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Jay Duplass & Linas Phillips Star in 'Manson Family Vacation' Trailer

"There's some really cool pictures of dead people!" The Orchard has debuted a trailer for the offbeat indie comedy Manson Family Vacation, about two estranged brothers who go on a weird trip together to visit the infamous Manson Family murder sites. Jay Duplass stars as one of the brothers, with Linas Phillips (Bass Ackwards) as the other. The synopsis describes it as a story about two brothers: "one who's devoted to his family; the other who's obsessed with The Manson Family." The film's cast also features Tobin Bell, Leonora Pitts and Davie-Blue. This is such an awkward comedy, I can see why they're sending it straight to VOD, definitely not for everyone. Not sure who it's for, but some may find some fun in this. Have at it. Here's the official trailer (+ poster) for J. Davis' Manson Family Vacation, on YouTube (via SlashFilm): Nick Morgan (Jay Duplass) has it all: a loving family,
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Film Review: ‘Manson Family Vacation’

Film Review: ‘Manson Family Vacation’
A familiar relational dynamic — the responsible square vs. the hopeless screw-up — gets an affecting workout in “Manson Family Vacation,” a tale of two bickersome brothers who find tentative reconciliation awaiting them at the end of a long, strange trip. With fewer bigscreen acting credits to his name than his own brother and frequent collaborator Mark, Jay Duplass makes a welcome co-lead here as an uptight family man dealing with the latest shenanigans cooked up by his visiting older sibling, a death-obsessed drifter played with equal assurance by Linas Phillips (“Bass Ackwards”). Their persuasive chemistry should generate modest attention for writer-director J. Davis’ slender but engaging seriocomedy, while providing an early test of Netflix’s potential in the feature-distribution arena.

Hard-working Los Angeles attorney Nick (Duplass) isn’t thrilled to learn that his older brother, Conrad (Phillips), is coming to town for a visit on typically short notice. After the obligatory
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2015 Sundance Film Festival Predictions: J. Davis’ Manson Family Vacation

With only hope, a dream and one writing credit to his name (SXSW short film Kevin), J. Davis lassoed fellow low-budget filmmakers Linas Phillips (Bass Ackwards) and Jay Duplass (Baghead) and placed them in brotherly love roles. A family reunion type pic with a set of backdrops like no other, having raised a successful round of startup funds in late 2013 via Kickstarter, Manson Family Vacation didn’t drop in ’14, so we’re expecting this low-budget laugher to easily squeeze into the early ’15 fest circuit . It’ll need major funny bone to go with the freaky title to convince Sundance programmers.

Gist: Nick Morgan is a successful lawyer who’s devoted to his wife and young son. His adopted brother Conrad is a wayward soul who shows up in Los Angeles unannounced. Although the brothers have never gotten along too well, Nick decides to show his brother around town. But as it turns out,
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Top 200 Most Anticipated Films for 2014: #183. J. Davis’ Manson Family Vacation

Manson Family Vacation

Director: J. Davis

Writer(s): J. Davis

Producer(s): Steve Bannatyne, Eric Blyler, J. Davis, J.M. Logan, Josh Polon, Alexandra Sandler

U.S. Distributor: Rights Available

Cast: Jay Duplass, Linas Phillips, Leonora Pitts

Among the newbie additions to the extended family of collaborators and conspirators related to the Duplass Bros., J. Davis’ previous cred was as the Kevin – the Jay Duplass directed short docu project. Davis and Duplass re-team on a funny bone project that could easily target next year’s Sundance-sxsw festivals as it has the girth of a film that was helped out with kickstarter coin and without much else (see co-star Bass Ackwards‘ creator Linas Phillips speak from the heart). on paper, the sharply titled Manson Family Vacation is the sort of perfect trifecta indie comedy as it includes: a. modes of transportation, b. confused souls in unique backdrops and c. family bonding.
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How I Shot That: Filming in Japan for Sundance Drama 'Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter'

