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Wonderfully funny and subversively affecting.
One of the most irresistible films of the year so far.
Writer-director Richard Ayoade has the knack. A fresh and inventive cinematic voice, he's taken a subject that's been beaten half to death and brought it miraculously to life in his smart and funny debut feature, Submarine.
Submarine isn't an insipid teen sex comedy. It flaunts some stylistic devices, such as titles and sections and self-aware narration, but it doesn't try too hard to be desperately clever.
Isn't merely joke-funny. It's texture-funny.
A charming indie that combines dreamy aspiration with mucky, hilarious reality.
Ayoade, the British comic making a remarkable feature debut with his adaptation of Joe Dunthorne's 2008 novel, blends mirth and malice with deadpan brilliance.
Ayoade is well known to British viewers for his role as a coddled nerd in the sitcom "The IT Crowd," so it's fair to expect laughs from his directorial debut feature. But much depends on your mind-set; U.S. audiences could have trouble with the movie's less-than-sunny worldview.
The film's humor comes in part from the gap between what Oliver says and what the audience sees.
Writer-director Richard Ayoade's feature debut is witty and quirky, with a gripping performance by Paddy Considine.
Divided into three chapters in a largely unsuccessful attempt at structure, the voice and the style don't combine as explosively as they should to pick up the material's slack.
The film is so self-conscious it seems to be dictating your every reaction.

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