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4.16  The Long Island Medium: Theresa Caputo 6.5 8
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1.1  The Anatomy of Sex: Top 4 Erogenous Zones Revealed
1.2  The Next Pandemic: 5 Things You Need to Prepare
1.3  The #1 Killer of Women: Heart Attacks
1.4  Tim Gunn
1.5  Dr. Oz's Highway to Health with Bob Harper
1.31  Episode #1.31
1.54  Ask Dr. Oz: "Am I Normal?"
1.66  Could You Be Depressed? 5 Warning Signs for Women
1.76  Pain Epidemic: The Truth Behind Your Pain
1.77  5 Warning Signs You Could Get Alzheimer's
1.78  Ask Dr. Oz: Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed
1.80  Toxic Home: Oz Reveals Most Common Unknown Toxins in Your Home
1.98  Your 6 Biggest Risks for Cancer
1.101  No Excuses: Dr. Oz's Ultimate Ambush
1.105  The #1 Surgery You Don't Need: Hysterectomy
1.112  Sleep Eating: The Nocturnal Nightmare
1.123  The Science of Intuition: The Science Behind the 6th Sense
1.128  The DNA Diet: The Perfect Diet for Your Genes
1.133  Ultimate Back Pain Clinic
2.83  Are You a Food Addict?
2.99  Dr. Oz's Alternative Health All-Stars
2.103  Is Your Water Causing Cancer?
2.165  Is It Child Abuse to Have a Child Who Is Fat?
3.5  Arsenic in Apple Juice
3.7  7 Day Miracle Plan to Boost Your Metabolism
3.8  Are Your Poop and Pee Normal?
3.9  The Holistic Prevention Guide from the Diseases You Fear the Most
3.11  Near Death Experiences: Are They Real?
3.12  The Woman Who Doesn't Want Dr. Oz's Help
3.13  Why Your Doctor Thinks You're Crazy! Is Your Chronic Pain a Disease?
3.14  Dr. Oz's Worst Fear: A Real-Life Contagion
3.15  Million Dollar You: How to Lose Weight and Win a Million Dollars
3.17  The 100 Foods Dr. Oz Wants in Your Shopping Cart
3.20  Biggest Anti-Aging Hour Ever: No Makeup Show- What's the Real Age of Your Skin?
3.21  Oz Gone Wild: 50 Embarrassing Questions
3.22  5 Habits Making You Fat
3.23  Super Power Hour Recharge Your Body
3.27  Cut Your Carb Craving in One Week!
3.30  The Detox Solution: Dr. Oz's 48-Hour Weekend Cleanse
3.38  Insomnia in America?
3.40  Dr. Oz Approved Treatments, Foods, Remedies & More!
3.41  Montel Williams' Suicide Attempt
3.48  Explosive Wives: Do You Suffer from Perimenopausal Rage?
3.50  The Revolutionary Cure for Pain
3.58  Dr. Oz Gives Back: Largest Free Health Clinic
3.63  Emeril Lagasse's Must-Have Items to Revolutionize Your Health!
3.64  Jane Fonda's Longevity Revolution
3.68  The Secret Reasons You're Exhausted
3.74  Oprah Winfrey
3.76  Jennifer Hudson's Weight-Loss Secrets
3.109  4 Surprising Ways to Bust Your Fat Butt
3.119  5 Controversial Solutions to Your Biggest Complaints
3.122  Warning Signs You're Aging Faster Than You Should
3.148  Dr. Oz's Best Advice Ever - Over 50 All-Time Greatest Tips!
4.1  The Fat Burner That Works!
4.2  Restart Your Body! 200 Women Talk Back Their Health
4.3  First Lady Michelle Obama!
4.4  Oz Uncensored: Your Most Humiliating, Embarrassing Confessions Answered!
4.5  A Dr. Oz Event! The Ultimate Intervention: How to Let Go of Your Emotional Baggage
4.6  Kirstie Alley!
4.7  Is This the Secret to Weight Loss?
4.8  Secret World of Binge Eaters
4.9  Inside Dr. Oz's Hospital! Your All-Access Pass: The Cast of 'NY Med'
4.10  Dr. Oz's Guilt-Free Hour!
4.11  The #1 Reason You're Exhausted!
4.12  Why Melatonin May Be Dangerous to Your Sleep
4.13  The Craziest No-Shame Overshares of All Time!
4.14  Is Going Gluten-Free the Answer You've Been Waiting For?
4.15  Secrets Your Supermarket Doesn't Want You to Know
4.17  Ripped from the Headlines: Dr. Oz Talks Health News with TV's Biggest Doctors
4.18  Caught Red Handed! Your Most Cringe-Worthy Health Problems Revealed!
4.19  Breaking News: Are Pesticides the Greatest Threat to Your Kids' Health?
4.20  The Silent Killer: America's Fastest Growing Cancer
4.21  Should You Give Up Artificial Sweeteners?
4.22  What the Heck!? Dr. Oz's New Simple Advice!
4.23  Rick Springfield's Secret Health Battle with Depression
4.24  30 and Older: The New Faces of HPV
4.25  Dr. Andrew Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Diet
4.26  Jenny McCarthy's Shocking Bad Habit Health Confession!
4.27  Could You Have a Hidden Food Allergy?
4.28  GMO Foods: Are They Dangerous to Your Health?
4.29  Boost Your Immunity, Fight Disease and Prevent Cancer!
4.30  The #1 Way to Fight Fatigue!
4.31  Dr. Oz Exclusive Interview with Valerie Bertinelli!
4.32  Have Medicine's Most Controversial Leaders Found the Fountain of Youth?
4.33  Are You Normal or Nuts? Your Weird Questions Answered!
4.34  Exclusive: Dr. Oz Interviews Rosie O'Donnell
4.35  Recharge Your Body 5 Ways in 5 Days!
4.36  The Newest, Fastest Fat Busters!
4.37  Dr. Oz's Miracle Solutions from Around the Globe!
4.38  Cut Your Carb Cravings in One Week
4.39  How to Drop a Decade! 5 Secrets to Cheat Your Age
4.40  Dr. Oz's Ultimate Shopping List! Save Time, Save Money!
4.41  Turbocharge Your Metabolism for Your Body Type
4.42  Dr. Oz's After 35 Survival Kit!
4.43  Five Diet Myths Busted
4.44  Your Biggest Cancer Risks: Dr. Oz's Biggest Solutions!
4.45  That's Awkward: Dr. Oz Answers the Questions You'd Never Ask Your Doctor!
4.46  Melt Fat Fast: How to Reset Your Secret Fat Loss Hormones
4.47  Tony Horton's Breakthrough Plan to Reshape Your Body
4.48  Eat Twice as Much and Lose 5 Pounds!
4.49  Andrew Weil's 5 New Essentials You Need Now!
4.50  Dr. Oz Alert: Sensa - Sensation or Senseless?
4.51  How to Get a Super Brain
4.52  Tim Ferriss' 4-Hour Energy-Boosting Plan
4.53  7 Red Flags Your Body Is Aging Too Fast
4.54  Secrets Restaurants Don't Want You to Know
4.55  Shut Down Your Stress! How to Stop It from Becoming Toxic
4.56  From Gay to Straight? The Controversial Therapy
4.57  J.R. Martinez: Surviving the Unthinkable
4.59  Are You Addicted to Wheat?
4.60  Dr. Oz's Winter Rescue Prescription
4.61  Nate Berkus: Things That Matter
4.62  Dr. Oz's Ultimate "How Healthy Are You?" Quiz
4.63  Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Dr. Oz Together!
