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The premise is so hackneyed and "been done (and done [and done])" that the story takes a decidedly different approach. Comedy and repetition.

The premise, as I said, is an old one. The cops have a diabolical kidnapper surrounded. Attempt to gain a surrender are met with gunfire and then Ace Mulligan shows up and takes control of the situation...but not very well. What makes the film different and funny are the myriad ways Warburton's characters screws up the situation and gets himeself or his partner shot.

Eventually the good guys win, but its almost if you are watching a very poorly written cop show where the director determines the story, on the fly, with take after take until the best outcome just happens.

Patrick Warburton is marvelous. With his over the top style and his manly drawl, failure after failure eventually results in success...sort of. Brett Simmons is the perfect "Junior partner" and straight-man.

If you've got fifteen minutes and can find this running somewhere take the time. It's worth it.


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