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Truly the most wonderful movie I have ever seen
writeherrerajc23 November 2012
I am 24 year old fairly macho male,but I love animated movies. Me and my wife went and saw this movie on date night and hands down best Christmas movie of all times. It was full of wonderment,amazement and magic.I teared up at least 4 different times during the movie. It made me feel like a kid again it made me believe. I found myself gasping and laughing at the same parts as the the 3 year old little girl sitting 3 seats away was and any movie that can do that is worth seeing. best holiday movie of all times.

I am the wife :) and I found the movie to be equally moving and evoked emotions about the holidays and that I hadn't felt since I was a child. This may seem like a simple children's movie, but it is so much more than that if you really allow yourself to feel the characters. :) I hope you and your family enjoy the movie as much as we did!
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An imaginative and epic adventure that exceeded my expectations
Before the end of the thanksgiving weekend I had with my cousins, I went with my brother to see this particularly in 3D, hoping that it would exceed my expectations as the trailer had promised. Later, after seeing the movie, I couldn't believe that my expectations were raised by not only how interesting it look, but how beautiful it looked. So, are there any flaws? Well, let's just say that there is one for it does drag a bit on the middle, but there isn't anything else to fault this epic adventure with.

Some people may find the story of this movie predictable due to it's good vs evil concept, but for me, I don't think it was that bad. It had it's heart in the right place and has some nice messaging about using your courage and it did got me shedding some tears since it reminded me what it's like to be a child. The dialog is also witty and the script is refreshing and funny. What I also like about the story is how it focused on Jack Frost's origins and how he came to be. I would've like to see the origins on some of the other childhood icons like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Sandman, and the Tooth Fairy, but I think that Dreamworks Animation is saving those for the sequels if they ever make them. The music from Alexandre Desplat is beautiful, tear-jerking, and whimsical and it's orchestra is well done which makes it one of his best music in a feature length film.

There are some other redeeming aspects of the movie. First, there's the characters which are likable in every way. Jack Frost is a charming lead, Nicholas St. North (or Santa Claus) is a bada** character with his Russian accent and has a sleigh machine, the Sandman is silent, but that's what makes him more interesting and his comedic moments is funny, the Tooth Fairy (or Toothiana) is a beautiful female character and the way she explains her ways of getting all of the children's tooth is well thought out, and Bunnymund, the easter bunny, is a great fighter and by the far the most hilarious character that most people would adore. Pitch, however, steals the show and is a great villain thanks to Jude Law's menacing voice-work. In fact, the voice acting for the character is great especially Alec Baldwin who was a great surprise being here. The fight sequences and the chase scenes are not only amazing, but exhilarating, but the strongest aspect goes to the animation.

It's character animation is well inspired and creative, but what stands out the most about the animation is it's visuals. The places are amazing in scope including the North Pole, the Toothfairy's land, Pitch's evil lair, the Easter Bunny's home with the eggs being the highlight and more. Looks like Dreamworks Animation never fails to amuse me with their beautiful animation.

Overall, Rise of the Guardians is by no means a classic and with all of my heart, this deserves some recommendation to those who haven't seen it yet. Go watch it! It's that good just like Disney's Wreck-It Ralph.
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A Nutshell Review: Rise of the Guardians
DICK STEEL22 November 2012
I thought I was probably in a period of time where it would be difficult to sit back and enjoy what is an animated film aimed squarely at kids, but I was indeed surprised by how Rise of the Guardians, based upon The Guardians of Childhood series created by William Joyce, actually encapsulated all the good stuff, from quality of animation, voice casting and to characterization that was pretty basic but good fun. There are many in the same class of late that tried to be too intellectual, but by keeping things simpler, and never forgetting the fun element, Rise of the Guardians stand out from the pack, and dare I say one of the most enjoyable animated movies of the year.

This is the story of a new Guardian, Jack Frost (voiced by Chris Pine), who's about to join the ranks of other luminaries such as Santa Claus (Alec Baldwin), The Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher), Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman) and very silent Mr Sandman, all of whom thrive in today's world being the beacon of hope, and everything good, to all the little children of the world. Chosen by The Man in the Moon, the Guardians and the children form a very symbiotic relationship, that the chosen few are there to safeguard the well being of the young, while the latter fuel the powers of the Guardians through sheer belief in their existence. Lose one, and you lose the other side quite quickly.

The narrative develops at breakneck pace, with introduction to the Guardians, their abilities, and the threat from arch enemy Pitch Black (Jude Law) being the boogeyman personified, thriving on fear and nightmares, and hell bent on snuffing out hope and joy amongst the children. There's a running theme of being alone, and forgotten, that pops up every now and then, being the common thread between antagonist, and the new kid on the block, who is confused as to who he is, and what his destiny lies ahead. It's somewhat of a zero to hero story, about finding one's purpose and calling in life, and the making of sacrifices to get there. Wholesome themes somewhat, for young ones to be able to sit through and enjoy.

