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Reviews & Ratings for
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9 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

Great sci-fi movie

Author: jhintz4444
10 October 2012

While it may not be as great as the original Alien movie, this movie is getting a ridiculously bad reputation. I think many people went into the theaters with the wrong expectations. This isn't a horror film or an action movie, it's a science fiction film with some thrills thrown in. I love the feel, tone, and colors used in Prometheus, along with the awesome CGI.

People can complain about plot holes or bad scriptwriting, but I don't see this as the case. In my opinion, the best sci-fi movies are the ones that leave their questions unanswered and their plot holes unexplained. Imagine if Kubrick had tried to explain 2001. Or for a more modern twist, what if Looper had attempted to fix it's paradoxes... These movies would have lost their fun.

There are several things that still upset me about this movie, but what I do know was that this is the only film in a long time that I felt the need to go out and buy on DVD. This is a movie that you really have to go watch with an open mind.

At this point, I would like to note something. It's impossible for me to believe that people actually think this was a 1-star movie. There are thousands of worse movies. Don't review because you didn't think it was worth the hype. Don't review because you need to 'balance out the score.' Review the movie based on how good it was. Just because it isn't what you thought it would be or isn't what you wanted doesn't mean it was a 1-star movie. Don't believe all of the user reviews.

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9 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

I registered after 10 years using IMDb just i could write a shitty review

Author: helpme-488-305631 from Australia
28 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

With so little Sci Fi in 2012 i was hanging out for this, but wow, was i disappointed.

Characters could not have been more stereotyped, the the logic behind their personalities and belief systems made no sense, unless you assumed the target audience was mid west hillbilly Christians.

I mean come on. 99.9% of biological scientists even NOW don't believe in God... Religion is losing numbers hand over fist and you want us to believe the leading biological scientist on this team 80 years in the future is a die hard Catholic? Oh and some dangerous looking cobra thing rears up in a threat pose... and the junior biological scientist... what... goes to (insert profanity) pat it? The whole movie was one giant plot hole.

Its science bloody fiction folks, which means its supposed to be fiction, but cleverly done so the science parts seem believable. Otherwise whats the point? You cant enjoy a movie when every 2 minutes your mind is going "No Way"? As if they would do that, as if that would happen.

But the biggest disaster for me, was the 7.4 IMDb rating for this pile of .... which just cant be allowed to stand, thus my registration and review.

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9 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

Ridley has lost the plot... seems that literally!

Author: Robot Monkey
22 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Prometheus having a score of 7.4 (at the time of writing) is nothing short of amazing. All these comments how this is the "masterpiece" or "best movie ever made" could only be written by PR people on the studio paycheck because you have to be really retarded to find this movie anywhere near good.

This movie sucked big time. After 1 minute into the movie I already had a feeling that this is not going to be good. After 10 minutes it was obvious. And after 20 minutes I was dying of boredom and wanted to scream please turn this off and let's go home.

The writing and acting quality is reminiscent of the obscure c-category movies of the 60's and 70's. None of the story makes any sense. It just jumps from one random scene to another without leading to anywhere. The acting is hilariously substandard. Even the Fassbinder, who is a handsome guy otherwise, is very bland and uninspiring.

The story is just plain stupid and full of mistakes. A lot has been pointed out here by others already, but some examples. None of the "science" part resembles in any way any science. Even random people would have a more believable approach to scientific procedures than scientist in this film. Most of the actions of characters seem to have no motive or logic at all, and everybody behaves completely unbelievably. For example, the angry geologist just starts screaming at the heroine just completely randomly, then wonders away with another guy to get lost in a straight tunnel. Then they freak out because someone else might be there to be petting a hideous looking alien snake at the next scene. Most of the events and actions in this movie happen just completely randomly and without having any point in the big picture. The side story lines lead nowhere and add nothing to the characters or story. The story is full of plot holes, inconsistencies, stupidity, etc.

