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Reviews & Ratings for
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47 out of 63 people found the following review useful:

It was good

Author: hobgoblinlol from Georgia
14 September 2012

OK when i saw the trailer for this i thought to myself that this movie was gonna be another cheap ''Shark night 3d'' but no. This movie had effort put into it and it's NOT cheap awful Shark Night 3D. I enjoyed the movie. The acting was good, suspense was good, it had some twists that we're nice too! and a great character development with humor and nice characters! i enjoyed character development and relationships and the team work was great too. Yes, the CGI shark wasn't the best, but there were a lot of good scenes with non-CGI shark and gore scenes too.

This wasn't an average flick with no effort, it was a good movie. With effort put into it and does not deserve to get trashed by dumb kids with ''oooh, the movie was bad! i expected this too be God Father, but it disappointed me!!! skip it!!! 3/10 durr'' no, and that also applies to the first user reviewer (no offense) this is not cheap bad shark money- grabber for me. It's good flick

Yes, some facts about the shark may have been unrealistic, but so? doesn't make it a bad movie, cause it's a movie! and the idea is also nice and rare. You don't see a lot of movie with sharks, tsunami, and markets.

Check it out if you like Shark horror movies. It i snot a masterpiece, but it entertaining. Don't listen to ''average'' IMDb Mr.Negatives who won't give the movie 7 unless it's Citizen Kane or Pulp Fiction. Check it out.


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38 out of 50 people found the following review useful:

Surpsingly enough not horrible.

Author: Boba_Fett1138 from Groningen, The Netherlands
15 September 2012

It was real surprising for me to find out how watchable this movie actually was. I mean, a movie in which a shark attacks a bunch of people trapped in a supermarket, after a tsunami hit, doesn't exactly sound like high quality stuff. As a matter of fact. you would normally expect a movie like this to be extremely bad and cheesy but the movie, as it turned out, was far from cheesy and simply was being pretty good for what it was.

I still expected the worst, after the first 15 minutes or so, which wasn't exactly being a very promising start for the movie. It looked horrible and I feared for the rest of the movie. I expected it to be a very formulaic genre flick, in which nothing exciting or original ever happened. And even while the movie isn't being all that original, it still feels like a good watch, since it manages to entertain and takes itself serious enough.

That was perhaps being the key as to why the movie worked out; it took itself serious. Normally modern B-movies are very self aware and actors and directors obviously don't take their work all that serious. They make things deliberately cheesy to add to the fun factor and while this does work out at times, at others it makes the movie noting less but bad and annoying. In that regard it also was being refreshing to see how serious everybody involved took this movie. It definitely adds to the overall quality of the movie and its nice to see that this is a movie that took its audience serious and didn't treated them like a bunch of popcorn-eating-no-brainers, who only wanted to see lots of blood and nudity. The movie is not like that at all, even though the first 15 minutes would still suggest otherwise. Perhaps it was all deliberate and in the first 15 minutes they were like; 'this is what you expect us to do' and what after that follows was 'but this is what we are going to do with the concept'.

Thing I also liked about the movie was that it didn't featured one main, heroic character, in it, who saved everybody. instead there is a wide range of different characters in this, who all, just about, share an equal amount of screen time. None of them is pretending to be a hero, which also lets all of them all feel somewhat realistic and human-like.

On the downside; the special effects in this are pretty horrendous. Sort of funny that after 40-years, "Jaws" still has the most convincing looking shark in it. This movie too often relies on CGI effects, which aren't exactly of the best quality. But still, as far as shark movies go, this definitely is being one of the better ones, believe it or not.

Definitely watchable!


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27 out of 41 people found the following review useful:

More than just flesh...

Author: BreakawayDaily from Canada
14 September 2012

Some shark movies are laughable, cheesy, and way too far fetched (Sharktopus). Some shark movies and horror movies in general can just be unbelievably bad. This Australian film was a pleasant surprise. There wasn't scantily clad girls walking around topless (Piranha) or cheap thrills. This had some genuine pillow clenches, it had some unpredictability, great acting, and had a location I had not seen before in a shark movie, Australia. Most importantly it had characters I actually cared about! There is more to this shark flick than just sharp teeth and flesh. Dig your teeth into this film if you are a thriller, horror, shark movie fan.