We would already be very familiar with the many main characters such as Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Sandman and Easter Bunny, but what Rise of the Guardians managed to do, is to introduce a little spin of fresh air into these characters, making them unique yet retaining many of their iconic traits that make them who they are. This is something I'd really liked, and had kept me engaged, eagerly waiting for yet another surprise to pop up now and then. Santa Claus complete with tattoos, swords and a thick Russian accent? The Tooth Fairy who is part hummingbird? The Easter Bunny as Australian and with something kept up the sleeve by the story tellers for the final act, and how about The Sandman who's a lot more powerful than he looks? And they offer a lot more in terms of abilities, cause and what they bring to the table, limited only by the powers of the filmmakers' imagination.

It's preaching fun, and never to lose sight of having a little fun in life, and the movie walked the talk by filling itself with plenty of side gags, contributed by the many supporting acts each established Guardian came with, such as Santa's tiny elves, and Tooth Fairy's lovelorn fairies who swoon at the presence of Jack Frost, for his perfect pearly whites of course. You'll never look at Santa's lodge and elves in the same way ever again, nor will you at the Tooth Fairy's and Easter Bunny's operations. These unique perspectives, seen and told through the eyes of the protagonist Jack Frost, makes it a journey that we're emotionally vested into from the start, right until the end, and to me they did not disappoint a bit.

While I hadn't watched this in 3D or IMAX versions, there are enough set action pieces that tried to exploit these formats, which I suppose either format would have enveloped the viewer and provided a more vivid experience, especially with characters being made to pursue and battle each other in the air, or the numerous extravaganza moments where the prowess of the characters will wow. The quality of animation is superb and is the score contributed by Alexandre Desplat, and again, the simple tale, its treatment and development, are refreshing in not biting off more than it can chew.

Director Peter Ramsey has now launched his career with a very solid delivery of a film for children, and balanced this appeal for the adults as well. I'm already all for a sequel should one be created, but as a standalone, this one is definitely for keeps. Highly recommended!
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'Guardians' gives kids some holiday inspiration
DjMethod11 November 2012
Here's a fresh look at old tradition: a tatted-up Russian St. Nick and an Australian kangaroo-looking Easter Bunny. Rise of the Guardians is based on an original children's book series by William Joyce, who produced the film along with Guillermo Del Toro. The books were inspired by the author's 6-year-old daughter when she asked him if Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny knew each other.

Admittedly I was skeptical going in, but the chemistry of personalities works wonderfully. It creates an original formula that goes against certain expectations. Perhaps one improvement in potential sequels would be to focus more centrally on Santa (or "Nicholas St. North"), but Jack Frost's story is incredibly touching and I found it clever how it parallels the antagonist's motives. The film is slow to start but picks up at a fast pace with non-stop action. By the end, the entire movie theater was in applause.

Rise of the Guardians is a cute, adventurous, and heartwarming family film that focuses on hanging on to the best thing about childhood: belief.
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A Movie Destined To Become A Classic!
patsworld30 November 2012
This movie is magical and utterly charming. In this film DreamWorks did it all exactly right. Every voice is precisely as it should be. Perfection! Chris Pine, Jude Law, Hugh Jackman, too many to list …if you didn't know that was Alec Baldwin doing the Russian accent for Santa, you would never guess it. The characters, all of them, are endearing, totally engaging. Sad moments, glad moments, hilarious moments. I haven't laughed this much in an animated movie since….well, never, actually. As I said, this one is destined to become a classic. A wonderful family movie and best of all it doesn't just appeal to the children, adults will love it too. Every adult in the audience,while I was there, seemed as captivated as the kids. And how many movies do you go to these days where, at the end, people applaud? They did for this one. And rightly so. I know I came out of that theater wishing I could somehow have my own Little Baby Tooth...and the friend I was with wished even more that she could have one of the Feisty Elves. You'll totally understand what I mean after you see this delightful movie. Don't miss this one!
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I would see this again in a second I'm already making plans to take friends to it
angiequidim23 November 2012
Sean McQuillan www.thatsmye.com

Dreamworks animation has not quite had the success rate of Pixar, but if Rise of the Guardians is any example of where they're heading, they're on a good path. RotG is like a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen of children's fables that band together to protect the children of the world from fear itself. Led by Santa Claus, the Guardians include the Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, and the Sandman. An old evil that thrives on the fear of children is returning, and the powers that be have chosen a new guardian to rise to the occasion, Jack Frost. Can Frost rise to legendary status of his peers? Will he be able to dispel fear and bring joy to the children? It's an amazing ride through fantastic worlds to find out.