4.64  Randy Jackson's Shocking Health Secret
4.67  The Doctors Who Say Everything You Know About Cholesterol Is Wrong
4.68  Medical Mystery: Lifesaving Secrets from Dr. G, Medical Examiner!
4.69  Dr. Oz's Lifesaving Hour
4.72  Shred Your Fat Pants! The Revolutionary Plan: 6 Weeks, 4 Inches, 2 Sizes!
4.73  Meredith Vieira
4.76  America's Funniest Health Videos Takes Over with Tom Bergeron!
4.78  The Anti-Diet: The Plan for Weight Loss!
4.79  Dr. Oz's No-Pill Pain Busters!
4.82  Charlie Sheen Sits Down with a Doctor for the First Time
4.85  Secrets the Fast Food Industry Doesn't Want You to Know!
4.87  Are Gel Manicures Safe?
4.90  Dr. Oz's Detox Plan! Lose 10 Pounds in One Month!
4.91  Laxative Abuse: The Hidden Dangers
4.92  What's in America's Food and Drink Products? Banned in Other Countries: The Chemicals You're Feeding to Your Kids
4.94  Ultimate Medical Myths Busted!
4.95  Fat Melters!
4.99  The Best Weight-Loss Tricks for Your Body Type
4.100  Counterfeit Foods: Buyer Beware!
4.101  Dr. Oz Alert: Killer Sleeping Pills
4.102  Dr. Oz Answers Your Most Awkward Questions of All Time!
4.103  America's Most Eligible Doctors Reveal Their Best Health Secrets
4.104  What Your Face Reveals About Your Health
4.105  Deadly Adderall Abuse
4.106  Secrets of the #1 Diet Revealed
4.107  Myths and Lies Your Gynecologist Believes
4.108  The Disease Your Doctor Can't Diagnose
4.109  The Antioxidant Myth: Are They Harmful to Your Health?
4.110  Dr. Oz's 24-Hour Stress Cleanse
4.111  The Big Food Cover-Up
4.112  Meet the Medical Intuitive Who Says You Can Heal Yourself
4.113  Michelle Obama's Big Announcement
4.114  The Fatigue Solution!
4.115  5 Celebrity Rehab Deaths: Dr. Drew Sits Down with Dr. Oz
4.119  Dr. Oz's Sleep Plan to Get Your Perfect Night's Sleep!
4.130  Joan Rivers Uncensored and Like You've Never Seen Her Before!
4.132  What Does Your Personality Reveal About Your Health?
4.135  Gwyneth Paltrow!
4.155  Embarrassing Medical Myths Even Dr. Oz Believes!
4.161  Jack Osbourne's Life-Changing Diagnosis
4.167  Yogalosophy: How Yoga Can Reshape Your Body, Cure Your Pain and Help You Lose Weight!
4.168  Take Control of Your Financial Health!
4.169  Toxic Sabatogers: How to Stop the People in Your Life from Destroying Your Health
4.170  Your Most Embarrassing Questions: Summertime Edition!
4.171  Dr. Oz's 4-Step Plan to Boost Your Immunity!
4.172  Retrain Your Brain While You Sleep to Improve Your Health!
4.173  The New Science to Reverse Aging!
4.174  The Disease Doctors Miss Most: Fibromyalgia
5.1  Whose Embarrassing Condition Is It, Anyway?
5.2  Steven Tyler on the Record
5.3  Girls Out Loud: Sound Off on Hot Health Topics
5.4  Mirror Mirror
5.5  How to Get Almost Anything for Free
5.6  Quack Medicine with the Cast of 'Duck Dynasty'
5.7  Dr. Oz Unexpected!
5.8  Kick Cholesterol to the Curb with Cedric the Entertainer
5.9  Headed for a Sleep Divorce?
5.10  Viewers Takeover Dr. Oz!
5.11  3 Small Pains That Could Be a Problem!
5.12  What Dr. Oz Really Tells His Friends and Family!
5.13  Dr. Drew's Health Battle Revealed
5.14  Dr. Oz's Ultimate Alternative Health Remedies
5.15  Artificial Sweeteners: Disturbing New Facts!
5.16  The Newest Health Food Sensation Revealed!
5.17  Dr. Oz Reunited with Tourist Struck by NYC Taxi
5.18  The 10 Things About Heart Disease Every Woman Must Know
5.19  Undercover Lasik Eye Surgery Investigation!
5.20  Wendy Williams Gets Real About Her Health!
5.21  Robin Quivers: The Battle with Cancer She Could Not Reveal
5.22  The Diagnosis Doctors Miss Most: Thyroid Disease
5.23  Your Biggest Flu Questions Answered
5.24  Connecting Your Mind, Body and Soul
5.25  Richard Simmons: Recharged and Rediscovered!
5.26  Get Rid of Belly Bloat!
5.27  Juicerexia
5.28  Hot Flash R/X
5.29  Elizabeth Smart: Whatever It Took to Survive
5.30  T-Boz and Chilli: Their Health Scare Revealed!
5.31  Do Carbs Cause Alzheimer's?
5.32  The Secrets in Your Chakras: What the 7 Energy Centers Reveal About Your Health & Heart
5.33  Dick Cheney: Exclusive!
5.34  The Alarmist's Guide to the Symptoms You Worry About Most
5.35  You Asked What?!? 5 Outlandish Questions!
5.36  Montel Williams' Family Health Crisis!
5.37  5 Big Health Mistakes Smart Women Make with Kathie Lee & Hoda
5.38  The Surgery You Should Say No To: Bunions!
5.39  What Your Body Type Reveals About Your Future Health
5.40  Energy Boosters Hot List
5.41  Metabolism Game Changer
5.42  What the Food Industry Doesn't Want You to Know
5.43  Celine Dion
5.44  Belly Fat Myths
5.45  Sanjay Gupta Sounds the Alarm on America's Hidden Epidemic!
5.46  Melt Your Fat Fast
5.47  The Hidden Reasons You're Fat
5.48  Could You Survive?
5.49  Camille Grammer Cancer Bombshell
5.50  The Hottest Health Secrets from Men in Hollywood with Taye Diggs
5.51  The Next Big Weight Loss Superstar
5.52  Judge Judy's Health Crisis
5.53  Is Diet Soda Ruining Your Metabolism?
5.54  The Fat in Your Blood Doctors Never Talk About!
5.55  The Secret World of Squashers
5.56  Controversial New Statin Guidelines
5.57  Are You Normal or Nuts?
5.58  How Weather Predicts Your Health
5.59  Gluten Warning Signs: The Next Epidemic?
5.60  Controversial Health Scares: Are You Safe or Not?
5.61  Is Weed Addictive?
5.62  New Breakthrough: No-Pill Pain Fighters
5.63  Why You Should Keep Your Cell Phone Out of Your Bra
5.64  The Holiday Detox
5.65  Buyer Beware: Chicken from China?
5.66  The Best and Worst Health Trends of 2013
5.67  Meredith Vieira's Family Health Battle
5.68  What's Your Cancer Risk?
5.69  Mary J. Blige
5.70  New Ways You Can Fight Disease in 2014
5.71  The Toxic Flame Retardants in Your Home Right Now
5.72  Where Are They Now?
5.73  Three Busy Women Who Know Best
5.74  Dr. Oz's Two-Week Rapid Weight-Loss Diet
5.75  Ayurvedic Solutions for Your Biggest Health Complaints
5.76  21 Days to a Flat Belly
5.77  The Health Mistake 90 Percent of Americans Make
5.78  Whole Body Anti-Aging Guide 2014
5.79  Toxic Acid Takedown: Fighting Inflammation
5.80  Biggest Health Lies You've Been Told
5.81  The 24 Hour Body
5.82  Why Insomnia Can't Be Ignored
5.83  Does a Belief in Angels Have a Power to Heal?
5.84  Five Fixes for Your Five Big Health Complaints
5.85  The #1 Fatigue Fighter You've Never Heard Of
5.86  Myths Even Your Gyno Believes
5.87  "Real Housewives of Atlanta's" NeNe Leakes and the Health Scare That Could Have Killed Her
