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One optional strip club that you can go inside some partial nudity may be seen.

Some sexual references every now and then

Since the title of this expansion/episode is "The Ballod of Gay Tony', and one of the protoganists is known as Gay Tony. Expect homosexual material. E.g Gay Tony owns the best straight and gay clubs in Liberty City.

That being said, there are some gay jokes in the game

There is a VERY brief, and not graphic anal sex scene between Louis and Kara, we hear her moaning and making other noises. However, this part of the cutscene is short, and at the end of the mission cutscene, and all cutscenes are skippable.

Surprisingly this dosen't have as much sexual content as it's counter part the Lost and the Damned, and GTA4 itself.

A man is shown getting a handjob. Nothing graphic is shown, just the motion of jerking someone off.

In one cutscene, Luis has sex with a woman inside a restroom. They are fully clothed but moan loudly. In another scene, Luis gets oral sex from a woman but we do not see his genitals.

Luis can optionally engage in repeated sexual encounters with a female security officer at Maissonette 9.

A "side-quest" in the game is called "Booty Call." Luis can establish relationships with a number of women (by successfully completing a dancing rhythm game and then having sex with her in the bathroom at the club). He can ask to visit them at any time afterwards for a sexual encounter (only sounds are heard).

A man says British women's vaginas are like sharks' mouths.


Some frequent violence. You can almost kill anyone you want.

Since this is a GTA game (Er, expansion), violence is expected.

The violence in TBOGT is slightly more over-the-top than it's counter part "Lost and the Damned" and GTA4.

One graphic cutscene involves a decapitated head being found.


Hundreds of uses of Fuck throughout the cutscenes and gameplay.

At least one or more uses of Sp*c is used towards a hispanic person, harshly. A character also repeatedly refers to Luis by the N-word, to which Luis takes offence.

Certain Gay slurs such as F*g and F*ggot

Cock is used. Also contains most uses of Cunt in a GTA IV game (GTA IV, GTA IV: Lost and the Damned)

Lois sometimes swear in spanish


Some characters may be seen smoking a cigarette.

A cocaine reference is made by Gay Tony

At some clubs you can go get shots

It is possible to get drunk in the game, your character (Louis) walks in a weird way, stumbling, can't keep his balance, etc. However, it looks quite humorous.


Since this is a Grand Theft Auto game (Expansion), there is most likely going to be a lot of violence. However, TBOGT is more over-the-top then it's counter-part the Lost and the Damned or Grand Theft Auto 4 itself.

Should be okay for maybe 14+ or 15+

Total count: 45/50


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