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Plot Summary

  • Dexter wakes up in his totaled car and quickly remembers: Benny Gomez. The guy he killed. The guy whose body parts he has not gotten rid of. The paramedics whisk him away against his will; but soon Dexter is out of the hospital (against the doctor's orders) and out looking for the body parts. They aren't in the car. They aren't at the crash site. He must have stashed them somewhere until he could find them later. Unfortunately, his lack of sleep has deprived him of a key memory. Where did he put the body parts? A vision of Harry tries to help him remember, but work pulls him away from his urgent search. The department is trying to catch the Vacation Killer, who has just struck a second time. Meanwhile, the Trinity Killer is still on the loose, and Lundy joins Debra as she interrogates her prime suspect.

    - Written by J. Spurlin
  • After a car accident Dexter suffers from a concussion and short-term memory loss. What he's most concerned about however is the remains of Benito Gomez in the trunk of his car, now in the police compound. When he checks the vehicle however, Benito's remains are nowhere to be found and he assumes they must have been thrown clear at the crash site. The Trinity Killer meanwhile stalks his next victim. Joey Quinn's relationship with a journalist results in front page news about the so-called vacation murders. He also steps over the line with evidence. Debra is coming to the end of the list of her father's confidential informants and has yet to find anyone he might have fooled around with. She's still having trouble coming to terms with now retired Agent Lundy's return.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • A sleep-deprived Dexter desperately tries to remember where he hid the body parts of his latest victim.

    - Written by J. Spurlin


Dexter awakens after his car accident surrounded by flashing lights. While on a backboard being loaded into an ambulance he remembers killing Benny Gomez and putting the remains in the back of his car...

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