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The would be script doctor
jotix1007 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Jonathan is first seen with George, having a cocktail. To George's surprise, he sees his former wife, Priscilla, enter the lounge with her new husband, Richard Antrem. He is caught by the couple as he was explaining to Jonathan how great was the sex with her. George invites Jonathan to accompany him to a Film society event. One of the reasons for taking the the young man was to introduce him to director Jim Jarmusch, a man who, according to George, has great hair. Jim had brought a screenplay he is thinking of directing. To Jonathan's surprise, his name is misspelled out in every page. Jarmusch explains everyone's name is written in all the pages to protect the project as everyone involved gets the same treatment.

Jim had brought a gorgeous woman to the party, Miriam. Before meeting the director, Jonathan had made a pass at a pretty young woman, who couldn't even acknowledge him. Now, Leah, the girl in question, comes back to talk to Jonathan, clearly impressed by his knowing Jim Jarmusch. She wants to take him home thinking her father, a psychiatrist, is away. When they get there, Leah realizes her father has returned. Leah decides to make out with Jonathan in her father's office, where he sees his patients. As they get hot and heavy Leah asks Jonathan to take her to her prom, and he is shocked! How old is this girl? She owns up to 17! He drops the screenplay behind her father's couch. At that moment, Leah's father erupts in the room. Jonathan flees through an open window.

What to do in order to retrieve the screenplay? Jonathan goes to Ray for help. In explaining the situation, Jonathan makes an appointment so that his friend can dig the screenplay behind the couch. Jonathan, who waits for Ray to come out of his session, can't believe his eyes. Ray comes out crying from his visit to the shrink, and no, he didn't get a chance to rescue the manuscript. That leaves Jonathan with no alternative but to go see Leah's father under false pretensions. Unfortunately, Leah's father realizes what the patient is trying to do and tells him he has the screenplay, not before punching him to having messed with Leah.

Jonathan feels he has everything under control. He goes to see Jim Jarmusch, at his office, which is an empty loft where he watches the director riding his bicycle around the place. Jim proceeds to thank him, but not having heard from him, made him contact Charlie Kaufman, who he really wanted to read the piece, but was never able to get him to give him an answer!

Another excellent episode by Jonathan Ames, who wrote the script as well. The direction is by Michael Lehmann, the man that gave us "Heathers" and "The Truth About Cats and Dogs", and has worked a lot on television. He moves his characters well with great timing. The three principals, Jason Schartzman, Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis, are amazing in making their characters come alive. Director Jim Jarmusch is fun to watch in a funny role. Heather Burns, Denis O'Hare, Jessica Blank, Oliver Platt and Laila Robbins make the show the delight it is to watch.
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