  • Indiewire
Cinematographer Sean Porter, whose recent credits include films "It Felt Like Love," "Eden" and "Bass Ackwards" spoke to Indiewire about shooting "Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter," which is screening at Sundance 2014. "Kumiko" follows a Japanese woman who obsesses over an American film and comes to America to try to find the buried briefcase from the movie.  What camera and lens did you use? I used the Arri Alexa 4:3 plus, Cooke Speed Panchros, Jdc Cooke Xtal Anamorphics and Cooke Cine Varotal 25-250mm Zoom. What was the most difficult shot in your movie, and how did you pull it off? There were lots of difficult shooting situations - from crowded Japanese subway stations to sub-zero temps on frozen lakes to rigging off ski lifts. Many were hard to pull off, but one that sticks out was a fun shot in Japan where a frustrated Kumiko leaves the dry cleaners and eventually
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2014 Sundance Film Festival Predictions: Craig Johnson’s The Skeleton Twins

Live. From New York. It’s…Craig Johnson. Another product from the Duplass factory, after breaking out with the micro-budgeted SXSW preemed True Adolescents, Johnson remains in similar dramedy curriculum (read the descriptive journey here) with the help of lead off hitters in SNL’s Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader (they were a delicious combo in Adventureland) alongside thesps Ty Burrell, Luke Wilson and Boyd Holbrook. Round two behind the director’s chair began in November of 2012 with cinematographer Reed Morano (Kill Your Darlings) and Prod. Designer Ola Maslik (May in the Summer) in the Sundance alumni tech crew deck.

Gist: Written by Mark Heyman and Johnson, Wiig and Hader play estranged twins Maggie and Milo, who coincidentally cheat death on the same day, prompting them to reunite and confront how their lives went so wrong. For Maggie, that means re-examining her marriage to sweet “nature frat boy” Lance (Wilson
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Fund This Film: Jay Duplass and Linas Phillips Take a ‘Manson Family Vacation’

This past Thursday was Werner Herzog‘s birthday. We wanted to get him something special, so I’ve made Manson Family Vacation the subject of this week’s Fund This column, because he really wants it made. “I want you to give them money for this film about murder and love,” he can be heard saying in the project’s Kickstarter campaign video. Oh wait, no, that’s just Linas Phillips doing his impersonation of the German director. Phillips, who you may know from his commentaries as Herzog for Tango and Cash and Every Which Way But Loose or his documentary Walking to Werner, in which he personally walks from Seattle to Los Angeles to meet the cinema icon, is one of the two stars of Manson Family Vacation. Here’s hoping he finds a way to slip the voice in this movie, too. Phillips also made the indie road movie Bass Ackwards (which our own Rob Hunter
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Project of the Day: Jay Duplass and Linas Phillips Star in a Film about Two Brothers Divided by The Manson Family

Project of the Day: Jay Duplass and Linas Phillips Star in a Film about Two Brothers Divided by The Manson Family
Here's your daily dose of an indie film in progress; at the end of the week, you'll have the chance to vote for your favorite. In the meantime: Is this a movie you’d want to see? Tell us in the comments. "Manson Family Vacation" Tweetable Logline: Jay Duplass & Linas Phillips in a film about two brothers: one who's devoted to his family, the other who's obsessed with The Manson Family. Elevator Pitch: We invite you to help us make Manson Family Vacation, a story about two brothers who embark on a strange sightseeing tour of crime scenes, hideouts & jailhouses -- all related to the notorious Manson Family. The film will explore the hero worship of Charles Manson, the roots of fanatacism, and the importance of family. The project is a collaboration between Jay Duplass (Cyrus; Jeff, Who Lives At Home), Linas Phillips (Bass Ackwards) & J. Davis (Kevin; Soundtracker):
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Filmmaker Launches Curated Kickstarter Page

With thanks to the good folks at Kickstarter, today we debut our curated page on the crowdfunding platform. At Filmmaker Magazine on Kickstarter you’ll always find a half dozen or so projects that we believe deserve your support. These will be projects by filmmakers we support through the magazine or site (like, for example, those from our annual “25 New Faces” list), those whose work has impressed us in the past, or perhaps just those whose project descriptions are particularly compelling. And while film and video projects will, naturally, comprise the bulk of our recommendations, I hope to sprinkle in projects in other areas like technology, music and publishing. There will always be a short blurb explaining why we’ve made the pick.

