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Good and unsettling Spanish thriller by expert filmmaker Jaume Balaguero
ma-cortes9 June 2012
¨Sleep Tight¨ is both an intense , intriguing and an exciting portrait of subdued madness . ¨Mientras Duermes¨ (the official English title is Sleep tight , but the correct translation is "while you sleep", which to me is far more creepy) lives up to Jaume Balaguero's reputation . This interesting film deals with Cesar (Luis Tosar) , a lone man being incapable of happiness . The residents of the building where Cesar works as a concierge are not aware of the overtime he has been putting in . Apparently, he is at their service both day and night . Before the sun even has a chance to get its morning coffee , César is climbing out of bed , the sympathetic Clara (Marta Etura) still sleeping deeply beside him . When we meet César, he is lying in bed next to the gorgeous girl . He says as much in Sleep's opening voice-over as he stands at a rooftop's edge . He's a sad doorman at an upper crust apartment complex , but , despite he cannot be happy , Cesar goes about his work with dignified class . The adorable Clara is César's polar opposite , she is full of happiness . She is a likable tenant in the apartment building and her gladness is insistent and contagious . But when her boyfriend (Alberto San Juan) arrives in the building the events go wrong .

While Balaguero earlier films focused more on family , social situations , religion and weird creatures , his latest introduces the audience to the worst monster : the human being . This suspenseful movie was produced by the successful Catalan producers Julio and Carlos Fernandez from Fantastic factory ; it displays relentless thriller , intrigue , shocks , hard-edged drama , plot twists , creepy images and some gore when crime takes place . Director Jaume Balagueró (Rec, Rec 2, Fragiles , Darkness , The nameless) uses that uneasy non-knowledge for both horror and introducing brief touches of black humor . ¨Sleep Tight¨ is a motion picture that balances precariously over the dark comedy , ¨Psycho¨' Hitchockian intrigue , Michael Haneke's ¨Funny games¨ invasion genre bins and Michael Powell's ¨Peeping Tom¨ style . The overall result is chilling proof that Balagueró can take us back into an apartment building while delivering a completely different scare . Extraordinary performance by Luis Tosar , he plays a real tour-de-force in one of his best acting of his important career as a solitary and unhappy psychopath and an attractive , enjoyable Marta Etura , both of whom are a happy couple in real life . The picture packs a thrilling and intriguing musical score by Lucas Vidal . Furthermore , a colorful and appropriate cinematography by Pablo Rosso , Balaguero's usual .

'Sleep Tight' demonstrates director Balagueró's versatility , resulting to be a sublime thriller that every genre buff should be excited for . Rating : Good , better than average . The movie will appeal to thriller and suspense fans .
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Wow! This film will creep the hell out of you
williamarfondavies8 May 2012
I had no idea what this film was about before I saw it, and boy was I pleasantly surprised. From the same director as REC and also set in an apartment block. This Spanish gem has a great cast, especially the lead 'Luis Tosar' who plays his part superbly, filling you with an ever increasing sense of unease and shock at what you're witnessing. It's very beautifully shot too, making the most of it's apartment block setting. By the end of the film I was left thinking "this could actually happen".

It's by far one of the creepiest, most twisted tales I've had the pleasure of watching in a long time.

Highly recommended!
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Expertly crafted and genuinely unsettling
MoodyB8422 March 2013
Firstly, I feel it is important to state that though the marketing says everywhere 'from the director of Rec', and I understand why, this is nothing like Rec. I personally thought that Rec was an excellent film, and despite being an addition to an over exhausted genre, at the time it brought something new to it. Sleep Tight is however, though a 'horror' by genre, much more subtle and psychological. For me, this it to its credit and what is produced is a master class in psychological horror. It is very hard to describe the plot to Sleep Tight without giving too much away about the developments in the plot, as it are these constant developments that are central to the psychological and emotional impact of the narrative. I also feel it is important to say that from what I described in the plot that it is not a film that is brutal or horrific just for the sake of it, or is torture porn. Sleep Tight is a far more intelligent film that in fact has very little blood or gore, and the horror lies simply in the atmosphere, psychology and emotional impact of described plot developments.

