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Reviews & Ratings for
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13 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

Really bad!

Author: Lee Saunders from United Kingdom
17 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What a shame! This could have been great, but the plot fails and along with shallow characters we wish the whole thing would just end as soon as possible.

Too many loose ends add up to a confusing plot. examples: 1. Why does Guy Pearse play an old dude, when they could of hired an old dude??(at some stage I was expecting him to become younger!)

2. The film starts out nicely with a scene of an alien drinking by a grand waterfall, yet this has nothing to do with anything later on!

3. In the original "Alien" film, the crew find the driver sitting in his cockpit, yet here, he tries to kill the last scientist in her ship, thus leaving the chair he is found?

4. Why is Fassbenders character trying to kill the crew?

5. Why are the humanoid aliens in the holograms running towards the crypt that's full of dangerous type of aliens?

6. Why didn't the humanoid alien that's sleeping leave earlier for earth before waiting to be woken-up by Fassbenders character??

The list goes on and on...

My 2 stars are for visuals and Fassbenders acting skills.

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13 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

Can I get a refund of 2 hours and $21?

Author: Loobster8 from Austrailia
12 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wow. Just wow. I am a huge fan of the Alien movies, and I refused to read or watch anything about Prometheus so that I could go in and watch it at the Imax without any expectation.

To start with, the cinematography and CGI is amazing. And Fassbender's performance is pretty damn good, hence the 4 stars.

And then everything else fails.

The plot was lame, the characters were devoid of personality, the aliens (10ft humanoids and a 4 armed squid are a MASSIVE disappointment after H.R. Giger's beautifully scary creations of the previous movies) and there are so many plot holes that I was left confused and full of questions.

One thing that I haven't read so far in the reviews here is how Holloway, after spending 6 hours on a new planet, with new lifeforms and a working alien terraforming facility (all of which would have a normal scientist jizzing all over the walls) is so angry and depressed because (from what I can gather) he hasn't quite found what he was looking for and so drowns his sorrows. Dude! What more could you want?! He was so ludicrous I laughed. And the caesarean? I sat there stunned and speechless! Charlize's death had me face-palming my forehead as I thought "Just. Turn. Left." And it clearly would have taken Noomi more than 1 minute 30 to run from the crashed ship to the pod. Plus she was running = uses more oxygen = would have died much earlier.

The musical score just didn't work. The music from Alien creeps me out so much that I have to skip it when it comes on my iPod. The music for this movie seemed like it was triumphant and for a completely different genre, like The Avengers or so. Prometheus has little to be triumphant about!

I know in many movies we have to just accept weird things, such as aliens and androids and superheroes, but we can't accept the nonsense this film throws at us. And most of that nonsense is the humans. Aliens can go ahead and do weird stuff for no reason because, well, they're aliens and we have no idea how they would react to anything. Humans though, USUALLY tend to get scared of unknown things and vagina-faced-snakes and get upset when someone in their vicinity gets scared/attacked/dies. Scott has lost touch with reality and the foundations of film making. Go away and retire!

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13 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

Boring, Stupid, and Not Very Scary

Author: gamskee from United States
12 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I will try to create a quick bulletin list of problems with this film, starting with the good first.

The Good 1) Visually very well done. The landscape and technology were all very interesting to look at. 2) Actors were believable. Fassbender gives a great (if wasted) performance.

The Bad 1) Actors actions- while you could believe the characters, it was hard to believe their backgrounds or motivations. Scientists and select crew for a trillion dollar secret mission to an alien civilization act with all the sense and survival instinct of camp Counselors at Crystal Lake. The android infection scene had zero to do with anything- not science, not a plan to take over the ship, not to make the old man immortal. Nothing. It was very dumb.

2) Plot and themes in general felt very paper thin. The aliens actions are under explained, never very clear. Weyland's plan is full of holes. The magical medical chair was just fine, save for it's rather inexplicable lack of female anatomy lessons (12 in existence, and they get the dudes only chair? In the woman's private chamber?)

3) Not scary. There just wasn't a good build up of dread. It never hit the fan in the way it needed to, and the characters were so undeveloped, you couldn't even muster a bit of care when they were killed. For it to be scary, you have to get people to buy into the premise, and I started laughing as it went on. The kills lacked a certain useful realism.

4) Plot holes! There are multiple, but my favorite is, how did the space octopus grow to epic proportions in a room with no food- was there a pudding button on the magic healing chair?

5) Wasted themes. Good sci-fi will ask questions about who we are, what we are in the universe, whys and hows, and explore them. This movie nods at them, then wastes time on mutants and octopi and predictable to point of stupid twists, and we never really get that sense of having gotten a hard think out of it.

If it had been scary, or compelling, or visually stunning to some new heights, it could've succeeded, but it's a slow ride to nowhere that leaves you feeling empty.

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13 out of 20 people found the following review useful:


Author: mkc1218 from United States
10 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Prometheus is one of the worst films that I have ever seen in the theater.