5.88  The Dangerous Ingredient Manufacturers Don't Want You to Know About
5.89  What Is Your Detox Type?
5.90  Natural Pain Killers That Work
5.91  The Real Reason You Stress Out and Stress Eat
5.92  The Wheat Belly Diet: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight?
5.93  The 56-Pound Anorexic
5.94  The Bloat Cure
5.95  Cracking the Code on Food Sensitivity
5.96  The Fast Metabolism Diet
5.97  Shame Files: Your Most Mortifying Moments
5.98  How to Get Your Fat to Eat Itself
5.99  Episode #5.99
5.100  Restart Your Body 5 Ways in 5 Days
5.101  Diet Myths Debunked
5.102  No to GMO's: The Global Conspiracy to Keep You from Knowing the Truth About Your Food
5.103  Biggest Health Traps Women Fall For
5.104  Your Personal Paleo Code: The Diet to Lose Weight and Get Healthy for Life
5.105  The 5 Hidden Signs You Have a Gluten Allergy
5.106  The Truth About Fibroids: Do You Need Surgery?
5.107  Ambien: America's #1 Sleeping Pill - Disturbing Side Effects Exposed
5.108  The Cringeworthy Truth About Supermarket Cleanliness
5.109  The Detox Diet to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Fast
5.110  America's Dangerous New Diet Trend: Achieving the Thigh Gap
5.111  What Worrywarts Should Worry About
5.112  The Fat Conspiracy: The Stealth Ingredient Hiding in Every Aisle at the Grocery Store
5.113  The Little Couple's Cancer Scare
5.114  Dr. Oz's Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide: 7 Days to Boost Your Energy
5.115  5 Things Happy People Do That You Should, Too
5.116  Everyday Foods the Experts Won't Touch
5.117  Smoking Alcohol: The Dangerous New Way to Get Drunk
5.118  The New Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners
5.119  The 3 Hidden Body Signs You're Stressed
5.120  Are High Protein Diets a Good Thing or Bad Thing?
5.121  The Thing More Powerful Than Your Statins
5.122  Weatherman Sam Champion's Health Scare
5.123  Are You a Food Addict? The Test to Find Out!
5.124  Do Antioxidants Cause Cancer?
5.125  New Food Rules to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss
5.126  How to Defy Your Age with the Cast of "Hot in Cleveland"
5.127  Drug Abuse in America: The Lethal New Pill Hitting the Street
5.128  Kids Bust Health Myths Their Parents Told Them
5.129  Giuliana and Bill Rancic's Health Tell-All
5.130  Three New Ways to Prevent Alzheimer's
5.131  Are There Imposters in Your Medicine Cabinet?
5.132  How to Revive Your Flatlined Sex Life
5.133  The Fat Drug: How Antibiotics Make You Gain Weight
5.134  Episode #5.134
5.135  New Rules to Declutter Your Life and Transform Your Health
5.136  Famous Deaths Reexamined: Princess Diana
5.137  Kick the Sugar: An Easy Way to Give It Up for Good
5.138  The 10-Minute Fix That Cures Exhaustion
5.139  Is the Government Out to Undermine Your Health?
5.140  Joan and Melissa Rivers' Health Intervention
5.141  The Biggest Diet Lies Making You Fat
5.142  Health Alert: 3 Deadly Diseases Making a Comeback
5.143  The Addictive New Ingredient Hiding in Your Food
5.144  Biggest Cellulite Myths Busted
5.145  The Extreme New Way to Lose 15 Pounds in One Week
5.146  Mega Metabolism Boosters
5.147  Dr. Oz Takes Down the Scammers Using His Name to Dupe You
5.148  The May Diet: Lose 10 Pounds Before Memorial Day
5.149  Microwave Popcorn: The New Hidden Dangers
5.150  The New Natural Appetite Suppressant
5.151  Dr. Oz's Rapid Belly Melt
5.152  The Outrageous Things Restaurants Do That Make You Sick
5.153  Flush Fat Fast!
5.154  Diane Keaton: Her Eating Disorder Confession
5.155  Dr. Oz's Awkward Hall of Shame: Your Most Humiliating Health Disasters
5.156  Weight Loss Tricks for Every Body Type
5.157  The Whistleblower Who Found Poison in America's Food
5.158  Craving Killers to Shut Down Your Appetite
5.159  Whoopi Goldberg: The Decision That Saved Her Life/Daphne Oz
5.160  Reignite Your Energy: Biggest Burnout Busters Revealed
5.161  Queen Latifah's Family Health Scare
5.162  Cut Your Cancer Risk in Half: 3 Natural Breakthroughs
5.163  Supermarket Secrets: How They Fool You Into Buying Foods That Make You Fat
5.164  'Glee' Star Lea Michele
5.165  The New Face of Stroke: Young Women at Risk
5.166  Is It Heartburn or A Heart Attack?
5.167  Dr. Oz's Super Spectacular Health Fair
5.168  Dr. Oz's Summer Survival Guide
5.169  Inside the Chicken Industry: Is Something Foul?/Alicia Silverstone
5.170  Defy Your Age
5.171  Longevity Checklist: How to Live to Be 100
5.172  Health Hot Topics: Dr. Andrew Weil Sets the Record Straight
5.173  Health Alert: The New Summer Superbug Threatening You This Season
5.174  How to Cheat on Your Diet This Summer and Still Lose Weight
6.1  Ebola Epidemic: Why Experts Say It's Coming Here!
6.2  Daytime Exclusive: "I Am Adam Lanza's Mother" Author
6.3  Dr. Oz's Nationwide Sleep Clinic: Sleep Breakthroughs Uncovered
