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My action fix
Anionic Surfactant5 March 2010
I get the sense this show is made by smart people. It's not an intellectual show but it doesn't insult my intelligence like so many action movies. It is as advertised and as expected and as is made clear from the first ten seconds of every episode. The last one I watched had Mark Valley diving through the air within the first ten seconds of the show.

This show certainly doesn't leave me thinking about it afterwards. I watch it, it makes me feel good and I go do something else. It has a certain cheeseless charm. I feel when I start watching the show gives me a promise of giving me some good action, a little bit of information on the protagonist's past, some fun interaction between the three main characters and a few new characters. This never feels forced, it's the nature of the show. When I watch a Michael Bay movie I expect some romance, a kissing scene, some sexy scantily clad ladies, some car chase scenes and a lot of explosions but he's putting it in there because he feels like it. We expect it but we expect it because we know he's gonna force it in there regardless of the story.

I remember how people used to talk about every episode of The West Wing being like a small movie. The Human Target is the same but in the action genre. They came up with a good formula for a show, they had a great concept, they hired likable and talented stars, the direction is straightforward, the production values are extraordinarily high. Why even mention the flaws? A show is supposed to make you feel a certain way and give you a certain something. The Human Target delivers.

I imagine The Human Target's episode formula is gonna start to bore me eventually but I have trust in the people running this thing for some reason. I get a strong feeling watching it that the people in charge of this know what they're doing. Maybe I'm wrong.
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Catch a great action flick every week - this is not your average TV show
Cinemik3 February 2010
Human Target is a creative action adventure with quick wit and intelligence. Whether you're into the hard-hitting, fast pace of a big screen action flick, the complex intrigue of a spy novel, or the kind of wry humor that makes you feel like you're sharing an inside joke, this show is for you.

Each episode is an action-packed adventure capable of standing on it's own, out of sequence and separate from the others. Yet, there are deeper layers to be explored, with hints of sub-plots intertwining though each installment, piquing your curiosity and leaving you wanting more.

Human Target is one of the best new shows in years. It even raises the bar with a great opening sequence created in a more cinematic style, invoking images of Bond, Bourne, and others like them.

Spread the word. Don't let this one get away.
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007's Much Cooler Brother
billseper18 January 2010
Honestly, I had no idea this was coming and know very little about the show's star, Mark Valley. While I'm a little old to care about TV shows that fit the "action" genre, I have to admit this was quite a thrill ride and a fun one at that.

Valley stars as Christopher Chance, a sort of private eye with a penchant for taking chances (living up to his name). Actually, if there's one thing this pilot lacked it was background info. I'm assuming we'll be filled in a little at a time as the show progresses throughout the season. For now, we'll have to be content to know very little and discern the rest about Chance's firm.

There's a wise cracking, tough guy element to Chris Chance, but not in an adolescent way. It's more of a "I'm smarter than you, but I won't hold it against ya", approach not unlike the role Robert Conrad played in The Wild Wild West. In fact Valley reminds me very much of Conrad. Neither are terribly big guys, but their tougher than nails attitude combined with real life experience (Conrad was an able boxer, and Valley was a West Point grad with martial arts training) allows them to play these kinds of roles with great aplomb and relative ease. It takes a man with a certain swagger in his step to capture the attention of viewers in an action show, and Valley has it in spades.

