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Season 1

11 Jan. 2010
The Chicken or the Dino/Bones in the Backyard
When Trek and Tristan find a bone in the schoolyard, Dan uses a paper-mache skull in Mrs. Hahn's art class to figure out if it came from the Stygimoloch.
18 Jan. 2010
Masked Confusion/Trouble Clef
Dan makes a mask in Mrs. Hahn's art class to get closer to the Edmontosaurus herd but he needs Angie's help too.
25 Jan. 2010
There's a Compsognathus Under My Bed/Art for Pterosaur's Sake
In art class, Dan and his friends are making a kite inspired by the Quetzalcoatlus. The big question is... will it fly?
1 Feb. 2010
Tooth or Consequences/Dinosicles
Dan tests the attack patterns of the Dromaeosaurus, Spinosaurus and T-rex with a snow Triceratops decoy.
7 Sep. 2013
The Case of the Mystery Dino/Gas-o-saurus
Kami, Ricardo and Dan learn that dino gas might have helped cause the extinction of the dinosaurs and can't wait to share that info with the class.
8 Feb. 2010
He Shoots, He Roars/A Winter Tail
Dan figures out how to prove if dinosaurs were warm-blooded from Jim the reptile lizard and his puppet Denny the Dromaeosaurus.
11 Apr. 2010
A Pterosaur in the House/A Model Dino
Dan uses the art of disguise to get his Remote Dino Cam into a Triceratops nest but the real test comes when a T-rex threatens the safety of the babies.
11 Apr. 2010
Copy Dino/Lunch Bag Bandit
Dan learns how to track a Dromaeosaurus thief when Cory's snack goes missing.
5 Jun. 2010
Dino Dent/Active Imagination
The school bus has a huge dent in it. Dan's has three suspects: the Euoplocephalus, the Stegosaurus or the Stygimoloch.
5 Jun. 2010
Dino Trap/Big Bad Spinosaurus
Dan tries to save his Mom's garden from a sneaky Compsognathus by dino-trapping it but ends up trapping a baby T-rex instead.
19 Jun. 2010
Name-A-Saurus/Where's Dino?
While at the park with Uncle Jack, Dan finds a feather that he thinks belongs to a Dromaeosaurus. But, before he can prove it, his dog Doug goes missing.
18 Sep. 2010
Moody Dino/Stop-Motion Dino
Jim the Reptile Expert returns to Ms. Carver's class with a Chameleon promoting Dan to question if the Stegosaurus could change the colour of its plates.
18 Sep. 2010
Twas a Dino/To Flee or Not to Flee
Dan takes the poem "The Night Before Christmas" and gives it a dinosaur spin.
11 Sep. 2010
Fishing for Dinos/Dino Doug
When Dan goes to the grocery store with Mom, it's up to Doug to save a newly hatched baby Edmontosaurus from a Dromaeosaurus.
11 Sep. 2010
Dino Trackers/T-Rex Bedtime
Dan is trying to track a Stegosaurus when Trek wants to join his game. Dan learns sometimes two brains are better than one.
4 Oct. 2010
To Catch a Dino/Cops and Dinos
Dan's Police Officer Mom comes to school and Dan uses some of his Mom's cool police gear to find out how fast the Dromaeosaurus could run.
20 Sep. 2010
Dino Party/Training Wings
It's Dan's birthday and Mom and Trek have a dinosaur surprise for him: a dino scavenger hunt with all his friends.
4 Oct. 2010
Prehistoric Zoo/Ready? Set? Dino!
During gym class, Dan races a T-rex and a Spinosaurus to see who's the faster carnivore.
24 Jan. 2011
The Dino Did It/Air Dino
In gym class, Dan learns a bit about teamwork and planning from the Dromaeosauruses when he and his friends play Mr. Drumheller in a friendly came of basketball.
6 Nov. 2010
Dino Watering Hole/Dino Dance
Dan builds a watering hole that attracts three baby dinos into his backyard, too bad he and Trek are stuck inside cleaning their rooms.
13 Nov. 2010
Captain Cory/Dino Race
Dan tells the story of how the brave pirate Captain Cory, his first matey Angie, and his pirate cook Ricardo find treasure on Dino Island.
16 Jan. 2011
Hard Hat, Long Neck/A Roaring Good Time
Dan, Kami, Jordan and Uncle Jack build a sand castle and learn that some dinos were a lot like construction vehicles. Dan explores dinosaur sounds when he tries to get a Triceratops snort on tape.
23 Jan. 2011
Mini Dino/The Three Little Paleontologists
When Dan goes mini-golfing with Cory and his Dad some pesky dinosaurs steal Dan's lucky ball and Dan has to get it back. Dan tells the story of The Three Little Paleontologists Kami, Jordan and Angie and what material would make the best dino-watching fort.
3 Mar. 2011
Dino Strike/Nothing But the Tooth
Uncle Jack takes Dan and Trek bowling and Dan protects some Stygimoloch eggs from two hungry Dromaeosauruses. Dan finds a large dinosaur tooth and tries to figure out if it belongs to a T-rex or a Spinosaurus with the help of his vet.
1 Mar. 2014
Down on the Farm/The Time Traveler's Dino
When Grandma takes Dan to the farm, he finds some downy feathers and sets out to prove that it belongs to the Compsognathus. Cory and his Dad build a time machine out of a refrigerator box and it inspires Dan to tell the story of when Time Traveller Cory and his robot D.A.D. travelled to the time of the dinos.
7 Sep. 2013
Where the Dinosaurs Are
While Dan and his friends have a sleepover at the Royal Ontario Museum, Dan has to get a T-rex claw back from some dinosaurs before the museum opens in the morning.

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