6.4  Oz Alert: Deadly Heart Attacks in Women Under 55 on the Rise
6.5  Exclusive: Killed by Caffeine Powder
6.6  The Dark Side of Legalized Marijuana: Edible Pot Threatening Your Kids
6.7  Dr. Oz's Power Plan to Reset Your Fat Loss Hormones
6.8  The New Deadly Mystery Virus Spreading Fast
6.9  A Dr. Oz Investigation: What Happens When You Die
6.10  Joan Rivers' Death: New Details from the Investigation
6.11  New GMO Pesticide Doctors Are Warning Against
6.12  The Ultimate Wheat-Free Guide to Transform Your Health
6.13  Could a Common Fibroid Surgery Spread Cancer?
6.14  All-Day Energy Diet: Conquer Your Exhaustion in Just 7 Days
6.15  Dr. Oz Alert: The Dangers of Walk-In Cosmetic Procedures
6.16  Theresa Caputo: How Talking to the Dead Can Keep You Healthy
6.17  Total Body Restart
6.18  The Ebola Crisis Spirals Out of Control
6.19  What to Eat for Every Body Type
6.20  Could Antibiotics in Meat Be Making You Sick?
6.21  New Ways to Cut Your Cancer Risk
6.22  14 Days to Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings
6.23  That's What She Said: Top Female Doctors Set the Record Straight
6.24  Secrets to Eating Less and Feeling Fuller
6.25  New Health Rules You'll Love
6.26  Hair Salon Treatments: What You Need to Know
6.27  Legendary Model B. Smith Battles Alzheimer's
6.28  Enterovinus: What You Need to Know Now
6.29  Should You Be Taking a Low Dose Aspirin?
6.30  The Doctor Who Says He Visited Heaven
6.31  Ebola Anxiety Grows
6.32  The Plan to Detox Without Juicing
6.33  Can You Trust Your Supermarket?
6.34  Dr. Andrew Weil's No-Pill Solutions
6.35  The Secret Ingredient Companies Are Hiding in Your Favorite Foods
6.36  Kendra Wilkinson: The Cheating Scandal That Took a Toll on Her Health
6.37  Oz Investigates: The Controversial HGH Injection
6.38  Kris Jenner: The Rumors, the Gossip and Coping with Stress
6.39  Biggest Belly Myths Busted
6.40  Am I Normal or Nuts? Weird and Wacky Quirks Explained
6.41  3 Day Fat Flush
6.42  Wendy Williams: How She Dropped 30 Pounds
6.43  A Whistleblower Exposes Food Industry Secrets They Don't Want You to Know
6.44  Why Your Slow Thyroid Has Gone Undetected
6.45  The Diet Plan to End Toxic Acid Heartburn
6.46  Fast Metabolism Plan: Burn Calories Quick
6.47  The New Gluten Diagnosis
6.48  The Holiday Cheat Sheet: Eat Your Way Through the Season Without Gaining a Pound
6.49  The Worrywarts Guide: When to Worry and When Not to Worry
6.50  The Must-Have Natural Remedies Even Doctors Trust
6.51  What Your Cravings Really Means
6.52  Breaking News Investigation: Is Arsenic in Rice?
6.53  Sanjay Gupta: 3 Things He Wants You to Know
6.54  Eat Clean! Whole30 Elimination Plan
6.55  Weatherman Sam Champion's Winter Survival Guide
6.56  Tori Spelling and Husband Dean McDermott on the Fight to Save Their Marriage
6.57  What to Eat for Your Personality Type
6.58  Robin Roberts: The Decision That Saved Her Life
6.59  Souping: The New Nutrient Packed Way to Detox
6.60  Regis Philbin's Health Question Only Dr. Oz Could Answer
6.61  Zen Secrets to Busting Stress
6.62  Outrageous Health Questions from Late Night Hosts
6.63  Are E-Cigarettes Dangerous?
6.64  Ayurvedic Plan to Eat for Your Body Type
6.65  Barbra Streisand Speaks Out on the #1 Killer of Women
6.66  The New Drug Moms Are Hooked On
6.67  The #1 Thing You Need to Drastically Slow Down Aging
6.68  Paleo Solution for Pain
6.69  The Vitamin Americans Aren't Getting Enough Of
6.70  Three Weeks to Sugar Free
6.71  Oz Viewers Who Save Their Own Lives
6.72  Jennifer Aniston's Breakout Role: Shining a Spotlight on a Hidden Epidemic in America
6.73  Oprah Winfrey: Her Health Epiphany
6.74  Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan
6.75  The Anti-Aging Plan to Look and Feel Like a 10
6.76  Break the Insomnia Cycle: 10 Day Plan to Get a Good Night's Sleep
6.77  10 Minute Remedies for Your Back Pain
6.78  Woman Dead for 45 Minutes Says She's Glimpsed the Other Side
6.79  Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan Halfway Point
6.80  3 Rules to Know Before You Take a Statin
6.81  How Glenn Close Saved Her Sister's Life
6.82  3 Things Doctors Are Worried About Now
6.83  Total 10 Maintenance Plan: How to Make It a Lifestyle
6.84  Turbo Fire Your Energy in Just 10 Days
6.85  Overcoming Tragedy: How to Heal with the Grief Cure
6.86  The Oz Investigation: Can Over-the-Counter Meds Get You a DUI?
6.87  Everyday Foods in Your Supermarket That Are Fake
6.88  Jennifer Lopez's Health Secrets Revealed
6.89  10 Day Total Body Overhaul
6.90  What the Beauty Industry Is Hiding from You
6.91  Proof of Angels: Can They Help Us Heal?
6.92  The Total Choice: Customized Meal Plans for Weight Loss
6.93  Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York: How She Lost 55 Pounds and the Scandal That Rocked the Royals