I had no idea what the story was and, quite frankly, did not care after a while. I wanted all the characters to die, all 73 of them. Seriously, what is the point of all these characters? And the fact that they are so uninteresting?

Nothing happens in the first hour. And when things do start happening, you have no idea how they relate to each other.

The music seems to be from a different, happier movie. (Jerry Goldsmith is turning over in his grave.)

As my buddy pointed out, the aliens give signs to the people of Earth telling us where the base is from which they plan to destroy Earth. Huh? Maybe I am missing something here, or these are just really stupid aliens.

Two characters announce they are going to have sex in 10 minutes, and we never see the scene or have it referred to again in the whole film. Don't get me excited to see a scantily clad Charlize Theron and then let me down. That's just not right.

What is up with Guy Pearce channeling Keir Dullea from the film 2010? What is the point of having a young actor play an old man unless that old man is transformed into the young actor at some point in the film? Why not just get an old actor? Let's save some money in our makeup budget.

And the whole search for God premise and its really bad development and symbolism was cringe worthy. I felt sorry for the filmmakers watching the entire thing.

On the positive side, there are two legitimately cool scenes in the film. And Charlize's complexion is flawless, the movie looked great, and my popcorn was fresh. Way fresher than this movie.

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14 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

School kids are better scientists

Author: sarkara from United States
23 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't understand where all the good reviews are coming from. This movie is based on a scientific exploration to a different planet and ironically there's nothing scientific about the movie. Apparently the so 1970 attempt to amaze people by showing a gigantic spaceship with hi-fi gadgets has worked. Not to mention the pretty Charlize Theron who has less chance of acting than the spaceship doors. Ridley Scott could be a good director (not in this movie though) but he sure as hell doesn't know s*it about science.

1. The "scientists" make multiple trips to the planet and never have a team leader. Even museum tours from schools have a team leader. 2. The "scientists" take their protective helmets off at will. On a previously unknown planet? Seriously? 3. Two "scientists" separate from the team voluntarily and no one cares to find out where they are until they are back in the ship. 4. One of the above two "scientists" see an unknown reptilian creature and proceed to touch it. Give me a break! 5. Two main characters in the movie have sex. And you'd have thought that space voyages have non-copulation rules.

I could have gone on and on but I think you get the idea by now. Any average high schooler would have made a better sci-fi than Ridley Scott.

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14 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

Promising Prometheus

Author: jakslev from Dane in Spain
18 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I went to watch Prometheus without knowing that it was meant to be a sort of prequel to the Alien movies. Considering how these movies spun off to be utter crap; that knowledge might have made me watch this movie with lower expectations.

As a nerd, I like the whole dualistic sci-fi environment that Ridley Scott, and others, have created. The mix between clean white and sterile safe areas countered with dark, almost medieval (and definitely gooey) areas where evil resides, is very good and resonates well with most nerds like me. The opening scene of the movie was epic with a beautiful view and a simple short story line that (to the initiated) explained the origin of man. I almost dropped my pop corns there!

Unfortunately the movie doesn't continue in this epic intelligent manner. It leans heavily on the Raelian and the Intelligent by design theories but quickly turns into a new Alien movie for a new generation.

There are many open questions in this movie and things that are utterly silly.

1) Why did our creators decide to delete us? And why did they suddenly decide not to?

2) Why did they choose to kill us using a scary monster that they can't even handle themselves? Surely a nuke or just going down and banging our heads in would have been smarter?

3) Why do they leave a star-map on earth that leads – not to their home planet – but to one of their military facilities?

4) Why didn't other creators return to the military facility on the planet to sort the alien-monster issue?

5) Why are they themselves so immensely aggressive and uninterested in interacting with us?

6) Why haven't they evolved during the x-thousands years where we have developed intergalactic flight?

7) Why is the super-advanced medic-station "calibrated for men", when it's owned by the female boss/owner of the whole operation?

8) How realistic is it that anyone would be able to run around after having had a moving foreign object the size of a baby cut out of her belly? And clamped together with some metal clamps???

9) Why would the captain be smoking cigars and act like he was from 30 years ago? A bit of an anachronism?

10) Why would anyone choose such stupid scientists and such silly weapons?

Well – I can't be bothered to write any more about the movie. It was bad – not as bad as Knights, but still pretty bad.

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14 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

Alright Ridley, where's the real movie?

Author: Kurt Fabisch (
11 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've now seen Prometheus. movie? I'm serious. I know you've got a sense of humor. Remember the poison food gag from Gladiator? We all had a nice chuckle over that one.

Really, where's the real movie? You know, the prequel to Alien you went on about for a bit on the DVD to the wonderful film you made back in '79. That movie is very good. Where's the prequel I asked for? Oh, that's right. I never asked for a prequel. Just like I never asked if Deckard was a Replicant.