We’ve launched the page with the following projects:

* Fourplay. Kyle Henry made our 25 New Faces list following his eerie, assured independent feature, Room. For the last
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2012 Sundance Predictions: Tim Kirkman's Tan Lines

#66. Tan Lines - Tim Kirkman It's been a long dry spell of sorts for helmer Tim Kirkman, who presented anything since Loggerheads - a drama that was included at the Sundance film festival back in 2005. His next feature is a long shot of sorts to break the line-up - a low budget tennis comedy titled Tan Lines. Pic stars Dash Mihok, Cameron Monaghan, Kevin Sussman, Alexie Gilmore and Josh Hopkins. Gist: Owen "Game Set" Match is one of the top tennis pros in town, employed by the prestigious Fountain Club, with sun-bleached hair, gimp knees, and tan lines that make the women swoon. But when a history of bad decisions finally catches up to him, he's forced to pick up the pieces of his faltering career at the local Ymca club, where dysfunction is the norm. At the Y, a gang of culturally diverse, potentially psychotic, Adhd, Ocd, and potentially
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Fnb Innovator: Heather Menicucci

FilmNewsBriefs sat with Heather Menicucci, who is leading the initiative between YouTube and Howcast, which is essentially a semester’s worth of information about digital filmmaking.

FilmNewsBriefs: Could you describe the partnership between Howcast and Youtube?

Heather Menicucci: Howcast is a top 100 content partner for YouTube, which means we work closely with their community management, partnership, and audience development teams to give them content that resonates well with their audience. We also have an ongoing dialogue with YouTube about the platform and have even gotten the opportunity to test new features such as Moderator and Live-streaming. It’s a great, collaborative relationship that lets us better engage with our audience on the largest video platform in the world.

Fnb: What’s the number one goal you hope to achieve from this relationship?

Hm: I’m always on a bit of a crusade to convince filmmakers that web video is valuable
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10 Tips for Marketing & Diy Distribution

10 Tips for Marketing & Diy Distribution
Kicking off with an "it can only get better" rallying speech from indie film guru Ted Hope and concluding with cautionary "budget for P&A" advice from "Bass Ackwards" producer Thomas Woodrow, the Los Angeles Film Festival presented an extremely insightful marketing and distribution symposium over the weekend. Those independent filmmakers lucky enough to be one of the 200 people seated in the Grammy Museum auditorium heard innumerable words of wisdom from ...
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Interview: 'Cyrus' Writer-Directors Mark and Jay Duplass

Interview: 'Cyrus' Writer-Directors Mark and Jay Duplass
By: Kevin Kelly, reposted from the Sundance Film Festival, 1/29/10

Brothers Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass are responsible for movies like The Puffy Chair, and Baghead, and they're back at Sundance with their new film Cyrus. However, they're also here as producers on The Freebie (directed by Mark's wife Katie Aselton), on Bass Ackwards, and on Lovers of Hate, directed by their friend Brian Poyser. So they've virtually transformed themselves into a mini-major on their own, directing their own films and helping others get theirs made.

But it hasn't gone to their heads. Which is very lucky, because it means they're still fans of Cinematical. Once you get to superstar Scorsese-level, who has time for film blogs? We talked to Mark & Jay at Sundance, and you can watch the video interview after the jump. They talk about Jonah Hill (who is impressive in this movie, which has as much drama as
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Review: Bass Ackwards | You Made Me Love You

  • Pajiba
Bass Ackwards has been, thus far, the unexpected gem of the 2010 Independent Film Festival Boston. Writer/director/star Linus Phillips' winsome road trip movie has all the earmarks of a Rowlesian work of whimsy, a genre that I find particularly grating. Yet it's done with such honest affection and bright-eyed optimism that instead, I found myself completely captivated by it.

In the film, Phillips plays a version of himself, named Linus. He's an affable loser, living on an air mattress in his friends' study, finding pick-up work as a wedding videographer, and having an affair with Georgia (Davie-Blue), a married woman who can't quite requite the emotion he's invested in her. Unsurprisingly, this unsteady existence eventually comes tumbling down around him -- his friends ask him to move out, Georgia passively ends their relationship, and Linus takes refuge working for a free room at a local llama farm. He idles
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Sundance 2010 Review: Bass Ackwards

Rating: 7.5/10

Writers: Linas Phillips, Davie-Blue, Jim Fletcher

Director: Linas Phillips

Cast: Linas Phillips, Alex Karpovsky, Davie-Blue, Jim Fletcher

Studio: Furnace Films

Linas (Phillips) is kind of an odd duck. Well, more like…he’s the type of guy everyone kind of hates, but you can’t really put your finger on just why the ill-feelings towards him are so across the board. I know people like that in real life and you probably do too. If you don’t, chances are you are that person…but I digress.