6.94  Why You Don't Have to Be Gluten-Free Forever
6.95  Belly Blaster: What to Eat for a Slimmer Tummy
6.96  Melissa Gilbert: The Decision That Changed Her Life
6.97  The Addict Next Door: New Face of Heroin Addiction
6.98  Oz Goes Red for Women's Health: Habits That Can Prevent Heart Attacks
6.99  Oz Investigates Water Pill: Are They Safe?
6.100  Retail Stores' Dirty Secret: Selling Used Underwear
6.101  Defy Your Age Without Surgery
6.102  Oz Investigates Waist Training: Is It Safe?
6.103  Rosie O'Donnell: Life After Weight Loss Surgery
6.104  Metabolism Makeover: What to Eat When the Scale Is Stuck
6.105  The Busy Woman's One Week Recharge
6.106  Recall Roulette: Dangerous Items Being Sold Online
6.107  I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
6.108  Did You Live a Past Life? The Science Behind Regression Therapy
6.109  Oz Exclusive: Right-to-Die Advocate Brittany Maynard's Mom Speaks Out for the First Time
6.110  De-Clutter Your House and De-Stress Your Body
6.111  Ask Dr. Andrew Weil: Your Health Questions Answered by the #1 Integrative Doctor
6.112  The Silent Heart Attack: Could You Have One and Not Know It?
6.113  Dr. Sanjay Gupta Clears Up Confusing Health Headlines
6.114  Secrets to Thicker, Fuller, Stronger Hair
6.115  The Doctor Who Says You Can Stack Your Odds Against Cancer
6.116  Supermodel Christie Brinkley's Anti-Aging Secrets
6.117  Breaking News: It's Not Chronic Fatigue! The New Disease Causing Your Exhaustion
6.118  I Shouldn't Be Alive: Amazing Stories of Survival
6.119  The Non-Browning GMO Apple: Is It Safe?
6.120  Understanding Transgender: How Bruce Jenner Got Everyone Talking
6.121  How the Worst Insomniacs Finally Got to Sleep and How You Can Too
6.122  Paula Deen Comes Clean: Her Amazing Health Transformation
6.123  The Health Topics You're Buzzing About on Social Media
6.124  New Hidden Reason for Your Bloat
6.125  Trading Opiates for Marijuana to Treat Pain
6.126  Cardiac Arrest: Will You Be Ready to Save a Life?
6.127  Real Housewife of Atlanta Claudia Jordan on Her Embarrassing Condition
6.128  The Surprising Way to Break Your Carb Addiction
6.129  The Half-Ton Killer and the Crime That Rocked Headlines
6.130  Anti-Aging Round Up: The Best Solutions to Save Your Face
6.131  Are Your Quirky Food Habits Normal or Nuts?
6.132  Acetaminophen Warning: Oz Uncovers the Risk Hiding in Your Medicine Cabinet
6.133  The Hidden Toxins in Your Home Making You Sick
6.134  How to Outsmart Identity Thieves After Your Money and Medical Data
6.135  Giuliana Rancic Bares All: The Fashion Police Drama
6.136  Dr. Oz Reacts to Avril Lavigne's Health Crisis
6.137  How to Bust Financial Stress
6.138  Montel Williams: How He Defied the Odds and How You Can Too
6.139  Toxic Worrying: How to Stop It Now
6.140  Wired and Tired: The New Sleep Crisis
6.141  Dr. Oz Gets You in the Know Now
6.142  Theresa Caputo Sets the Record Straight
6.143  Powdered Alcohol: The Controversial New Way to Drink
6.144  Suzanne Somers' Health Crisis and New Mission
6.145  Funniest Sleep Habits Keeping You Up at Night
6.146  Dr. Oz Fights Back: His Exclusive Reaction to His Critics
6.147  99 News Uses for Everyday Things
6.148  Oscar Winner Mo'Nique on the Hollywood Controversy and How She Lost 100 Pounds
6.149  Dr. Oz Faces Off with a Notorious Online Fat Shamer, Bullying Women All Over the World
6.150  Tim McGraw: His Guilty Pleasure and New Mission to Help Save Lives
6.151  The Best Cleanses for Every Health Goal
6.152  Dr. Oz Investigates: Online Scams Using His Name to Dupe You
6.153  Is Pegan the New Paleo?
6.154  Monster-in-Law Battles for Ultimate Control
6.155  Oz Exclusive: At Home with Melissa Rivers and How She's Coping with Losing Her Mom, Joan
6.156  Oz Celebrates His 1000th Show, with Hugh Jackman
6.157  Oz Celebrates Moms with Singer Kelly Rowland
6.158  I Lost Half My Body Weight: Amazing Transformations You've Got to See to Believe
6.159  Bethenny Frankel: How Skinny Is Too Skinny?
6.160  The 22-Day Revolution That Worked for Beyonce and Can Work for You, Too
6.161  Dr. Oz Viewers Conquer Their Biggest Fears
6.162  Meet the Child Convinced He Lived a Past Life and Reincarnation Is Real
6.163  Funny Man Mario Cantone Reveals Viewers' Most Embarrassing Problems
6.164  Tom Brokaw Speaks Out About His Courageous Battle with Cancer
6.165  Oz Exclusive: My Dad's Double Life as a Loving Father and a Serial Killer
6.166  The Doctor Who Says the Answer to Changing Your Mood Is in Your Food
6.167  $1 Fast Fixes & the Meal Plan to Slim Down by Summer
6.168  Caught on Tape: Secret Hypochondriacs Exposed
6.169  Are the Departed Sending Messages from the Afterlife?
6.170  I Had a Traumatic Head Injury and Now I Have an Amazing Talent
6.171  Bizarre Health Behaviors Explained
6.172  How to Eat What You Want on Vacation and Still Lose Weight
6.173  New Health Uses for Everyday Things
6.174  Slash Your Alzheimer's Risk by 50%: The New Brain Food Groups
6.175  The Ultimate Guide to Eliminate Your Everyday Pains
6.176  Natural Pain Relievers That Really Work
6.177  How Healthy Are You? The 60-Second Test You Can Take at Home
6.178  Summer Travel and Vacation Scams You Need to Know
6.179  What Would You Do? Health Edition with John Quinones
6.180  Lauren Scruggs: The Model Who Survived Disaster
6.181  Money Saving Secrets Retailers Don't Want You to Know
6.182  Is Someone Keeping a Health Secret from You?
6.183  Organizing Secrets to Transform Your Life and Health
6.184  Dr. Ruth's Secrets to a Long Life, Good Health and Good Sex
6.185  Celebrity Summer Health Secrets That Really Work!
6.186  The Easy Summer Cleanse
6.187  The Secrets of Women Who Lost 100 Pounds
6.188  The Debt Detox: When to Save, Spend and Splurge
6.189  The Gourmet Detox on the Cheap with Daphne Oz and Michael Symon
6.190  The Exhaustion Breakthrough for Women
6.191  Try It or Skip It? The Latest Health Crazes All Your Friends Are Doing
6.192  Wrongfully Accused? The Salt Killer Mom Speaks Out
6.193  Jazz, the Transgender Teen, Fights for Acceptance
6.194  Health Bust: Your Bad Habits Caught on Camera
6.195  New Health Uses for Everyday Things: Summer Edition
6.196  How to Live Cancer Free from a World-Renowned Cancer Fighter
6.197  Hugh Jackman's Sudden Medical Crisis
6.198  Summer Health Myths Busted
7.1  How to Channel the Superhuman in You
7.2  Creed's Scott Stapp Speaks Out on Addiction
7.3  Energy Pick-Me-Ups That Won't Make You Crash
7.4  Concussion Epidemic and the Test That Changed Oz
7.5  Oz Exclusive: The Ashley Madison Cheating Scandal: A Pastor's Wife Speaks Out
7.6  Nurses United: The Miss America Controversy No One Saw Coming
7.7  Sorting Through Misinformation on Gluten
7.8  Why Doesn't Chicken Taste Like Grandma's Used to?
7.9  The Food Fight of the Year: GMO Labeling
7.10  Could a Daily Aspirin Keep You from Getting Cancer?
7.11  Exposed: Secret Sugar Bombs in Healthy Foods
7.12  Do Smart Drugs Work? We Test Them So You Don't Have To!
7.13  Body Shaming: Whitney Thore Fights Back
7.14  How Would You Deal? Our Hidden Camera Experiment
7.15  Blueprint for Balance: Go from Burnout to Back on Track
7.16  The Short-Burst Diet: Is It Safe?
7.17  Cold Therapy: Does It Work? Oz Tests It Out
7.18  60-Second Life Hacks
7.19  Cash vs. Credit: Which One Makes You Gain Weight?
7.20  Kale Curveball: Is It Unhealthy? We Find Out!
7.21  It's Not Your Fault: Is Your Metabolism Messing with Your Weight?
7.22  The Stomach Balloon for Weight Loss: What You Need to Know
7.23  Queen Latifah Gets Real: Her Wakeup Call for Everyone
7.24  Almond Milk: You Drink It, But Are the Confusing Headlines True?
7.25  What You Need to Know About Duck Syndrome
7.26  Reduce Your Risk for Cancer with These 3 Dr. Andrew Weil Recipes
7.27  How You Can Change the Fate of Your Heart and the Statin Answers You Need Now
7.28  The Truth About Pork: What Is the Big Change Coming to Your Grocery Store?