The dialog is exceptionally dumb. There are cases where writer has tried to be philosophical about the problems of religion and science, but everything is reduced to stupid one-liners. It is totally annoying and embarrassing. At some points the movie turns into blatant creationist propaganda.

At no point in the movie is there any suspense, tension or excitement. All scenes that are supposed to induce any of that do not work. Some of them are rehearsal from original Alien but only in a farcical manner. Others are ruined by completely because you just can't believe that anyone would do anything so dumb. Others just do not make any sense at all and just seem to be thrown in as an afterthought.

Prometheus is a very big disappointment. Its writing is just very very bad, as is all the acting in it. Even the imagery is pretty average Hollywood stuff and lacks any originality.

Obviously most of the budget was spent on pre-release marketing and there were no money left for hiring a able screenwriter or decent actors. A primary school child would have done a better job for tenner.

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10 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

I walked out... (but don't tell Charlize, in case she asks)

Author: Mike Regan from Canada
30 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I find it frustrating when you can identify the characters clichéd roles within the first few seconds after seeing them. It really sets up the whole film to be predictable and dumbed down for ... a low IQ audience? ...unimaginative people? ...first time viewers of a motion picture? Obviously I have issue with this and I find it insulting. (gosh I'm sensitive) I found this especially irritating because of the slow lead in to the "action" to, I assume, do some character development, suspense etc... So why beat us over the head with IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING, THIS MUSCLY GUY DRESSED IN BLACK CLOTHING WITH A SCAR AND A SCOWL IS GOING TO CHALLENGE AUTHORITY AND BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO DIE BECAUSE HE IS ARROGANT AND COCKY.

But this biggest issue and why I walked out was because of the science. I am no scientist, but I would imagine that ones first visit to an alien planet would be a cautious en-devour (thank you spell check). The genre of the film is science fiction, so why leave the science at the door? Why would someone remove their helmet after only being on the planet's surface for 8 minutes? I got the sense that the ship and all might have cost in the area of 10 billion? (and don't challenge me on this #, I have sold many spaceships in my day. And I can tell you, even used, that ship would fetch 10 billion) So why have a 10 cent crew? With such ridiculous scientific intelligence.

I walked out of the film when it was first released, and I am writing this review at the end of September... I was inspired to join IMDb and write this review because I saw Prometheus as #2 on the Movie Meter top 10. So the specific details of my angst have faded slowly into more of an emotional recollection of the film. But I stand by what i have written, the spirit of my words is absolute. (that felt very bold. i am bold, very bold) Mike

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10 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Redefining "bad"

Author: sixstring-1 ( from Budapest EU/Hungary
24 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oh darn it. High expectations, lots of hype, a ridiculously high budget (considering that the outcome is a pile of crap) spawned this... thing... I'm not even sure I want to call this a film. It's insulting to the "real" films.

I'll tell you why I'm being so harsh: first of all, this is a work a very good director. But however good the director might be, if there's no, and I mean almost literally no script to work with, the movie will inevitably be bad. And it is. Painfully bad. I show you, how someone can make a movie just like 'Prometheus'. You've got to have a talented and professional cast and crew, and lots and lots of money. Now, with the bases covered, you can have the crew create some sets that resemble earlier SF movies, and now you can yell "ACTION!". The actors may ask: "What should I say, it only says "blablablablabla" in the script!?!" You can reply: "Nevermind, it's not important, just make up some science-fictiony bullsh!t. The movie's gonna be full of expensive CGI crap, so most of the audience won't even try to give a damn what it's about. Besides, it's gonna be in 3D so whatever you say, they won't even be able to follow, because they're gonna be so mesmerized by the looks of the whole thing." The actors will ask: "But if we just make some stupid lines up, where's the plot, where's the logic? What will the whole thing mean?" And you can dismiss them with a self-absorbed smile: no one gives a sh!t, just do as I say. We're gonna make a ton of money with this, trust me." There was a script, and a "screenplay" (thanks again, Damon Lindelof, if it was up to me, the only place you would be allowed to write would be a urine-covered wall of a truck-stop crapper) and this pile of garbage was not the work of a 5 year old kid (and not a very bright one, either) but that of highly paid "professionals". People got paid big bucks for this. This is what makes me really sad.

