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187 out of 355 people found the following review useful:

Exactly the same as 'the original'

Author: George Bailey from Carlisle, England
7 June 2012

During the mid and late 1970s, cinema took a giant leap forward in its capacity to deliver blockbusters for teenagers (or the teenager in spirit). Doubtless those raised on the cinema of earlier generations might wish to make a similar claim for the sweeping epics that drew in the crowds in the 50s and 60s, but when I went to see Star Wars, Close Encounters and Alien in consecutive years, I was sure that Hollywood could not previously have made audiences so entranced and convinced by the sci-fi experiences now being created.

Watching Alien in 1979 was, as one critic wrote at the time, a visceral experience: ghastly, scary, bloody, shocking and wholly believable. A full Odeon, Leicester Square was entranced as one.

So I suppose it was inevitable that watching Prometheus was never going to be the same kind of experience for me: cinema just hasn't made that much progress since, partly because what CGI can now give us is the extraordinary made ordinary. Doubtless there are still some teenagers who will be coming to Prometheus fairly fresh and ready to be as gripped as I was by Alien, but raised on computer games and DVDs, such a number must be very small. They won't be disappointed by the movie's visuals: much time and effort was spent on creating a new hyper-real landscape, and there are still one or two moments of grisly horror (though none that genuinely surprise or shock).

If only some time had been spent testing out the script's premise that a specially commissioned crew of experts in their fields would run around an alien landscape with no regard for their own or anyone else's personal safety, or for the success of their mission. Alien's miners could be forgiven for not knowing what they were getting into: these scientists have no excuse, yet Scott evidently decided that if he was to recreate the formula of the original, any such considerations would need to be set aside. They touch everything and seem afraid of nothing. Critics have described it as 'muddled', yet I would argue its worst crime was to attempt to revisit the same territory with an unconvincing script in the first place. The movie is, in basic structure and in a number of scenes, exactly the same as the original. (Perhaps it's me that's different.) Of the cast, only Theron, Rapace and Fassbender intrigue at all, and none matches up to the heroism of Ripley. Rapace fails to generate very much sympathy, despite her predicament - only Idris Elba offers much humanity or heroism, but he remains resolutely 2D.

Perhaps that's the point. In presenting us with a collection of distinctly unlovable and more or less disposable characters, Scott underlines the revelation about the Engineers, their purpose and their secret, and mankind's insignificant and unsavoury role in Creation. To say more would be to give away the only thought worth pondering in a movie burdened with an expectation that, for this viewer, was unfulfilled.

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212 out of 405 people found the following review useful:

Very disappointing.

Author: Nev Delap from Australia
17 June 2012

I've given 4 only for the impressive visuals in the movie.

As for the rest... the science is consistently nonsense, the Christian religious references make no sense in the context of Christianity. The creationism vs evolution references are lame and philosophically weak, un-thought-through and poorly presented. The acting is so so and does nothing to save the story, which is dull and unimaginative.

A few specifically ridiculous things...

Why hire such a pair of twits as the geologist and the biologist for such an expensive and important mission? Did they ask for volunteers at the unemployment office? Come to that, how could they have such a crew of unprofessional clowns for a $1 trillion mission?

Can a surgery be any more ridiculously fake? Spray on a bit of "anaesthetic" and perform a Caesarian on a struggling woman?

How can there be such a powerful storm of such large particles and no- one's suits or helmets have any real damage? And there isn't piles of the stuff building up everywhere? Did it evaporate?

I suppose David's ability to read and speak a 2000 year old language isn't 'too' ridiculous, though it is still ridiculous.

To enjoy this movie one must have to a good level of scientific and religious illiteracy, or an exceptional ability to suspend belief and ignore the silliness of the whole thing.

And the attempt to link it to Alien was pathetic. To compare the movie to Alien at all is an insult to a true classic and that they'd make such a poor movie today with its big budget should be an embarrassment to its makers.


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67 out of 116 people found the following review useful:

Mr. Scott, Mr. Scott, What Have Ye Done?

Author: port 5 from Northern hemisphere
5 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I knew that I had to lower my expectations but apparently I had to lower more...and then some:

» Non-lowered expectation: a masterpiece in the caliber of Alien, Blade Runner, District 9, Children of Men

» Lowered expectation: a flick with lots of CGI and far from Alien's atmosphere

» Letting Damon Lindelof write the story with his "yes man" attitude was a mistake. The story has a lot of "mysteries" and branched. However, Alien (1979)'s strong point was never a mystique and twisty story. On the contrary it was a B-film story executed phenomenally (this was in 1979). I wish they had gone on this direction instead of this mess they call "Prometheus scenario".