7.29  The Hormone Whisperer's Adrenal Repair Plan to Reverse Your Exhaustion
7.30  The Pioneer Woman Makes Comfort Food for Your Cravings
7.31  The Plan to Eat Clean: 7 Misconceptions About the Paleo Diet
7.32  The Brain Fog Fix You Need to Know
7.33  How Rachael Ray's 2 Perfect Sauces Make 5 Easy Healthy Weekday Meals
7.34  5 Things to Do Today to Beat the Bloat by Tomorrow
7.35  4 Insanely Popular Health Rules You Should Ignore Immediately
7.36  30 Days/30 Ideas for Your Biggest Body Problems
7.37  Mo'Nique Co-Hosts: Your Survival Strategy to Get You Through the Holidays Without Gaining Weight
7.38  Does Your Cellphone Case Increase Your Radiation Risk?
7.39  Michael Strahan's 3 Rules to Win Big and Transform Your Life
7.40  The 3-Day Plan to Shut Down Your Cravings
7.41  Bobby Brown Opens Up About His Life After Bobbi Kristina
7.42  Killer Pills: America's Deadly Addiction to Pain Medication
7.43  The Truth About Zero Calorie Foods
7.44  The 5 Second Rule Experiment: Is It Really Ok to Eat Foods That's Fallen on the Floor?
7.45  Straight from the Red Carpet: Burning Health Questions from Country Music's Biggest Stars
7.46  The Metabolic Self-Test You Need to Take Now
7.47  3 Things You Need to Know About That Frozen Turkey for Thanksgiving
7.48  Oz Exclusive: Charlie Sheen's Former Girlfriend Breaks Her Silence About His HIV
7.49  What's the Deal with All the Omega-3 Added Foods?/Is It Real and Are They Worth Your Money?
7.50  The 3 Thyroid Triggers You Can Control
7.51  Is Money Stress Making You Sick? 3 Reasons to Stop Worrying About Your Credit Score
7.52  The Sugar Wars: What Dr. Sanjay Gupta Wants You to Know
7.53  The Coolest New Products and Items We're Obsessed with and You Will Be Too!
7.54  Self-Test for Your Biggest Body Problems
7.55  New Breakthroughs for Thinning Hair
7.56  Inside Amy Robach's Health Journey: How She Fought Back and Found Hope
7.57  Should You Be Taking a Water Pill?
7.58  The Truth Behind Fitness Trackers and the People Obsessed with Them
7.59  Genetically Modified Salmon Coming to a Store Near You
7.60  Life Swap: What a Clutter Bug and a Clean Freak Can Learn from Each Other
7.61  Got Symptoms? Dr. Oz Debuts His Exam Room
7.62  New Uses for Everyday Things to Get You Through the Holidays
7.63  The Anatomy of an E. Coli Outbreak: What Happened at Chipotle and Costco?
7.64  How to Reverse the Damage of a Sugar Binge
7.65  Pain Pain Go Away: Do You Have Fibromyalgia
7.66  The #1 Thing You Need to End Your Bad Mood, Fatigue and Sleepless Nights
7.67  Ask Dr. Oz: Your Biggest Holiday Health Questions Answered
7.68  Last Minute, Easy Homemade Health Gifts
7.69  The Day-Off Diet
7.70  Food Truth Series: What's Gone Wrong with the Bread We Buy?
7.71  The Power Plan to Stop Insomnia So You Can Sleep
7.72  "The Talk's" Sheryl Underwood Talks Frankly About Her Health Scare
7.73  The #1 Thing You're Doing Wrong That You Need to Stop Now
7.74  A Dr. Oz Exclusive: Charlie Sheen's Next Big Announcement - Part 1
7.75  A Dr. Oz Exclusive: Charlie Sheen One-on-One - Part 2
7.76  Food Truth Series: What You Need to Know About Processed Meat
7.77  The Secrets of a High-Functioning Alcoholic
7.78  The Plan to Power Through Stress and Anxiety
7.79  Dr. Oz Exclusive: Charlie Sheen Comes Face-to-Face with the Diagnosis He's Been Avoiding
7.80  Food Truth Series: Should You Stop Eating Salad?
7.81  Iyanla Vanzant Shows Us How to Overcome Our Fears and Anxiety
7.82  Dr. Oz Investigates: Toxic Tap Water in Flint, Michigan: Is Your Town's Water Safe? Erin Brockovich Tells All/Deadly Window Blinds
7.83  The Power Plan to Restore Your Energy
7.84  Could You Have a Parasite and Not Even Know It?
7.85  Why Being Disorganized Is Wrecking Your Life: How to Stop It Now
7.86  Oz Files: Solving Medical Mysteries You Will Never Forget
7.87  Dr. Oz Investigates: Can You Actually Catch Mental Illness?
7.88  The Heartburn Survival Guide: The 3-Step Plan to Reverse Your Acid Reflux
7.89  Breaking News: The Zika Virus: A Public Health Emergency in the Making?
7.90  Addicted to the Internet: Could You Give It Up for 30 Days?
7.91  Susan Lucci Opens Up About Her Grandson's Health
7.92  Jamie-Lynn Sigler's Secret Battle with MS: Why She's Speaking Out Now
7.93  See It to Believe It: 47-Year-Old Gives Birth an Hour After Learning She's Pregnant
7.94  Negative Calorie Foods: Why People Think They Can Chew Their Way Thin
7.95  The Truth Behind America's Biggest Foods: Inside America's Pizza: What You Don't Know
7.96  Oz Exclusive: Charlie Sheen Heads to Mexico and Comes Face-to-Face with the Doctor Who Claims He Has the Cure for HIV
7.97  Dr. Oz Investigation: Airline Secrets That You Need to Know Before You Take Another Flight
7.98  The Truth Behind America's Biggest Foods: Is the World Running Out of Chocolate?
7.99  Caught in the Act: Oz Investigates the Butt Enhancement Black Market
7.100  Oz Exclusive: Inside "Mob Wives" Star Big Ang's Cancer Crisis & Her Fight to Stay Alive
7.101  Daytime Exclusive: Columbine Killer's Mom Sue Klebold Takes You Inside the Life of Dealing with a Mentally Ill Child
7.102  Michael Strahan's Family Health Scare & Shannen Doherty's Cancer Crisis
7.103  Dr. Oz Investigation: Inside America's Food Courts: What You Need to Know Now
7.104  The Truth Behind America's Biggest Foods: What You Need to Know Before Taking Another Bite of BBQ
7.105  The Truth Behind America's Biggest Foods: The Truth About Greek Yogurt: What Are You Really Eating?
7.106  Oz Exclusive: Charlie Sheen on His Outbursts, Bad Behavior, and What Really Happened with His Ex-Wife, Denise Richards
7.107  What Really Happened: Tamar Braxton's Near-Fatal Blood Clots & Soap Star Maurice Benard's Brutal Battle with Bipolar Disorder
7.108  Drink Your Way Thin: Does the New Teatoxing Trend Work for Weight Loss?
7.109  The Truth Behind America's Biggest Foods: Whistleblower: The Cattle Rancher Who Is Sounding the Alarm on the Beef Industry
7.110  Oz Exclusive: Yolanda Foster Speaks Out About Her Fight Against an Invisible Disease
7.111  The New Body Types: Find Out Which You Are to Maximize Weight Loss Results
7.112  The Truth Behind America's Biggest Foods: Is Artificial Food Coloring Something I Need to Worry About?
7.113  Flatter by Friday: One Week to Shrink Your Stomach
7.114  The 5 Gut Types: Know Which One You Are to Lose Weight
7.115  Dangerous Teen Trends You Need to Know About and Don't
7.116  Dr. Oz Investigation: Are There Dangerous Chemicals in Your Family's Clothing?
7.117  Back from the Dead: What These People Saw When They Crossed Over
7.118  The Truth Behind Radical Weight Loss Methods
7.119  Breaking News: Could Carbs Cause Lung Cancer?
7.120  Dr. Oz Exclusive: Another Making of a Murderer Story You Haven't Heard
7.121  Penn Jillette's Incredible Weight Loss and It Wasn't Magic
7.122  Are Flavored Waters Diet Sodas in Disguise?
7.123  Jennifer Garner on Her Healthy Lifestyle, Raising Kids and Her Spirituality
7.124  What Does It Really Mean to Cut Out Carbs?
7.125  Food Truth: What's Really in Parmesan Cheese?
7.126  Dr. Oz Investigates the Best Money Secrets You Haven't Tried
7.127  Are Fake Doctors Scamming You? Montel Williams Investigates
7.128  The Rise in Sexually Transmitted Cancer: Are You at Risk?
7.129  The Sugar Quitter's Guide to Life
7.130  The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time, with Arianna Huffington
7.131  The New At-Home Alzheimer's Test
7.132  Cameron Diaz on Longevity and Aging Gracefully
7.133  Toxic Laminate Wood Floors: Are They Making You Sick?
7.134  Holly Robinson Peete & Rodney Peete: The Diagnosis They Never Expected
7.135  The Biggest Health Myths Americans Still Believe
7.136  A Dr. Oz Investigation: What You Need to Know Before You Dine Out Again
7.137  Dr. Oz Investigates: Vanity Sizing at Your Favorite Stores - Is Sizing Down Helping Your Ego But Hurting Your Health?
