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33 out of 56 people found the following review useful:

Complete Waste Of Time

Author: alexjohny87 from Maryland
20 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was absolutely terrible. It has no plot at all they just go to a planet that they discovered from two researchers about our "creators" coming from another planet who in the end try to kill them. This movie is very stupid and is not only a waste of money but a waste of time. The movie was a complete waste and ended horribly just so that there could be a sequel by making Dr. Shaw get on another ship just to go to another planet because the planet that they where currently on was just a war experiment planet. The movie had a lot of random scenes that tried to make the audience flinch to make the movie seem exciting or horror like but it back-fired and made the already terrible movie worse.

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35 out of 60 people found the following review useful:

''There's nothing out there. We were so wrong!''

Author: Ivan Lalic from Serbia
23 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

These two sentences maybe best describe the feeling you get when you leave the cinema after watching one of two of the year's most anticipated flicks - ''The Prometheus'' (other being the ''The dark knight rises''). Sir Ridley Scott returns to the crime scene, 33 years after he helped redefine SF-horror. Task is difficult, but full of opportunities: give the background and scientific explanation to the ''Alien'' classic, while simultaneously starting a brand new franchise in deep space using unlimited budget, computer technology, solid young actors. In the script, a brand new world, two spaceships, new alien monsters, silicate storm, Engineers, their domes, etc. This was the task. What did we get? First of all, ''Prometheus'' is one straight, flat line, with a spectator forced to run through series of short events, without having the time to think, relate or comprehend any of them. Characters are shallow, artificial and without any development. Teron and Pearce are completely redundant, as is the most of the sidekicks. Scenario is really, really unconvincing, even for a SF standards. Plot, if there was any, completely collapses after the med-pod scene, turning into a simple trash movie. Visual effects, production, 3D, camera, editing, music bring nothing new and revolutionary, due to short cuts of holograms, scenery and spaceships. Parallels to Alien are so frequent, that they become tragicomic, with an ending insulting to all the fans of the Giger's xenomorphs. There is a clear lead-in to the sequels, and the very thought of that is disturbing. This was one of THE most expected movies of my life and surely, the biggest disappointment. To give you the short version, Ridley filmed 100 times better movie on the very similar subject 33 years ago, with tight budget and no computers. ''Prometheus'' will surely end up on the graveyard of aborted SF/horror sequels and prequels, alongside with ''Matrix 2/3'', ''Transformers 2/3'', ''Predators''...

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40 out of 70 people found the following review useful:

A polished turd

Author: Fierze
3 December 2013

My opinions on Prometheus have surely been expressed a hundred times before in these reviews, but the movie is so frustrating that I too have to voice my disappointment in order to move on.

Like many others I loved the idea of original Alien director Ridley Scott returning to the franchise to make a prequel, and it could have been awesome in many ways! Unfortunately, while the first 30 minutes of the movie are pretty decent and epic, the storyline begins to fall apart after that and it continues to deteriorate at an accelerating pace throughout the rest of the movie.

We are exposed to a storyline containing so many flaws, unexplained actions, irrational character behavior and leaps of logic that it looks more like an early draft than a finished product. I am not going to mention every bad detail here because others have already done it. Let's just conclude that Prometheus is an incoherent mess of plot holes, illogical twists and seemingly random ideas aimlessly thrown into the movie.

It looks to me like the cast try their best given the substandard script, and that the writers seem to be the ones to blame. What were they thinking? Are they 12 years old? Were they high? They should have cut out half of the ideas they threw into the mix and instead put their focus on making the story coherent and believable! Hell, all they had to do was to look at EITHER of the first two Alien-movies (1979 and 1986) to see brilliant examples of believable and exciting sci-fi story lines.

I guess director Ridley Scott should also be ashamed for not recognizing that the script/plot was not nearly finished at the time of shooting the film. According to rumors, Scott also decided to scrap a few scenes that were pretty vital to the story, probably making the movie even less coherent and even more frustrating to watch.

