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Season 1

25 Sep. 2009
A former big shot returns home for a chance to rebuild his relationship with his family, get his life back on track and prove you can go home again - even if it's kicking and screaming.
25 Sep. 2009
House Rules/Anniversary
House Rules: A long time married couple take in their grown sons, whose lives have taken unfortunate turns. Also, in Anniversary, the family takes each other on in bowling & husband forgets his & wife's 39th anniversary.
2 Oct. 2009
Mom at Bar/Train Buddy
ADELE (CCH Pounder) and COACH (Carl Weathers) are getting fed up with the constant bickering between MIKE and his brother CHILL (Daryl Chill Mitchell) over the family restaurant, Trainors. ADELE devises a plan to encourage her sons to work together, and ends up altering the atmosphere of the restaurant. Meanwhile, COACH joins an online community for model train enthusiasts and begins spending time with a new-found friend (Tracey Ross).
9 Oct. 2009
Snoop/Fat Kid
MIKE (Michael Strahan) is talked into hiring his cousin the "debt assassin" KENNY (Snoop Dogg) by his brother CHILL (Daryl Chill Mitchell) and his mother ADELE (CCH Pounder) to help track down the money his manager stole. Meanwhile, COACH (Carl Weathers) is faced with motivating an athletically-challenged student (Troy Gentile) to pass Physical Education. Also, Arsenio Hall and T-Pain make guest appearances in the family restaurant Trainors.
11 Oct. 2009
When MIKE (Michael Strahan) returns home to Houston to live with his parents COACH (Carl Weathers) and ADELE (CCH Pounder), he runs into an old girlfriend (Danielle Nicolet) and finds himself competing with his brother CHILL (Daryl Chill Mitchell) for her attention. Meanwhile, when Adele's sister (Tichina Arnold) and her new white husband Lenny (Lenny Clarke) come to visit, Coach is so appalled by Lenny's unintentionally offensive remarks that the women are forced to call a family meeting. Mike Tyson also makes a special appearance at the family restaurant Trainors to...
18 Oct. 2009
Commercial/Coach DMV
Mike's agent secures some on-camera opportunities for extra income, including a post-game commentary with former NFL rival Anthony "Avalanche" Carter and a commercial spot with Adele. But when both Avalanche and Adele prove to be extremely difficult screen partners, Mike's appearances don't go as smoothly as planned. Meanwhile, Coach needs to renew his license but is having problems passing the test. Chill, fearing that he will become Coach's personal driver if Coach can't pass the test, goes out of his way to help him make the grade.
23 Oct. 2009
Meet Mike Trainor/Assistant Coach
When Coach's football team suffers an embarrassing losing steak, he relieves Chill of his duties as assistant coach and recruits Mike to help him devise some winning plays. Meanwhile, Trainor's newest hostess spreads some juicy rumors to help attract customers to Trainor's, but when her gossip attracts Nancy O'Dell, Kim Kardashian stops by the restaurant to set the record straight.
8 Nov. 2009
Mike's Comeback
Mike is given a second chance to play for the NFL, and it seems like his financial woes may finally be coming to an end. But when making the team is contingent on passing a physical in only two-weeks' time, Mike turns to Coach and Chill to get him back into shape. Meanwhile, Adele meddles with a student's decision to play professional baseball.
22 Nov. 2009
Week in the Chair
Mike (Michael Strahan) bets his brother Chill (Daryl Chill Mitchell) that he can stay in a wheelchair for a week in order to get out of doing the household chores. Coach (Carl Weathers) feels the itch to have another child around the home, but will he convince Adele (CCH Pounder) that they are ready for round two.
13 Dec. 2009
Snoop Returns
When COACH's (Carl Weathers) brother makes bail Coach decides to have him stay at the house. ADELE (CCH Pounder) is not happy with the decision to have a former criminal as a house guest. Meanwhile MIKE (Michael Strahan) and CHILL (Daryl "Chill" Mitchell) make a wager that Mike won't be able to get a date with their newest waitress. KENNY (Snoop Dog) stops by and the family tries to make sure he doesn't steal anything. With a special guest appearance by football coach, Jimmy Johnson.
13 Dec. 2009
MIKE (Michael Strahan) is home for his first Christmas in ten years, and ADELE (CCH Pounder) is looking forward to the best Christmas ever, even if it means Mike and CHILL (Daryl "Chill" Mitchell) will be fighting the whole time. However, problems start arising when Chill breaks the bad news to the Trainor staff that they have to work on Christmas. Then Adele's brother-in-law LENNY (Lenny Clarke) comes to stay after forgetting his anniversary. And finally, Mike gets an opportunity to work on TV for Christmas that he can't pass up. Will the Trainors have their "family"...
27 Dec. 2009
Girls Girls Girls
ADELE (CCH Pounder) tries to set up CHILL (Daryl Chill Mitchell) on a blind date with a social worker from school. MIKE (Michael Strahan) encourages it only because he thinks that it will be a complete disaster. Chill soon learns that his blind date, JENNY (Rosi Reed) is also in a chair and they share an immediate connection. Meanwhile, Adele's co-worker GLORIA (Leila Arcieri) has a huge crush on Mike, but Adele doesn't want that to ruin their friendship. Will the Trainor boys find their perfect matches, or will they strike out again?
27 Dec. 2009
Follow the Story
MIKE (Michael Strahan) is surprised when sports writer, MEG (Toni Trucks), decides to do a cover story on him for PSEN magazine. Mike thinks that this may be his big break to find more work, maybe even in Hollywood. Meg decides to dig a little deeper by asking CHILL (Daryl "Chill" Mitchell) and other people close to Mike in order for her to get her big story. Meanwhile COACH's (Carl Weathers) team is undefeated and he is taking his superstitions to an extreme level. ADELE (CCH Pounder) is unhappy that Coach won't break some of his superstitions for her. She feels like...

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