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28 Jun. 2010
Cindee is obsessed with exercise and spends many unhealthy hours on the treadmill, at the gym, or with her free weights, leaving little time for her family. Graham fears contamination and washes his hands up to 150 times a day, damaging his relationship with his wife and child. Can Cognitive Behavior Therapy help them repair their broken families?
12 Jul. 2010
Sharon obsessively taps and counts and suffers several major panic attacks a week. She believes her rituals protect her cancer-stricken mother. Meanwhile, Patricia constantly fears that she'll die a sudden death from heart attack or stroke, or that she'll get a deadly illness.
19 Jun. 2010
William obsessively counts, fears odd numbers, and suffers from germophobia. His OCD has resulted in two failed marriages, unemployment, and homelessness. Nanci is obsessed with cleaning, and scours her bathroom 4-5 times a day. Her OCD was triggered by three tragic deaths in her family.
26 Jul. 2010
Paul, an LA area musician, lives in constant fear that his actions may bring harm to other people. He constantly checks the stove and electrical outlets for fear that they may start a fire and kill everyone in his apartment complex, sometimes until the sun rises. This has become such a major distraction that his promising musical career has all but evaporated.
2 Aug. 2010
Margaret, a young single mother of a terminally ill child, has become debilitated from extensive tapping compulsions and a fear of contamination from food. Margaret regularly eats a mere apple once every two days, which resulted in a recent heart attack.
9 Aug. 2010
Ferrell Family
Al and his two daughters, Tammy and Jodi, each suffer from agoraphobia. Al has been virtually homebound for 30 years. Tammy is afraid of leaving her 20-mile safe zone. And for Jodi, the problem is literally a matter of life and death--she can't go over a bridge she needs to cross to get desperately needed medical care for her son.
16 Aug. 2010
Mark obsessively taps and counts, believing that it protects his family from harm and even death. Sarihn obsessively cleans her kitchen and bathroom to get rid of germs, particularly bodily fluids, and wears black latex gloves in public. Her OCD has cost her a music career, and keeps her from having an intimate relationship with her boyfriend.
23 Aug. 2010
Rashawndalynn began to worry about disease and death after a doctor found pre-cancerous cells in her body. Her constant state of panic has led to the loss of her job, and she and her son will become homeless if she doesn't receive treatment. Melody is terrified of getting a fatal food-borne illness, which prevents her from living on her own at college.

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