» No character development whatsoever. 0, null, nada! You cannot empathize with any of the characters and when they die left and right you frankly don't care at all. Maybe Idris Elba's character a little bit, just because he seemed more human than the rest of the crew.

» It could have saved them money if there was no Charlize Theron. I mean she did nothing to contribute to the story, just strolled like a Soviet commissar.

» Why the heck did you have to have a Mr. Weyland character as a twist? OK, you had him. Then why did you have to choose Guy Pearce with a horrible make up? Just to be consistent with the viral TED video? Horrible decisions in a series.

» What is the genre here? Sci-fi? Sci-fi horror? A Shyamalan film? If it was sci-fi horror (which everyone was waiting for) then you have failed monumentally Mr. Scott. There is certainly NO atmosphere, ambiance and tension build-up. Only wee bit crumbs of discrete atmosphere here and there.

» Overusing of CGI. Especially the Earth map scene where David watches in awe. That bleedin' scene didn't want to finish! It was as if "Here is some dumb eye candy for 3D viewers"

» What in the hell was that "put your hands up in the air, put your hands up in the air"-kamikaze scene? The crew working for Weyland corp. so far as we know from Alien would always ask first "But will we get our money?", not become a suicide bomber in 5 seconds!

» OK, the "abortion" scene was fantastically shot. But how come anyone did not realize what the heck happened in that chamber? Noomi Rapace aborted the squid and she right away galloped to the expedition with Mr. Weyland. Let alone running you can't even walk after such an abdomen incision! (also put together with some damn staples!)

» What was the xenomorph at the end? Was it not Mr. Scott who told us many times that there will be NO xenomorph for it was one of the most used figures of the 20th century? Eat back what you spat.

» A director's cut might save some of the film but you can't make a masterpiece out of a trash just by another cut. So, I have no hopes there.

There are many negative things but frankly I am exhausted to keep on writing 'em.

We wanted to see what the deal is really with the space jockey but instead the film gave us many more dumb questions! Basically we have been kicked in the crotch! Also, shame on you Hollywood for cracking the window for another sequel! (more $$$ yessss, more greensiessss!)

Last word: If you are an Alien fan, still go see this film but just for the effects. Because it is a huge let down.

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40 out of 63 people found the following review useful:

One of the worst movies I have ever seen

Author: donna-399-710197 from Massachusetts
17 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Shame on all who created this film. From the ridiculous story line to horrible acting. On a side note, the costume designer shouldn't ever work again. Do you really think that we will be wearing skinny jeans and platform clogs in 2094 when we are zooming through space and visiting unknown planets? There were some scenes that were supposed to be intensely serious and I burst out laughing at their absurdity. I kept waiting for the phallus-like creatures to start tap dancing on the table, or the last living engineer to say "Rosebud."

There were only 2 redeeming parts of this movie: The opening scenes were like watching an IMax opening, and the acting of Michael Fassbender was superb. I give him 10 stars. I want my money and two hours of my life back!

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41 out of 65 people found the following review useful:

Genuinely cr*p. Burn every copy.

Author: Jay from United Kingdom
6 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I've just finished watching Prometheus, and I'm struggling to find the words that would adequately describe this utter train wreck of a movie. To be totally frank, I refuse to believe that this is a Ridley Scott movie. I genuinely suspect that Fox is lying to us.

The script appears to have been written on the back of a matchbox by someone with the mentality of a nine-year-old. I'm 35 years old, and I was a child myself the last time a movie insulted my intelligence as much as this one did. If this movie was canned meat, I wouldn't feed it to my dog.

For the love of God, Do NOT let this awful, awful mistake of a movie burn itself into your neural pathways, as this would be a form of brain damage that could never be undone. It's like finding out your wife is cheating on you, or that you are the offspring of a mongol. Some things you just don't ever want to know.

The movie opens with the premise that ancient cave paintings depict a star system that is claimed by the movie's main character to be home to the creators of the human race. How this is deduced from caveman scrawlings is never explained, except for the main character saying that she chooses to believe it, which is, let's face it, just plain retarded.

Based on this flawed premise, the Weyland corporation decides to spend a trillion dollars funding a mission to find this alleged star system after taking this theory at face value without question.

So, the corporation hand-picks the most unprofessional professionals they can find for the mission, and put them all into hypersleep without introducing them to each other so that they wake up 2 years later orbiting a distant planet surrounded by people they've never met, and within a few hours of waking up, they descend to the planet's surface to explore a "pyramid" that looks nothing like a pyramid, which they just happened to find within moments of entering the planet's atmosphere.