Despite the show's uninventive title, it has the kind of punch that combines the wit and wisdom of The Wild Wild West with action writing comparable to Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne novels. Throw in a bit of 007 and a couple of Macgyver moments (ala the rigged parachute scene) and you've got at least a small bit of what this show has to offer. I haven't been this excited about an action show since Tales of the Gold Monkey. Let's hope it doesn't suffer the same fate.
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Awesome Action Thriller
jonathangetz7 January 2011
This review will be brief. Human Target is a show that has good acting and a good story line. It has enough action to be a movie, and that makes the show a keeper. I'm not sure what it takes to keep a show like this on the air, but it has been one of my favorite TV series ever. Christopher Chance, the main character, was a professional assassin, and is now a bodyguard for hire. The past of the team is used to easily write new episodes, and keeps the show from exhausting ideas for story lines. Like other reviews have said, Christopher Chance is a great mix between James Bond and Jason Bourne. This movie is not 100% action though. Human Target also has comedy and some romance intertwined.
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action, heart and sentimental
idleprimate15 April 2010
this show is a distilled Indiana Jones kind of adventure, except where indie has a dark past. I've been watching all season, and from the first, it was fun and easy to watch--light fluff that does the trick when you need down time. But as the season progressed and you got a better feel for the characters, you got drawn into the old school adventure romance of it--transient heroes for those in need. redemption of the irredeemable. the scalawags you root for. there is a very archetypal sense to our cavalier protagonists, and it hearkens back to the kind of heroes i remember growing up, who were themselves retrofits of 30's heroes. I think this was very intended, even down to the motifs in the scoring. It's interesting to reject the modern sense of antihero, by mythologizing people who should be antiheroes but are not--its a classic idea that never gets tired--the noble person born out of sin. or maybe its just manipulative pablum. hey, if you're gonna watch television. . .

The finale paid off too, I really hope this series gets renewed.
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Silly, enjoyable fun.
huwbutts27 February 2010
After seeing terrific shows such as Life and The Unit cancelled, it's nice to find something to fill the void. Human Target does this effectively, creating a show that doesn't take itself too seriously - it's like watching a comic come to life.

Over-the-top fights, grin-inducing action sequences and the banter between Mark Valley et al (including some fantastic guest stars) will keep you smiling through the episodes' "villain of the week" plots. Hopefully the writers will make more of the arcs in the future, which would add a little depth to a show that's already hugely entertaining - which, if you're anything like me, is just what you need after coming home from work. Recommended.
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sagei27 January 2010
Not something you can say about most things on TV. Valley, mcbride and haley get along well together. Can't believe the idiot they had valley playing in boston legal.

He's cool yet tough. Smart but soft spoken. None of that abrasively obvious tough guy crap. Am fed up of "gritty". This guy is good natured and doesn't even abuse his enemies, just eliminates them when necessary. He's smoother than bourne but not as oily as bond.

In short he feels real despite the larger than life antics which are on par with the aforementioned two. The cgi is OK, action is good. The stories are coherent. Credibility is stretched with the manner in which he accepts payment but it's forgivable.

3 episodes in still find it worth watching. Do worry about it's longevity because the action could get old really quickly. Still, wish valley and this show the best.
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Excellent "Bodyguard with a mysterious past" Series
Swapnil Kumar9 February 2010
this is a truly excellent show. although a single episode appearance on fringe, mark valley leaves a strong impression here with his witty, strong, intelligent, suave , and, for a change, a non-horny American spy-cum-bodyguard. each episode takes a lethal premise, and spins a charming spell on it, where action and humor go hand in hand. chi McBride and watchmen's Rorschach share a hilarious laurel-hardy relation, and u cant help but smile wen McBride has to accompany valley in the "field"... i just love this show... each episode has an attractive woman which doesn't gets screwed by our hero, and for American shows, that's truly a rarity. i've read it's based on a comic, and i hope it gets a wee bit darker... 2 thumbs up...
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Most enjoyable Movie-like Show on TV
redcatbmw29 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Every episode of Human Target is like a fun-filled mini-action flick. The acting is excellent with Mark Valley playing the redemption seeking Christopher Chance, Chi McBride playing the responsible manager and friend of Chance and Jackie Earle Haley playing the "immoral good guy", Guerrero who is extremely resourceful.

The first season was very entertaining and the second one continues the trend with the introduction of two new characters who have added a new dimension to the show.

The show is full of great action sequences interspersed with comedy and generally good plots.