The design of the characters really drew me into this one, when I first saw the trailer. Santa is an enormous, tattooed, urshanka wearing, sword wielding, commander of Yetis. Tooth Fairy is designed after a beautiful humming bird, as are her fairy minions. The villain has a sleek design with piercing eyes. I was not disappointed. This movie is beautiful. The set pieces are brilliant and epic, yet subtle. You can see the influence of Pan's Laberynth Director, Gillermo Del Torro, who was an executive producer here. The animation is great, and makes real good use of the 3D, which I fully admit I normally dislike.

The voice casting is superb, Chris Pine holds his own as Jack Frost, while Alec Balwin is almost unrecognizable as North (Santa). The biggest highlight for me is Jude Law as the villain. You can hear a snippet of him in the trailer. The children in the room have young voice actors, but are all greats.

The review might seem a little unbalanced, but I'm really struggling to come up with any big flaws. It is a great film for children and adults alike. Some people say it might be too scary for kids, but at its core the movie is about overcoming fear. It is an epic romp. It's not really a Christmas movie, as much as a winter movie. Go see it! Here's a trailer and character posters to hold you off until it's released.
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One of the Best Movies I've Seen in a While
silverbillings23 November 2012
Rise of the Guardians is probably one of the best movies I've seen in a while, besides seeing Wreck It Ralph last weekend (also a must see movie for a blast-to-the-past) I loved this movie, cried during most of Jack's story, I know the feeling of being alone and feeling like I'm invisible/under appreciated/ignored/looked down upon. I would defiantly recommend it to any age, it gives you a total blast to the past of being a kid by bringing together all of the childhood hopes and dreams you had before they were crushed. The animations was excellent, the storyline was so sweet, and I can not wait to hear if there is going to be a second movie or not.
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Endless Wonders
Mek Torres3 December 2012
Rise of the Guardians has a lovely concept about these imaginary childhood legends. It tells a fascinating new mythology about them. It sets out to be highly imaginative and thoroughly heartfelt. With these people making this film, there is no surprise that they succeeded to execute those ambitions. Though, the storytelling is a bit messy with endless action set pieces. Despite of those flaws, it's still whimsically magical and heartwarming.

The story centers a childhood guardian, Jack Frost. Among the guardians, he's the least known and believed by the children. It's pretty interesting since most of us only know very little about him, we intend to intrigue about his story. When it goes to the famous legends, it gets bigger and quicker with plenty of humor. The film is also an action movie. The action scenes are amazingly done and eye candy, but they somehow get excessive causing a bit mess to the storyline. It's charming when they go to their relationship with the children, and it's appealing when it explores to their worlds.

The characters are wonderful enough. The voice performances are great. Chris Pine's performance is charming enough to keep Jack Frost pretty endearing. Alec Baldwin brings plenty of joy to his character. Hugh Jackman uses his Australian accent to the Easter Bunny which really fits to the character. The rest are expectedly delightful.

The visuals are undeniably astonishing. Every scene of the film is spectacular and beautiful to look at, making the experience very magical. The 3D enhances the experience more or less. The character designs are inspired. I bet many would love the Sandman's that looks so lovable. And the music score adds sweetness to the sequences.

Rise of the Guardians is a little bit disappointing but also a bit satisfying. It has the heart in a right amount but only the half of the film. The rest is all action and having fun, but it's not a bad thing. They just could have moderated the craziness and get a bit of focus to the storyline. The film is still worth watching. It can be a classic if it has a better storytelling but if you don't care then that won't be a problem. Overall, it's filled with excitement and beautiful animation. Rise of the Guardians can be considered one of the great films of the year.
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High expectations lived up to...
TheLittleSongbird2 December 2012
As a big animation fanatic, I was very keen to see Rise of the Guardians as it did look like an very interesting film. I have to say that it was high expectations lived up to. The best animated movie of the year? Not sure, ParaNorman and Frankenweenie were a little better(can't wait for Wreck-It Ralph), but I do think it is in the better end of the movies of the overall year so far. Was there anything that could have been done better? Well, I did think the movie drags a little bit in the middle. However, there is very little to fault anywhere else. The animation was amazing, the characters were well-modelled and the colours and landscapes were really beautifully realised . Alexandre Desplat's music score has the right amount of sparkling adventure and whimsical fantasy. The writing is thoughtful and well-balanced, not coming across as too childish for adults or too confusingly sophisticated for kids. The visual puns were marvellous, Pitch's night-mares(very spooky) and Bunny's egg-plants were the highlights. The story was a winner too, some may find it predictable(the good vs. evil concept is not necessarily new territory) and dull, I didn't think so at all, some of the middle is not as securely paced as the rest but the chase action and battle were exhilarating, it was fun and it does have a refreshing holiday feel as well as a meaningful message. The characters have distinct personalities and have a definite charm to them, hard to decide who was my favourite. The voice acting was terrific, nobody was bad, Jude Law is suave and sinister and Hugh Jackman is very funny. But Alec Baldwin was a huge surprise, partly because he was totally unrecognisable. All in all, a great animated movie that completely lived up to my expectations. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Delivers the goods - for kids and adults alike.
Troy_Campbell4 December 2012
The first major family flick of the holidays, this Avengers-for-children boasts the most epic line-up of characters you're likely to see this Summer: Santa (Alec Baldwin), Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman), Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher), Jack Frost (Chris Pine) and the dream-making Sandman going up against fear himself, Pitch Black (Jude Law). It's a neat concept to begin with, but Dreamworks amps up the fun by contorting our preconceptions of these icons – especially the Easter Bunny, here played as an ocker warrior – and delivering the goods in humour, emotion and action. It goes a moralistic touch too far on occasion, and the story is certainly predictable, but the overwhelming sense of giddy excitement running through the movie's veins outweighs any plot contrivances or missteps that occur. A sweet start to the festive season for kids of all ages – including those in adulthood.
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Surprisingly good
Warning: Spoilers
When I saw the first previews of "Rise of the Guardians", I thought that it was going to be dumb movie, something like an animated equivalent of films like "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" or "The Brothers Grimm"...To my surprise, this movie turned out to be much better than I was expecting: The story was fast-paced and entertaining to watch, the characters were likable and interesting and the whole movie had a quite good balance of comedy and seriousness.

