Fright Night (2011) Poster


Plot Keywords

vampire neighbor
teenager remake
magician killed in an elevator
lens flare aerial shot
house fire volkswagon beetle convertible
disintegrating into ashes dead woman with eyes open
dead woman on floor woman disintegrated
camera focus on female butt death of girlfriend
stage magician suburbia
finger gun dripping blood
character repeating someone else's dialogue no reflection
supernatural nail
revenge hidden room
fake moustache man wearing a wig
super strength title at the end
dusk sunset
sunrise eaten alive
burned alive person on fire
arrow crossbow
nightclub hiding on the ceiling
magician's assistant raised middle finger
marijuana joint transformation
panic room axe
stabbed in the neck severed arm
impalement stabbed in the heart
stabbed in the chest stabbed in the back
burnt face character's point of view camera shot
basement cameo
hit by a van car crash
3 dimensional long take
car chase exploding house
fireplace hospital
holy water exploding body
regeneration shot in the shoulder
shot in the chest shotgun
pistol silver bullet
casino invitation
drinking blood throat ripping
cell phone falling into a pool
wooden stake crucifix
breaking into house boyfriend girlfriend relationship
gore single mother
character says i love you mother son relationship
suspicion title appears in writing
blood spatter blood
corpse trapdoor
hiding in a closet hiding under a bed
bitten in the neck murder
murder of family disappearance
high school student bare chested male
sexual predator remake of cult favorite
las vegas nevada remake of american film
horror movie remake horror comic
death of friend title spoken by character

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