Killer Elite (2011) Poster


Plot Keywords

mentor secret society
death revenge
australia ends with text
jumping between buildings aerial shot
bullet body search
coitus interruptus woman on top
car truck crash remote control vehicle
eurocopter as350 squirrel biting another person
horse riding hand sledge
boeing 727 hereford united kingdom
skeet shooting woman in a bikini
bare breasts uh 1 huey helicopter
shot in the arm yarra valley australia
m 16 remote detonator
car bomb begins with text
knife boyfriend girlfriend relationship
subway warrior
one man army reluctant hero
action hero military
british army sas
1980s assassin
government agent secret agent
spy assassination attempt
bodyguard target practice
coming out of retirement disguise
snowstorm escape attempt
rescue attempt escape
held at gunpoint hostage
kidnapping exploding motorcycle
limousine motorcycle cop
motorcycle accidental death
what happened to epilogue palace
stabbed to death stabbed in the side
subway station jumping through a window
tied to a chair bag over head
explosion book
author kicked in the crotch
hit by a truck kicked in the face
interrupted sex pistol whip
hotel head butt
shot in the forehead reference to elvis presley
car crash confession
beating filmed killing
military base character's point of view camera shot
night vision punched in the crotch
hit in the crotch stabbed with scissors
stabbed in the hand hospital
welsh disfigured face
stabbed in the eye finger gun
desert topless female nudity
bare chested male boxing ring
character repeating someone else's dialogue cigarette smoking
pub punched in the face
exile shot in the back
flashback briton abroad
lens flare photograph
shot to death shot in the shoulder
shot in the head shot in the chest
assault rifle exploding car
mexico film starts with text
foot chase shot in the leg
silencer butterfly knife
briefcase full of money eiffel tower paris
paris france drugged drink
hypothermia british special air service
videotape sheikh
mercenary oman
seeing father murdered year 1980
london england bald hero
tough guy car chase
shootout rival
brutality beretta
desert eagle desert eagle .50
semiautomatic pistol machine gun
pistol hand to hand combat
martial arts fistfight
brawl assassination
violence blood splatter
blood murder
soldier ex special forces
ex soldier special forces
hitman agent
two word title rescue
former navy sea air and land force death of father
death of son death of friend
based on true story based on novel

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