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21 out of 34 people found the following review useful:

A Good Stab

Author: Wuelly from Canada
14 September 2012

This was a good stab at a shark thriller.

I was actually pretty impressed with a few of the actors. Mind you I find a lot of Australian films to have really decent acting in them even with unknowns, regardless of the plot.

An original concept for a shark movie, good use of lighting and tension, and a few nice little plot twists.

A great balance of antagonists and protagonists in a "bunch of strangers" stranded setting.

The filming quality and mechanics of the feature are superior to the budget spent, in my opinion.

I found this to be a not bad at all Friday night watch. Great "BAGGAPOPCORNER" if you are in one of those moods where you aren't sure what to watch.

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11 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

Best Shark Flick in 3D

Author: elliott78212 from United States
27 September 2012

I had mixed thoughts after reading reviews here but I decided to buy the 3D BluRay since it was on sale, glad I didn't listen to all the negative reviews. Phoebe Tonkin of the Secret Circle, Julian McMahon of Tip/Tuck and Dr. Doom in the Fantasitc Four, Xavier Samual from the Twilight Movies, not to mention a few other actors I did recognize from the movie Sanctum. First the good news the use of 3D in this movie is spot on everything coming at you from shark attacks to the minor details of other sea life like jelly fish and crabs, this movie is everything Shark Night wasn't. No its not boring its well paced with solid actors who take the material seriously. The movie never winks at itself and your become drawn in by the relationships, there is no one person who is the big hero and some unexpected deaths add to the drama. Now the bad while I will admit the special F/X could have used a bit more work they are miles above those seen in your typical SyFy Saturday Flick. I enjoyed the movie will watch again with friends and recommend it especially for those of us with 3D TV's you'll enjoy it all the more.

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8 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

Remarkably watchable

Author: Jack Woods from United Kingdom
1 May 2013

Shark movies, how many good ones are out there? Well, after the obvious the list is pretty baron. However, Bait is remarkably watchable. I was quite surprised to find myself glued to the screen after over half an hour of character show and tell and only the opening shark scene to reel us in. The CGI and casting are the only two factors that plead with me to turn the movie off. For a thirty-mil budget the shark animations were truly inadequate, yet Bait managed to survive considering. Which is more than can be said for most civilians who aren't trapped in a supermarket given the state of that Australian coastline. Matthew Lessall and Ben Parkinson (Casting) need a job chat, some sideline characters offer absolutely, indescribably the worst performances I have ever seen. Listening to the psychotic Aussie robber, frantic store manager and squabbling couple in their car really made me shudder with anger. More time establishing deeper character backgrounds instead would have pleased, although they hold up pretty well for a shark flick.

Despite some teeth grinding actors and reminders of Bruce from Finding Nemo, Bait is visually very pleasing and makes for a worthy shark movie.


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15 out of 26 people found the following review useful:

Excellent directing, acting, and unfortunately some bad CGI

Author: martinphoto from Canada
17 September 2012

Right off the bat, I give this title 8/10. First, it needs some lovin'. At the time of reviewing this title, it has a rating of 5.3, which seriously, is way too low for such a campy horror film. Second, it's a shark in a supermarket, and really, how more original can you get? Anyone expecting an Oscar movie-going experience is knocking at the wrong door. But you know what, the thing is, this film is a lot better than most would have expected, me included. The cinematography is really nice. It clearly shows this movie was made with great care, attention to detail, and with passion for horror movies. The casting was perfect, the dialogues were well written, the location was great, and the suspense was very well created. It's just too bad they didn't get more budget for the CGI, because some scenes could have done with a better nip-tuck, especially the very first dramatic scene in the ocean. But overall, don't let that distract you: this film is a must see for any horror fan of the Shark genre. The film may be just a small fish in the sea of movies, but it's got all the gusto of the bigger ones out there.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Not another one

Author: Rickting from London
15 October 2014

Stop doing this. Dumb, laughably awful shark movies are not funny anymore. As far as I'm concerned, they never were funny. Stop insulting Jaws and acting as if sharks are evil killing machines when they're not and make something which is actually funny. Yet another shark B movie, this one is The Mist meets Deep Blue Sea, as following a tsunami a supermarket is flooded and 2 horribly rendered great white sharks start snacking on the survivors trapped in the supermarket. That is a faintly awesome premise, and it could possibly happen in real life. The bad acting and writing were to be expected, but surely it would be fun and funny right? Wrong. This is about as exciting and interesting as your routine trip to the supermarket, and despite its potential it doesn't do anything or go anywhere. You can't criticize something which really doesn't care about actual quality too much and the direction is actually decent, but here's a tip: If you can't afford realistic CGI, don't use it at all!