The reason for giving Prometheus as much as 3/10 is the beautiful cinematography, scenery and CGI. The movie looks good! Too bad that looks alone can not save this film - You can try to polish a turd all you want, but a glossy surface can't hide its shitty content.

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11 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

One of the worst movies i've ever seen

Author: GuigaWayne from Brazil
6 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Inspite of the awesomely and beautiful full of effects trailer, this movie has more logical failures then Spongebob. First of all, they come to an unknown gigantic alien planet, and in about 30 seconds they already find what they were looking at, makes Colombus and Cabral look like two retarded brainless dudes. Secondly, within about 3 minutes inside a horrifying alien cave, due to an simply scan, those who call themselves SCIENTISTS simply TAKE OF THEIR HELMETS, and a moment later they think "Oh god, we contaminate the environment" - OH GOD, REALLY?

But the thing that made cringe mostly, is when Dr. Holloway (yes, this is the "doctor" that makes the greatest discovery of mankind and wants to drink like Jack Sparrow because he didn't get to FREAKING TALK WITH THE ALIEN) sees that he has an Alien-type-kind of worm in his eye, and his eye is red like China's flag, so he is obviously infected... and what does the most-genius-doctor-and-scientist-who-is-in-a-trillion-dollar-mission does? Oh yeah, he DOESN'T TELL -ANYONE- THAT HE HAS BEEN INFECTED WITH AN *ALIEN WORM* and simply let EVERYONE go inside the alien-cave again... WITH.NO.FREAKING.HELMETS. But you might think... "oh, but.. does he wear the helmet this time?" - NOPE. I guess he was afraid everyone would get jealous of only him being infected. Jesus Christ.

Don't get me started on the robot who doesn't have lungs playing a harmonica, not knowing what "casualties" means, being able to understand alien-codes that he never saw before, and.... oh my god, I could go on with this all day.

Terrible, terrible plot-failed movie. 1 for the effects.

PS: Oh, please, tell Vickers and the writers that 500 million miles won't even get you close to Pluto.

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22 out of 35 people found the following review useful:

One of most overrated and stupidest movies of the year

Author: G. Sk. from Lithuania
20 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I went to this movie with high expectations, but I felt intellectually raped after the movie was over. Seriously, what was this movie all about? There was no plot, no characters, or even decent idea. It seamed like movie makers created CGI and tried to make a movie of them.

CGI dude: Mr. Scott, we created here an explosion scene. Where would you like to put it?

Ridley Scott: I don't know. Put there ever you like. I am too busy today. Need to get my hair done.

Most of the film has no meaning at all. It applies to dialogs, and actions of characters. How that octopus alien thing could grow so fast so big without any nutrition? Would anyone try to touch some strange creature with teeth in foreign planet? How stupid should you be to do that? How stupid should you be to run in front of rolling spaceship instead of running to the side? How could they find the planet according the stars in the paintings? Stars moves. Always. The different civilizations couldn't draw them exactly the same, the future humans could not find that stars too. The stupid plot holes is everywhere. There is no need to look for them. They simply stands out in front of you and you can't ignore them.

Seriously, do Hollywood thinks people is so stupid and need only CGI? Well, guess what, we are not! We need full package, not only some nice explosions and 3D.

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24 out of 39 people found the following review useful:

Prometheus: Three Strikes.. You're out.

Author: Disapproving Nod from United States
15 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I went to see this movie after seeing the trailers.. you know, the fast-paced trailers that make the movie look like an edge-of-your-seat sci-fi horror movie, filled with pulse-pounding scenes of anxious anticipation for what horrors will unravel next. Unfortunately, the trailers were much more exciting than the actual film itself. The film was more of a concept that seemed good, but must have been developed and adapted into a script while really, really high.