The animation was good too. I liked a lot the characters designs, which (in my opinion) were much better than anything that Dreamworks have done before (Specially compared with the ugly designs of "Bee Movie" and "Megamind")

The main characters had a very appealing appearance which combined a certain level of "cutesy" with the "edgy" portrayal that they receive in this film. The result was more than satisfying.

Is sad to see how incredibly underrated this movie is, considering the many virtues that it has. Personally, I consider this to be a much better film than stuff like "Shrek" or "How to Train your Dragon".

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Rise of the Guardians - Because why not have a Russian Santa, Australian Easter Bunny, Hyper Tooth Fairy, Silent Sandman and a Depressed Jack Frost?
PippinLink13 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Rise of the Guardians, by DreamWorks Animation SKG, is a fun and exhilarating film, set in the world of children's beliefs.

Jack Frost is the fun and "icy" protagonist in this film, who has always sought out the answers as to why he is like he is - A guy that no one can see, except the Guardians, North, Sandman, Tooth, Bunny, and the bogeyman, Pitch. He soon finds out that the Man in the Moon has chosen Jack to be a new guardian to protect the children of the world, but refuses, but soon learns that sometimes friendship and a little responsibility goes a long way.

This is a great film, for starters, and I especially love the opening part, where Jack is sitting in the moon. This film has great special effects that wowed me when I first saw this film. Everything from the ice, to the fur on Bunny. This film is definitely pretty. But, the film has great voice talents, suiting the characters very well, and they suite the personality of each character well too. Viewers can tell that a lot of hard work had gone into the film, as everything, even the relationships between the characters, has been well established.

Alexandre Desplat is the music composer for this film, and has designed the music very well to fit the moods and areas of each part of the film. But, despite what a good job he did, I believe that John Powell may have done a better job, but, I understand that he was most probably working on the musical score for How To Train Your Dragon 2 at the time this movie was being developed/created.

This film is perfect for kids in the stages of believing in Santa, Tooth Fairy etc. as it is bubbly fun with these well known childhood figures.

Though this is an enjoyable film, it is aimed more towards younger audiences, and is more bubbly and fun than serious, and does not show as much of a lesson about friendship etc. as some of DreamWorks' other films, such as How To Train Your Dragon. I also believe they should have developed more on Pitch's character, especially around the time between when the guardians came, and the main part of the film.