I wish more TV shows were based On Comic Books like Human Target. The show can be enjoyed by both kids and adults as it is pure, unadulterated fun.
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Love it.
goldberry4919 April 2010
Love it!! And so does my husband. Mark Valley is very nice to watch. Chi is great. Very mysterious-we like that. I'm betting Kathryn is out there somewhere too. \ Can't wait until next season. I would like to seethe dog involved more. It is one of our favorite shows. We like the ways the story of each character is unfolding slowly. Winston should figure more prominently next season. I find the plots are fun. I agree that Human Target would be better suited to a later time slot. We hope it gets renewed for next season as it is one of our favorite shows. We watch things like V, Heroes, American Idol, Supernatural, Smallville, Lie to Me, Bones and many others.
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Amazing show! A MUST SEE!
John Green13 September 2011
This is one of the best shows Fox has put on the air in a long time! I would love to see this show for years to come, but unfortunately I understand FOX axed it. Very unfortunate, since this show is interesting, entertaining, and great fun for everyone! Mark Valley truly fills the role of Christopher Chance in every way. Kind of an American James Bond. Also seeing Lee Majors in the series was icing on the cake as his part reveals part of the legacy of Chance. If the show is truly gone, I think the networks made a HUGE mistake! Anyone I know that has seen this show thoroughly enjoys it! I would hope the networks will see how great this show really is and perhaps it will appear on one other than FOX.
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"my name is christopher chance"
edwbur27 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
i had pretty good hopes to this show. i expected a show that would be OK but a one season runner. boy was i wrong. i got way more than what i was expecting. this show is amazing. in this show they have great mysterious characters. and you keep watching this show not just for the action and entertainment, but the answers to the questions you have. you have 3 characters (chance the bodyguard), (Winston the business man), and (Guerrero the best of them all). the most interesting character of the show is Guerrero. Guerrero is a loyal friend to both Winston and chance, and working with them to help chance and Winston any way he can. but you don't really know what side he is on. because he says he does side jobs for other clients. you don't find out if there good or bad. also he has different methods to getting the job done. like not being afraid to kill unlike chance and Winston. chance kills but that would be hi last resort basically. there was this one episode where Guerrero was working for another client and they black mailed Guerrero to get dirt on Winston and chance. when he found out he went back to the client and wanted to know who they are working for. he didn't tell him and as he walked to his car Guerrero shot him in the back and head and killed him. that shows he is trying to protect chance from his horrible past ( you'll find out his past in the last episode of season 1) and protecting Winston from getting in the middle. watch this show season 2 is going on now and season 1 is out on DVD.
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Entertaining, very tongue-in-cheek. The way a show like this should be.
johnnymacbest13 February 2010
The creme of the crop is smooth with the taste of a big, juicy steak with zesty steak sauce with a side dish of curried rice and beans with a hot fudge sundae for desert. You get it all with this thrill ride of a show soaked in comic-book action/spy movie juice. An I making you hungry, or is this show your click? There's no wrong answer to either question; both are delicious. Past iterations have been there and all but this one keeps it in gear and offers something a little more if not a lot which will be revealed in later episodes. "Human Target" sets out to be what it is: Entertaining, tongue-in-cheek with action, romance and more.
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I say thee, shenanigans.
alanrayford14 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
"Human Target" (HT) is damned good television. When an episode is lacking, it still manages to be an above average action romp with slight comedic elements. But when it's working, the show isn't like anything else on television. In all honesty, it's more like a big budget, action film on the tube. Yet, this isn't getting good ratings, which puzzles me. But before I cover this, I just want to acknowledge what makes HT so great.

The first season worked primarily due to charisma and interaction of the three leads. All of the primary actors nailed their roles. Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) is the headliner with a shady past. A pretty boy/face breaker, he's an expert on keeping people alive due to him formerly being an expert on taking people out of the equation. Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) is a walking oxymoron. He looks like a nerd, but has a real mean streak and the skills to back it up. Winston (Chi McBride) is more or less the straight man. Large and in charge, he's the rational one who points out just how ludicrous some of the circumstances they find themselves in are. Season two saw the addition of Ames and Ilsa Pucci. Ames (Janet Montgomery) is a thief and serves as the rookie of the team. Even though she's just starting out, she has enough moments to let you see she can pull her weight. Ilsa Pucci (Indira Varma) is the moneybags who enables all the fancy equipment and air travel. She's also an absolute stranger to the world she's entered and serves as a reason for most of the craziness to be explained for the audience.

