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1 Jan. 2009
The Amazing Armando
The Amazing Armando comes to stay at Hotel Trubble but shortly before he is due to begin his magic show stupid Lenny makes his glamorous assistant disappear. The race is on for the staff to get her back in time for the start of the show.
2 Jan. 2009
High Trubble Musical
In a nod to 'High School Musical' the hotel staff perform a musical entertainment for Mr. Trubble to celebrate his birthday.
27 Feb. 2009
X Marks the Spot
Dr. Windy Banana Bones, the world famous explorer, arrives, complete with trademark hat and bullwhip, at the hotel. Windy - so-called because of the effect on him of broccoli - is closely followed by the sinister German Herr Style, who lets slip that there is a relic in the hotel. This sets the staff off on a treasure hunt, using a map found in Windy's room but it turns out to be the map Windy uses to locate his car whilst Windy and Mrs. Poshington find the Sacred Spatula of Total Everlasting Youth, seeing off Herr Style in the process.
3 Feb. 2009
Monkey Business
The hotel is transformed into a jungle in honour of Lionel the celebrity gorilla who has come to sign autographs with manager Mr. Sslyth. Mr. Sslyth is called away and makes gormless Lenny sign a contract guaranteeing payment of thirty two million pounds and twenty-five pence if anything happens to Lionel. Unfortunately Lionel disappears and, after searching the streets for him, the staff make Lenny impersonate him. Mr. Sslyth returns, demanding his money but, after Mrs. Poshington explains that Lionel has been with her all afternoon, Sslyth is exposed as a fraudster ...
10 Feb. 2009
A Sistery Mystery
Two very strange-looking nuns book into Hotel Trubble. At the same time an assortment of pranks and bizarre room service requests occur, all pointing to Mrs. Poshington as being the culprit. However, the answer lies in a long-seated family feud between Mrs. Poshington herself and her sister Janet and Janet's husband, who turn out to be the bogus nuns.
17 Feb. 2009
Fright Knight
When Sally hears that Dr. Egon Pantz, host of T.V.'s 'Haunted Places Live', is coming to stay,she determines that he will find a ghost and make the hotel famous. The staff audition people to make ghost noises but they are rubbish so Sally makes up Lenny to resemble the ghost of the owner's ancestor Sir Trubblealot,but he's even worse. Mrs. Poshington tells the kids the hotel is really haunted but will Dr. Pantz see a genuine ghost before he departs?
24 Feb. 2009
Dribble Verses Trubble
Business is at rock bottom since rival Hotel Dribble - whose staff look just like the Trubble employees - opened, so Sally and the boys try to drum up trade by going onto the streets and into a shopping mall. They fail dismally. When sole guest Mrs. Poshington also checks into Hotel Dribble it looks as if Trubble must close. But she is working undercover to expose the rival's faults, and, as ever, saves the day.
15 Apr. 2009
Royal Trubble
The staff need a V.I.P. to unveil a plaque for the hotel's centenary celebration and come across Prince Wally in the Yellow Pages. He turns up with his valet Mr. Dance and royal corgi Fartz but demands money up front which the boys raise via a variety show. The royal visitors are actually con artists and inevitably it is Mrs. Poshington who exposes them and provides a really regal guest - her cousin Lizzie.
22 Apr. 2009
Verity Lumiere
When jam-loving film star Verity Lumiere checks in to Hotel Trubble Jamie goes out of his way to be nice to her to counter Sally's usual rudeness, but Sally,anxious to appear in Verity's next film, tries to be pleasant. Of course she fails and pushes a jam tart in the star's face when she thinks she is making a play for Jamie. Fortunately for everyone, Verity sees Sally as an inspiration as she is researching for a movie called 'The Rudest Receptionist.'
29 Apr. 2009
Sir Alan Sugarfree, millionaire-tycoon and Shouter of the Year, books in, with aides Margaret and Nick - a tailor's dummy - to Hotel Trubble to streamline the staff. They must meet people on the street with unusual talents and then sell chocolate potatoes or else they will dismissed. Of course they fail miserably and it looks as if one of them,at least,will be sacked for incompetence. So who will save them? Why, Mrs. Poshington, of course. A single phone call to Mr. Trubble and Sir Alan is ...fired!

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