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In at least one episode, Jules (Courteney Cox) is watching Scrubs (2001). Bill Lawrence also created Scrubs, and his wife Christa Miller is in both shows.
On May 10, 2012, it was announced that the show would be leaving ABC and doing a fourth season on TBS. Also, TBS bought the rights to the first three season and would air them in repeats as well.
The show is set in Florida. With the exception of the pilot and episode 1.19, all episodes are named after Tom Petty songs. Petty is a Florida native.
In May 2010, the series' creator Bill Lawrence announced that he was considering changing the series' title. Among the titles considered were "Friends & Family", "Friends & Neighbors", "Neighborhood Jules", "The Cul de Sac", "The End of the Street", "The Neighborhood" and "Neighborhooding". He almost settled on "Sunshine State," but decided against it when it was discovered that Matthew Perry's upcoming series would be named "Mr. Sunshine." Lawrence eventually decided to keep the original title.
In at least one scene, a sign for the fictional "Coffee Bucks" franchise can be seen in the background. Coffee Bucks was also featured in Scrubs (2001), which was also created by Bill Lawrence.
In season 4, Jules takes her father to the doctor for a check up. In this episode, a sign for a private practice can be seen, which is owned by Doctors Cox, Reid and Turk. Those three are all main characters from Scrubs (2001) (Dr. Perry Cox = John C. McGinley, Dr. Elliot Reid = Sarah Chalke, Dr. Chris Turk = Donald Faison)
By their own admission, creators Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel realized after the first episodes that the central plot of the show (a woman on her 40s starts dating 20 year-olds) wasn't working as much as they hoped, and also noticed that the ensemble scenes were a lot of fun to write and shoot. So they ditched the 'cougar' aspect and focused on the main group of characters.
In season 2 episode 21 Danny Pudi appears in the background. Danny Pudi plays Abed in the show Community who is a huge fan of Cougar Town and talked about being an extra after being invited to visit the set.
Sam Lloyd's character from Scrubs (2001), Theodore "Ted" Buckland, also appears on Cougar Town (2009). The first time when the cul-de-sac crew travels to Hawaii to bring Travis back. Ted tells Jules that he came to Hawaii because his girlfriend Gooch, who was also on Scrubs (2001), left him for Hooch, a surgeon from Sacred Heart Hospital where Scrubs (2001) takes place. Ted appears a second time with his band "The Worthless Peons", who also appeared several times on Scrubs (2001).
By the end of the show, four of the main cast members had directed episodes: Courteney Cox (12), Busy Philipps (one), Josh Hopkins (two) and Brian Van Holt (one). Cox started directing from the third season and continued right through the end of the show, even directing the finale.
In the pilot episode, the set of the cul de sac is different from the rest of the series.
Christa miller and Ian Gomez who play married on the show were formerly on the drew Carey show together as Co-workers.
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Brian Van Holt and Josh Hopkins also starred in CSI: Miami: And They're Offed (2009) although they never shared any scenes together.
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Every episode is named after a Tom Petty song.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Three of Courteney Cox's Friends (1994) co-stars (Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry) appeared Cougar Town (2009). David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc did not.
Several characters from the brother series Scrubs (2001) have seen a crossover to Cougar Town (2009).

Courteney Cox who portrays Dr. Maddox in Scrubs (2001) is the lead character Jules.

Christa Miller who portrays Jordan Sullivan in Scrubs (2001) plays the main character Ellie.

Ken Jenkins who portrays Dr. Kelso in Scrubs (2001) has a recurring role as Chick, Jules' father.

Bob Clendenin who portrays Dr. Zeltzer in Scrubs (2001) is the recurring character Tom Gazelian.

Zach Braff who portrays J.D. in Scrubs (2001) appeared in Season Three as a Pizza Delivery Guy. He also appears in a Smartphone app which tells you what appetizer to order.

Scott Foley who portrays Sean Kelly in Scrubs (2001) appeared in four episodes in Season One as Jules' then-boyfriend, Jeff.

Windell Middlebrooks who portrays Melvis Duncook in Scrubs (2001) appeared in a Season One episode as Gerald, a floor tiler, when Jules creates a new master bathroom.

Nicole Sullivan who portrays Jill Tracy in Scrubs (2001) appeared in seven episodes as Jules' therapist, Lynn.

Shaughn Buchholz who portrays "Cabbage" in Scrubs (2001) appeared in two episodes in Season Two.

Sarah Chalke who portrays Elliot in Scrubs (2001) appeared in four episodes as Travis' art teacher and Bobby's girlfriend, Angie.

Robert Maschio who portrays Todd Quinlan in Scrubs (2001) appeared as a pool guy.
Christa Miller and Ian Gomez were regular actors on The Drew Carey Show.
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