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The Smell

Mike is suckered into coaching a girl's soccer team, Frankie introduces Brick to deodorant and cologne, and Axl tries to figure out the meaning of Cassidy's painting.

Season 5

25 Sep. 2013
The Drop Off
Frankie becomes emotional as the Hecks send Axl off to college, Sue waits for an important call from school, and Brick gets a new cell phone.
2 Oct. 2013
Change in the Air
Mike tries to help after Frankie doesn't get a response to her texts to Axl, Sue gets an unexpected visit from Darrin, and Brick and his fellow classmates are afraid to use the school bathroom.
9 Oct. 2013
The Potato
Axl is fed up with his college roommate, Sue gets a job so that she can get a car, and Frankie and Mike get bad news about Brick from his middle school principal.
23 Oct. 2013
The 100th
During the Orson Centennial parade, Mike and Frankie volunteer to drive a float, Sue tries to make Darrin jealous, Axl tries to make some money, and Brick is upset over his town slogan not being chosen.
30 Oct. 2013
Halloween IV: The Ghost Story
Sue has a Halloween sleepover, and during a game, she thinks she sees the ghost ship of Christopher Columbus. Axl finds he is low-man on the totem pole as a freshman in college. Brick is interested in a girl at school.
13 Nov. 2013
The Jump
Frankie finds comfort from a lost dog after feeling like her family doesn't appreciate her, Axl discovers that he is hopelessly failing 3 classes, and Sue makes the volleyball team so the school can avoid a lawsuit.
20 Nov. 2013
Thanksgiving V
It's Thanksgiving, and Axl looks for the right time to say he dropped three classes, Frankie's dad looks for the right time to say he gambled away their vacation money, and many surprise visitors arrive at the last minute.
4 Dec. 2013
The Kiss
Sue and Brick deal with a group of young house intruders while Frankie and Mike are away house-sitting for Frankie's sister, and Axl and his friends go on a road trip to surprise Cassidy.
11 Dec. 2013
The Christmas Tree
Mike is ecstatic knowing his in-laws are not visiting for Christmas. Frankie looks forward to Axl being home, but he has plans to spend all the time with friends. Brick has to sell fund-raiser items. Sue is allergic to the Christmas tree.
8 Jan. 2014
Sleepless in Orson
A terrified Brick begins sleeping in the kitchen, Derrick Glossner kisses Sue again, and Axl reunites with Boss Co. for a new job.
16 Jan. 2014
War of the Hecks
Sue goes to war with Axl after she discovers he stole her mascot head, Frankie spends time after work with her boss, Mike tries to bond with the dog, and Brick reads an autobiography by Debbie Reynolds for his book club.
22 Jan. 2014
The Carpool
Frankie joins a carpool for Brick when the bus drivers are on strike, Axl pretends to be in an astronomy class to impress a girl, and Mike gets in trouble after blowing off Sue's offer to spend time with him.
5 Feb. 2014
Hungry Games
The Hecks' plans to eat at an all-you-can-eat buffet are delayed when the new reverend calls them in after church for some impromptu counseling.
26 Feb. 2014
The Award
Mike is reluctant to accept an award from the quarry, Sue has a plan to meet new people at her school, Axl tries to uncover the identity of a mystery girl who left a phone message, and Brick gets a new hand-me-down suit.
5 Mar. 2014
Vacation Days
Brick ruins Mike's "staycation," Frankie is upset when Axl stays with the neighbors instead of coming home, and Sue becomes obsessed at work with a negative online customer review.
12 Mar. 2014
Stormy Moon
Frankie is arrested over an overdue library book, Sue is upset over reverend TimTom's new female singing partner, and Axl wants to talk to Cassidy about their future.
26 Mar. 2014
The Walk
Sue goes from zero dates to five prom dates, Axl helps Brick put together an interesting book report, and Frankie and Mike discover that they have nothing to talk about with each other.
2 Apr. 2014
The Smell
Mike is suckered into coaching a girl's soccer team, Frankie introduces Brick to deodorant and cologne, and Axl tries to figure out the meaning of Cassidy's painting.
The Optimist
Sue frantically tries to earn a college scholarship for when she graduates in two years; Frankie hopes to correct a mistake at work without her boss finding out; Brick demands a formal apology from Mike after a misunderstanding.

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