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Reviews & Ratings for
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9 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

Oh dear....

Author: johngraham1964
14 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Alas..... A nice idea to 'prequel' Alien so that we know how the space ship ended up with the alien pilot in place, chest punctured etc (though he doesn't end up being punctured in the ship or in that chair..... odd....) Whole swathes of crew members given nothing to do or a button or two to push. Idiot crew members frightened of alien creatures who then go out and pet one of them. A total waste of the normally excellent Charlize Theron. And Guy Pearce in unrealistic 'old man' makeup? I read they originally wanted an older actor. Makes sense to me. David's actions make little sense (infecting a crew member - and he couldn't have planned for the fact that a pregnancy would ensue.... And then why be kind to Noomi Rapace at the end?) And if they wanted to spread life to new planets the engineers could surely find a better way of mixing their DNA into the planet's eco system than committing suicide.... very painfully!??? How about lop an arm off and use that? The list goes on.

OK so what is good about this film? Well...some beautiful, aerial shots in the first two minutes. And..... I am running out of options here...

I read that a sequel is in the planning stage. I'd leave it there!

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9 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

Disappointing, some good things but overall bad.

Author: ross_kewl from Australia
24 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Since I never watched any Alien films before seeing Prometheus, I was open minded and quite excited because my family and friends talked about Ridley Scott as the godfather of sci-fi horror. Critics have claimed Prometheus as thought-provoking about the origins of human life. Well not really, since we have developed technology to trace our origins of life back to the apes, this idea of humans coming from space is definitely not thought-provoking.

The movie opens with two scientists who find cave paintings all over the world from different civilizations which depict a star constellation. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall- Green) form a team of the best scientists to travel light years away to a mysterious planet. Wrong. They form a team full of incompetent retards whose instincts are to touch and cuddle sinister looking reptilian creatures. I mean come on, three times, I was almost rooting for the aliens to win in the end. If this is humanity's best then society in 2093 must of degraded to medieval times.

I could point out all the other minor flaws like David's (Michael Fassbender) motivations and the inability of Vickers (Charlize Theron) to run to the side of a huge rolling spaceship, but from the reviews I've already read, that's already been covered.

The biggest let down for me was when they awakened the space-jockey from hyper sleep. These were meant to be super intelligent beings who engineered the creation of humanity. However when they awake him, he proceeds to killing all of them. Wouldn't the space-jockey ask them questions like, "How did you get here?", "What are you doing here?" or "You survived the sinister looking aliens?". It was established that this was some sort of biological weapons storage facility and which, judging by the large number of corpses that were the Engineers, was overrun and this space-jockey was the sole survivor. Many of my friends have attempted to answer some of the plot holes, but there is no definite answer, like why did the space-jockey then decide to launch his space ship and destroy Earth (which is actually not even made clear in the movie, the characters seem to figure out that the space-jockey is headed for Earth with biological weapons) , not even sure if thats correct but this only proves that there is much ambiguity in the plot.

Some good points, the acting was superb, Fassbender and Rapace's performances were so realistic that I always felt engaged with the story. The special effects were great as well, but with any movie made in this era, it is expected. The Aliens looked great and the scene with the cesarean on Shaw I will never forget, that was utterly disgusting.

I do accept the fact that this movie, although similar to Alien was not in the same genre. Alien was designed to scare people, but Prometheus attempts to be more philosophical. Although this intention is commendable, it was poorly executed.

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10 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Waste of time.

Author: mamoru-sama from France
1 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is basically Alien 1 with updated visuals added and the fascinating antagonist removed. It generates a lot of expectations but never follows through. It talks about this mysterious race supposed to have engineered mankind, thus supposed to be of a superior intelligence and it keeps us in expectation of the dialog between it and the humans and the answering of their interrogations, such as "why did they create us", "why did they want to destroy us".

And in the end, all we get is a Prometeus acting like some dumb caveman killing everybody first and not even asking questions later. Pure waste of time.

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10 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Disgustingly awful

Author: Ye11ow Cake from Netherlands
10 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me also express my horror after watching this movie. It really makes you wonder what Ed Wood would have been able to do with 130M dollars at his hands...