7.138  Is Toxic Mold Growing in Your Home?
7.139  Nightmare Surrogacy Battles: When Parents & Surrogates Disagree
7.140  Why Are So Many People Overdosing on Anxiety Drugs?
7.141  Low Fat or Whole Fat: Dr. Oz Weighs in on Dairy Products
7.142  Dr. Oz Investigates: Hidden Cameras Capture Diet Sabotagers
7.143  Drugs, Alcohol and Pills: What Really Happened with America's Favorite Sitcom Kids?
7.144  Why the Creator of the Fast Diet Says Everything You've Been Told About Weight Loss Is Wrong
7.145  Dr. Oz Investigates Diet Ice Cream: Are the Ingredients Making You Fat?
7.146  Marie Osmond: How She Moved Past the Biggest Tragedy of Her Life
7.147  Oz Investigation: Inside the Places You Go Most: Movie Theater Concession Stands
7.148  Waist Trainer Disasters You Have to See to Believe
7.149  Back from the Dead Stories: The Man Who Said He Went to Hell
7.150  Food Truth: What's Really in Your Guacamole?
7.151  Everything You Need to Know About Alzheimer's Right Now: The Alzheimer's Pill
7.152  Food Truth: The Healthy Coffee You Should Be Drinking Right Now, If You Only Knew About It
7.153  I Dropped Half My Body Weight and You Can Too
7.154  Oz Investigations: Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong: The Woman with a Hole in Her Belly
7.155  Food Truth: What's Really in Your Pancake Syrup
7.156  Queen Latifah Sets the Record Straight About Becoming a New Mother and Her New Passion
7.157  Food Truth: Where Is the Shrimp I Am Buying Coming From?
7.158  Oz Investigation: How Safe Is It to Grab and Go at Gas Station Convenience Stores?
7.159  Can You Trick Your Body Into Burning Stored Fat? Why You Need to Know About the Ketogenic Diet
7.160  Oz Investigation: Are the Health Foods You Are Eating High in Arsenic? What You Need to Know
7.161  Tricks to Getting the Cheapest Prescription Drugs
7.162  Food Truth: Can Beer Actually Be Good for You?
7.163  Alison Sweeney on Her Fight Against an Online Diet Pill Scam
7.164  Food Truth: Mark Hyman Reveals the Truth About Vegetable Oil
7.165  Do You Have Chronic Fatigue? The Real Reason You Have No Energy
7.166  Secrets Retailers Don't Want You to Know: Big Box Stores, Department Stores and Dollar Stores
7.167  The Truth About Turkey Burgers and If They're Really Worth Your Money
7.168  Doctor Confessionals: The Secrets They're Not Sharing with You
7.169  What's Really Behind Dad Bod?
7.170  Oz Investigates: Why You Can't Poop on Vacation and Other Summer Health Dilemmas
7.171  Dr. Oz Investigation: Inside America's Fastest-Growing Obsession: Sleeping Pills
7.172  Got Symptoms? Dr. Oz On-Set Exam Room
7.173  Secrets to Losing Half Your Body Size
7.174  Addicted to Tanning: What You Need to Know to Undo the Damage Right Now
7.175  Extreme Diets You Have to See to Believe
7.176  Dr. Oz's Big Hygiene Experiment: Do I Really Need to Wash It:?
7.177  Craziest Health Confessions from Restaurant Workers
7.178  Are You One of the 80 Million Americans with Fatty Liver? What to Do Now
7.179  Food Truth: What You Need to Know About Which Summer Fruits Are Safe?
7.180  How to Make a Cleanse Work: What Everyone Gets Wrong
7.181  Biggest Health Improvements to Your Home for Under 10 Bucks
8.1  Healing America's Grief: Mothers of the Movement and Mothers of Slain Officers, Together for the First Time
8.2  The Ultimate Alzheimer's Prevention Guide: Your Alzheimer's Defense Plan
8.3  The Regimen: The Only Plan You'll Need to Checklist Your Health
8.4  Dr. Oz: One on One with Donald Trump
8.5  Zika Takes America: Oz Weighs in on Why You Need to Act Fast Now
8.6  99 Food Hacks You Can't Live Without
8.7  True Crime Tuesdays: When Moms Kill Their Children -- What Happened to Susan Smith's Husband?
8.8  Breaking News: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Divorcing/"I Died and Came Back: You Won't Believe What I Saw"
8.9  What's Really in Your Pet Food, and Does It Matter?
8.10  What's Your Chronotype? Unlock the Secrets to Better Sleep
8.11  The 30 Second Cracker Test to Tell If You Are Carb Intolerant
8.12  Former Teen Star Corey Feldman Speaks Out on Abuse in Hollywood
8.13  Botched by Nature: Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif
8.14  The Big Story: Epipen Price Hike Outrage: What's Happening to Families Who Can't Afford It?
8.15  Real Housewife Kim Zolciak Biermann on Her Emergency Heart Surgery
8.16  The Truth About Rotisserie Chicken
8.17  True Crime Tuesdays: What Happened to Chandra Levy?
8.18  Proof of Angels: Does a Belief in Angels Give You the Power to Heal?
8.19  The Big Story: The One Thing You're Not Eating That Could Reduce Your Cravings Today
8.20  The Health Crisis That Changed Rachael Ray's Life
8.21  Top Consumer Investigations: Are Fiber-Fortified Foods Fake?
8.22  What You Need to Know About the Smart Drug That Claims to Boost Energy, Memory and Focus
8.23  Cracked: The DNA Spit Test Reunion for the Woman Abandoned at Birth
8.24  The Big Story: What Happened to the Boy in the Heroin Overdose Car Photo?
8.25  Oz Investigates: The Final 7 Minutes Before Death: What Does It Really Feel Like to Die?
8.26  Rob Lowe: The Health Decision That Saved His Life
8.27  The Four-Letter Word That Took a Toll on Pamela Anderson's Health
8.28  Best Friend Mediums Helping Families Communicate with the Other Side
8.29  The Sleep Brain Connection with Arianna Huffington: How Our Sleep Crisis Is Hurting Our Minds and Our Memory
8.30  Food Truth Series: Is It Okay to Eat Granola?
8.31  Food Insider Reveals the Top 3 Counterfeit Food Scams
8.32  True Crime Tuesdays: Held Captive for 7 Years in a Box!
8.33  Dr. Oz Investigation: Why Don't Your Blue Jeans Fit? The Secret You Need to Know Before You Buy Another Pair
8.34  Dr. Oz Food Investigation: Low-Calorie Chip Craze
8.35  Dr. Oz Food Investigation: The Pasta Paradox with Mario Batali
8.36  Dr. Oz Food Investigation: Is Your Greek Yogurt a Fake?
8.37  Oz Investigates: What You Need to Know Before You Drink and Eat at America's Biggest Coffee Chains
8.38  Dr. Oz Food Investigation: The Truth About Frozen Pizza and Frozen Chicken Nuggets
8.39  Oz Exclusive: Bobby Brown Speaks Out on Nick Gordon: Who Killed Bobbi Kristina?
8.40  The 3-Day Plan to Digest Carbs You Want Without Gaining Weight
8.41  Oz Investigation: How Healthy Are Supermarket-Ready Meals?
8.42  True Crime Tuesdays: Fetal Abductions: Babies Stolen from the Womb
8.43  Food Investigation: Before You Take Another Bite of That Fast-Food Breakfast Sandwich, Watch This
8.44  America's Most Iconic Child Stars Reveal What Really Happened Behind Closed Doors in Hollywood
8.45  Dr. Oz Food Investigation: Are Sugar-Free Foods Secretly Making You Fat?
8.46  Dr. Oz Food Investigation: Supermarket Steaks: What's Good, What's Not, and How Do You Know?
8.47  The Prescription to Defy Your Age
8.48  Breaking News: Can Your Chiropractor Kill You?
8.49  Dr. Oz Food Investigation: Behind Closed Doors at Perdue
8.50  99 Thanksgiving Hacks: The Results of Our Frozen Turkey Investigation: How to Cook a Fully Frozen Bird Without Defrosting
8.51  Cut Your Alzheimer's Risk at Home Today with Sanjay Gupta
8.52  Megyn Kelly Speaks Out: Trump, Sexual Harassment and Fighting for Women
8.53  Jason Derulo/Buzzfeed and the Coolest Products We're Obsessed With
8.54  What Is Your Fibroid Risk?
8.55  The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Surviving a Detox: How Loni Love Did It and You Can Too
8.56  Al Roker on the Painful Condition That Nearly Brought Him to His Knees
8.57  Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath: What She Has to Say Now