As luck would have it, the main character was indeed correct in her assumption that this far-off world is inhabited by intelligent creatures that are indeed the creators of the human race. This is apparently proved by examining the DNA of a severed alien head, which, when compared to human DNA, proves to be identical (the aliens come back to life and explode shortly after when they are electrocuted, by the way).

Once inside the "pyramid", everyone takes off their spacesuit helmets, potentially contaminating themselves and their environment before returning to their ship. The captain allows them on board without question, and no decontamination procedures whatsoever are followed, and nobody complains about this.

Apparently, the act of entering the pyramid seems to have set off some kind of response mechanism that makes the cylindrical pedestals inside ooze some kind of black liquid. For no apparent reason, the synthetic human that accompanies our retarded explorers decides to secretly take a sample of this stuff back to the ship and spike one of the crew members drinks with it. Later on, the crew member has sex with the main character, and 10 hours later she is 3 months pregnant, even though she claimed earlier in the movie that she can't get pregnant.

The guy she has sex with, after leaving the ship and falling ill from swallowing the black ooze, comes back to the ship and is refused on board, due to the fear of contamination, despite the fact that the whole crew has already been exposed to the alien atmosphere and has been coming and going from the ship at will.

The main character ends up in the medical bay, where the synthetic human tells her that her foetus is a strange alien squid, and tries to convince her that she should be put into hypersleep for the return trip to Earth. Naturally, she disagrees, and attempts an abortion by using a medical machine that is tailored for males only.

As luck would have it, the operation performed by this machine is a resounding success.

I could go on.

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70 out of 123 people found the following review useful:

Hope they had insurance...

Author: Hanover from Atlanta, GA
9 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Most of the bad reviews on here pretty much sum up my feelings...especially where the leaps of logic are concerned.

I will sum up how bad this film is with one scene.

Years ago, I saw a comedy sketch where someone was about to be run over by a steam roller that was six feet away and traveling about 5mph. Instead of getting out of the way, this person just stands there screaming for the entire duration the steamroller slowly approaches and rolls over them.

There is a scene in this movie exactly like that. Yet, instead of a steamroller, its a space ship that crashes into the earth and then slowly rolls over someone as it topples over. Yes, a person gets run over by a spaceship in Prometheus. Not killed by an Alien or from exposure on an alien planet...literally squashed by a space ship.

And here's the worst part....this almost happens TWICE. Seriously Damon Lindelof? You couldn't come up with something better than that?

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116 out of 215 people found the following review useful:

For Si- Fi Fans.

Author: subhajit555 from India
5 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For people who loves Si-Fi Movies- "Please don't waste your money on this movie".

I am not a movie guy so will be able to give you all the technical details of movie making but I'll give you some insight based on simple common sense.

1. Its not the era of "Aliens"(Movie), people are filled with information about space exploration from Nat Geo and Discovery Channel.

2. Aliens are not stupid. As per my belief, their actions can be unexplainable or explainable but not stupid.

I will get down with some good facts about the movie now.

1. Hyper intelligent humanoid monster alien comes out of his crashed mother ship to kill a little human woman out of rage, then gets eaten by a squid, the squid apparently is a half human child. Totally Si-Fi.

2. You go in the vicinity of some unknown planet, you orbit around it, do some scanning stuff to get to know about the topography, you don't simply land somewhere pointed out by an idiot.

3. The crew members looked liked some hybrid cast from "lord of the rings" mixed with "conair". You don't do a multi-billion dollar space exploration program with people from all ethnic background pretending to be astronauts, seemed to me some jail break guys. The cast totally makes no sense. The script is good for some Si-Fi grade B movie.

4. You don't go to an unknown structure and open up your head gear simply because you can breath and scans shows every thing is normal. Is there no protocol. What about unknown pathogens and particles not in the scanner's database. When you are making a Si-Fi movie, Please try to justify at least some part of it.

5. What about quarantine ? Aren't you suppose to quarantine personnel after coming from some test site or something ?

6. Human body won't change even at 2089 or even later. You can't remove something from the uterus of a woman and staple it. There are layers in the uterus, muscle layer,adipose tissue layer and skin layer, you just can't pull out something and staple it like that, you will die of internal bleeding. I am not watching "Crank"(Which promises to be non si-fi movie) am I ? I am watching a Si-fi Movie, then she again goes to fight, wow... Riply NXG(Ripley next generation).

7. Doesn't the inter-galaxy(or universe) navigating ship have a defense mechanism to check for impacts, come on the ship can defy gravity, it can at least avoid a collision. It is very bold to crash into an alien gravity defying ship but it is not a Si-Fi movie.