The action is better than what's found in most summer movie fare. There are car chases. There are really cool shootouts. Blow-up-able objects have a tendency to fulfill their purpose. There was even a passenger jet flying upside down, all to put out an onboard fire. But hand to hand is the soup du jour, and HT delivers with bone-crunching satisfaction. All I can say is Valley really knows how to sell a punch. He also really knows how to sell a kick, an elbow, a knee, a headbutt and any combination/variation of the basics.

The writing on HT makes each episode into a fully developed story and not just a juxtaposition of loosely related scenes. Characterization is tight, consistent and never betrayed for the sake of the plot. The threats are almost always interesting and well balanced against the good guys. The structure of an episode can't be taken for granted. Sometimes an episode starts well into the storyline, and we have to catch up via flashbacks—as in season one's "Baptiste". Other times an episode is more chronological in nature, but throws a seriously wicked curveball—just like in season two's "Kill Bob". Through it all is a very wicked and subversive humor that permeates every line of dialogue and every punch thrown. For the most laughs, however, you can never go wrong with Winston and Guerrero. The two are extraordinarily mismatched. This leads to any number of insults, threats and snide remarks that feel like two stand-up comedians sniping away at each other.

Yet, despite all of this, HT doesn't get the ratings. And, this is what puzzles me. I hear the most coveted demographic for advertising dollars are adult males, age 18-34. Yet, this show, which is tailor made for us, is struggling? I was talking to someone about this, and she brought up a valid point.

In the box office, the proof is in ticket sales. This is why the biggest blockbusters of a year are always action oriented. Check out the haul of 2008's "Dark Knight" vs. "Mamma Mia". Bruce Wayne stomped Abba's arse. But on television, success isn't determined by cold, hard cash. It's determined by ratings.

Isn't it odd that in the theaters, properties like "The Bourne Identity", "Spiderman", "RED" and "Inception" rule the roost? Yet, on TV, shows like "Human Target", "Detroit 187", and "Chase" struggle, while "Glee", "The Good Wife", and "Grey's Anatomy" rock out. So the same people who pay to see movies, don't watch television? It seems rather incongruous.

Maybe the television execs are wrong about the strength of their preferred demo. Maybe we don't watch TV, even though the Superbowl is the biggest programming event of the year. It's entirely possible guys really could be immersing themselves in overly dramatic, masculinity challenged narratives. Who the hell am I to judge? On the other hand, there could be another reason for the discrepancy between the big and small screen.

You can't give the over 100 million dollars generated by the "Dark Knight" to "Mamma Mia" or "Sex & the City". A ticket sale is a cash medium that involves thousands of people. However, in this digital age you could probably skew TV ratings like no one's business. Like all data, it can be interpreted, misinterpreted or even faked any which way but lose. Anyone who's taken basic statistics knows this.

Does anyone know of any males, age 18-34, that regularly watch "Glee", what with the singing and dancing? If not, then how could it be a success without us? So is it then possible the failing of action driven shows like HT and the success of menial fare like "Glee" could be due, in no small part, to fraud in both how the ratings are collected and construed.

I'm really pulling for "Human Target" to be renewed. It's one of those rare shows that actually delivers in a way standard TV generally doesn't. It's always a blast checking in on Chance and company, and a third season can deliver the success this property deserves. However, if this second season is the last one, it's been a swell ride and I've said my piece.
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Great TV Series
Jo-adams594 May 2014
Loved the TV show. Wish they did not cancel. It is action packed. Mark Valley and all the other characters are great. You can buy season 1, but season 2 is not available. Season 2 is outstanding with the introduction of Indira's character. Season 3 gets even better. Do not understand why this TV show was canceled. But making it available on DVD provides the fans the ability to purchase and watch. Season 1 was available for purchase. But seasons 2 and 3 are not available. Do not understand why other seasons are not available. Fans Would buy season 2 and 3 in a heartbeat. They are missing on sales if they do not provide seasons 2 and 3.
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Amazing series, just sad to see it not continue
oipluckie-543-61018522 September 2011
I started to watch this show not too long ago, and I have to say, I was surprised I haven't seen it sooner. A very good action series with a bit of comedy and depth to the characters. As you get further into the series, the characters' background starts to get more interesting. Oh and for those that like that bit of romance, it's in here too.