We are supposed to believe that a trillion dollar mission designed to make first contact with an alien civilization is crewed by people who have never trained together. Who have never even met. When the resident biologist tries to strike off a conversation with the geologist he's met with "I'm not here to be your FRIEND, I'm just here to MAKE MONEY". Perhaps this was a smart reference to the rationale of the characters behind this movie?

If you're going to create characters that are at risk of meeting their maker in the course of your movie, at least make us care whether they live or die. None of the characters have any depth to speak of, they are incompetent, useless, obnoxious, moronic, outright hostile, or simply extras that serve absolutely no purpose. This stuff is basic. You spend a 130M dollars and there's no one in the creative process that says, OK, so let me get this all?

Some time into the expedition they find what they were looking for, a dead humanoid alien. The geologist is not impressed. He's off to look for rocks. Fsck the dead alien.

Really? You've just made the greatest discovery in the history of mankind're bored?

The idiocy goes on and on and on after that. Apparently the discovery of an alien civilization has so disappointed Holloway that he decides to drink himself under the table. This provides the vehicle for David the android to infect Holloway with the organic black goo he's found. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

What does the black goo do, exactly? Well, it can infect you with alien DNA that forms a worm that crawls out of your eye. It can also take the shape of an alien snake. A hissing cobra like thing that is so irresistibly cute the biologist just has to pet it. The black goo then goes on to orally penetrate the geologist and turn him into a zombie. And that's only the beginning.

There's a captain, who's only job is to fly the ship, but in order to crash the Prometheus into the alien ship he needs two sidekicks to commit suicide along with him, because he can't "fly worth a damn".

The whole thing comes to its merciful end when the alien ship crashes down, nearly hitting Ellie. Except the "nearly hitting" part is turned into a minute-long chase scene.

This abomination should never have been made. The execrable script should be turned into black goo and force-fed to its author. What a disgrace. This is George Lucas all over again.

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11 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

I'm impressed

Author: taw862 from United States
14 May 2015

This is such a great film. The only one that I have seen over and over again and yet it keeps on surprising me and above all making me think. There is clunkiness and it does try to do too much. It is too dense, I admit. But it is still a great film, full of obvious horrors, well documented and very clear but along with them much more subtle ones. The subtle ones include: Robots who can read your dreams and then use the knowledge against you; mans desire for immortality – at any expense, including his daughter's life; A robot made by men, which has utter contempt for men at the same time; A realisation that we are the SAME as the Engineers, with matching DNA, and the Engineers are ruthless creators and destroyers of life. Continual references to biological weapons – both man made (Ebola?) and Engineer made, and references to the Holocaust (both man made and by the Engineers). David is the key, he is a horrifying creation, ruthless, judgmental, deceitful, manipulative, lying, cruel. Yet created by man. This makes the film very complex and interesting. If we created David and he is such a terrible creation, then who created us and why and are we equally terrible? Maybe. So is the act of creation a foolish act, which leads to disaster for the creator. We never find out what David says to the Engineer, why not? No translation is provided, and again to me this is a clue as the what is going on, the thing that is created, whether it is us or David, becomes uncontrollable and dangerous.

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11 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Doesn't make sense

Author: codive from Italy
19 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One point for the visuals.

The rest is nonsense, and fails at anything it promised before, and keeps promising during the film.

I do forgive a lot, but I don't forgive film makers when they demonstrate that they think the audience is stupid.

Now, that I've given it two days to contemplate, I really must say, this is the worst film, I've seen in a looooong time.

And that's all I say. I've now tried several times at listing the horrible mistakes. I give up. Look at other reviews, you will find plenty of them.

The keys to a good film are: characters, acting, and a good story that sticks to the premises it sets, and keeps it up with all consequences.

I can accept time travel, space ships that make a sound in vacuum, androids that express emotions, The Force, a terminator that needs human tissue, or some goo that is doing inexplicable things, even dead people who are resurrected somehow.

As long as you stick to it! I can not accept a story that contradicts itself in so many ways, and leaves plot holes so unbelievably obvious, it makes you cringe, and it's not even unintentionally funny.

I'm not stupid! But the film makers make me feel I am stupid.

