of Film Critics.

Review: Son of Saul

Laszlo Nemes directorial debut - the only debut in this year’s Competition line-up - is about a Hungarian prisoner assigned to work in one of the crematoria of Auschwitz who, finding a body he believes is his son, sets out to find a rabbi to bury him.

Sold by Films Distribution, it was snapped up during the festival by Curzon Artificial Eye for the UK, Sony Pictures Classics for the Us and several other territories.

It ranked joint second on Screen’s Cannes Jury Grid, with no prizes as yet for joint leaders Carol and The Assassin.

Nemes previously worked as assistant director to Bela Tarr on The Man From London (2007).

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Q&A: Alexandre de la Patelliere And Matthieu Delaporte Chat About ‘Daddy or Mommy’

Paris– Alexandre de la Patelliere And Matthieu Delaporte, the scribe-helmer duo behind arthouse comedy hit “What’s In The Name” (box office France: 21 million Euros) based on their play, are back with the script of a subversive comedy, “Daddy or Mommy” whose catchy concept has lured exhibitors and distributors alike. A twist on traditional divorce-themed movies, the film stars two of France’s best-known comedians, Marina Fois and Laurent Lafitte, as a couple battling to not get custody. Produced by Dimitri Rassam and distributed by Pathe, “Daddy or Mommy” will come out on more than 500 screens across France on Feb. 4 and is playing this week as part of the Unifrance Rendez-Vous in Paris.

Variety: “Daddy or Mommy” shows two parents who are divorcing and playing the worst tricks on their kids to not get custody — it’s one of the most subversive comedies I’ve seen. Would you say that
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Mia Madre goes to Films Distribution

Mia Madre goes to Films Distribution
Exclusive: Marguerite Buy, John Turturro and Nanni Moretti lead cast in film currently shooting in Rome.

Films Distribution has acquired worldwide rights to Nanni Moretti’s upcoming dramedy Mia Madre about a film director juggling her contrasting public and private lives.

Marguerite Buy, John Turturro and Nanni Moretti lead the cast in the film, which is currently shooting in Rome.

Buy plays a successful film director whose powerful on-set persona is at odds with her private self.

On set, Buy’s character takes command. Back home, she is at the mercy of her ailing mother and taciturn adolescent son.

John Turturro plays an American actor in a film she is shooting. Moretti is also in the cast in the role of the filmmaker’s brother.

“Moretti never under estimates the audience’s intelligence. The characters are as smart as you want them to be, or as they should be,” said Films Distribution co-chief Nicolas Brigaud-Robert.

“It’s a dramedy
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Philomena: a rare portrayal of the Catholic Church's failings

Stephen Frears's film about an Irish woman, played by Judi Dench, who is trying to trace the child that was taken from her reveals the sins and the secret strength of the religion

• Video interview: Steve Coogan and Martin Sixsmith on Philomena

• The film reviewed in the Guardian, the Observer & on video

As the world's biggest, oldest, most influential and perhaps most colourful institution of any kind, the Catholic church has surely merited more attention than cinema has accorded it. Angels & Demons and Habemus Papam gave a hint of the possibilities, and that somewhat minor branch of pastoral activity, exorcism, has been more than adequately explored. Otherwise, we've had saintly but boring priests such as those of The Bells of St Mary's and Angels with Dirty Faces or absurdly delightful nuns like those in The Sound of Music and The Nun's Story.

In part, the prevalence of such sympathetic
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Pope Francis: The Church Can’t ‘Interfere’ With Gay People’s Lives

Though Pope Francis has only been in office for about seven months, he’s quickly becoming a groundbreaking figure in the Catholic Church. On Sept. 19, he added to his previous tolerant comments towards homosexuals and moved the Church another step closer to universal acceptance.

Pope Francis I truly is a pope for the 21st century. In an interview published on Sept. 19, the trailblazing head of the Catholic Church made more comments promoting tolerance towards gays and lesbians.

Pope Francis On Gay Rights

“Religion has the right to express its opinion in the service of the people, but God in creation has set us free: it is not possible to interfere spiritually in the life of a person,” the Pope said in an interview with La Civilta Cattolica, which was published today in 16 different languages, according to CNN.

