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"Nurse Jackie" Nose Bleed (2009)

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Jackie and Kevin take the girls to the park. Fiona pitches a fit when one of her balloons pops and the parents watch with pride as Grace offers her sister one of hers and then, when Fiona says no, she lets hers go. They think she's doing better.

They sit and eat lunch. Grace worries about the germs. Jackie gives them both money to buy candy. Grace offers her mom the money back if she doesn't go to work. She wants the hospital to burn down. Jackie goes to the bathroom and snorts her pills. When she comes back she tells Kevin she's not going to work. He tells her the world won't fall apart every time Grace gets upset. He'll be with her, it'll be fine.

Jackie kisses her good bye and leaves.

Walking into the hospital, she waves at a homeless man she knows. She watches as he collapses on the street. She goes to help him and notices blood. It's coming from her nose.

Thor and Mo Mo read the obits. Thor reads a name and Mo Mo tries to guess their age based on their name. It's fun til they get to a 10-year-old boy named Quentin. Jackie comes in and briefs them on Mr. Everett, the homeless diabetic.

Jackie supervises as Zoey checks his head for signs of a stroke. His toes are gangrenous. O'Hara checks his toes and says he's going to lose one. Mrs. A drops by to say All Saints is a hospital, not a shelter.

Back in her office, Mrs. A hangs with the unclaimed baby and grooves to Billie Holiday.

Back downstairs, Cooper accepts a bag lunch from Melissa Greenfield, the hot daughter from last week. Jackie walks around the corner and he calls her over. Jackie remembers Melissa and her mom but it's pretty clear Cooper's iffy on the details of her mom, his patient.

In the ER, paramedics bring in a stoned kid who's brain dead from a car accident. Jackie wonders where Cooper is as they prepare to call for a transplant team. Jackie goes through the kid's pockets, announcing she found the organ donation card when she finds a PETA membership.

Mrs. A comes for Mo Mo, very serious and businesslike. In her office, Mrs. A peppers him with questions, the purpose of which isn't entirely clear. She checks that he's gay, notes that she's not and asks if he has friends with kids. She wants to know how his friends adopted. He says he'll find out. She would appreciate that. She shoos him away.

Jackie asks Mo Mo where Cooper is. He's nowhere to be found and is ignoring his pager. In the waiting room, a snooty looking woman calls Jackie "nurse" and asks her when someone will see her kids. Her two young boys have lice. Jackie checks her address and asks why she's not at her neighborhood hospital, or pediatrician's. She could deal with it at home, Jackie points out. But her pediatrician is a family friend.

Mo Mo tells Jackie the brain dead pot kids' parents oppose organ donation.

As Jackie scrubs the kids heads their mom harangues them for sharing helmets with kids at school. Jackie tells them she thinks it's nice they share. She tells them they'll have to wash their head again tomorrow. Their mom asks if they can't just do it all here. She really doesn't want to touch them, she explains.

Jackie calls a pharmacy to get the lice shampoo, half a dozen boxes sent to the woman in no bag.

A man from children's services tells Mrs. A they found the parents. They stepped forward. She doesn't want to hand him over, not just because they named him Dalton.

Jackie and Eddie lay on his cot and he closes by suggesting he meet her kid.

Zoey tells Jackie if Mr. Everett had had his foot looked at last time, he wouldn't have lost it. Jackie insists she told her to have a doctor look at it. Zoey consults her notebook of things Jackie has said, including a quote in which she dismisses Mr. Everett. Jackie is unmoved. She asks where Cooper is. The transplant people need him to sign something. He's in exam room 3, with the door locked.

Cut to Cooper making out with Melissa the lunch bringer. Jackie knocks on the door, then shoves the door open to find Cooper with his pants down and shirt unbuttoned. He says no one told him. She picks up his pager and then tells him he's useless.

Jackie walks out and tells the transplant team that she saw Cooper certify brain death, she's not sure of the time, but that's good enough.

Jackie sits in church, then snorts half a pill. Her nostril starts to bleed.

She goes to see O'Hara. O'Hara is worried about her, amazed she can juggle a husband and a boyfriend. Her sister in Paris is doing the same thing, but wracked with guilt. Jackie isn't pleased O'Hara talked to her sister about her. O'Hara says she didn't use her name and, by the way, she's in Paris. Plus, she thinks of Jackie as a sister. "Think again," Jackie says to a stunned O'Hara.

A policeman leads the parents who abandoned their son into Mrs. Akalitis' office. He's staying, he's the grandfather. The father says they made a mistake. The mom says they haven't any fun in a year. Mrs. A says she has some bad news: their baby is dead. They start to cry and Mrs. A relents. He's not dead. She pulls him in his baby seat out from behind her desk.

She tells them not to be stupid with him. Mrs. A holds him and is reluctant to let go when the mom reaches for him.

Jackie sits at the intake desk. She sees Zoey's notebook of quotes nearby. She thumbs through it and sees the page that says Jackie told her not to call a doctor for Mr. Everett. She tears it out.

Jackie stops by the lounge and sees people dancing on TV. She calls Grace and suggests they do something, just the two of them, like a cooking or dance class. Grace thinks it's a great idea.


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