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  • Number 6's feeble attempt at escape soon comes to an end and he is returned to the Village. There he is introduced to Number 16 who claims to be his brother. Number 6 is understandably skeptical about it all and has no recollection of 16. He also learns that he is a bus driver by profession, giving tours around the the Village. When he comes across a ship's anchor in the middle of the desert he begins to think there may be another way to escape. We learn more about Number 6's life in New York City and that he had resigned as an analyst with a security company that reviewed CCTV footage from around the world. It is also clear that he was under observation even then. As Number 6 goes from what he thinks is reality to waking dreams, he is longer sure what is real and what is imagined.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Six is introduced to a man he is told is his brother, named 16, and 16's family. Six believes this man is indeed not his brother, as another recurring memory Six has is about a childhood fishing trip to the beach with his brother, who he remembers being named Steven. As Six gets to know 16, Six is told he is a tour bus driver. With his other recurring memory, Six believes that Lucy has something to do with Summakor, a company from where he resigned as an analyst. Six also agrees to go into therapy. From his observations, Six figures his therapist, 70, is scared about something. But as time goes on, Six begins to trust his medical doctor, 313, more. On a couple of outings with 16, Six sees a few things in the desert which make him believe all the more strongly about there being a life outside of The Village, as there are aspects of these findings that seem familiar of his life outside The Village. Most specifically, Six can feel that the ocean is nearby. He is supported in his quest by 16 and a mysterious woman. Six also believes that the towers he continually sees and was told to follow by 554 before her death are part of the answer to escape. Meanwhile, Two deals with a sleeping woman in Palais Two, and questions by his son, 11-12, who is confused by Six's emphatic assertions of life outside of The Village.

    - Written by Huggo


Synopsis provided by AMC Publicity Six lies unconscious in the desert. The sight of a seagull flashes him back to a childhood memory of a trip he took to the beach with his brother...

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