Enough said. Don't see it. It's a waste of time, and the more I think about it, the angrier I get.

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11 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

a disastrous failure

Author: David Kim
15 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie suggests -and actually starts with- an idea that we are the outcome of the transmutation of the pilot or the original who look like taller and stronger version of us and the process of transmutation is neither smooth or linear or incremental at all.

The process of -the evolution, transmutation or whatever you call it- is more like a cycle which contain a complete destruction and a rebuilt from a mutated scratch of genome in our concept.

I think an idea itself was cool but the presentation was horrible and disastrous. the movie presented this idea from the very first beginning part of the movie but never ever talked about it directly. Of course there are something which can be considered as backup explanation in non-direct ways but the problem is none of them is making sense because every single explanation is not an actual explanation but merely a false assumption of characters.

In the last part of movie, one of character came up with an idea which like 'the original one will trying to annihilate who lives in earth therefore we must stop them' all the sudden, and three other people who got a control of the human spacecraft agreed with that idea without a second thought and decided to collide their ship into alien one. and that's pretty much every explanation about it.

And the every single characters are too stupid to be a scientist. One of scientist have seen the entire launch sequence of alien spacecraft. So she knows exactly how it looks like and where to evade when it starts falling and rolling towards them. But she chose the line of certain- death and ran with it.

I'm sincerely sorry for my miserable English, but I'd like to express my anger. I want to advise you DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE if you don't want to waste your time.

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11 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Alien(s) with magic flutes! IN SPACE!

Author: andreipaul812 from Romania
13 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Prometheus endeavors on a noble quest, striving to demystify the origins of the Human race. It touts a mighty fine cast, big production values, "the" Ridley Scott, Weyland Corp., 3D Aliens and aliens, sharp sticks and electronic ball breakers, but ends up asking even more questions and answering too few.

This film is largely the brainchild of cult director Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof. On the latter, suffice to say he is credited as the creator of the television show "Lost", best known for its cliffhanger galore as it seems to enjoy an either love it or have nothing to do with it vibe from viewers. Mr. Scott has been present at the inception of the Alien saga, as director of the film, fleshing out on the creature and mythos behind it with H.R. Geiger. Alien "bursted" into a multimillion dollar franchise with countless sequels, cross-overs (AvP), video-games and pretty much whatever else there is that you can bank on.

Prometheus opens with beautiful shots of what seems to be pre-historic Earth, and within the first few minutes we get a wide shot of an alien ship and a human looking alien, bowing and frolicking around a waterfall. Back to the future, it's 2080 something and we learn that these beings are called „engineers" and deliberately left signs all over Earth for us to come and find them. Luckily, a future Richard Bronson in the person of Peter Weyland, an eccentric billionaire who owns a mega-corporation with his namesake, funds the mission.

And we're away! In space!

Mr. Scott manages to recreate every sci fi movie (including his own) about an expedition gone wrong, as the scientists and personnel go into a pyramid / temple. We can see things from the suit-cameras, of course, since Cameron did it in Aliens and even Scott dabbled about it in Alien. Suddenly, a nasty storm erupts, (yes, just like Alien, I will not mention this from now on), and a race ensues to get back to the ship. Needless to say, throughout the temple scenes tension is absolutely lacking, since we saw the „engineer" at the first minute mark of the movie. When you show the audience what the protagonists are searching for before they actually find it, there is no more mystery, despite of what the film's score tries to tell us. The characters are lacking substance and completely forgettable, as even the movie tends to forget them from time to time. During the storm mentioned earlier, 2 of the crew are left unawares in the temple, even though they obviously heard what was going on through their suits. When the shot comes back to them, they seem to only serve the movie as to be the protagonists of some sort of "snake-rape". One of them survives, somehow, and emerges in zombie-fifield state and attacks the rest of the crew. Don't worry, he only kills nameless characters who didn't get even a frame before the money shot came.

"David", Michael Fassbender's character, spends half his time aboard the ship and half insider the temple, opening doors and pushing buttons. As he tries to learn how to manipulate the alien technology without success, a breakthrough comes in a form of a holographic replay of the previous occupants of the temple. So, we learn that with all their technology and gene-manipulation, the engineer race used a flute to turn on their machinery. Yes. Playing a flute will start up all the gadgets in the place, so David plays it exactly like in the holograph. How did he know which notes to play, you say? Nonsense. This is space flute playing at its best. IN SPACE!