Read more on Sundance 2010 Review: Bass Ackwards
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Sundance Rights RoundUp - More Activity Internationally Than Domestically

At Sundance this year, more than usual activity immediately kicked in among the international buyers and the international sales agents bulking up in preparation for the Berlinale's Efm even as the Us distributors were slow to show much energy in acquisitions. First out of the gate for the Americans was Lionsgate's acquisition of Buried . Next came extended discussions with CAA and Apparition and its ancillary distributor partner Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquistions for Splice for what is rumored $2.5 million while an independent source supplies $20 million P & A. Next came Newmarket's $1 million acquisition of Hesher. The Oprah Winfrey Network acquired Family Affair. Own's documentary film club is being done in partnership with doc film distributor Ro*co Films International. Own, a co-venture between Winfrey's Harpo Prods. and Discovery Communications slated for a January 2011 launch, is planning to create communities nationwide that can screen the films together and participate in a live, moderated panel discussion.
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Trailer - The Sundance Indie 'Bass Ackwards'

It's a strange little road trip: A man tries to persuade the married woman he involved with to go on a cross-country drive, but when she turns him down, the realy journey begins. The film is called Bass Ackwards and it just played at Sundance last month.

Among the reviews, The Hollywood Reporter said this is "the kind of introspective road film plenty of aspiring auteurs would probably like to make but few can pull off," and that's not cheap praise. In fact, it seems to be the consensus for writer-director-star Linas Phillips' feature debut. It is also, apparently, a bit meandering, not really keeping the pedal to the metal in terms of story advancement. And that's fine if you know it going in.

It might also help to know going in that Phillips' previous film was the documentary Walking to Werner, in which he did just that, walking
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The New Breed Explores The Solutions In Park City

Here's the latest in the continuing series of videos by Sabi Pictures executive produced by Filmmaker and the Workbook Project. The official word: Sabi filmmakers Zak Forsman and Kevin K. Shah speak with Ted Hope, Jon Reiss, Mynette Louie (Children of Invention) and Linas Phillips (Bass Ackwards) to explore the solutions that are emerging for independent filmmakers – featuring some of the insights and actions that came from the 2010 Filmmaker Summit. New Breed Park City – Exploring the Solutions, Part 1 from Sabi Pictures on Vimeo. Watch all New Breed videos.
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Thomas Woodrow On Big Art, Little Debt

In the new issue of Filmmaker, Esther Robinson penned "The Big Art/Little Debt Plan," which discusses the relation of filmmakers to risk, their films, and their money. She reached out to several filmmakers by email, and their responses helped shape her article. We are running several of the responses Esther received here on the blog. Below is the one from Thomas Woodrow, producer, Bass Ackwards. With the current environment/budgets you are seeing, do think there will be more financing gaps than usual? If yes, do you think this might create an uptick in personal debt (both for you and the filmmaker) to fill the gap? If no, how are gaps traditionally-weathered/weathered-in-this-moment? The most straightforward solution is simply to make...
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Sundance: What Remains

Linas Phillips and Alpaca Friend in Bass Ackwards

Back home after covering the second half of Sundance 2010, there are a few films that I haven’t addressed until now because, well, they required more consideration (and, regarding Oddsac, serious decompression).

Bass Ackwards: The feature debut from Linas Phillips, who created a small indie stir several years ago with the documentary Walking to Werner, has received attention because a) it was executive produced by Mark Duplass (one of four Duplass-y projects at the festival) and b) it was one of several films made available for rent on YouTube in conjunction with Sundance 2010. In terms of indie-film distribution, bypassing the studio system is all the rage. Even Hollywood seems enamored by newer services like video-on-demand and companies such as New American Vision, which connects niche films with their audiences.

Fans of the Duplass Bros. work and other filmmakers in the so-called mumblecore genre (Andrew Bujalski,
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