There are tons to write about how pathetic the movie is but I hope I've proved my point.

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177 out of 337 people found the following review useful:

Hopefully, there's much more on the Blu-ray...

Author: sarastro7 from Denmark
29 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I caught one of the earliest press screenings of Prometheus, which was a grand experience, as I am a complete and utter sci-fi nut. Prometheus was one of my two most anticipated movies of the year (the other being The Avengers), and there is not much doubt that it will go down as one of the, if not the, best science fiction movie of 2012.

Prometheus is a bona-fide and direct prequel to the original 1979 Alien movie, giving us a portion of the story behind the space jockey; the alien pilot of the derelict spaceship that contained the alien eggs.

Are the classic Giger aliens actually in this movie? No, but their precursors are. The aliens, after all, have always been evolving, taking on new shapes almost every time they incubate in a new host.

Effectswise, action-wise, technically, visually and in terms of sense-of- wonder, this is exactly the movie we all hoped it would be. The whole set-up for the Weyland company is perfect and serves the first two original Alien movies (the good ones) extremely well. I would love to mention more, but it would be spoiling.

The movie does have imperfections, though. Some salient points of the plot are never revealed (but left for a sequel, which, again, I hope gets made, as it will make a big difference as to how much sense this movie ends up making), and the motivation of the robot also remains enigmatic. The part I found most disappointing, however, is that there isn't much depth to the characters. The onslaught of the action doesn't leave them the necessary time to become properly human to us, and their various beliefs are not at all described in sufficient detail - although we do hear a bit about Shaw (Rapace's character). Besides her, and David, Idris Elba's captain is the best character; he is human, he has failings (yes, I count smoking as a failing!), he's a charmer, he can think and he understands sacrifice. Most of the other significant characters are scientists (finally, a sci-fi movie with more than one of those!), but, sadly they don't act like it. One is depressed and drinking for no good reason, one is just obnoxious, and one is apparently not interested in his own field of science. But, of course, they are all punished for their bad attitudes - which is something, I guess.

But, I am hoping that various extra bits and bops on the disc release will rectify many of these little shortcomings, because, as it is in the movie's theatrical release, none of the characters live up to those of the first two Alien movies.

It's still a great and brilliant movie, though, and one I know I will be going back to the cinema for, and get on Blu-ray as soon as it comes out, and rewatch many times. Most definitely a classic of the genre.

(EDIT: The Blu-ray is out, and it has lots of extras, including some that make the salient points of the story more clear. I am very satisfied!)

9 stars out of 10.

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43 out of 70 people found the following review useful:

Never have I seen such a horrible movie

Author: seashelly94
6 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are spoilers in this review, but don't you worry. This movie isn't worth spoiling. It isn't as though telling you the plot with ruin anything. In fact, it might spare you the torture of sitting through this debacle of a cinematic experience.

I did not want to see this movie simply because I knew that it was supposed to be a prequel to Alien and Aliens. I am a huge Alien and Aliens fan, and I even enjoyed Alien VS Predator - the first one. I was convinced that Prometheus would fail to live up to the incredible story, suspense, effects, and acting of its predecessors. And, I was absolutely right. The bottom line was that I was out of power in one hundred degree heat and an air-conditioned theater with Prometheus had to be better than dying a slow, painful death in my sauna of a home. No, I think I would have taken the sauna and heat stroke.

Where do I begin? Ah yes, the story. The script was confused, dull, anti-climatic, and struggled to find a link to Alien. I could have written numerous unrelated words on a large dart board, throw darts at these words, put them together on paper, and it would have been a more interesting, concise, and clear script. To begin, the opening scene of this movie is one of these big, white, muscled Martians on some planet. He drinks these black dots on purpose, yielding complete disintegration of his body. This has nothing to do with later things, and it makes no sense in connection to the movie. As we discover, the black goop is somehow the start of the aliens we know from the movie alien. When someone comes in contact with it, they're infected and turn into some weird infected guy. Somehow, if someone infected has sex, the woman gets impregnated with some huge alien embryo thing and it grows into a big other thing that looks nothing like anything - maybe a giant squid spider - and it infects yet another human and a whole alien (finally looking like the aliens we know and love) bursts out of the human body. Mind you, it takes the whole movie to explain this process and it isn't even until the end that the alien arrives. This life cycle is confusing and nowhere near as sensible as the one in Alien or Aliens. There, the queen lays eggs, the eggs birth the spider things that implant the baby alien in a human, the human host gives birth to a baby alien, and the baby alien grows to a big badass.