Overall, I give this film 7/10 Stars, as I believe it is enjoyable, but could maybe have more of a moral to show for, and maybe suite all audiences better, rather than young ones.
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Dreamworks Animation expands your imagination, and captures your mind with this clever film for all ages
enrique52416 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Dreamworks Animation has made many great films and some bad ones, some have become popular franchises (Madagascar,Shrek). With their new film Rise of the Guardians based on a book series by William Joyce. This film introduces us to many characters we would believe in at a young age Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny and Sandman. The film centers on these characters giving every character their deserved screen time. The films center is based around the character of Jack Frost who for 300 years has been wanting to be seen and believed in. After being chosen as a Guardian by the man in the moon, at first he's reluctant about it but as the film progresses he begins to see his destiny more and more as he joins the existing Guardians to fight a new evil named Pitch(The Boogeyman)who wants to strike fear into the children of the world that way the children stop believing and the Guardians will be nothing. I saw this film cause i got passes to see it. At first i wasn't too sure but it was free. As i walked out, i didn't regret my decision and appreciated what Dreamworks had done. With the right humor needed for a film with some dark elements the film was overall GREAT. Whoever thinks of seeing it , SHOULD they won't regret it as it can help adults remember how in their childhood at one point they believed in these characters. Another thing i should i that when i went to the advanced screening of this film i got to see it in 3D, glad that i did, it makes the film feel more alive and reali hope to go see it again but this time i'd like to see how it feels to experience it in IMAX 3D. But yes 3D is a good choice for this film. Dreamworks hasn't failed me with their use of 3D. Madagascar 3,Monsters vs. Aliens, Kung Fu Panda 2 and Megamind are someof those film. In other words go see this and remember whe you used to believe.
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An OK movie, not Christmas nor classic
Steve Johnson12 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, if you are looking for a classic Christmas movie to watch, skip this one. It is neither a classic nor a Christmas movie. Yes there is Santa but Christmas does not take place in this. Easter does though. In this, yetis make the toys, and the elves are midgets dressed like a jingle hat you might find at the dollar store. Next we have Santa, but he is named North in this movie, he is a Russian version, but the voice of the character was Alec Baldwin. We then have tooth fairy, who looks like a green and blue version of the girl with the dragon tattoo, except with wings and she doesn't collect the teeth, mini fairies do. We then come to the speechless Sandman and finally, the Easter Bunny, who looks like a burglar in grey fur. We then have Pitch, an evil boogeyman, and poor old Jack Frost. All he does is mess with people in his town and nobody sees him. Before I continue, I would like to say that I have mainly gotten the things that bothered me from this movie, we can now come to the things I loved about this movie. Like I said, it is not a classic, but is pretty good. The animation was great, with the mist of sand and yetis building toys. Not many laughs in this, but there are a few. It is sort simple storyline, and I thought the animators could make the evil pitch look even more evil. I did like the fact that teeth tell memories from the past, and soon enough, we find Jack's past. I did like the scene in which the guardians collect teeth from children and fight to have the greatest amount of teeth. I don't like how the Jamie, a little boy who ends being the only person in the world who believes in the guardians suddenly became a hero. One minute he is terrified, the next, he tells the guardians to get behind him, he will protect them. But, I enjoyed this movie a lot, and the 3D made it better. B+.
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Fun, but no classic . . .
The_Film_Cricket4 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
DreamWorks new animated adventure "Rise of the Guardians" comes packaged as a rip-snorting adventure yarn about beloved childhood icons like Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and Jack Frost who act as a kind of superhero action team defending kids who, in these dark times, are finding less and less to believe in – most especially because it would put the icons out of work. Putting away childhood things is a natural process of growing up, but The Guardians are determined to make sure that their P.R. never dies.

That also means that what started out as a genial and lovingly drawn book by William Joyce has been infused with all manner of 21st century technology and simple-minded storytelling (i.e. chases and fights). On the basis of premise, it works. On the basis of story, it resembles the same idea you've seen in dozens of other kids movies.

The story centers on Jack Frost (voiced by Chris Pine) who wakes up in a frozen lake with no memories and is suddenly thrust into the bosom of a superhero action squad that monitors children's beliefs. We see Santa Claus (voice of Alec Baldwin), The Easter Bunny (voice of Hugh Jackman) and The Tooth Fairy (voice of Isla Fisher). Also around is The Sandman, a genial rotund cute little fella who only speaks through emblems that he makes out of sand. None of these childhood icons are mentioned by proper names, they are called North, Bunny, Tooth and Sandy. They are an interesting lot, just imagine if Hallmark rewrote "The Avengers" and you get the idea.

The story begins with Jack waking up in that cold lake and taking up the mantle of ice and snow. He is given his assignment by The Man in the Moon (yes . . . The Man in the Moon) who places him into the Guardians to help them out. Jack doesn't remember anything of his past, but learns of his new powers. He can whip around ice and snow and make some very creative snow days. His problem: kids these days don't even know who Jack Frost is. In fact, most of us never really give old Jack a second thought except for a brief mention in that old Christmas song, do we? The drama is provided by a villain, a nightmarish boogie man named Pitch (voiced by Jude Law), who enters children's dreams and gives them nightmares. His mission is to get rid of the Guardians so kids will stop believing. Pitch is an interesting character. He is seen as all black with an oddly shaped head that reminds us a little of the creature from "Pan's Labyrinth", only without the goat legs.

The best things about the movie are the redesigns of characters that we have grown up with. Santa has the physique of a professional wrestler and speaks with a Russian accent. The Easter Bunny has a chiseled chest and sports an Australian accent (one nice touch is that he is mistaken for a kangaroo). The tooth fairy is designed more like a bird and, in fact, has a host of bird-like little friends who help her out. But the most interesting is The Sandman, who can whip up almost anything made out of sand. He's the best character in the movie, but sadly stays off-screen most of the time. He is so interesting, he deserves his own movie.

The plot is heavily about the idea of believing. We are told to believe in Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, The Sandman and Jack Frost. Yet there's an underlying issue that goes unresolved. Two of the heroes – Santa and The Easter Bunny – are attached to holidays with religious themes, specifically the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus. The Bunny comes close to explaining the meaning of his holiday by reminding Jack that "Easter is about new beginnings", but he stops short of getting deeper than that. It seems rather cheap to ask kids to hold on to their faith in Santa and The Tooth Fairy but makes no mention of God. What's the message there? Give us chases and fight scenes, but don't ask us for anything more. That seems rather false.

