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Season 2

20 Sep. 2010
Hello Dolly
With the boiler broken and the hotel freezing, the staff ring Mr. Trubble to send somebody to sort things out. Enter Dolly, who says she is his girl-friend and,although she is the new manager,both Sally and Jamie think they are - whilst Mrs. Poshington mistakes the plumber for a doctor and thinks she has only days to live. At least she bequeaths all her money to the hotel,which takes care of the cost of repairs, but then she finds she is not terminally ill after all so,with the cash gone, she stays on at the hotel - as the cleaner.
27 Sep. 2010
An Inspector Calls
Last time she came to Hotel Trubble grim hotel inspector Miss Beasley found five hundred and twenty-six things wrong with it and almost closed it down. Now, with a lion in Room 426 and Lenny about to turn into something peculiar, thanks to the family curse which strikes him once a year, it is not the best of days for her return visit. However, just as things are looking really bleak, Lenny's transformation - into dashing Don Juan - brings out the beast in her and saves the day - and the hotel.
4 Oct. 2010
Football Fever
Famous footballer Dwayne Looney comes to the hotel to hide from demanding manager Sir Alex Fartisan as he has become scared of going onto the field and refuses to play in the evening's big match. The staff get him motivated again but,after he has been flattened by Mrs. Poshington and her jet-pack,an unusual substitute - Sally - steps up to score the winning goals for England.
11 Oct. 2010
Love Conkers All
Jamie is awaiting a visit from 'Spectacular Stairs' magazine but instead learns that the hotel is to host the World Conker Championship between Russian title holder Boris and his American challenger Louie,who speaks only in rhyme. Both hail Mrs. Poshington as a former conker champion and ask her to be referee. Before the fight can start both competitors are accidentally indisposed thanks to Jamie and Lenny. Fortunately Mrs. Poshington has insisted they wear masks for safety reasons,which gives Jamie an idea...
16 Oct. 2010
Catz 'N' Doggz
Rapper Z-Dogg,a man so rude no other hotel in the country will put him up,arrives with his long-suffering manager. Initially star-struck, Sally and Lenny change their opinions when they see how obnoxious the rapper is but Jamie,surprisingly,finds him great and allows himself to be humiliated for Z-Dogg's amusement. But when the truth dawns on him,he challenges Z-Dogg to a duel.The duel turns out to involve rapping,at which Jamie is hopeless, but once again Mrs. Poshington proves that there is no end to her talents.
25 Oct. 2010
Fangs for the Memories
Jamie tells Lenny not to be so stupid for believing that new guest Dave Racula is a two-hundred and thirty-seven year old vampire but Dave is just that though the staff,feeling sorry for him,are sworn to secrecy. Until they learn that he is taking Mrs. Poshington for dinner and they fear for her safety. Fortunately,she orders her favourite starter - garlic bread - which has an adverse effect on him - but they agree to remain just good friends.
1 Nov. 2010
When Hally Met Sally
Sally's bossy school rival Hally comes to Hotel Trubble,supposedly to review it for 'Swish' magazine. She soon alienates all the female staff with her rudeness and demands,leading to them,along with Lenny,going on strike and ending up in a tent in the garden. Sally has a trump card however - she has found out that Hally is not writing for a magazine after all and sets out to expose her.
8 Nov. 2010
Strictly Come Prancing
Jamie decides to draw public attention to the hotel's ballroom by inviting the stars of television's 'Strictly Come Prancing' Darren Chiseljaw and his partner Tatyana along with dance judge Marlene Filament to give a demonstration. Unfortunately Darren and Tatyana trip up on Lenny's marbles and fall downstairs,incapacitating themselves. Marlene remembers Lenny as the star pupil at her dance academy years earlier but a bizarre accident scuppered his career and he vowed never to dance again. He is,however,able to teach Sally and Jamie some nifty footwork. Unfortunately ...
15 Nov. 2010
Lenny the Hero
Lenny feels unappreciated when Jamie rejects his ideas for the hotel. Then news reporter Ed Flaxman checks in and Lenny saves him from being crushed by a falling chandelier. Ed declares Lenny a hero and helps him market his best-selling autobiography. In fact Lenny becomes so famous he gives in his notice and it's down to Sally,envious of his new-found celebrity,to inadvertently bring him back to Hotel Trubble.
22 Nov. 2010
Trubble Billionaire
Hotel Trubble experiences a mould problem,which will be costly to eliminate and it looks as if grumpy billionaire Wesley Sowergrapes may buy the building and demolish it to make way for a wind farm. However he is an old flame of Mrs. Poshington,who has never recovered from her declining his marriage proposal years earlier and still wants to wed her. Fortunately she recognises the proffered engagement ring as the famous Poshington Diamond,stolen years earlier,and has him arrested, whilst the generous tips he gave Sally will pay for the treatment of the mould.
29 Nov. 2010
To win a huge cash prize Sally and Jamie enter the Wedding of the Year contest, posing as a bride and groom. They are interviewed by gushing Cupid L'Amour from 'I Do' magazine and pass the authenticity test whilst Dolly organizes a lavish ceremony for them. To stop the wedding from going ahead Lenny sends for a fake vicar but Mrs. Poshington puts him out of action by falling on him, and, with a genuine clergyman taking his place, it looks as if Hotel Trubble will soon have its first married staff members. Can the prize money buy a divorce?
6 Dec. 2010
Smash in the Attic
When Lenny spends all the hotel's funds on football stickers the staff have to come up with money fast. With antiques expert David Dicky-Doodle bringing his show 'Sell Your Tat' to Hotel Trubble,Dolly and Jamie think they have interesting finds for him but it is Lenny's fifty year collection of football stickers that really interests him. When he dupes Lenny into parting with it for nothing the staff devise a plan to get it back.
13 Dec. 2010
Hotel Trubble 1900
In 1900 Lord Trubble opens his new hotel staffed by suffragette receptionist Sally Shufflebottom,posh manager Lenny and dogs body Jim Lad but they have no guests and the hotel is in danger of becoming a pig sanctuary. Fortunately Mrs. Poshington,a wandering clairvoyant with a wandering accent as well as a kitten called Private Sirius,arrives and foretells the future with her crystal ball,convincing the staff that the hotel will be open for many a year to come.

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