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"Hung- This Is America or Fifty Bucks" - August 30, 2009

Ray is monitoring detention and is asking the kids to ponder what they did wrong. He tells them that by serving detention now they could avoid prison later because they will learn that it's wrong to give in to temptation -- like copying an essay from Wikipedia. He asks them to about accountability and responsibility. Damon enters and takes a seat next to and smiles at another goth boy.

Ray calls him into the hallway to ask how he got detention. It turns out he didn't, he's just there visitin his friend. Ray is confused by this. Damon asks if Ray is homophobic. Ray says he isn't, just sad that he doesn't get to see his son. Damon says his friend isn't into labels and neither is her. (In voice over Ray admits to thinking George Clooney is handsome but that this is a whole other thing and he's sad since he and Damon used to tell each other everything.)

At the law office Tanya is trying to convince Patty to be a repeat customer but she rebuffs her. She admits she liked the sex but that it was like doing coke: expensive, a huge rush, but then you come down and you're broke and you feel lonelier and more pathetic and want to kill yourself. Tanya wants to know what would make her come back. A price reduction, says Patty, like crack: cheap, dirty, same high, half the price.

In Tanya's kitchen Ray says he thinks Damn might be gay. Tanya thinks it's and talks up her lesbian experimentation. She tells Ray there's been a pushback in pricing and says they might want to consider lowering them or instituting a sliding scale to lower income clients. Pierce calls from Cuba, she barely can hear him. Ray thinks she's spending all her time with him while the business is crapping out. Tanya wonders how exactly since he's in Cuba. He complains that his house is not going to fix itself and wants to know who has to [have sex] with to get his kids back. Tanya says they will work it out.

Darby wonders why Damon didn't tell her about being gay as they climb a rock wall. She wonders if he and Powell, his friend, have had sex yet. He wonders why she wants to know so bad and didn't think she cared since she's all about Hammer. She says she does. He hasn't. He tells her not to worry since guys are easy to please. From a nearby balcony Jessica cheers them on. She tells Ronnie that she gives them ten bucks when they reach the top, it's her secret weight loss plan. Ronnie is reading and seems distant. She goes to him and tells him she doesn't need things, material stuff. He wonders why she and her mother went through his papers. Did they think he was broke? She says it was a moment of weakness and she doesn't care about money or Ray, she loves him. He wants things to be normal again. She asks how. He tells her to go shopping. She says they can't afford it. He tells her to go buy something and be happy, for him.

Tanya tries to spread the word about the service to women at work. She tells them Patty felt empowered. She doesn't have much success.

She meets Lenore at a department store for lunch. Lenore is pissed that she told Patty it was Lenore's service. Tanya apologizes and Lenore says Tanya owes her one. Lenore realizes Tanya only has one guy, Ray. She says to send him over and lays the cash out, out front.

He meets her at a huge store that sells everything from couches to men's clothing. She has him try on a nice suit and explains about the difference in brands- like Louboutin shoes vs. knock offs -- and says paying more doesn't bother women because it gives them peace of mind. She doesn't think he should lower his prices but raise them.

As he goes to unbuckle his pants she tells him he needs to diversify his repertoire and that not all women can climax from intercourse alone. He says he's had no complaints and tells her it's going to cost her extra. She lays out two bills. As he prepares he says he knows some guys have a problem with oral sex but that he just needs to like the lady. She says he just has to like the cash. He gets to work and is successful. Not so successful that Lenore doesn't keep talking, trying to convince him to come play for her "team." He stops long enough to say Tanya is his friend and partner. She says he's playing the minors when he should be playing the majors. He makes her climax.

In the bathroom of the law firm Patty attacks Tanya for talking about her paying for sex. Patty says to never talk about her again or she will kick Tanya's ass sideways. A woman pokes her head out and says "Patty paid for sex?"

In the department store, Lenore approaches Jessica, and reminds her of their meeting at the nail salon. She starts to work her "life stylist" magic on her and drags her out of the sale racks and over to the pricier items saying she gets a discount. As Jessica tries on clothes Lenore has picked out Lenore asks if Jessica can have an orgasm from just intercouse or if she needs cunnilingus. Jessica admits tongue helps.

Outside the office on a coffee break Tanya is telling Linda about the happiness consulting but says Linda needs to pay up front. Linda has 50 bucks. Tanya counters that it's 600 and offers 100 dollars off. Linda keeps proffering the 50. Tanya says it's insulting and says there's no deal and stalks off.

Lenore's going through Jessica's closet mocking her cllothes. Ron arrives, Jessica does the introductions and Ron sees all the bags and is aghast. He asks about return policies. Tanya says all sales are final because of her discount. He is clearly pissed, but when Jessica asks if he's mad, he says he's happy when she's happy. Jessica looks upset. Lenore tells her to stop handing out love like a tenth grade slut and letting her kids and hubby walk all over. She tells her to say "I have the power." Jessica says it. Lenore makes her repeat it. She does and then yells it and then giggles.

Tanya goes to Ray at school and tells him about the 50 bucks. He is insulted. He tells her Lenore says they should raise their prices. She says she's not comfortable with him talking to her. He says he has to get to detention. She tells him to think about the $50 and offers the crack analogy saying that perhaps they can make it up in volume. She says she believes in them.

On his way to detention he hears someone playing and singing a sad, bluesy number on piano in band room. It's his assistant coach, Mike, and he's just killing it. Mike tells Ray the music department got the ax and that the administration is coming for them next. Ray says no way, "everyone loves sports."

As Ray leaves the room, his cell 'phone rings, it's Lenore. He ignores it.


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