Now the million dollar question: will kids enjoy it? Likely, but it will probably appeal more to the kids than to the parents. It is a fun movie with lots of bright colors and colorful characters and fun chase scenes. The villain meets an inevitable fate and the heroes are united as one. All your basic stuff. It's a good movie, an entertaining movie, but not one that is likely to be handed down through the generations. Although, be warned, The Easter Bunny sports a boomerang and your kids may want one for Christmas.
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Charming, fun, predictable, forgettable.
TheSquiss31 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When Pitch aka The boogeyman attacks Earth in a bid to be remembered and feared by the world's children, the Immortal Guardians (North/Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Sandman and Easter Bunny) stand together to fight his onslaught but even united they are too weak and so the man in the moon adds another guardian to their list: Jack Frost. Rise of the Guardians opens with a wink to The Bourne Identity with Jack Frost (Chris Pine) floating in water before springing to life and extricating himself from the frozen lake and spending the next three hundred years wreaking havoc with his talents and generally kicking about the world like a mildly rebellious, bored teenager until called upon by the big boss. It's a fun introduction during which we see some beautiful effects as he frosts windows, freezes trees and causes snowball fights and other snow fun. Then Rise of the Guardians becomes cluttered and looses some of its magic. It's an obvious plot where good must triumph over evil and the reluctant hero must work out what is at his centre (my seven year old niece, Teah, worked that out the moment it was mentioned in the film and a good hour before Jack Frost managed to, which says a great deal about the laziness of the scripting) in order to release the full power he holds. There are some charming moments but largely they are due to the animation rather than the action. In a lovely touch, Sandman is mute and communicates with sandy icons that appear above his head and though physically he is a bland, child-friendly interpretation, the animation of his sandy strings that crisscross around the world carrying dreams to children are beautifully crafted. Likewise, Tooth (Isla Fisher) brings colour and warm beauty to the screen that contrasts fabulously with the nightmarish images that swirl around Pitch. But, important though the animation is, it doesn't count for much if the story isn't there. It is all fairly predictable with a resolution that cheats (without wishing to spoil the plot, a significant character's situation is reversed without explanation) and is lazy (the children are the key…) and renders much of what went before as pointless. There were fears that Avengers Assemble would throw too many characters together with insufficient time or material for many of them to have an impact. Somehow Avengers Assemble managed to juggle them pretty smoothly but I'm not sure Rise of the Guardians fares as well. Each character has his/her own plot thread and moment in the limelight but do they really bring anything significant to the film? There is some fine vocal work from Alec Baldwin (North) and Jude Law has fun with his Rufus Sewell impression as Pitch but Hugh Jackman brings nothing substantial to the party as Bunny and at what point did it become okay to swear in a film watched by very young children? Yes, it may be only a couple of barks of 'bloody' but in a children's animated film? Really? It's not offensive or shocking but it is unnecessary. More problematic for the audience was that Rise of the Guardians just isn't terribly good. I'll give the final word to Teah, though I'm overruling her. "I'll give it seven. I liked it but it wasn't the best."
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Rise of The Guardians is a great animated film for the whole family to see
lisafordeay15 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I seen this in the cinemas 3 years ago with my cousin and I thoroughly enjoyed it.I happened to be watching it last night on TV as it was on so on to the review.

Rise Of The Guardians is a Dreamworks Animation movie that tells the tale of Jack Frost(voiced by Into The Woods star Chris Pine)who isn't believed in with the kids as they don't know him as much as the other guardians. One day however and he happens to be chosen by the guardians and he teams up with Santa Clause(voiced by Alec Baldwin with a Russian Accent who is from 30 Rock),Tooth Fairy(voiced by The Great Gatsby's Isla Fisher),the Sandman who doesn't talk,and an Aussie Easter Bunny(voiced by X-Men star and Aussie Actor Hugh Jackman). Together they try and defeat the evil bogeyman named Pitch Black(voiced by The Holiday's Jude Law) who like Jack isn't believed in either and wants the rest of the guardians to suffer just like him. So can the guardians make the kids believe in them and stop Pitch Black from ruining the children's dreams and imaginations forever?

Bottom line I enjoyed it the first time I watched it and again last night after 3 years watching it last. The story was very well done,the voice acting is great(it was nice to hear Hugh Jackman use his own accent and not to be putting on another accent as he doesn't use his own accent that much in his films)but the real surprise was Alec Baldwin as Santa Clause with a Russian accent. He really nailed it as his charcther in the movie. Chris Pine sounded very old for Jack Frost but he did a good job since this was his first animated debut.

