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The documentary "Media Malpractice" is the story of the 2008 election as it was never told to the American public. It takes an in depth look at the media's coverage of both the primaries and the general election and its impact on the outcome. The film features an exclusive interview with then Governor Sarah Palin, the most extensive she ever did about the 2008 election.

While done from the conservative perspective the film does not seek to attack Barack Obama and avoids any of the factual pitfalls that often befall the president's critics (for instance, there is no mention of the bogus birth certificate controversy). While the documentary defends Sarah Palin, ironically the viewer will tend to conclude that is was Hilalry Clinton who was harmed most by the unfairly biased media coverage of the campaign.

The film seeks to correct the historical record about what really happened in the 2008 election and does so without an idealogical agenda. In the end, it is almost as much of a dark comedy as it is a documentary, but its conclusions are nearly undeniable.
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