So, terrible writing. That's alright because it's a B movie. The film's biggest crime is that it's not fun or funny. It's actually played relatively straight and it's totally lazy. None of these characters are interesting or funny, and there's no actual tension. Much of the film consists of underwater shots of sharks which could have come straight out of an old Play Station 1 game swimming around in circles. A good example of a dumb shark movie done right is Deep Blue Sea, which at least had some tense moments and clever shocks. This has none of that at all, and it's just another depressing descent into B movie tedium only this time we're in a supermarket. Some may find this a guilty pleasure kind of movie and that's what I was prepared for but instead the film takes itself too seriously even though it's ludicrous and nonsensical. Also, why so many annoying plot holes? If a film features so many stupid things it should at least make them funny. Throw this one to the sharks.


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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

The sushi is no longer the menu, you are!

Author: Paul Magne Haakonsen from Denmark
13 October 2012

What do you do when you are trapped underground in a flooded supermarket with sharks in the water? You fire off your underwater shotgun and taser the shark, of course!

Actually, "Bait" turned out to be quite entertaining and not at all as cheesy and stupid as I had initially anticipated it to be. Given the plot line of the story, first impressions don't bode well for "Bait". But give it a chance, because it was actually quite good.

The story is about a group of people getting stranded underground in a supermarket as a tsunami strikes Australia, as sea water rushes in and floods the complex, the people find that drowning is not the biggest of their problems. They are trapped with two ferocious white sharks.

There is a good amount of action and thrills in the movie, which turned out to be a great combination. The movie, despite being super predictable, does keep you thrilled and almost at the edge of your seat.

The concept idea is a bit far out there, but oddly enough it did work out well enough, because the movie was entertaining and interesting from start till end.

Obviously they didn't have real sharks there, duh, but the CGI effects were actually good, and the sharks did look realistic enough. And the use of prosthetic shark heads was also working out well enough. The effects in a movie like this is a determining and crucial factor between having the movie working or being utter rubbish. Luckily here, the effects were good.

There were two things in the movie that were not all that great. The scene with the swarm of crabs in the ventilation duct. What were the odds of them being right there at that exact moment? It was a bit too much in my opinion. And the second scene, that really shouldn't have made it to the final cut, was the ending scene. Are you kidding me? I will not reveal it here, just watch it yourself.

I will say that the people cast for the various roles in this movie were actually doing a good job with their given characters. The dialogue was good, the acting was good. Well, all except for one guy playing some cocky guy with spiteful remarks and jokes about everything, he just came off as fake and forced, so perhaps another actor would have been better there? Just my opinion.

All in all, "Bait" is a good shark movie, thrilling, lots of action and a good amount of blood.

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5 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Great Movie

Author: Lauren Ricketts from Australia
27 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

At first I was expecting an average movie but when the tsunami hit and they got trapped it started to get better from there, some of the shark scenes were very unrealistic and I thought they could have done better than that but it was still OK. After awhile the movie got a bit boring and predictable, they would need to do something then everyone would stand up and try to be heroes and end up getting eaten by a shark.

Some things in the movie were a bit off, the bodies in the car park had already decomposed after not even a day and the sharks wouldn't continue to eat people they would stop after one or two, but that didn't really affect the outcome of the movie I just thought that they could have done better with that. Personally, I found this movie quite enjoyable because I actually live where the movie was filmed and the shot at the end where it shows the whole town destroyed was quite interesting and left me wondering if it would ever really look like that.

Overall I think it was an enjoyable movie and if you're looking for a disaster/shark attack movie this is the one for you.

Was the above review useful to you?

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