Pope Francis expounded on his stance towards gays and lesbians, saying, “The catechism,
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Roman Holiday – review

This lovely modern fairytale, now on rerelease, stars Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn both irradiating the whole movie with their charm

William Wyler's Roman Holiday (1953, now on rerelease) is a modern fairytale whose two leads have a charm and innocence that irradiate the whole movie – a kind of neofabulism to set aside the Italian neorealists. Gregory Peck plays Joe, a Us news stringer in Rome who one night stumbles across the story of the century: a beautiful, shy young woman, eager for some adventure with him as her guide. She turns out to be demure Princess Ann, from an imaginary European country, who has escaped from all the embassy stuffed shirts and is now incognito and on the town. Audrey Hepburn was perfectly cast here, as she was perfectly miscast in Breakfast at Tiffany's. (Perhaps her superb poise emboldened Grace Kelly three years later to face a similar trial as Princess Grace.
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Nanni Moretti Comedy 'We Have a Pope' Comes Back

Nanni Moretti Comedy 'We Have a Pope' Comes Back
With all the papal craziness right now, it's no surprise that Sundance Selects is rebooking Nanni Moretti's 2011 competition Cannes entry "We Have a Pope" ("Habemus Papam") in a theater near you. "Recent world events made it irresistible for us to bring back 'We Have a Pope,'" said President of Sundance Selects/IFC Films Jonathan Sehring, "which mirrors what much of the discussion on the world stage has been over the last few weeks."  In "We Have a Pope" the newly elected Pope (Michel Piccoli) suffers a panic attack just as he is due to appear on St Peter's balcony to greet the faithful. His advisors seek help from an atheist shrink played by Moretti. My interview with Moretti is here. The run begins next Wednesday at New York's Lincoln Plaza Cinemas, and nationally on multiple digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, GooglePlay, Sony Play Station and SundanceNOW. Moretti
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The 12 Best Gay Tweets About Pope Francis I


All hail Pope Francis I, your flavorful new Argentinian pope of endless power and infallibility. Or not, if you don't believe that popes are magic. Whatever!

As the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio addressed his legions of devotees at the Vatican yesterday, noted homosexuals took to Twitter to air their feelings/grievances/puuns. Here are 12 of my favorite gay-invented quips about the new pope, a man I'm calling Jorge Bergoglio Argentina. Because Penelope Cruz won an Oscar for that.

First, a tweet of my own, then 12 of Twitter's gay best.

New pope: "Gay marriage is a machination of the Father of Lies." Ugh, the Father of Lies rejected me on Craigslist too.

— Louis Virtel (@louisvirtel) March 13, 2013

Regarding the pope's blockbuster potential, Chris Schleicher had to wonder...

"I had Francis-cum last night" - Sex and the City 3: Roman Holiday / Rt @pontifex Habemus Papam Franciscum

Chris Schleicher (@cschleichsrun) March 13, 2013

The pope
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The film We Have a Pope and the importance of humility

At this point, pretty much everybody has heard the big recent news. No, not the fact that Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher are returning as Luke, Han, and Leia for Star Wars Episode VII, but Pope Benedict XVI announcing his resignation – the first time a Pope has resigned since 1415 – and his successor being announced: Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, or Pope Francis, as he will be known.

In light of this, let's take a look at the film We Have a Pope (aka Habemus Papam), which, fittingly, not only concerns similar (if fictional) events, but also puts forth the theme of humility.

Whatever your religious views (or otherwise) may be, and whatever you may think of either Pope, the outgoing Pope's official statement (and in fact, the resignation itself) shows humility. To quote a few relevant parts of it:

"...both strength of mind and body are necessary, strength which in the last few months,
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Election of the Pope: Critic's Notebook

Election of the Pope: Critic's Notebook
Habemus Papam. And habemus a whole lot of feverish airtime. Lavishing the kind of attention on the papal appointment usually reserved for national presidential elections, cable news channels broke in on scheduled programming Wednesday to switch to saturation coverage of events at Vatican City. From the moment the white plume of smoke was spotted over Saint Peter’s Basilica, signaling the successful election of a Pope after an unexpectedly swift two-day conclave, it was all Rome, all the time. Story: Pope Chosen: What Hollywood Is Saying Intensive coverage of the Roman Catholic Church from CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and their

read more
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The Vatican Reactivates The Pope’s Twitter For Jorge Mario Bergoglio

A huge day deserves a huge announcement — and what better way to do it than with a tweet?