My favorite characters so far would have to be Guerrero and Chance. Just great to see two characters with such different personalities, working together and showing such loyalty to one another. Each episode just pulls you in, and making you want more, it's just too bad they're cancelling the series because "lack of viewers".

It's a top notch action series, that should be continued. I haven't seen a series like this in awhile with this kind of depth, story, action, and acting. I hope it somehow gets renewed, because honestly this is a really good show.
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It is exactly what it is !!!
ian_smith73-7-47543121 March 2011
No doubt you will get all the pompous clowns on here reviewing this title and pointing out all thats wrong with it..Well my advice would be not to listen to them. This show doesn't proclaim to be anything its not ! This show is a bloody good action / adventure show and its the best of its genre. Think James Bond, Think Die Hard and roll it into a weekly episode and that is exactly what you have here. The show is well written and well casted and every episode is a joy to watch. You get exactly what you expect from this show , Fun, action, excitement and adventure. The casting is superb and the story lines are varied enough to keep one watching , I doubt it has many seasons /if any ahead of it, But for what it is its griping and exciting.
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Keen human target!
Rubens Junior4 May 2010
Human Target is full of action, fun and everything you could catch in a regular action movie but never in a TV show. I agree that this show is one of the best of its genre in years. The episodes are incredibly intense in action, linear and its episodes are totally independent from each other, which makes it easier to follow whenever you want. The visual effects and dynamic edition are top of note here, much better than a lot of TV shows around there. I think that Human Target has all the elements for the entertainment and it really does what it promises.

The actors are OK. I really like Mark Valley coz I'm a huge fan of his work. He's charming and irreverent and his last show as a leading actor (Keen Eddie, 2003-2004), was an amazing show, a lot better than Human Target, but was canceled at its first season and it was a shame for a so great show with an amazing character. Chi McBride just seems to be playing himself all the times and also sort of playing the same role he had in Pushing Daisies, but that's okay to me, he's dry and funny. Jackie Earle Haley is quite different. I didn't recognize him at first and sudden I said "oh, my god, that's Rorschach". He seems a lot underused but his character is very cleaver and ironical.

I hope the show get the attention that it deserves, mainly for Mark Valley. So, even Human Target not being so great as Keen Eddie, I really hope this one to survive for more than 2 seasons.
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Good show ruined by the network
Alpha_PL12 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Human Target was a good show. It had, and for the most part still has, a good cast. Chance perfectly plays a laid-back hero-for hire, same for McBride who plays Winston, Chance's voice of reason, and Haley, the wild card of the group. Each episode of season 1 was like a mini James Bond movie. Everything was pretty predictable, but the clever writing, great acting of both main players and guest stars and extremely bad-ass stunts and action sequences made it and enjoyable TV show to watch.

Then season 2 came around and everything collapsed like a house of cards. FOX was not satisfied with the ratings and the fact that the male oriented cast didn't appeal to women, so they had the show retooled. The two new additions to the cast were horrendous, both characters served as nothing more than road blocks in the story lines, one in a typical TV show fashion was always screwing up the assignments and the other (the boss of the whole Human Target detective agency) was always complaining about how Chance does his business. Not to mention that the love-interest storyline for the nagging boss and Chance was completely unnecessary for the show. The biggest blow for me was the fact that the awesome cliffhanger from the season 1 finale was wrapped up in about five second and completely forgotten for the remainder of the season 2. The fact that there were maybe three episodes in season 2 that weren't completely cliché-ridden and badly written didn't help either.

