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Is the Real Money in Online Video Overseas?

This is an introduction to a series of articles meant to paint a picture and inform web video producers and content creators about the deals, partnerships, and opportunities available to them abroad. From pre-sale to distribution to foreign partnerships, we'll explore and examine what international deals look like and how they can work for you. We're all aware we're part of a rapidly changing media landscape. Creative entertainment opportunities are constantly evolving. The traditional business models that finance original TV and digital content have—and are—changing. In most cases, that change is for the better. Web video is no longer a novelty. The industry has advanced to a point where it's regarded as an incubator for next-generation creative talent. It's a barometer for good content, and is evolving to a point where it could breed the world's next Spielberg, Scorsese, Michael Jackson or Johnny Carson (it already discovered Justin Bieber
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Ask the New Media Attorney: Who Owns What?

Lets face it. Creating a web series is just as much about casting and writing scripts as it is about building a business. We’ve been scouring the world for an attorney that knows both the entertainment and the startup side of things. We finally found him. In the first installment of his new bi-monthly ‘Ask the New Media Attorney’ column on Tubefilter News, James C. Roberts III of Global Capital Law Group will be answering your questions about the ins and outs of entertainment, startup and intellectual law. So, what are you waiting for, ask away! Remember: Your mileage may vary, or to put it another way, these answers are not legal advice. How the law applies to you will depend upon the facts of the situation. Talk with a lawyer about those facts. In some cases, talk also with an accountant. Question: Two of my friends and I
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Sugar Shout Out: 10 Themes of Successful Coming-of-Age Movies

Sugar Shout Out: 10 Themes of Successful Coming-of-Age Movies
10 themes of successful coming-of-age movies Brighten your Winter salads with blood oranges BellaTV: Get Katie Cassidy's messy side braid look Shanna Moakler dishes on motherhood, pageants and Travis Trend alert: taste the moccasin rainbow 10 ways to decorate with your flatscreen TCA tidbits: The Vampire Diaries and Life Unexpected Four steps to handle a canceled flight What do you know about running and side stitches? Orangutan Daisy offers bunches of kisses to darling Dodi Amazingly crafty handmade eReader cases
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