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12 Feb. 2010
Boys Night Out
It's a boys night out at Bishop's Garden. Jake wants to talk about the ladies, ahem, Sarah, but Trip is too faded to be of any help. Meanwhile, Travis takes the stage and tonight's showing - "The Kauffman Family Dsyfunction's Greatest Hits". Should be a riot.
12 Feb. 2010
Yasmine's House
While the parents are away, the kids will play. Yasmine's parental units go out of town and a party ensues at her ridiculously fancy house, complete with Olympic-size pool and some stealing of beer from her college-guy-neighbors. Plus things are looking up for Sarah and Jake.
2 Mar. 2010
Midnight, Hunter's Moon, Part 2
Watch the craziness unfold as Beth and her friends tag along at Hunter's house party. Hunter's party has it all-- indie bands, hot musicians, booze, and the objects of much teen girl idolatry: Adrian and Jake? That's right - Jake shows up and things get super rocky for Sarah, who's already had a pretty rough summer what with the Sarah-Jake-Maggie love triangle from hell. And poor Beth isn't faring too well on her side of the Beth-Adrian-Rox love triangle either. Oh yea, and "The Hands Of Morgan Freeman" make an appearance too!
8 Mar. 2010
Midnight, Hunter's Moon, Part 3
Jake seeks Sarah - he's all puppy-dog eyes and wants to talk because he likes her. Gulp. And Adrian (secretly) hunts the much younger Rox. So where will Sarah end up, in this Maggie-Jake-Sarah love triangle? And what about Beth and the Beth-Adrian-Rox situation? Who ends up coupled? And who just ends up alone? Something tells me... this is one of those nights where all questions gets answered.
8 Mar. 2010
Fleshy Ears
Beth gets "revenge" on Rox+Adrian - by finding an even older guy of her very own. Find out why Beth has new "bragging rights"... it's about the fleshy ears.
15 Mar. 2010
After gashing open that arm at Yas' party, Maggie is OK, but her feelings are irreparably damaged from catching Sarah and Jake together. Meanwhile, everyone else is more than happy to have Sarah be the scapegoat- so that they can, uh, avoid the fact that they were more concerned with partying than getting Maggie to a hospital when she OBV needed stitches. So, *scapegoat time*- thanks to Travis, the crew instigates a crank calling jag - harassing Sarah as "revenge" for her evils against Maggie... and THIS is what happens...
15 Jan. 2010
H.A.G.S. (Have a Good Summer...?)
Season 2 kick starts 9 months later, on the last day of school in '95. Everyone's psyched for vacation and tomfoolery. But Life gets shook up when two key kids are caught smoking pot on campus and summarily expelled. Um, Have a Good Summer.
26 Apr. 2010
Just when you thought the rumor-mill couldn't take any more excitement... Laura-the-Goth has sex with... Trip? Yes, Trip. Or at least such is the word on the street. Maggie is devastated. Ryan is flabbergasted. And Travis wants in on the action. And, oh poor Laura, now she's under the microscope and totally objectified. No matter how you slice it -- everyone is angling on her with their own agendas. At least one good thing comes out of it: Maggie realizes Sarah+Jake's make-out/kissing-session could have been way worse. Is there some forgiveness in the future...?
3 May 2010
Carly's Birthday
What's better than making out under a big tree? Um, duh, a birthday party with brownies and lots of teen angst. Okay... there might be some making out under the trees, too. Travis can't keep his hands off who?! Maggie disapproves, as usual and Slake gets an unexpected show with his brown bag special.
10 May 2010
L+T & S+G
Carly's birthday continues... and Sarah finds herself in the world's most awkward conversation ever with Gwen. What is going on here? Does she like her or not? Or does she "like" like her...? Wait, can that be right? Sarah's confused and needs a friend, but everyone's all wrapped up in themselves. Maybe the weirdos can give her some advice, or is Laura-the-Goth too wrapped up in Travis? Wasn't this birthday party supposed to!?!
17 May 2010
Do You Like Me?
Sarah and Gwen strip down for a swim... but only after Gwen's stunning effort to catcall any perverts out of hiding. It's just the two of them and they wouldn't have it any other way. And when a bike ride along the canal ends with a game of truth or dare in the grass... let's just say: It's getting serious now. Sunshine, Bugler, a five dollar gallon of "wine" and spiders crawling up your back, oh wait, those are just goosebumps...!
24 May 2010
Yes or No?
So, is it "to be or not to be"? This game of "truth or dare" quickly turned into that kind of moment. Very Shakespearean - except there's no highfalutin language clouding the air, just a question to be answered. Sarah doesn't want to lie but she's certainly struggling to figure out what the truth is.
1 Jun. 2010
Sarah, Maggie, Yasmine, and Hunter have a girl sesh in the kitchen - lots of OMGs and spoonfuls of yoghurt to help the gossip go down - and a revelation about one Mr. Adrian surfaces. Everything is quite delightful until Gwen calls the house looking for Sarah; everyone's confused and Sarah stumbles out after she stumbles over her explanation for leaving. No one seems too phased tho' since Maggie and Yasmine have some drama for drama queen Rox... and it's something she won't be pleased about.