Strike 1:

The dialog was cheesy and underdeveloped. The characters were mostly one-dimensional (the tough OCD captain, the angry "just here to get paid" mercenary, the strong-minded black pilot, etc). The two main scientists, who were the cause for this exploratory expedition, were the only ones that the writers seemed to actually even TRY to give any depth to, although sadly even that fell short. They were portrayed as the blind idealist ("Charlie" Logan Marshall-Green) and the reluctant hero ("Eli" Noomi Rapace), archetypes you can find in any children's action cartoon or typical Japanese anime.

The blind idealist will do anything to find what he's looking for. He enjoys long walks down dark wet corridors, removing his helmet in an alien environment to breath in potentially dangerous toxins or poisons, and being set on fire to sacrifice himself to save and "wake up" the reluctant hero. The reluctant hero doesn't want to let go of her father, doesn't want to let go of her boyfriend, and doesn't want to admit that things are not as they seem until it's too late.. but in her defense, no one does.

One of the things I usually like about sci-fi horror is it tends to be more intelligent than traditional horror. They usually break the conventions of "don't go in there.. why would you go in there?!" type situations. But not Prometheus. For instance, "hey these two guys were stuck in the ruins all night, we lost their audio and video feeds during the night. Let's go in and look for them.." Wouldn't you perhaps have recorded those feeds? I'd assume on a corporate-sponsored mission, all transmissions would be recorded.. so maybe play back the tape? If they had, they would have seen the little snake fight and acid bath that went on only a few hours ago in the room they were about to just stroll back into.. but nope, instead they stroll back in and this whole movie gets a little more entertaining and a lot more absurd.

Strike 2:

This is a small one, but significant: the year of the mission is around 2093 and the strong-minded black pilot is trying to bang the tough OCD captain. Upon hearing she wants to see him in her room, he sings "if you can't be, with the one you love.. love the one you're with." Oh how cute and f**king clever. I bet that's JUST what a strong-minded black pilot would say. This captain sure must love the classics because at the time of the mission that song is 123 years old. "Love the one you're with" is a song from 1970.. 1-9-7-0.

The movie was filled with stupid little quips like this. When it wasn't poorly written meaningless dialog, it was poorly written attempts to be "deep" or have some meaning, but that came out almost worse. It's like two people talking about "life" without either of them having any real deep opinions on the subject, like two teenagers on really weak ecstasy trying to be weekend philosophers. No references to real philosophy, no real emphasis on the AMAZING discoveries they did make, no celebrations, no reflections on the real meaning of life or the implications this discovery had on them.. none of that. Just some silly conversations with the android (the best part of the movie I might add) about what it means to be "alive". Seen it a million times before, blah blah blah.

Strike 3:

"'Let's sedate her and put her back in this pod till we leave.. oh no, the reluctant hero is unwilling to be sedated.." So the reluctant hero attacks two people, storms into the captain's area (no one stopping her), goes over to the captain's expensive and very rare surgery pod (which she was earlier reprimanded for even touching) and uses it to rip the alien out of her stomach in a scene that was neither scary, nor horrifically graphic.. mostly just annoying and awkward. Then the machine STAPLES HER UP and sends her on her way. Moments later, she suits up and leaves out on a mission. Are you f**king kidding me. And the old man.. 100+ year old Mr. Weyland, played by the 45-year-old actor Guy Pearce, again.. are you f**king kidding me?

Honestly there is so much wrong with this movie. A movie with a good concept, starring good actors and actresses, with amazing sets and settings, amazing visuals, and a budget that would make even Steven Spielberg blush.. all of these things would lead you to believe this movie would be good, and all of those things are true, but somehow, this movie still falls way short.. way, way short. Perhaps it's just another casualty of the Hollywood machine. Creating a movie not to be a work of art, something that can stand on its own.. but rather to revitalize a franchise, to be marketed and mass-marketed, to be a vehicle for sequels, to be a mere stepping stone on the path. The trailer builds you up for a gigantic roller coaster ride.. but instead the movie is more like spinning around on the tea cups at Disney World. And at the end, there are no loop-ty loops, no mind-bending twists or gut-wrenching drops.. just the dizzying upset you get when you realize you paid money to see a movie with very little to say and less moments of horror than Thanksgiving dinner with your family.

