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Season 1

25 May 2009
Scott is a middle age contractor who suffers from OCD and is a severe germaphobe who compulsive cleans his house. Helen is single mother of three whose compulsive "checking" spiked after her father's death in a car accident.
1 Jun. 2009
Nicole has an incredibly unique type of obsession that keeps her from being able to enjoy time with her mother and brother. If their hands aren't the way she wants them to be, she has a panic attack. And when her mother says any word with a "K" sound, Nicole has to make a strange noise with her throat.
8 Jun. 2009
Nidia obsessively washes herself and has been hospitalized twice due to her OCD. Her shower ritual is so extreme that there's a possibility she could pass out in the middle of it. Her problem has taken over her life and her husband's life as well, and is threatening their marriage.
15 Jun. 2009
Russ is an extreme hoarder. He has completely filled up his apartment, forcing him to sleep outside. He's also afraid that the Fire Department will come to his house and he won't be able to clean enough in time to pass inspection. If this happens, Russ fears he'll become homeless. Meanwhile, Karen is plagued by her obsessive thoughts about death.
29 Jun. 2009
Shannon is a hypochondriac with an intense fear of death. She avoids driving on the freeway for fear she'll spontaneously combust or go blind. Through CBT, Shannon will try to overcome her dread of driving so she can take her autistic child to a ranch for kids with special needs. Meanwhile, Todd has an obsessive compulsion to pull out his own hair.
7 Jul. 2009
Traci struggles with both germaphobia and claustrophobia. She is constantly cleaning and is frightened to get on an elevator. She can't even enjoy home-cooked meals without fearing illness. Meanwhile, Judi is a hoarder.
22 Jun. 2009
Christa's OCD prevents her from eating most foods for fear they are contaminated. To ease her anxiety, she spends hours in front of the mirror with a pair of tweezers ruthlessly tearing into her skin, mostly her face. Christa is completely reliant upon her fiancé Shawn, but he doesn't know how much more he can take. She is afraid that she'll end up dead or homeless because no one will want to deal with her anymore. Meanwhile, Ryan feels like a slave to his OCD rituals of checking, tapping and counting. His morning routine is riddled with grooming rituals around ...
20 Jul. 2009
Marie is obsessed with the weight of objects. She's afraid that the things in her apartment are getting too heavy, that the floor is weakening, and that the building will collapse, crushing her and her daughter. Meanwhile, Matt is agoraphobic with severe panic disorder.
Mandi is a costume designer for a TV series, but she doesn't have hair. Mandi began pulling her hair out when she was nine. She wears wigs, but her ability to hide her bald patches only increases her pulling episodes. Meanwhile, Mora constantly brushes and cleans her teeth.
3 Aug. 2009
AJ needs a service dog ("Sparky") to help manage her anxiety and panic attacks. But AJ can't stop her OCD mind from bombarding her with horrific images of animal abuse. Another coping mechanism AJ uses is compulsively tweezing out her eyebrows. In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, AJ will go to an animal shelter to confront her obsessive thoughts about animal cruelty.
10 Aug. 2009
Richie is an extreme hoarder who can't throw away anything that belongs to his deceased mother. As he grieves her loss, he's even blocked off the hallway to his mother's bedroom, making the room inaccessible. In the longest therapy process of the entire season (approximately one year,) his therapist pushes and helps Richie as he tries to fight through his emotions.

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