Not only is the life cycle off, but the story lacked interesting characters and real drive. The whole reason they went to this planet is so some old man could talk to these human alien people in an effort to save his life. This old guy's robot son has infected the human crew and worked against them the entire movie, just to find a live human alien for his old guy "dad" to talk to. Kind of kills the suspense. Everyone basically dies, except the main woman whose acting is as horrible as the writing for her character. I didn't care about anyone and hoped everyone would die. It was disappointing to see that she, oh and the robot, did survive. Most of the movie was spent exploring or on the ship talking about research and "Why are we here? Who made us? What is the reason for life?" It was more of a religious/spiritual/philosophical snore-fest than the action/suspense promised by a movie in the Alien franchise.

The acting? Horrible. Coming from someone who has worked professionally as an actor and majored in theatre in college, you can trust me when I say that it was terrible. No emotion. No intent. It was a bunch of random people no one has heard of spouting their lines like those parrots you pass in toy stores. You know, you say something and they repeat it in a mechanical and single toned manner. The characters had no layers. They were similar to the stock characters found in commedia dell'arte of Italy or noh/kabuki theatre of Japan. In these forms, a character is one note and represents a single thing. A villain is a villain, a lover is a lover, a hero a hero, etc. That was this movie. The blonde? The bitch. The main chick? A true believer. Etc etc etc. I would expect such singular acting from an old comedy, but I expect something more engaging for the silver screen.

The only good thing about this movie was the opening credits. It was beautifully done, albeit out of place. The other good thing about the movie? The ending credits. I left faster than if the place were on fire. If you want to see an interesting movie that connects to Alien or Aliens, don't hold your breath. Bring a pillow and a blanket. Take a nap. You won't miss anything.

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43 out of 71 people found the following review useful:

I Want My Money Back. I Want Those 2+ Hours Back, Too

Author: Mitiori from San Diego, CA
25 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie brings to mind the South Park episode, "The Passion of the Jew" where the kids go to Hollywood to demand their money back from a deranged (portentously) Mel Gibson. This is what I want to do to Ridley Scott.

Even more than demanding my money back, I want to smack him. Then send him to go live with George Lucas who did the same damage to his Star Wars legacy with substandard prequels.

The first two Aliens movies were great. Scary. Fun.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he entered a bunch of information into a writing software program that generated this horrible script.

All of the characters were one-dimensional, except for the robot. ALL of the characters did not act consistently from scene-to-scene. None of them acted like the professions they were supposed to me.

For example, in 1 scene we discover that the punk white trash dude is a geologist, yet he and biologist have no interest in exploring the alien planet, the rock structure, and the alien corpses. Instead of being interested in what they traveled 2+ years to find, they walk away scared of the dead alien. Then, the geologist who is in charge of mapping gets them lost and for some reason they never contacted anyone to tell them and get help - until it was too late. Then, they find an unidentified substance where there was none previously and decide to touch it and find a LIVING alien snake to be "beautiful." Seriously.

Then the Christian(?) archaeologist is suddenly a genetic scientist who can identify foreign matter on the alien corpse head on sight. And her archaeologist partner and boyfriend is getting drunk for no reason. Meanwhile, she and the other woman, presumably a scientist but it was never explained, is really bad at her job, too, and do inexplicably dangerous and stupid things with their retrieved alien head.

Who the aliens were, what the biological weapon was, why their ship didn't take off, why the other aliens were killed but the biological substance's effect was dormant for thousands of years, why the alien at the beginning willingly drank the biological substance, what the biological substance was, why the substance was created, why they didn't kill the humans on Earth in the first place or give them technology, what the cave paintings really meant, and any other substantive question you can think of with respect to this mythology is never answered.

Neither is it answered why and how they convinced this fake elderly benefactor that he could be saved by going to this planet. Nor is it answered what the deal is with his daughter and why she bothered to come if she wanted to take over the company - with him traveling to another planet and on the verge of death seems like a good time for her to stay home and control the company. And why he lied about being dead and "snuck" on board is never explained.

Nor is it explained why the robot fed the boyfriend the alien substance. Nor is it explained how the woman who apparently could not get pregnant ends up pregnant from the alien infect sperm her boyfriend now apparently carries.

That's just a taste of the stupidity that runs rampant in this movie.

On top of that, there are interesting relationship tidbits and character background hinted at, but never explored. Nothing of any substance is developed in this movie - not space travel, not the mythology, not the characters, not the plot.

The dialogue is almost without exception annoying and pointless. Which sums up this movie. Annoying and pointless. I want my money back.

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