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10 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Do they have negative stars?

Author: Furious77 from United States
18 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This flick is the worst of every horror and SyFy flick ever made, all the stupid people, with all of the fake plot points, and all of the lazy plot points to drive the flick along on it's path of crap.

One thing that really rubs me the wrong way about this flick was the usage of overly dark scenes to hide crappy props, scenes and CGI. This technique went out years ago when CGI got to the point that it didn't need to hide anymore and still appear present in the scene and not overlaid. Give the audience some credit that even if it's obvious CGI, let them SEE the scene, otherwise what was all this time, money and energy spent for, if not to show it off with some flashlights that are more powerful than the cheap door prize toys they give away at children's birthday parties.

Also, could the writers really not think of anything for the aliens motivation beyond some imagined second guessing on their part? This flick does not deserve the genre of sci-fi, it should be eternally relegated to the crappy category of d-list horror flick that kills everybody off because they are stupid, along with all the people that die while trying to clean the mess up, because they were too stupid to know they were traveling across the universe with a complete retard that somehow managed to build one of the largest, most far reaching, powerful companies, yet he can't manage to hire some competent underlings to crew his trip.

Watch this flick if it is free and you do so without reporting back to the studios in any way that you watched it i.e. cable, satellite, theater, rental, Netflix, Hulu, so they don't think this movie has a satisfied audience that is telling others to watch it. For some reason, this flick has a high rating here on IMDb, must be all the idolaters that bow down at the temples of Ridley Scott, H.R. Giger, or the Alien franchise and can't comprehend how much of a pathetic disappointment this is and how to express their dismay that this steaming pile of dog poo was made in such a lame excuse for a Syfy bargain basement idea, with an Independence Day budget.

This rant may ramble, but I write this immediately after watching this disaster and it's going to take my mind a nights rest to reorganize following this colossal let-down.

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10 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Cool movie with logic thrown out the window

Author: robbinn-354-691035
21 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What to say what has not already been told. I can maybe talk about the stuff that annoyed me and left me clueless. - Safety on board is a joke. Every rule is broken and broken once more. Helmets off everybody. Lets bring contaminated lifeforms into the ship to mention few. - Scientist that has strange "vice versa" temper. Gets crazy about rather small thing but remains calm as ice when he should be screaming his head off. Behavior of the characters is not believable. - Then comes he worst off the bunch is that the android head is still on the same location after the ship crashed, rolled half a circle and crashed again into the ground. What a sticky head :)

Well on the more positive notes, the film is beautiful. I specially like the shots from Iceland. For Alien fans this is a nice addition, but be ready for a disappointment as I stated above. I give it six for it is nicely taken, David the android is well performed and it is quite exciting at times.

I recommend it as it is enjoyable feast for the eye.

Have fun. Signing out. Robbinn.

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10 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Are you kidding?

Author: Rajesh Giriraajan from India
9 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Right from the day the trailer was released, 'Prometheus' had a hype among the movie goers. I was not an exception. I wanted to see this film, as, from the trailer and from the internet, I learned that Scott will be presenting his take on the incidents happening before his big hit 'Alien' (1979). Also, since Ridley Scott is venturing in to a very familiar territory, I was wanting to see this film first day first show. I did.

What does this film say?

If you an alien expert, 'Claude Vorilhon' would ring a bell in your head. The Alien guru. Inventor of Raelism. The man who wrote the book called 'Intelligent Design', about how the alien master appeared in front of him and explained him the secrets of the creation. In short, the alien said: 'Listen. It was we who designed the humans, out of a scientific experiment. There is no god. I am the oldest of your creators'.

The question about the origins of the humans has long haunted the minds of many people, and out of them, Ridley Scott decided to pursue his 'prequel' dreams. As a result, Prometheus.

Before seeing this film, I had a huge respect for Ridley Scott. His films like 'Matchstick Men', 'A Good Year', 'Thelma & Louise', 'Body of Lies', 'Robinhood' were a few favorites of mine.