Some more shocking revelations later, the (in)famous chestburster scene from Alien is avoided when Noomi Rapace's character, "Shaw" learns that she has a huge parasite baby living inside her and decides to perform surgery on herself. Yes, you read that right. On herself. Live. This is arguably the most memorable scene and ironically the anti-climax, as she is stitched back up and the extracted squid-like creature is left in stasis. Actually the rest of the movie she spends on her own two feet, running from all kinds of nasty. So, nothing bad happens, but ehm…horror? Nope, doesn't work that way, sorry.

The film ends with a cliffhanger a la Lost. We catch a glimpse of the proto-Alien and Shaw goes out to "get some answers" from the engineer homeworld on her own. Actually, she is not alone as she is sporting an android head in a duffelbag. Sequel away!

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14 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

Another Scott Masterpiece

Author: ntvnyr30 from Staten Island, NY
21 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I remember going to the theaters to see "Alien" when I was a kid. I was scared witless at this xenomorph from another planet.

Thirty-three years later, Sir Ridley Scott has created another fascinating world in his prequel "Prometheus". I have read many hateful messages and reviews directed at this film because "it doesn't answer questions". Why can't people just enjoy this film on its own merits, of which there are many?

The cast is stellar. I frankly never heard of Noomi Rapace before this film, but her performance was spot on. Michael Fassbender steals the show as the android David. I can't believe this is the same actor who was in "Inglorious Basterds". David knows all about his shipmates for while they were all in cryosleep during the arduous voyage, he was watching their dreams. He is especially infatuated with Dr. Shaw's (Rapace) dreams and with her unshakable belief in God. Later in the film he cons her into taking off the cross. Does David have religious prejudices too? Is he able to be insulted as when Logan Marshall-Green calls him "boy"? David exacts revenge later in the film on Green, but was it David's idea or someone else's? Without going into too much detail, the part that will have everyone on the edge of his seat is the machine performed emergency operation on Dr. Shaw. This is one of the most squirm-inducing scenes I have ever seen in recent years.

The rest of the cast are wonderful: Idris Elba, Guy Pearce and Charlize Theron. Theron does a great job as the leader of the expedition. She slinks around the ship in such an eerie way you might think she was another android.

This is the most visually stunning film in recent memory, especially in HD. This reminds me of the original "Star Wars" in that the special effects were used to underscore the action, not replace the actors with a bunch of CGI which is what happened in the "Star Wars" prequels. I think this is one of the best science fiction films of all time, right up there with "2001", "Star Wars" and "Alien". Another great job from Sir Ridley Scott!

Was the above review useful to you?

15 out of 23 people found the following review useful:

This could have been so damn good...

Author: marc-daniel from United Kingdom
18 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

With such a classic, already established story to play with from the sequels to this movie.. What happened here? Visuals are 10/10...but so are most movies these days.

I sat in the IMAX theatre with my 3D glasses on and after the initial 30 mins of draw dropping visuals, the stage was set... my brain sat there waiting to be taken into the story.... and there it waited... and waited .... for about the next 90 mins..

The big question that went through my mind during this movie was, did Scott actually read the script before he started making this movie? I could write this script, I really think I could, it's trivial. As a stand alone movie - outside of the Alien buzz, would anyone rate this higher than a 5 or 6/10? I'm from the Aliens era but loved Alien too. I actually saw this with some folks from my work, who are in their mid 20's and they thought this was a big let down. The movie as a whole is just weak... What is with the Guy Pearce story/makeup/space suit that helps him walk? Almost comical.

Mr Scott...Ridley, this is clearly an attempt at an Alien sequel, so let it be one, don't try to make it be something it is not.

Reading the comments from other viewers, there are loads of permutations of story that could have been or shouldn't have been but think the underlying tone here is - This movie could really have been a movie that we're all still talking about in 25 years time, just like people are today with Alien and Aliens.... Don't think that will be the case here.

Was the above review useful to you?

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