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27 out of 45 people found the following review useful:

Dumb and Dumber go to Space

Author: PlugInYourBrain from Australia
6 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


When I saw the production poster for 'Prometheus' I was filled with awe, but I was ultimately disappointed by a weak story and a weaker script. Decent CGI and decent performances by some of the actors help, but not enough to save the movie from being an incredible disappointment.

The movie suffers from many plot holes which could have been easily filled. These have been well-documented by other reviewers, so I'll only add one one that no one else has raised: Supposedly the 'space engineer' at the beginning sacrificed his body to give DNA to start life on the planet. But look at the vegetation that surrounds him: That has the same DNA with the same building blocks. His 'sacrafice' is redundant. I know it's a movie and not a science lesson, but a science adviser could have easily corrected those sort of gaffes (for example, by suggesting they not show plants).

'Prometheus' promised answers but didn't deliver. Director Ridley Scott has in fact revealed in interviews the background story. Here it is and I warn you that it contains MAJOR SPOILERS: The space engineers seed planets with DNA to bring them to life. When we humans got too warlike they sent 'Space Jesus' to Earth to calm them down. Of course we killed him (sorry!), and for that reason the space engineers decided to wipe us out.

Scott said he didn't state this explicitly in the movie because it was over the top. But having left it out he didn't provide an alternative, making the motives of the space engineers incoherent.

Evidently the audience was supposed to guess this from the movie. To be fair the 'we did something wrong 2,000 years ago' was a pretty big clue and he left a lot of religious symbology in there (washing feet, crucifixion). But Scott's Space Jesus doesn't make sense either: The space engineers are a pretty violent bunch, as are the exterminator aliens they bred for the job. Even if they want to 'reset' life on the planet as the Android suggests, how are they going to clear out their exterminator aliens once they've done their job? Scott really should have made sure the story made sense before he started filming.

The story has enough problems, but the screenplay is worse. It is inconstant. It doesn't make sense. It lacks suspense. We don't care about the characters, because they are uniformly stupid and repeatedly ask for death by doing dumb, dumb things. How did these people get chosen for a deep-space exploration team? Compare that to the characters in the original 'Alien' and 'Aliens' who never put a foot wrong: Those that are reckless (Ash, Burke) have sound albeit immoral reasons. Now contrast this to the scene in 'Prometheus' when the idiot scientist removes his helmet with a big stupid smile. He's allowed back onto the ship without any sort of quarantine. Not only that his girlfriend brings a big, dead head which they inspect without so much as a face-mask. Compare that to the original 'Alien' where Ripley wouldn't let the infected landing party back onto the ship due to quarantine.

There was a lot of mystery to the original 'Alien'. I got glimpses of the answers behind these when I bought the original 'Alien' preproduction art book back in 1980. That mythology was far superior to what we see in 'Prometheus'. That the Space Jockey has now become a guy in a spacesuit is a real let down. Likewise the organic-look of the Derelict spaceship is now nothing more than postmodern Art Deco styling.

I do give Scott credit for not bringing back the original Xenomorph. It's literally been done to death.

I don't get Ridley Scott. He makes some great movies, but he also makes some very bad ones. His weakness is (as was the case with 'Robin Hood') is that even if the story isn't ready he starts filming anyway. Maybe he figures they can make it up as they go or fix it in editing. But as we've seen in his other failures, it doesn't always work. A stitch in time saves nine, Mr. Scott.