If you love animation like me and want a feel-good movie to watch then check it out. Roll on ROTG II.
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Stunning animation, entertaining situations
The first thing I have to say is that the animation is stunning. When watching movies on TV, I often let my eyes wander, checking facebook for a minute, getting up to do some exercises while I watch, but I didn't do that for Rise of the Guardian, because every second of film was worth watching. Imagery is very densely packed and things happen very quickly.

I also found the movie quite funny in that same quick, overstuffed way.

And yet, there is something about the movie's story that kind of bothers me. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but then I read a review of it that described it as seeming like it was written by committee, and I thought, yeah, that could be it. There is something calculated and safe about the story that made me unable to entirely connect with it. But it was still a fantastic experience.
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Standard corporate product.
The good:

  • Three good interesting characters, enjoyable variations of Santa, the Eastern Bunny and the Sandman.

The bad:

  • Unbearable music. Your average formatted philharmonic Hollywood rubbish, yet way more annoying than usual; a record and ears breaker.

  • Pathological hyperactivity. Guardians always move and fight at super-speed (a common source of annoyance in this kind of film). Meanwhile, the orchestra will never allow your eyes to suffer more than your ears.

  • Bad animation. While movements are frantic, bodies are rigid.

  • Dull story. Kids completely change their entire belief system in minutes. Mythic characters lose their power when kids stop believing, except for the hero, powerful yet unknown to anyone.

  • Dull villain. You can't have a good movie with a dull villain.

  • Mawkishness. Very corny, i.e., the usual amount.

Conclusion: There is no magician behind the scene here, just a team of jobbers, including a scenarist who has good ideas once in a while.
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A Few Bright Spots in an Overall Glum, Dark Production
RichardSRussell-129 November 2012
The Guardians here are not the owls of Ga'hoole, nor Green Lantern's Oans, but rather fairy-tale creatures from Earthly legend — Santa Claus (here called North and Russian from the sound of him), Bunny (guess which holiday, and sporting an Australian accent and golden boomerangs), Tooth (leader of, and only adult in, a veritable air corps of fairies), and Sandy (the Sandman, where they saved on casting costs by giving him no dialog) — and the thing they're supposed to guard is, I guess, the innocent sense of wonder of the world's children. Standing in opposition to this is the boogeyman Pitch Black. Since my attention wandered often during the movie, I imagined a method actor approaching the director (Peter Ramsey, in case you care) and asking "What's my motivation here?", because ole Pitch is out to replace all children's dreams with nightmares for no obvious reason other than that's his thing.

Invited into this mix by the Man in the Moon (who seems to pull a lot of strings without ever saying a word) is Jack Frost, a young guy who walks around barefoot on frozen lakes and has been doing so for 3 centuries without any idea of who he used to be or why he got stuck with the job of frostifying stuff. He's kind of lonely, since humans can't see him and occasionally walk right thru him, but the MitM has him tabbed as the next Guardian, so the current lot can see him just fine. Tooth (voiced by Isla Fisher, who even SOUNDS adorable) even takes kind of a shine to him. Only they don't know if he's got what it takes to stand up to Pitch.

Standing in as representatives of all humanity's children is a small group of playmates from some anonymous small town in the US, led by Jamie, the most credulous kid on Earth, who still believes in all the Guardians even after everyone else has given up on them as a result of Pitch's machinations. His delightful little sister Sophie made me smile every time she came on screen.

There are several manufactured crises, the temporary triumph of the bad guy (ho-hum), a moment or 2 of self-revelation, and the Tinker Bell clap at the end that saves the day for sweetness and innocence. Santa's helpers (the elves literally IN their pointed hats and the big, gruff yeti) were kind of charming visual comic relief, and North and Bun were refreshingly grumpy and irritable, so credit to the screenwriters for not surrendering to convention. But the movie was both literally and figuratively dark and didn't offer much in the line of holiday merriment. Are these really the kind of folx you'd have wanted to hang out with when you were a kid? Nope. They're not such good company for adults, either.
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It's gorgeous, it's entertaining, it's fresh. It's a must-see!
I B1 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I very much enjoyed watching Rise Of The Guardians. It's a wonderful computer-animated film. It does play like The Avengers (2012) for the kids, but its intelligent story and humor make it a fun time for the whole family. The animation here is gorgeous, surpassing most efforts by Pixar and Disney. And the influence of Japanese animation greats like Spirited Away (2001) is more obvious. The film has an interesting fresh take on each of the five Guardians, who are beautifully designed. When they do battle they have a variety of skills to thrill with. The antagonist, Pitch the Boogeyman, is a complex character just like the Guardians who, it turns out, has some similarities with the protagonist Jack Frost, the Guardian of Fun. The excellent voice cast features Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Jackman, Isla Fisher and Jude Law. Rise Of The Guardians is an entertaining fantasy-adventure by director Peter Ramsey, but it's still a well-meaning film from which children can learn a good deal. The icing on the cake is that it makes excellent use of 3D. I highly recommend watching it, and I won't be surprised if it becomes a holiday classic.
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Booggie man is too cute - no wonder he was struggling to appear scary
Emmanuel Vuma7 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
3D is for fun animated movies. I have seen the cheated 3D movies that are not done quite good. Rise of the Guardians has got the kind of 3D quality that wouldn't have me complain.

