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Season 5

13 Jan. 2012
Summer of '97
Welcome to the summer of 1997. Unravel the mystery of the past year and reconnect with all the Bishop's Garden crew. Get a glimpse into the changes the year has brought... like just who is in a long distance relationship? Why is there a mermaid in Bishop's Garden? And who is starting a band?
20 Jan. 2012
The Audition
Sarah enlists the help of her old friend Maggie, and the two of them hold auditions for Sarah's imminent and as-yet-unnamed band. Needless to say, hilarity ensues. All sorts of characters (musically and, err, not so musically-skilled) crawl out of the wood works. Many old faces re-emerge... as well as a new one.
27 Jan. 2012
Secrets & Lies
After a trust fall gone wrong, Remi's back home from summer camp with some disturbing news about Davis. Hiking, canoeing, and campfires aren't all our he's been up to, but who's going to tell Alex? Especially when Tamsin may have a blossoming, new love of her own.
3 Feb. 2012
What the Cards Hold
It's summertime but Gwen is oh-so-very cold. Sarah keeps calling but Gwen's been totally dodging her calls for WEEKS. Her super shady behavior is getting worrisome... passing off phone-tag duties to her not-so-enthused NYC roomie? Going camping!? What is she trying to hide and what's in the cards for Gwen and Sarah...?
10 Feb. 2012
Signed, Sealed, & Delivered
Davis has been playing the field and everyone knows but Alex - until she gets a letter from him that's not all love and butterflies like she would hope. What is supposed to be a fun day of summer vacay is turning into a rainy abyss, and it looks like things aren't going so great for Sarah either.
24 Feb. 2012
Trial Expired
After being dumped by Davis, Alex is on a mission to drown her sorrows in red velvet cake and Sarah Roberts sisterhood. Unfortunately, Sarah is adrift in a kayak of her own misfortune. Gwen has struck a very low blow, in a very very impersonal way. Misery loves company, but how much misery can a girl take? And what's so great about this new instant messenger thingy?
2 Mar. 2012
The Winter of Our Discontent
It's time for this yet-to-be-named band to have practice numero uno but Sarah and Alex have both been officially dumped by their respective significant others and the word is quickly spreading. Groupie number one, Tamsin, shows up to practice and starts suggesting band names which strikes a dissonant chord with the bitter and lonely Alex. Wait, summertime is supposed to all happy and sunny and stuff, right? Say hello to the winter of our discontent.
9 Mar. 2012
Go Fish
Chloe is shipwrecked with the sailors and calls for fellow castaway Sarah to accompany her on their very own desert island. Sarah leaves her post-Gwen grief just long enough to find solace in Chloe's company. Just what are our young heroines to do?
16 Mar. 2012
Fairytale in the Supermarket
Sarah and Chloe embark on a magical journey to the local supermarket to show off their fabulous Frida inspired brows, and run into some surprising faces in the produce section. The newly found partners-in-crime seem to be soothing each other's sailor sorrows and broken heart. But it looks like Alex can't find a shoulder of her own to lean onto.
6 Apr. 2012
Secret Halloween Easter Egg
Get a glimpse into the secret world of Sam - replete with love triangles, two-timing, and disapproving friends. Sam chats on the phone with his on-again-off-again fling, before heading out for Halloween.

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