Being a member of the Alien franchise 'Prometheus' will make no doubt make a fortune anyway. I just hope in the obvious sequel Scott is shamed into cleaning up his act (and getting better writers!) If you're a fan of the Aliens franchise, by all means see 'Prometheus'. While disappointing, it is still watchable and the performances by Fassbender and Rapace are good. With your expectations turned to zero you may actually enjoy it. It's better than 'AVP: Requieum', but worse than 'Aliens 3' and 'Aliens vs Predator'.

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28 out of 47 people found the following review useful:

Ridley, you mad, bro?

Author: forehater from Lithuania
14 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The only phrase that describes Ridley's Scott's "Prometheus" I could think of is written above in the title of my comment. Don't know where to begin since it's really hard to express all things that I didn't like about this movie. I must admit there were things very clever and thought provoking but not complete or totally ruined by the end of the movie. To be honest, my expectations were really high since I watched all the trailers and presentations such as Guy Pearce as the young Weyland speaking about "Prometheus" and Fassbender in a commercial about David. Those things were really cool and boosted my opinion about this film. So sad I got punched in the face with something far from that.

It's not enough to be famous and hire some famous people to do a shitty job. They can't do it when the script is so fatally flawed. There are many things I would like to mention.

I really enjoyed and embraced the idea of the self sacrifice in the beginning where the nameless alien humanoid sacrificed his in order to create life on earth. I think that's what really connects the film's title with the ancient myth of Prometheus. The alien gave life to our planet though as it might be understood later in the film, his comrades weren't too happy about that and decided to exterminate those earth's abominations (in their perspective I guess) with some black mass that kills people in numerous ways and also creates... life? That just didn't make sense.

I also expected the alien race to be peaceful and that whole evil alien contamination thing to be an honest mistake, a fate that humans later followed too in the "Alien". The flute thing on the ship control panel convinced me that such an advanced and art loving race would never try to harm humans and would also be excited to meet their creations. I was wrong. Huge disappointment indeed.

Characters were bleak. I didn't care for any of them. Most of the so called scientists made some really poor and stupid decisions playing with contaminated stuff from the site and creatures they found in the caves. Even the main cast (Rapace, Theron, Fassbender) were so unfinished and unconvincing to me. It looked like the script was written in a hurry without even being read twice leaving all the support cast far behind the unattractive main characters. Well, maybe Fassbender was OK. His humanly robot role was a little bit illogical. A cyborg with something close to feeling and random rational thinking? Really? Evil robot.

Rapace's self inflicted stomach surgery provoked laughs in the movie theater. Stapling meat in a modern age era? Reminded me of some 80's slasher horror movie where the evil character just staples his hand to the torso and continues the killing spree. In Rapace's case she went jumping and running across "Prometheus" good as new. Ridiculous. Laughable. Ridley's Scott's name under the title. Even more ridiculous. Wake me up from the nightmare please.

The end was also a disappointment and a lack of respect to the events in the beginning of the "Alien" if it really tried to be a prequel. I guess everyone remembers the first moments when Ripley's crew entered the derelict ship. The space jokey was in his seat with a chest burster hole in it's chest. In the end of "Prometheus" the evil humanoid left his ship and the control panel, died inside the human ship and gave birth to a totally different looking alien which in my opinion looked terrible. WHAT THE HELL?

And there are many things that I simply forgot to mention. Much more bashing is left to be remember in further discussions with my friends how badly "Prometheus" really sucked.

4/10 Only for the visuals which were spectacular and the great idea which was raped in all possible ways by terrible scriptwriters.

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32 out of 55 people found the following review useful:

Is this really Riddley Scott's

Author: crown-16 from Greece
18 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After watching Prometheus I was in perplexed and in deep thought until it hit me: Riddley Scott has an evil twin with the same name. One Riddley Scott is directing Blade Runner, Alien and Gladiator and the evil one the Prometheus.

Where to begin: the plot holes, the cardboard characters, the unbelievable scenario, the details that make no sense. I could have excused all that if there was good action to go along with the stunning visuals; if there was a strong message or a cathartic ending among the pointless running around. Alas no.

