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Season 1

8 Nov. 2007
The Unseen Enemy
Anash loses his parents in a deadly smallpox epidemic. His best friend and servant Kole is weakened by the disease but survives. Still grappling with his loss, Anash learns he has a gift of power and a destiny to fulfill. As a result Anash and Kole set out on a quest to reunite all the pieces of the Sun-Rock in order to bring peace to the land.
15 Nov. 2007
Through the Blue Tunnel
Anash and Kole fight their way over a treacherous glacier in search of the White-Eyes People, who are rumored to have a piece of the Sun-Rock. Finding them suffering from hunger and deprivation, Anash and Kole share their supplies and learn an important lesson about selflessness, especially when the White-Eyes People respond in kind.
22 Nov. 2007
Exile from Suskan Inlet
At Suskan Inlet, Anash and Kole meet with clan allies and try to get information about more Sun-Rock pieces. During a story-telling session, however, Anash embarrasses himself by inappropriately displaying his powers. He and Kole depart in shame and in doubt about whether they are worthy to fulfill their destiny.
29 Nov. 2007
A Face in the Forest
While Anash seeks spiritual help on a mountain ledge, Kole discovers slavers taking captives south to the Russian settlement at Yu Tatoosh. Anash and Kole disagree on whether to resort to violence or plan to out-smart those at the Russian settlement. Instead, posing as criminals, the boys infiltrate the slavers camp and bide their time for a chance to free the captives as they travel to Yu Tatoosh.
6 Dec. 2007
Upon the Words of Elders
Anash and Kole fail to free slaves and flee for their lives to seek out the Shaman Daxa. Using powerful medicine, Daxa trains them to speak Russian and English so they will be able to converse with the Russians who are rumored to have another piece of the Sun-Rock. Anash receives some startling news that his beloved uncle Katlaan will sacrifice himself to restore piece with the Tir-Too warriors.
13 Dec. 2007
The Will of the North Wind
The boys return to Suskan Inlet and witness the self-sacrifice of Katlaan in a Peace Ceremony. His death troubles Anash, who refuses to join in a war party headed upriver to attack a Hudson's Bay post. This causes strife between Anash and Kole. Realizing that he must let others follow their own hearts, Anash bids farewell to Kole and wishes him a safe journey.

 Season 1 

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