The movie I saw in the trailer for the movie Prometheus looked very good. It had that nice Alien trailer music from the trailer for Alien. That led me to think that I was going to see an Alien movie. THERE'S the ship from Alien. THERE'S the Space Jockey, right there in the trailer. So, where's the other Alien stuff? Oh, I see it now, Ridley. You're not kidding. Prometheus IS the final product of 30+ years of anticipation. 30 years of wondering what those eggs were doing on that ship. Wondering how that Space Jockey ended up dead like that IN HIS SEAT! Wondering where this whole Alien thing started.

But hey, at least we got to see a guy smoking pot out of his space suit respirator. At least we got to see that these Space Jockeys are just big humans. At least we got to see Guy Pearce play an old man when an old man in the part would have been just as good. At least we got to see the Kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean back on the big screen.

But hey, at least you want to get back to Blade Runner. Judging from this... movie, Blade Runner 2 is gonna rock.

PS David Fincher, sorry about what I said regarding Alien 3. I thought you made the worst Alien film... I was wrong.

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14 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

Not worth watching!

Author: Tamas Polgar from Hungary
10 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a terrible disappointment. What happened to Ridley Scott? The same what happened to George Lucas, David Lynch and many great Hollywood directors.

There are simply no words describing the boredom and sketchiness of this flick. Characters are shallow or totally empty, they actually have no characters. Most of them just stare at computer screens in a shock, or at alien artifacts with the same face. If we asked an amateur middle school acting class to perform something "Alienic", probably this would be the result. What we see on the silver screen defy the laws of physics, logic, and whatever comes. Heck, it even defies the Alien universe! For example, what the heck was the deal with the guy who turned into an invincible zombie? There was never anything like that, and we get no explanation. Or how come they have fancy 3D hologram user interfaces for their computers, yet the story predates the Nostromo's demise, where we only see randomly flashing lights and keyboards? The storyline is a catastrophe. A lot of events happen which are not explained and do not fit into the previous episodes' concepts. The characters often act against common sense, especially the two scientists who lose their way in the alien ship. Just how stupid should you be to start taunting an obviously hostile alien life form in an alien planet which you have just explored? Also, Mr. Weyland's mask seems like from an 1980 kids' movie. Why didn't they simply hire an old actor to play this role? A guy in a rubber mask in 2012 is simply ridiculous, at least they should have added some CGI.

Some people love this movie for being so "spectacular". Sure it is: another CGI porn. Anyone with some taste or common sense must avoid this movie, as it is awful, and not even worth downloading, let alone paying for it.

Was the above review useful to you?

14 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

How has this film bypassed everyone's basic physical knowledge?

Author: Abolla from United Kingdom
9 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

How can people, that is anyone, get swept away by this film's total lack sense? I have seen people, in real life, say this film is good, incredible. How, when a lady character goes up to the only automated medical bay machine, in another lady's room that has it only for herself, ask it to give her a cesarean and it say that it's unable because it can work on male patients only? You have got to be kidding, why was it in her room to begin with if she couldn't use it? A trillion dollars is spent sending 17 complete idiots, not intelligent people who are undoubtedly plentiful on Earth, but the stupidest people conceivable. You have two guys who bail having seen some remnants of past killings, but who then fail to find their way out and who - when confronted with a creature that may have killed the piles of dead alien bodies they saw earlier - decide to pet it. Weyland looks at least 100, and his daughter looks 30, how on earth does this get past people. This review is terrible because it is almost pointless listing the many atrocities these screenwriters have some conjured up. That begs another question, where did they find these screenwriters? There are so many great writers who cannot find any work who could nearly all do a better job at this. The God thing in this film is horrific, end of review.

Was the above review useful to you?

15 out of 24 people found the following review useful:

Awful characters

Author: eviesca from Berlin
1 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Why would anyone pick such an unskilled, unprofessional, untrained, selfish, ignorant and stupid crew to go on a mission to make the first contact of mankind with alien life? A group of drunk college students would have more chance to succeed in this mission than the crew of the Prometheus. This is why the movie script feels so fake to me. I just couldn't empathize with any of the characters. They all seem oddly familiar with the technology of their suits, the ship, the communication devices, everything; as if they have been using it all for a lifetime but then again they are screwing things up all the time. Isn't people supposed to go trough a grueling training before being sent on a potential suicide mission? And how do they end up in that mission anyway? When they are receiving the mission briefing nobody knows why are they there except for the couple of anthropologists or whatever they are. Did their employers just told them: "hey, here's a bunch of money, just get on that ship, sleep for 2 years and once you arrive to that alien planet we don't know sh*t about, you'll receive more instructions". And then they proceed to land and take advantage of every opportunity they can get their hands on to die a screaming, painfully and horrible death. The whole script/ movie seems built around the showing off of the visual elements, which are stunning by the way, but fall short of making this movie enjoyable.

I'm sorry but after watching/ reading sci-fi for years, I was expecting much more of this movie. I couldn't even finish it.

Was the above review useful to you?

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