The Twitterverse exploded with anticipation over the announcement of the new Pope on March 13, and now one more voice has joined the conversation: the new Pope himself, Jorge Mario Bergoglio! Yes, the Vatican finally reactivated the official Pope Twitter handle shortly after announcing Pope Francis I.

Habemus Papam Franciscum,” the tweet read, which roughly translates to: “We have Pope Francis.”

Within minutes, the historic tweet was retweeted more than 40,000 times.

The account had been deactivated after Pope Benedict XVI, but with a new man now in charge, it was time to get back to business.

Celebrities Tweet About Pope Francis I

Hollywood was also buzzing with news of the new Pope, through in true celeb form, not everyone treated the historic event with sincerity.

“There’s also white smoke coming out of my office,
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New Pope Chosen — Seth Rogen & More Celebrities Tweet

With the appearance of white smoke above The Vatican on Mar. 13, celebs like Joan Rivers, Seth Rogen and more took to Twitter to talk about the imminent announcement of the new Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio! Read on to see what they had to say.

On Mar. 13, after two days of voting, white smoke was seen rising from the chimney of the Vatican in Rome, meaning that a replacement for Pope Benedict XVI had been found. This being such a momentous occasion in world news, several celebs took to Twitter to speak their mind. Some, like Seth Rogen and Joan Rivers, took the opportunity to crack wise, while others, like Maria Shriver and Real Housewives of New York City‘s Ramona Singer, were a bit more serious about the revelation that Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, would become Pope Francis I.

Joan, of course, took the chance to poke fun at the moment.
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New Pope Elected: Snooki, Mario Lopez, and Other Stars React to Pope Francis

New Pope Elected: Snooki, Mario Lopez, and Other Stars React to Pope Francis
Habemus papam! St. Peter's Square erupted in cheers on Wednesday, March 13, when Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, henceforth known as Pope Francis, was announced as Pope Benedict XVI's successor. But the excitement wasn't confined to Vatican City; within seconds of the big reveal, the internet was flooded with reactions from people all over the world. Among the many who took to Twitter to weigh in on the election of the 76-year-old Argentinian Archbishop -- the first pope ever to come from South America -- were stars including [...]
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New Pope Elected: Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio to Succeed Pope Benedict XVI as Leader of the Roman Catholic Church

New Pope Elected: Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio to Succeed Pope Benedict XVI as Leader of the Roman Catholic Church
Habemus papam -- we have a pope! So went the cheers outside the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City on Wednesday, March 13, when white smoke rose from the chimney, signaling the election of a new pope to lead the Roman Catholic Church following Pope Benedict XVI's resignation. The identity of the new pope, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was revealed a short time later when the 76-year-old Argentinian Archbishop emerged on the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica, having been chosen by a group of 115 cardinal-electors. Voting took [...]
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Cardinals Meeting Inside Vatican to Elect a New Pope -- Real-Life 'Habemus Papam'?

Cardinals Meeting Inside Vatican to Elect a New Pope -- Real-Life 'Habemus Papam'?
Four days following Pope Benedict XVI's official step-down from the papacy, more than 100 cardinals are rallying inside the Vatican to begin the election of a new pope. Anyone familiar with Italian auteur Nanni Moretti's Catholicism comedy "Habemus Papam" ("We Have a Pope"), in which a reluctant cardinal (Michel Piccoli) begrudgingly is elected pope and sees a shrink (Moretti) in order to try and come to terms with accepting the job, can grin at the possibility of life imitating art. (Our Cannes interview with Moretti is here.) Reportedly the cardinals are excited at the prospect of a new pope, with one Portuguese cardinal telling TV crews, "A Latin-American pope is possible, anything is possible!" Preparations for the conclave are rigorous, with security measures including closing the Sistine Chapel and confirming that the Vatican hotel is debugged. Many observers, including documentarian Alex Gibney ("Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God
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