**spoiler alert** At the opening scene we see a beautiful take of what we are led to believe was primitive Earth and one of the "Engineers" while watching his spaceship take off, is apparently seeding Earth with his DNA. A civilization this advanced and he has to commit suicide for that? We then have a visual of his DNA being destroyed. If the idea is to propagate it then why destroy it? One possibility is that he could be rouge but why not suggesting that with a chase by the others in the spaceship?

The two protagonist scientists keep finding drawings in early human civilizations of a star system. Those humans were separated by hundreds or thousands years. So the engineers keep revisiting Earth again and again to give humans that star map? Weren't humans impressed by 3 meter tall aliens to make any drawings of them?

The huge ship that takes our motley crew to the distant system is actually capable of making a landing itself, not a smaller craft which would be more logical. No mother ship orbiting and scanning from above, no probes released in the planet.

Then we have a Star Trek moment when they land right next to the alien "pyramids" and how do they find them in this gazillion dollar ship with advanced technology? They look out the window!

Charlize Theron is one more of the disposable characters and mostly doing the catwalk around the ship. Her performance is wooden and her character adds nothing to the movie.

She is the daughter of the billionaire who funded the trip and while in his recording he specifically says that the two scientists are in charge, she acts like she is. Only that besides being a bitch she makes no leadership decisions.

She is the apparent heir of a person that can fund such an expedition, something that would stretch the budget of the richest nation, and she wants to come along to a trip in space that takes years each way rather than stay home and hang out with Paris Hilton's granddaughter. Oh yes, talking of fun, out of the blue she has her way with the captain - another unnecessary plot dead end.

Noomi Rapace's character is downright annoying. She is supposed to be the strong female character so well played by Sigourney Weaver in the Alien movies and fails. Not so much by the actress, it is the plot and direction that makes this character confusing to say the least. Combine that with a slightly strange expressionless face and an annoying voice with a forced accent and you struggle to find anything to like about her.

Her fellow scientist and boyfriend while at a certain point and for no apparent reason is tainted by David the android, he starts to turn into a monster, not impregnated by the alien creature. He is sleeping with her and SHE is impregnated. How is this consistent with the Alien's ways I don't know.

Then in the famous (or infamous) scene with the auto surgeon: She runs to the hugely complex and expensive machine that performs auto surgery and asks for a cesarean section; what happens then? It can't because it is calibrated only for males! OK, Meredith Vickers whom is beyond doubt a woman brings along this marvel of a machine half way across the galaxy and it is set for men only. It could be for her father but how difficult would it be to be programmed for women too?

The list goes on and on. I don't want to forget to mention the music that is annoying at places and doesn't always project the feelings on screen. This is unforgivable in such a high budget film.

I am afraid that I cannot recommend it to any scifi fan. Put one of the first two in the DVD and watch Riddle Scott at his best (The real Riddley Scott)

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35 out of 61 people found the following review useful:

Waste of time and money

Author: Claudio Gomes from Brazil
15 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm so mad that I wasted my time watching this movie that I just had to at least warn somebody about it. My review contain some spoilers so be warned twice.

The characters are shallow and inconsistent. I didn't care if they would die or not. Better when they did.

They're scientists but don't know anything about security or protective gear.

They fear dead inanimate bodies, but are cool with living alien snakes.

The air being breathable does not mean it is without viruses and other deadly creatures.

Two guys leave early to go back to the ship, but miraculously they are left behind just to die senseless deaths. BTW, there are a lot of senseless deaths in this moving picture... thing... stuff.

Why all leaving being that are not us are trying to kill us? Even extremely advance ones?

And please, tell me how that baby octopus thing came to life, and why it didn't die, and why it became so humongous coming out of a little female human being, and why suddenly it was not so big anymore, after coming out of a three meters tall alien?

This must be Hollywood's way to make us read more books...

I sincerely recommend against this movie.

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