7 Jun. 2010
Not Your Training Bra
We find out where Sarah was running off to... Gwen's been waiting patiently for her. But now the impatience on both sides is about to surface. Sarah's vulnerability rears its ugly (and quite loud) head outside the theater. The evening showing is on... perhaps some movie magic will smooth these relationship ripples out?
14 Jun. 2010
You're My Needle and I Found You
Maggie and Yasmine take on mission impossible: dropping the bomb on Rox without having it explode all over their friendships. Good luck girls. Hm, how will Adrian - the man of mysterious and questionable dating tactics - climb out of this hole?
24 Jun. 2010
Poor Cinderella
Everyone knows Rox is a master gabber. She has some serious chops this girl - a case of the Lamb Chops that is. This is like the freakin' song that never ends. Meanwhile, Chloe is artful in her use of blabber... wait, is she forgiving Adrian or twisting the knife?
28 Jun. 2010
Trouble in Paradise
Kris just got back from camp, joining the picture perfect Mitchell family dinner that's coming apart at its seemingly sewn seams. Did that make sense? It's okay - not much is working out tonight. Colin has no appetite for his father's cheesiness and is finding his attempt to get Mr. Mitchell to spill about his other woman just no gouda. Colin's crew shows up just in time to make the tension slightly less... sliceable. Guess where the kiddos are headed tonight.
8 Jul. 2010
The Lunar Landing
More rave. More family drama, and we finally find out why Colin's been so mad. Someone even gets trapped in the closet, and it isn't R. Kelly. Oh, and, don't drink the Kool-Aid.
27 Jul. 2010
Now that Slake has rescued Kris from the terrible closet, will they finally have their moment together? No matter what happens we know Kris is gonna call Sarah and tell her all about it, but maybe Sarah has some big news to tell Kris too.
1 Nov. 2010
Secret Halloween Easter Egg
It's Halloween of 1995 and DC is invaded by vicious zombies.
9 Nov. 2010
The Friend Present
Graduation marks the end of a chapter, and it may spell trouble for our favorite couples. Ryan and Yasmine have an awkward encounter as they contemplate their future together, while Sarah wonders if Gwen is even thinking about the future. Gwen struggles to deal with Sarah hiding their relationship from her Mom - will she ever come out to her parents? Yearbook interviews reveal what's in store for the rest of the grads or at least what they think is in store and even Adrian is enjoying the festivities. By the way, have you seen Laura the Goth?
15 Nov. 2010
Mom + Dad Are OK & the Kids Are Alright
The graduation continues... It's Kris' big day, but Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell aren't acting quite normal. Colin tries protect Kris by hiding their parents failing relationship. Meanwhile, Roxanne has to hold it together when she runs into her old flame the "Hot Dog Man" for the MOST uncomfortable 5 seconds ever. We also meet the new kids on the block, a few clueless freshman who are in complete awe of the graduating seniors. Oh-and seriously, have you seen Laura the Goth? NEXT WEEK... Meet and follow our new kids for the beginning of their trip down he rabbit hole.
30 Nov. 2010
Escape to Candyland
Escape to Candyland with our new kids - Remi, Alex, Tamsin, & Libby - for an epic adventure down the rabbit hole & around DC. As the summer kicks into high-gear, the 4 girls get ready for a devious night out of pushing the envelope from straight and narrow to... bent & hooked? But Libby is getting suspicious that one of her friends may not be who she says she is.
30 Nov. 2010
Cavort in the Bog
Remi takes Alex to her first rave... a world populated by Strawberry Shortcake (the rave queen), Tigger, & Dr. Schock... where the hog & frog cavort in the bog, and candy-kids fork over Hamiltons for defibrillator-highs: but of course the hippopotamus does NOT. Who is the hippopotamus, you ask? Libby think she knows... and Tamsin may too. And who is the creep following Alex down the rabbit hole? This Electric Kool-Aid Candyland proves toxic, when Alex gets in a tight-spot, which she is too incapacitated to get herself out of...
6 Dec. 2010
Doors of Perception
Remi is: straight edge, a fakey faker, a Betty Crocker wannabe - now friendless. It's time to let Alex in on the secret. Remi is a big fakey faker & a straight edge. Between some Robo-trip sips, Tamsin and Libby educate distraught Alex on the hidings of their Betty Crocker wannabe and her pathetic and insulting pancakes fix sexual assault world-view. What will happen to Tinkerbell and her three besties???
13 Dec. 2010
And Then There Were Three
Remi's been busted and she CANNOT be trusted. The last 12 hours have been a roller coaster ride and everyone's ready to get off. Without the leader of the pack, Tamsin, Libby and Alex band together to find their way out of the rabbit hole and try to make sense of it all.
20 Dec. 2010
Worst Day Ever
Gwen is having a horrible day, and on top of it all, she and Sarah seem to be growing further apart. Their future plans just don't seem to mix like apple pie & the 4th of July... and Gwen misses the way things used to be. Fortunately Ryan can lift her spirits out of the "coffee trenches". But is it just me, or does her co-worker have something other than coffee beans on the brain??
Mar. 2010
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