The movie begins with the scene of an alien, descending down on an uninhabited Earth, and disintegrating down to create the one celled organism, and from then on, life flourished.

We subsequently see Prometheus, a space craft, in search of a distant planet in the year 2089. How did they find this planet? Well, there are numerous 'evidences' from the pre historic days -the cave paintings - which we get to see in different parts of the world, with a similar pattern - the reference of six planets in the sky. By 'analyzing' these paintings, the scientists have found out about the distant galaxy and the sun there, with a planet resembling the earth and it's moon !!!

The members of the space craft are quite similar to the members from a mental asylum. Each one has specialized in his particular area of pissing off the others.

I'm giving out certain points, which, if considered the plot points, would provide the premise for any movie about the aliens.

1. The captain of the spacecraft would be a black guy. His only duty would be to keep shouting 'Oh my God!' or 'Hurry Up. They are coming' or 'America! Here we come !'

2. The crew of the spacecraft, as I said, are a bunch of clowns.

3. There is definitely a person among them who ridicules everybody else, and gets to die first in the hands (or rather, in the fangs of) the alien.

4. There has got to be a big cave in the alien planet.

5. There is most definitely a snake shaped alien, who drills down the body of the victims and emerges out from the stomach of the dead person.

6. The lone survivor at the end, would be the female lead.

7. The alien aircraft is hidden somewhere in that planet, whose controls are known very easily to an android robot with the humans.

8. The alien aircraft would start from the planet at the end.

There are some more. But, these would suffice.

Ridley Scott has miserably failed in trying to come out a yet another alien attempt. Every scene is known to the viewers, and they create nausea in the minds of a fan, who believed in Scott and who wanted to get a good experience out of this film. The climax is pathetic, to say the least. I didn't find even a single scene, worth watching.

Overall, this is a huge let down. I would suggest the movie goers of this weekend to see 'Madagascar 3' instead, as I am sure, it would never be - for that matter, no other film would ever be - as uninteresting as 'Prometheus'.

A sincere advice to the senior director Ridley Scott - please rest for a while. Please spare us from your outrageous ideas of making an alien film, and please take rest. The days of Ridley Scott as a director are over. Let's cherish his older movies, and let's bid him farewell.

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11 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

Reboot that doesn't deliver

Author: ikalujny from Saint-Petersburg, Russia
3 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To keep long story short the movie is two-fold. From one side it can be considered a reboot of the original film with all the gimmicks that made the first film a cult, i.e. oral rape with men on the receiving end, childbirth, etc. But either they are done too explicitly or they just don't work the second time, but the overall experience is a flop.

The other side of the film tries to appeal to thinking man's questions like where have we come from, whats the purpose etc., but there is definitely not enough substance to it; This part of the movie feels out of place.

Also events throughout the movie are poorly connected and undeveloped.

Yes, there are some nice special effects, but some of them seem cliché and a copy-paste from a number of different places ( ex.: the vehicle used to travel between Prometheus and the alien ship was pulled straight from mass effect video games series, etc )

Not recommended.

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12 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

Worstest Disappointment EVER

Author: davincirecebe from Brazil
21 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I registered here in IMDb just because I feel I have to warn others about this movie!

The visuals, as usual with R. Scott, are indeed stunning...but as for the rest...

I CANNOT stress enough how bad the story is, I used to be a sci-fi lover but this movie's plot is so STUPID, the storyline and acting is so GODAWFUL I'm considering a review in my tastes, I'm actually REVOLTED at how bad it is - Why do they make "sci-fi" movies without the slightest concern at real science?

A child knows more science than the "writer" of this piece of s...,

Just a FEW main "holes". Not plot holes, because that would mean there is a plot:

STUPID 1) Starts off with an "engineer" (a member of the alien race who created us) next to a river in what is supposed to be ancient Earth, looking at a giant hovering spaceship. He then drinks a black goo, and dissolves into the that's how they brought human life to Earth...very intelligent, dissolving oneself hideously to create life...of course, they never heard of genetic engineering labs and tools...