8.58  99 Biggest Body and Diet Myths You Need to Stop Believing Right Now
8.59  What's Your Ayuretic Stress Type? Holistic Solutions to Find Your Inner Calm
8.60  Kathy Bates Comes Forward About Her Battle with a Disease No One Talks About
8.61  Oz Investigation: The Adderall Black Market: Do We Have a Generation Addicted?
8.62  21 Ways to Be Healthy, Even When You're Broke
8.63  Gloria Estefan Speaks Out About Her Family's Health Crisis
8.64  Does Your Town Pass the Germ Test?
8.65  True Crime Tuesdays: Jogger Abductions -- Snatched on the Run
8.66  Would You Know the Signs of a Brain Aneurysm? Why Not Knowing Could Cost You Your Life
8.67  Daytime Exclusive: Kate Gosselin Opens Up About Child Abuse Allegations and Life After Divorce
8.68  Cancer-Fighting Superfoods
8.69  Is God Behind Miraculous Cures That Have No Earthly Explanation?
8.70  How You Can Tap Into Your Subconscious Mind to Heal Your Body
8.71  At-Home DIY Beauty Kits to Get You Through the Holidays Looking Amazing
8.72  The New Meatless Burger That Looks, Cooks and Tastes Like Meat & the 21-Day Weight Loss Breakthrough
8.73  Jumpstart Your Memory and Mood with Mark Hyman
8.74  Oz Exclusive: An Hour with Oprah
8.75  The 4-Hour Energy Guru Shares His Secrets to All-Day Energy
8.76  I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant 2
8.77  Jumpstart Your Sluggish Thyroid
8.78  The Internet Shopping Detox
8.79  Oz Investigates: $99 Botox, Silicone Pumping Parties and Fillers You Buy on the Internet
8.80  Oz Investigates: Will Eating Probotic Foods Really Change Your Gut?
8.81  Unexplained Medical Phenomenons: Incredible Stories That Shocked Doctors and That Will Make You Believe in Miracles
8.82  Why the Way You've Been Buying Shrimp and Scallops Is All Wrong
8.83  True Crime Tuesdays: Is O.J. Innocent?
8.84  The Liver Reboot to Go from a Fatty Liver to a Skinny Liver
8.85  Wrecked by Beauty: The Worst Hair Extension Disasters You Have to See to Believe
8.86  America's Test Kitchen's Best Skinny Shortcuts
8.87  Exploding E-Cigarettes: What You Need to Know
8.88  Judge Marilyn Milian Presides Over the People's Health Court
8.89  The Beginner's Guide to Going Vegan Without Going Crazy
8.90  Your Worrying and Anxiety Could Be Because You're Not Getting Enough of This!
8.91  Secrets of People Who Look Half Their Age
8.92  True Crime Tuesdays: The New Internet Drug Craze
8.93  If You Are Over 40, You Need to Watch This Now!
8.94  The Ultimate Supermarket Takeover
8.95  Sherri Shepherd Speaks Out on Life After Divorce
8.96  Eat Bread Again: The New Breads That Can Help You Lose Weight
8.97  True Crime Tuesdays: Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey?
8.98  I Tried It for 21 Days. This Is What Happened
8.99  The Personality Test You and Everyone Else in Your Life Should Take
8.100  What's Your Calorie Type? Unlock Your Special Weight Loss Code
8.101  Why You Should Eat Mayo Again
8.102  True Crime Tuesdays: What Happened to Laci Peterson?
8.103  The Truth About Diets Filling Your Social Media Feed
8.104  Body Oddities You Won't Believe: The Real Life Barbie & Ken Reveal Their Latest Transformation
8.105  Dr. And Chef-Approved: The 5-Day Easy Meal System
8.106  The 5-Day Tealox to Shrink Your Belly and Rid Yourself Body of Toxins
8.107  True Crime Tuesdays: The Menendez Brothers Family Murder: Where Are They Now?
8.108  Ricky Martin Opens Up About His Marriage, Kids and Health
8.109  Epic Meltdowns Caught on Tape - Fake News
8.110  Sparkling Water Investigation: Are Bubbles Bad for Your Body?
8.111  Oz Undercover Investigation: Is Home Mold Removal Really a Scam?
8.112  "Shark Tank" Star Barbara Corcoran Bites Back Against Scammers
8.113  3-Day Super Soup Restart Cleanse
8.114  What Your Dreams Can Say About Your Health
8.115  The Healthy Meat You're Not Eating
8.116  The No.1 Way to Shake Off Anxiety and Toxic Worrying
8.117  Body Hacks to Lose Weight and Reverse Disease
8.118  The Big Cheese Fight: Can We Eat Cheese and Be Healthy?
8.119  Are You Eating at the Right Time to Maximize Weight Loss? The Quiz Everyone Needs to Take
8.120  Dirty Discounts: Are Prices at the Discount Department Stores Too Good to Be True?
8.121  Gayle King on Her Diet and Hot Topics
8.122  3 Things TV Chefs Always Have in Their Fridge
8.123  Dr. Oz Exclusive: USA Gymnastics Sexual Abuse Scandal: Gymnasts Speak Out
8.124  Tony Robbins' Playbook for Financial Freedom
8.125  Whole 30: The Beginner's Guide to Cooking Clean
8.126  Food Truth: Why You Should Eat Potatoes Again
8.127  Healthy Foods That Can Wreck Your Diet
8.128  Keke Palmer Opens Up About Anxiety
8.129  Martha Stewart Speaks Out on Anti-Aging, Anti-Boredom and Breaking the Rules
8.130  The Truth About Sausage
8.131  Oz Investigates: How to Avoid Fake Foods in Restaurants
8.132  4 Sneaky Signs of Cervical Cancer Every Woman Should Know
8.133  The Number 1 Thing You Never Thought of That's Making You Sick
8.134  28-Day Food Plan to Boost Your Thyroid
8.135  Settle It for Good: Should You Eat Breakfast or Skip It? And Other Big Health Debates
8.136  Rethinking Death: Have We Been Doing It All Wrong?
8.137  What's Your Real Brain Strength? Bulletproof Coffee Guru's Instant Test
8.138  Super Cheap Pork: Should It Be on Your Table?
8.139  Oz on the Inside: A Festering Epicenter of Heroin That Will Shock You
8.140  What to Really Buy at the Big Box Store: Insider Tips from Costco, BJ's & Target
8.141  Oprah on Her Latest Passion Project
8.142  Consumer Reports Investigation: What Do You Really Need to Extend the Life of Your Heart?
8.143  Bob Harper on the Heart Attack That Nearly Killed Him and Why He Shouldn't Be Alive
8.144  Drop Ten Pounds Before Summer!
8.145  The Fish You've Never Tried But Should!
8.146  Oz Investigates: Are You Really Getting Actual Chicken in Your Fast Food?
8.147  The New Fat Bombs to Help You Lose Weight! What the Heck Are They?
8.148  100-Calorie Snack Investigation: Secret Weapon or Diet Saboteur?
8.149  Oz Investigates: The Fast Food Packaging Alert You Need to Know About Now
8.150  The Ultimate Alzheimer's Diet
8.151  Ultimate Detox Month: Why Grapefruit Is Back: The 7-Day Grapefruit Detox for Weight Loss
8.152  I Told You So! Dr. Oz and His Wife, Lisa, Debate the Biggest Everyday Health Myths!
8.153  The Great Nut Debate: Why Oz Is Worked Up About the War Against Nuts!
8.154  Oz Investigates: Hair Restoration Scams: How Far Would You Go to Reverse Your Thinning Hair?
8.155  Black Salve: The Dangerous At-Home Cancer Treatment Being Sold Online
8.156  Ultimate Detox Month: Tummy Tox to Rid You of Constipation for Optimal Digestion
8.157  Could You Survive on $4 a Day?
8.158  Why You Should Consider Drinking That Glass of Orange Juice for Breakfast Again
8.159  Dr. Oz Investigation: Who Do You See When You Die?
8.160  The Tea Flush Decoder: We Know Tea Is Healthy, But What Do I Buy?
8.161  Ultimate Detox Month: Acid Reflux
8.162  Oz Investigates: Which Pain Products Really Work for Your Back?
8.163  Salt Bombs: Is There a Secret Salt Overload in Your Food?
8.164  Oz Investigates: Overseas Antibiotics Being Sold in a Deli Near You
8.165  What Is Your Health Horoscope?
8.166  Iyanla Vanzant's Secret Health Scare That Changed Her Life
8.167  Summer Diet Investigation: Are Low-Calorie Ice Creams Worth It?
8.168  How Much Protein Do You Really Need? Your Personal Protein Amount Revealed!
8.169  The Best and Worst Frozen Diet Dinners Ranked!
8.170  Fasting in Real Life: Can a Mini Fast Help You Lose Unwanted Fat?
8.171  Why Hot Sauce Could Be the Secret to Your Summer Diet
8.172  99 Food Myths
8.173  Can You Actually Will a Medical Miracle to Happen?
8.174  The Truth About the Latest Internet Diets: What Works?
8.175  The Holistic Jumpstart for Your Fatigue
8.176  True Crime Tuesdays: Sexual Assault During Massages
8.177  The Coffee Lover's Diet
8.178  America's Test Kitchen Reveals the Right Way to Grill Fish and Meat: It Works!
8.179  Gut Check: Do You Have a Leaky Gut Making You Fat and Exhausted?
8.180  Best Hacks Ever for a Flatter Belly
9.1  The Alzeimer's Summit: New Prevention Breakthroughs & Judge Hatchett's Family Heartbreak
9.2  True Crime Tuesday: What O.J. Simpson Wants to Say to Dr. Oz
9.3  Your Food Deconstructed: In Defense of American Chicken
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