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Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden details the lives of a group of teenagers navigating high school and growing up in Washington, DC during the 1990's. It's all about teen magic - creating new and marvelous mischief with best friends, listening to mix-tapes, reading Sassy magazines, missing the last Metro, and getting stuck miles from payphones. Accompany the young heroine, Sarah, as she gets herself into idle summer misbehavior, love triangle betrayals, and friendship fall outs. Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden is a story about what her life is like before school is truly over, when she knows it's all going to change for good. It's about friends she'll never forget, first mistakes, and childish dreams not yet polluted by reality. She and her friends will engage in typical teen idolatry of hot musicians and renegades. They'll set each other up and tear each other down. They'll crash house parties and realize that sometimes in life, there are no 'do-overs.' They'll steal cars, candies, and hearts - they'll make you wish you were a teen again. All the teens will have their unique drama - whether with failed exemplary parents, clumsy self-discovery, or glorious heartbreak - and they will cling to their friendships to get through it all. They'll find relief through raves, secrecy, and rebellion. Careless and carefree, they are timeless teenage renegades, searching for meaning and identity. Venture into Bishop's Garden and remember what it feels like to have your whole life ahead of you...


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