STUPID 2) Jumps to archaeologists finding a cave with ancient paintings of giants next to a star system...then jumps again to the Prometheus spaceship, with the crew being wakened from stasis by an android....and then the crew assemble, and are introduced to each other (obviously that's how you select a crew, a lot of guys some of whom look like prison inmates who never saw each other together must be a thing of the past)

STUPID 3) The archaeologists explain that all ancient cultures made those paintings (How? Man is 2, 3 million years old, how could a 5 or 6 thousand year old culture know about the engineers?) and that they showed the star system they are arriving at.

STUPID 4) They approach an Earth-size moon, and try to land IMMEDIATELY, without recon of any kind...then, of course, by sheer dumb luck, they find an ancient engineer base close to where they are landing...because one "scientist" spots some straight lines on the surface...that's like finding a needle in a haystack on the 1st try!

STUPID 5) They go off immediately to visit the aliens' base, again without recon, without waiting for anything, like a tally-ho bunch of teenagers, even though night and a huge storm is approaching...

STUPID 6) Once inside, just because the computer says the atmosphere is breathable, they OPEN their helmets...why??? That is ABSURD! How could a team of scientists ignore the dangers of contamination? Of unknown viruses or bacteria???

STUPID 7) They see the floor covered by puddles of black goo, and IGNORE it entirely...actually step ON it, without seeing small worms swimming in it...c'mon, that's utterly LUDICROUS, these are supposed to be scientists????

STUPID 8) Two of the group decide on the spot that they'll return to their spaceship (probably out of boredom with the plot)...just like that, they abandon the others...and of course, get lost inside the alien base...that's not absurd, that's RIDICULOUS behaviour...and further on, when they find an alien snake, they start to PET it...till of course it attacks them...of course, if you or I found an alien snake we would try to cuddle it, wouldn't we? That's simply BEYOND ridiculous, that's revoltingly unbelievable...

STUPID 9) They watch ancient holograms (very blurred, since the poor engineers didn't have good cameras) showing the engineers fleeing from something...and then they find a 2000 year-old severed engineer head, which they take back to the ship and try to revive in a Frankenstein- like way (literally!) again without any concern for contamination. The head explodes because of the black goo on top of it, and again no one tries to analyze it.

STUPID 10) The evil android (of course, he's evil, all androids are) puts some of the black goo in the lead scientist's drink...why? Because he is...evil, of course, and because that's a "very scientific way" of learning what the black goo does. I think I'll drink a few drops of mercury to find out how poisoned I can become...(after this movie, not such a bad idea).

STUPID 11) The lead scientist falls sick with an alien disease, but doesn't think of analysing it, and doesn't tell anyone about it...again, very plausible behaviour, let's start an epidemic, it's fun.

STUPID 12) The tycoon who financed the expedition was aboard all the time, but of course in hiding...why? No, wait, he's evil too, he loves to creep up unexpectedly.

STUPID 13) The engineer they revive and try to communicate with (the android has deciphered their language) behaves in a truly evolved way, by not answering a single word but just trying to kill everyone like a charging bull; later, he will try to take his ship full of black goo (apparently a bio weapon of theirs) to Earth...but that part at least I could understand, he must have been mad at our race for making a movie this bad....

And it goes on and on, the whole movie is like a STUPID or IMPLAUSIBLE behaviour CONTEST, for chrissake.

It borders on the CRIMINAL that so much money, so many splendid scenery and CGI and effects are COMPLETELY wasted in a story that makes ABSOLUTELY no sense, has no coherence and is so completely meaningless that to say it is AWFUL is actually praising it. I used to hold R. Scott works in high regard...but honestly, the worst B-movie I've ever seen is Oscar material compared to this story..!

A final warning: All the "positive" reviews here are obviously PAID, no one in his right mind would ever write a positive review of this, they probably hired a few hundred people to write good things about it here as part of their marketing campaign.

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