The story line is very catchy and easy for kids to follow. But the Characters are not really as I would expect them. Santa, Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Sandy, ... Even Booggie man is too cute - no wonder he was struggling to appear scary

As I left the Cinema, I wondered: What happened to movies like these??? We never get to see much of them

Well Done Peter Ramsey
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SImply a wonder and a part of my life now.
kbkh266621 October 2014
This movie deserves every possible star. I don't even know where to begin on how amazing it is. I have been watching it a lot recently since work wants me to be Jack from this film. Going to schools and entertaining and reading to kids dressed as Jack frost? Pretty cool. Well any way. This is a movie that needed to be made. There was no severe violence, no cursing, no blood...except for Tooth fairy trying to play with Sophie. This is the kind of kids movie that needed to be made. More movies like this need to be made. The animation was a marvel. The writing was fun. Humor was placed at the right times. The characters where unique but you knew who they where and you where going to remember them.
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Delightful Viewing for the Holidays
freemantle_uk30 June 2014
Rise of the Guardians is a delightful film for the whole family, telling the story of how Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the Sandman protect children and they thrive on children's beliefs. But when an old threat awakens the group needs to find a new guardian to help them, Jack Frost (Chris Pine).

Rise of the Guardians is a wonderfully animated film from first time director Peter Ramsey perfectly mixes the comedy, drama and action. The animation is fast and fluid they is great detail all of the scenes. They are great little designs such as the Christmas Elves and the Tooth Fairies.

The comedy is strong, being very physical and visual whiles also have some little jokes and character moments. It is a film that provides plenty moments that will bring a smile to people's faces. It is all weighted with the drama and the darkness of the villain, Pitch (Jude Law). Screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire clearly follows the Hero With Thousand Faces template as a reluctant hero having a destiny thrust upon him and has to prove himself as well find out about his past whiles Pitch reflect of what Jack Frost could become.

The film assembles a great voice cast with Pine being perfectly cast as the cocky, fearless Jack Frost whiles playing the character. Combined with the visuals it is easy to feel for Jack's plight as he longs to be seen by the world. Law gave a sinister performance as the voice, also playing it straight and Alec Baldwin was having fun being a Russian accented Santa.

Alexandre Desplat supplies another excellent music, giving the film both an epic score for scale of the action and giving the seasonal sound when needed.

Rise of the Guardians will certainly make Christmas viewing, working as a fantasy drama and a comedy and it is easy for the young and the young at heart can enjoy.

I saw the 3D Blu-ray version and the 3D effort were very score.
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The best Dreamworks film since the Shrek franchise, albeit its confusing title
Stompgal_8727 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When I first heard of this film, I got it confused with 'Legend of the Guardians,' a live-action fantasy film about owls. Due to my passion for animation, this appealed to me more when I saw this trailer, which had the most impressive character designs since those from the 'Shrek' franchise, particularly those of the guardians themselves.

The animation quality is on par with that from the 'Shrek' franchise with intricate character designs, pretty special effects and atmospheric backgrounds if some were a little too dark. The musical score is powerful, epic, poignant and magical while the closing credits song is absolutely beautiful. As for the story and dialogue, they both have a fine mix of excitement, sadness and humour while the story is adventurous and uses representations of Jack Frost, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny in an entirely new and unique way. The funniest characters for me are the elves (they reminded me of the minions in the 'Despicable Me' franchise if they were not quite as humorous), the Easter Bunny and the furry creatures with moustaches. With regard to the main characters, Jack Frost is ambitious, Tooth is bubbly, Sandy is an effective communicator by expressing himself through facial expressions, body language and various sand symbols floating above his head and surprisingly comes back to life towards the end of the film, North is supportive, the Easter Bunny (I love his accent) is cynical yet comical and Pitch, while reminiscent of Voldemort from the Harry Potter series and Maltazard from 'Arthur and the Invisibles,' is threatening yet suave. The child characters are sweet and full of fun, especially Jamie Bennett and his little sister Sophie. Moving on to the voice acting, Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin (despite his Russian accent making his voice as unrecognisable as Steve Carrel's voice for Gru in the 'Despicable Me' films), Isla Fisher and Hugh Jackman all provided a brilliant variety of voices to their characters while Jude Law provided Pitch with a chilling combination of intimidation and menace.

To conclude, 'Rise of the Guardians' is a stunning fantastical adventure that is better than 'Shrek the Third' and 'Shrek Forever After' and nearly as good as the first two 'Shrek' films. 9/10.
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