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Plot Keywords

ship naval
battle alien
armada sea
naval combat battleship
combat lieutenant colonel
cannon thumbs up gesture
silver star navy cross
air strike reference to the art of war
salvo broadside
cutting torch four fingered hand
ship propeller blinded
close up of eyes .50 calibre sniper rifle
cruise missile night combat
surface to surface missle martial law
newscast panic attack
wreckage shot point blank
little league sikorsky ch 53 sea stallion
mk 15 phalanx gun zodiac boat
building toppling buddha statue
invasion of earth physical therapy
physical therapist sikorsky sh 60 seahawk
artificial leg ddg 53 uss john paul jones guided missile destroyer
ddg 102 uss sampson guided missle destroyer cvn 76 uss ronald regan
naval exercise model ship
f 18 hornet ceremony
jet fly over sunglasses
penalty kick kicked in the head
year 2012 man wearing a towel
man in bath microwave oven
chicken burrito radio dish antenna
oahu hawaii exoplanet
year 2006 year 2005
begins with text scene during end credits
reference to jerry lewis reference to donald trump
subjective camera man wearing towel
male in bathtub lens flare
ham radio riot
looting beaten to death
media coverage news report
tooth knocked out us navy uniform
unknown enemy u.s. navy
u.s. naval officer sea victory
sea captain navy ship
navy seal navy sea air and land force
navy pilot navy lieutenant
navy captain naval uniform
naval ships naval battle
naval aviation naval assault
naval aircraft joint chiefs of staff
big gun american navy
camera phone telepathy
mind reading anchor
shot in the head shot to death
shot in the back shot in the chest
missile launcher redemption
courage bare chested male
car crash car accident
violence long take
power outage slow motion scene
race against time child in peril
helicopter crash marine base
character repeating someone else's dialogue punched in the chest
punched in the face beating
subtitled scene death of brother
sinking ship physiotherapist
x rayed skeleton electromagnetic pulse
helmet world domination
end of the world scenario character's point of view camera shot
flashlight raft
torpedo binoculars
underwater explosion shark
collapsing building crash landing
tokyo japan times square manhattan new york city
new york city piccadilly circus london
london england japanese flag
american flag ship captain
commander captain
lieutenant admiral
military us navy
ice bath bathtub
electrocution chase
foot chase police chase
gas station drunkenness
pool table birthday
box office flop no opening credits
pentagon prosthetic leg
gymnasium war veteran
war hero afghanistan veteran
korean war veteran anti hero
spacecraft spaceship
aircraft carrier fighter jet
fictional war good versus evil
fight brawl
fistfight martial arts
hand to hand combat water
ocean gatling gun
sniper pistol
shotgun machine gun
outer space space travel
nasa scientist
product placement prologue
film starts with text exploding body
explosion exploding building
exploding plane exploding helicopter
exploding ship lost communication
communications equipment communications center
communications expert lizard
armor formation
communications jet fighter pilot
fighter pilot energy shield
pacific wargame
naval base burrito
displacement buoy
air base helicopter
bridge collapse viaduct
overpass baseball
sinking sheriff killed
sea battle dead sheriff
sheriff satellite dish
taser convenience store
break in award ceremony
naval officer jds myoko
uss sampson uss john paul jones
bank of china police van
death of police officer police officer killed
police officer american sailor
japanese sailor japan
japanese japanese navy
united states navy japan self defense forces
soccer game soccer
missile destroyer
fighter plane board game
uss missouri ex sailor
medal ceremony sonar
radar battle plan
soldier artificial limb
amputee physiotherapy
spacesuit forcefield
plane crash permission to marry
cell phone hong kong
building destruction alien contact
satellite brother brother relationship
father daughter relationship hangover
engagement arrest
taser gun security footage
pickup bar navy
bar military exercise
wargames pearl harbor
hawaii based on board game
alien invasion based on game
one word title title spoken by character

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