As I'm writing this review FOX hasn't yet announced if 'Human Target' returns for the third season or not, but if the show remains in Matt Miller's hands, I say put it out of it's misery.
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One of the Best of 2010
sammysdad9724 April 2010
An excellent show which features an appealing cast of characters - Mark Valley, Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley. (Remember Haley as the 12-year old in The Bad News Bears?) In this show they get to enjoy the best roles each has had in some pretty solid careers. Even though the genre is different the feeling of this show is original Rockford Files with a dash of Magnum PI and a large dose of Mission: Impossible. With Mark Valley (who should have gotten the nod for the Rockford re-boot) as the show's central drawing card, I have yet to meet anyone who has seen this show that gives it a less than solid thumbs up. The problem appears to be that not enough Human Targets have seen this show to date to convince the honchos at FOX to give it a second season. As of today that is a bigger cliff-hanger than any Christopher Chance has had to deal with in the 12 episodes we have. If these 12 prove to be all that are made, well, that would be a shame. But, if you like the action genre (or liked Rockford, Magnum or Mission) it would be an even bigger shame if you don't find a way to watch this season.
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Great show! **A few potential spoilers.**
prtfvr8 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't think that I'd like the addition of two new characters although it makes sense because it might have been too male-centric. I was hopeful however when I saw that one of the new cast members was Indira Varma. She was terrific when she was a constable on Bones. She was tougher then though and she's a little wishy washy here. I'm hoping she toughens up.

As far as Ames goes. I was prepared to dislike her however, once they set up that she wasn't a love interest for Guerro and in fact made a point of noting the difference between their ages (ok, pops) then I could sit back and enjoy her. She adds a nice touch of light hearted comedy to the show.

The action is still fantastic. And even though I've read a lot of negative reviews about the episode with the "amazing assassin" I loved the over the top action that happened. Jumping between the garage floors, landing gracefully. They didn't cheapen it with horrible special effects and it was fun.

How many shows are there where the hero is always just chasing the bad guy? Or is able to put the cuffs on someone after a cursory scuffle? These fights are well choreographed, particularly the last episode and it's like watching a mini action movie every week.

Love that there's more Guerrero now. I'm glad that Jackie Earl Haley is back on the scene. He has so much presence, even when he was a little kid in Bad News Bears but he really left an impression. Good to see him featured more. And I like that he's a take no prisoners, do whatever it takes to get the bad guy, character because I'm so sick of everyone doing "the right thing" all the time. He's unrepentant and maybe not someone you'd want to hang around with but you know he'd always have your back. And thank god someone finally asked him why his last name was Guerrero but he didn't seem Spanish! Chi McBride. He's terrific as the world weary boss who complains about everything but will jump in and assist in the missions even though he might protest all the way. I also like that they make sure that the audience is aware that Winston is a bit over weight and running full tilt isn't his best asset.

Mark Valley! Perfectly cast. Found him on Keen Eddie, really enjoyed him (briefly) on Fringe. He's mature but not too old for the action scenes. They don't give away his demons even though he had a chance to during the end of the Christmas show. I like that we're slowly being doled out the story of how he became what he was. I was a little disappointed that one episode that showed in his past that he had killed a seemingly innocent man who turned out to be a bad guy because that takes away from what he's working on: redemption.

I hope that the ratings get better or that they at least give the show another year to gel. And, yeah, Ames shouldn't have taken that kid to the party but she's not a professional and she's young. I can see her thinking there wouldn't be a problem.

That is after all why she was given him as an assignment: seemingly low risk. If they'd made her this amazingly perfect spy right away, well...she needs to learn and she's very reckless. I think that what happened fit perfectly in with her inexperienced character. She's a pick pocket without any idea what she's gotten herself into. You can say that the other characters should have known that and acted accordingly but people make mistakes. Things don't always go according to plan.

Here's the main problem: Fox doesn't promote the show enough. Not really. I have friends who haven't even heard of it. They might consider advertising the show on other channels, like Spike, where they'd surely pick up an audience.

Maybe I'm in the minority but I like this show. Look forward to it every week. The action, the fight scenes, the characters, the writing. They're just a little different from what's out there right now.

Give it a chance. They're only in their sophomore year and last year wasn't even a full season.

