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Season 2

15 Jan. 2010
H.A.G.S. (Have a Good Summer...?)
Season 2 kick starts 9 months later, on the last day of school in '95. Everyone's psyched for vacation and tomfoolery. But Life gets shook up when two key kids are caught smoking pot on campus and summarily expelled. Um, Have a Good Summer.
26 Apr. 2010
Just when you thought the rumor-mill couldn't take any more excitement... Laura-the-Goth has sex with... Trip? Yes, Trip. Or at least such is the word on the street. Maggie is devastated. Ryan is flabbergasted. And Travis wants in on the action. And, oh poor Laura, now she's under the microscope and totally objectified. No matter how you slice it -- everyone is angling on her with their own agendas. At least one good thing comes out of it: Maggie realizes Sarah+Jake's make-out/kissing-session could have been way worse. Is there some forgiveness in the future...?
3 May 2010
Carly's Birthday
What's better than making out under a big tree? Um, duh, a birthday party with brownies and lots of teen angst. Okay... there might be some making out under the trees, too. Travis can't keep his hands off who?! Maggie disapproves, as usual and Slake gets an unexpected show with his brown bag special.
10 May 2010
L+T & S+G
Carly's birthday continues... and Sarah finds herself in the world's most awkward conversation ever with Gwen. What is going on here? Does she like her or not? Or does she "like" like her...? Wait, can that be right? Sarah's confused and needs a friend, but everyone's all wrapped up in themselves. Maybe the weirdos can give her some advice, or is Laura-the-Goth too wrapped up in Travis? Wasn't this birthday party supposed to!?!
17 May 2010
Do You Like Me?
Sarah and Gwen strip down for a swim... but only after Gwen's stunning effort to catcall any perverts out of hiding. It's just the two of them and they wouldn't have it any other way. And when a bike ride along the canal ends with a game of truth or dare in the grass... let's just say: It's getting serious now. Sunshine, Bugler, a five dollar gallon of "wine" and spiders crawling up your back, oh wait, those are just goosebumps...!
24 May 2010
Yes or No?
So, is it "to be or not to be"? This game of "truth or dare" quickly turned into that kind of moment. Very Shakespearean - except there's no highfalutin language clouding the air, just a question to be answered. Sarah doesn't want to lie but she's certainly struggling to figure out what the truth is.
1 Jun. 2010
Sarah, Maggie, Yasmine, and Hunter have a girl sesh in the kitchen - lots of OMGs and spoonfuls of yoghurt to help the gossip go down - and a revelation about one Mr. Adrian surfaces. Everything is quite delightful until Gwen calls the house looking for Sarah; everyone's confused and Sarah stumbles out after she stumbles over her explanation for leaving. No one seems too phased tho' since Maggie and Yasmine have some drama for drama queen Rox... and it's something she won't be pleased about.
7 Jun. 2010
Not Your Training Bra
We find out where Sarah was running off to... Gwen's been waiting patiently for her. But now the impatience on both sides is about to surface. Sarah's vulnerability rears its ugly (and quite loud) head outside the theater. The evening showing is on... perhaps some movie magic will smooth these relationship ripples out?
14 Jun. 2010
You're My Needle and I Found You
Maggie and Yasmine take on mission impossible: dropping the bomb on Rox without having it explode all over their friendships. Good luck girls. Hm, how will Adrian - the man of mysterious and questionable dating tactics - climb out of this hole?
24 Jun. 2010
Poor Cinderella
Everyone knows Rox is a master gabber. She has some serious chops this girl - a case of the Lamb Chops that is. This is like the freakin' song that never ends. Meanwhile, Chloe is artful in her use of blabber... wait, is she forgiving Adrian or twisting the knife?
28 Jun. 2010
Trouble in Paradise
Kris just got back from camp, joining the picture perfect Mitchell family dinner that's coming apart at its seemingly sewn seams. Did that make sense? It's okay - not much is working out tonight. Colin has no appetite for his father's cheesiness and is finding his attempt to get Mr. Mitchell to spill about his other woman just no gouda. Colin's crew shows up just in time to make the tension slightly less... sliceable. Guess where the kiddos are headed tonight.
8 Jul. 2010
The Lunar Landing
More rave. More family drama, and we finally find out why Colin's been so mad. Someone even gets trapped in the closet, and it isn't R. Kelly. Oh, and, don't drink the Kool-Aid.
27 Jul. 2010
Now that Slake has rescued Kris from the terrible closet, will they finally have their moment together? No matter what happens we know Kris is gonna call Sarah and tell her all about it, but maybe Sarah has some big news to tell Kris too.
1 Nov. 2010
Secret Halloween Easter Egg
It's Halloween of 1995 and DC is invaded by vicious zombies.

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