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1 Feb. 2009
Orange Crush
A teen web series about teenagers growing up and getting down. Grunge-era Washington DC, Doc Martens, OE 40's and Tomfoolery. See where it all begins. It's the start of the summer of 1994 and Kris prods best friend Sarah to finally make a move on her long-time crush Jake (before Maggie does it instead). Meanwhile Beth finds herself in a different love triangle with her best friend Rox and the older bike messenger, Adrian. After a trip to the liquor store (where the owner couple puts their 8 y.o. behind the counter), the gang all meets up in Bishop's Garden, where the ...
1 Mar. 2009
Will You Be There Tonight?
Tonight is the night. The party gets started in the infamous Bishops Garden. And don't you worry there will be mischievous and slightly unfortunate happenings. Sarah & Kris get Maggie shot-gunning some brewskies, hoping it'll keep her from macking on Sara's crush, Jake. The plan goes awry though, when Maggie gets bold instead. Um, looks like cold 40's & love triangles don't mix! As if that weren't bad enough -- then, the cops come...
12 Feb. 2010
Boys Night Out
It's a boys night out at Bishop's Garden. Jake wants to talk about the ladies, ahem, Sarah, but Trip is too faded to be of any help. Meanwhile, Travis takes the stage and tonight's showing - "The Kauffman Family Dsyfunction's Greatest Hits". Should be a riot.
12 Feb. 2010
Yasmine's House
While the parents are away, the kids will play. Yasmine's parental units go out of town and a party ensues at her ridiculously fancy house, complete with Olympic-size pool and some stealing of beer from her college-guy-neighbors. Plus things are looking up for Sarah and Jake.
1 Apr. 2009
Misery in McMansions
The party kicks it up fierce at Yasmine's house, sans parents and full of top shelf liquor. Maggie's got that not-so-fresh-feeling after downing an entire decanter of creme de menthe - and when a MAJOR accident ensues, it threatens to bring down the whole house of cards. The stars finally align for Sarah and Jake... but then Maggie walks in on the "lovebirds". Is it the final nail in the coffin of their (ex)best friendship?
1 May 2009
Midnight, Hunter's Moon, Part 1
Sarah is a hot mess after the fallout (being caught red-handed with Jake). She tries talking to Beth - but Beth's just useless. However, Beth does have a parental-free house for the weekend. Unfortunately, older-sister Hunter has some serious plans for a party without Beth. And, Hunter-the-effortlessly-cool-and-scary is used to getting her way. Totally unimpressed at the prospect of being kicked out of her own house - and the epic party - Beth plots revenge on Hunter. Then, Sarah and Beth decide to tag along and party-crash regardless.
2 Mar. 2010
Midnight, Hunter's Moon, Part 2
Watch the craziness unfold as Beth and her friends tag along at Hunter's house party. Hunter's party has it all-- indie bands, hot musicians, booze, and the objects of much teen girl idolatry: Adrian and Jake? That's right - Jake shows up and things get super rocky for Sarah, who's already had a pretty rough summer what with the Sarah-Jake-Maggie love triangle from hell. And poor Beth isn't faring too well on her side of the Beth-Adrian-Rox love triangle either. Oh yea, and "The Hands Of Morgan Freeman" make an appearance too!
8 Mar. 2010
Midnight, Hunter's Moon, Part 3
Jake seeks Sarah - he's all puppy-dog eyes and wants to talk because he likes her. Gulp. And Adrian (secretly) hunts the much younger Rox. So where will Sarah end up, in this Maggie-Jake-Sarah love triangle? And what about Beth and the Beth-Adrian-Rox situation? Who ends up coupled? And who just ends up alone? Something tells me... this is one of those nights where all questions gets answered.
8 Mar. 2010
Fleshy Ears
Beth gets "revenge" on Rox+Adrian - by finding an even older guy of her very own. Find out why Beth has new "bragging rights"... it's about the fleshy ears.
15 Mar. 2010
After gashing open that arm at Yas' party, Maggie is OK, but her feelings are irreparably damaged from catching Sarah and Jake together. Meanwhile, everyone else is more than happy to have Sarah be the scapegoat- so that they can, uh, avoid the fact that they were more concerned with partying than getting Maggie to a hospital when she OBV needed stitches. So, *scapegoat time*- thanks to Travis, the crew instigates a crank calling jag - harassing Sarah as "revenge" for her evils against Maggie... and THIS is what happens...
1 Jun. 2009
Whisper Down the Lane
When a game of spin-the-bottle turns into something completely different Maggie has a meltdown on the phone and a few others chime in with some not-so-kind words. Then after the girls play light as a feather stiff as a board, Maggie picks up the phone again, this time to try and make things right. But is there really such a thing as a 'do-over'?
1 Aug. 2009
Brutus and Caesar Will Have Their Revenge on DC
What is eating up Colin Mitchell? Kris' step-brother just hasn't been the same since they moved here. She tries to understand, but he doesn't let her in... so she steals his car instead. Illegal sushi run! Oh and did I mention there are togas?
1 Oct. 2009
The Secret Halloween Easter Egg
It's Halloween of 1994 and all the kids are out for a night of candy and party-crashing and maybe pursuing their crushes. Tonight things are looking very potential and dramatic for Kris and her step-brother's best friend: Slake, of the infamous cheekbones. And if that doesn't work out, there are always Bath-Tubs of Jell-O.

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