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Writer Steinberg takes this one up a notch
A_Different_Drummer17 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
While you may never expect to see beefcake Mark Valley (playing "Chance" in this series) accepting an Oscar, he is perfectly cast for the role of the sassy and wisecracking hero of this short lived but entertaining actioner. Another reviewer compared his character to 007s younger brother. Not so much. But go for Bruce Willis' younger brother and we could have a deal. The casting is universally strong but I confess it was a delight to see Jackie Earle Haley back in harness. His work in Watchmen was stellar and he deserves more screen time. The deal closer is writer Jonathan Steinberg who does not merely "try" to take the dialog up a notch (as is the case with many series today, including current ones) but actually succeeds.
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One of the best series on the air
mommabearvicky5114 January 2011
This is one of the best series of 2010. The story lines are great, lots of action, use of up-to-date technology, and a fantastic cast puts it on my personal top ten list. I loved Chi McBride in Boston Public and Pushing Daisies, along with many other appearances. Jackie Earle Haley, who appeared in both Watchmen and Nightmare on Elm Street 2010, among numerous other show and movies, is another fine actor who I've always enjoyed watching. Mark Valley, has appeared on another one of my top ten favorites, Fringe, along with Anna Torv. His good looks, physical appearance, voice, and those thoughtful eyes makes him easy to look at and trust. By-the-way, it was sad to hear that Valley and Torv were among celebrity couples who parted ways during 2010.

The casting of Indira Varma (Kuma Sutra, Bride & Prejudice), to the series has really spiced up the show, and although, I've only seen her on Bones, another top ten), I am looking forward to watching her work on Kuma Sutra and Bride.
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A show worth staying up late at night.
jurandyrsf5 June 2010
Monday night is good TV night: Mentalist followed by Human Target. I don't bother waking up next morning in the red: the show delivers.

It didn't take me long to blow the dust away and remember that in my teenager days there was a side story in Batman magazine about a guy who worked as... a human target! One single tread left in my memory closed the circuit between then and now: a scene where the H.T. was practicing judo with a guy bigger than him. The guy tries to throw him down with a seoi-nague move, and there goes the H.T. flying over the opponent as he was supposed to fly. In the next frame, however, instead of landing on his back, he manages to move in the air so as to land on his feet - perfectly positioned to apply a seoi-nague on his opponent and trow in onto the ground! How would I forget it?

It was a nice surprise to meet again the Human Target in the screen three decades later, and in such a great fashion! The movie is GREAT!

Best of luck for all Human Target's team!
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an A-Team for the 21st century
quinoble16 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
That pretty much says it all. There's no plot worth the name; it might as well be the same from episode to episode.

Dialogue? What dialogue? You forget what the characters are saying even as it's being said.

Yet it works if you're looking for something totally brainless. It's easy, breezy, and it moves from point A to point B at breakneck speed. Every five minutes the characters are busting out automatic weaponry, breaking into (or jumping out of) buildings, or being chased by an army of mercenaries; sometimes all three at the same time. What's not to like?

In a production like this the charisma of the actors is all-important and fortunately the casting directors made the right choices. Mark Valley is charmingly insouciant as the easygoing protagonist Christopher Chance. Chi McBride provides a great contrast as Winston, the perpetually grumpy ex-cop who's Chance's business partner, and Jackie Earle Haley is superb as the weaselly-looking Guerrero, who does the dirty work. In season 2 the producers clearly realized that there was too much testosterone and added two attractive women to the team: Indira Varma, playing the elegant but steely-willed billionaire Ilsa Pucci, and Janet Montgomery as the scrappy thief Ames. Both are welcome additions.

In the original Human Target (starring Rick Springfield), Christopher Chance actually impersonated his clients, which made for some interesting storytelling. Sadly this is not the case in the remake.

The show makes light of torture (hey, it is a FOX show after all), which I find objectionable.

Those points aside, "Human Target" is shallow, mindless fun. However, unlike most other shallow, mindless entertainments, it doesn't take itself very seriously at all, and yet it's not too trashy, which are the keys to its enjoyability.
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