I personally found that one of the shocking aspects of this film was the personal revelations that our revealed about our own sub conscience. César commits some quite despicable acts that any moral human being would never consider doing; however we do feel sympathy and understanding towards the protagonist. We almost feel a part of his actions due to how the story is told from his point of view and when there is a risk of him getting caught I genuinely felt nervous, despite the fact he should obviously be in prison for what he is doing. I am of course only speaking for myself here, and the viewing experience of this film and emotional reaction to what goes on within the narrative may differ between viewers. I was however relieved to read that other reviewers have said similar things. Our emotional sympathy for the protagonist is most definitely partly down to Luis Tosar's magnetic performance as César. He strikes up feelings of fear and disgust, yet also evokes sympathy, in a similar way to his stunning performance in the excellent Cell 211 (Daniel Monzón, 2009).

Sleep Tight is a film consisting of some deeply unforgettable moments that stay with us for a while. The feelings we often get from these moments may not be good ones, but it is due to the expertly crafted psychological horror with images that are often only described that lies in what makes Sleep Tight such a deeply effecting experience. Many horror films tend to have far-fetched concepts which take away some of the effectiveness, however what happens within the narrative of Sleep Tight is perfectly believable and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that this can happen to anyone, possibly without us even knowing. The shocks never get boring, leaving to an extremely compelling experience, leading all the way up to unforgettable ending that will haunt for days. Also adding to the horror is the extremely effective juxtaposition of there always being bright sunshine outside and having an up-tempo swing soundtrack, despite what is happening within the narrative leaving an extremely disconcerting feeling even during the day when everyone is supposed to be safe.

One criticism is that some of the few things that César does without getting noticed are perhaps a little unbelievable. However, maybe I thought this because I know he is there. If you are not aware of his presence then maybe you indeed would be less likely to notice. Proving that less can indeed be more; Sleep Tight is vastly more effective and genuinely haunting than any big budget horror film that Hollywood tends to produce these days. With some unforgettable moments, Sleep Tight is genuinely guaranteed to haunt your sub conscience for days.
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Masterful Perversion
Lavrentish23 May 2013
I 've seen "REC" some months ago and I just wasn't sure... I mean, how can you tell if there is a visionary director or some random guy who just got lucky? REC wasn't so demanding by concept and it all worked out fine.

So I had to check another one by and this time I found out that Jaume Balagueró really is a visionary director plus ...I just got lucky! Because Sleep Tight was a real treat for this messed up part of my mind (we all have this, no? It's just me? Whatever...).

Yes, it is a thriller all right, but not the horror-jump scare kind of thriller. The horror element here is actually a poison more than just a scare. It will slowly get into you and when this film is done with you it will extract a portion of happiness out of you for the pleasure of César.

César is the main character and he is suffering from pathological unhappiness. He have an urge to kill himself every single day but his survival instinct driving him to find a reason not to. But what can you do to feel better in this absolute unhappiness especially since you realize that you are just not capable of happiness? Well, misery loves company. And the only way is to make the others unhappy too.

That's the whole story actually, but the way this story unfolds itself before our unsuspected eyes is masterful. I was stand up alone clapping my hands in the first twenty minutes. I was on the edge ever after and before the very end I was filled with sympathy AND repulsion for the same character, soaked into despair of what a man can do.
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A must watch for fans of psychological thrillers
James C18 May 2012
Without the use of gratuitous violence and gore, this movie manages to find it's place at the top of it's genre.

It is incredibly uncomfortable to watch, and part of me wanted to stop watching at several points. It is truly amazing how the movie manages to evoke such a feeling of suspense and, well, awkwardness from the audience.

Movies like 'Funny Games' and 'The Strangers' attempt to provoke the audience in similar ways but fall short, while other films like 'Martyrs' use over-the-top gore to aid their attempts.

Despite the disturbing content of the film, the difficulty I had in viewing it, and many of the characters' actions being difficult to relate to, I recommend it highly and consider this movie a great success as it accomplished what it set out to do - impact the viewers psychologically.

This is a must-watch for any fan of psychological thrillers/horrors.
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Horror Trunk Review: Night Frights
Katie Bonham7 March 2013
Sleep Tight is the story of an apartment building concierge called Cesar, who abuses his position by using the spare keys to the rooms, and entering tenants rooms and lives. The slow and unnerving horror that unfolds in the storyline, presents the boundaries Cesar crosses.

The film creates great unease in the audience as we question the safety of our own homes, and how easy it would be for someone to intrude on our lives in a similar way. This is a story of mental violence created through the control over another human being, as another plays God, resulting in a situation and environment that is inescapable by the victim.

Sleep tight....I Will.. once I have checked under the bed....then checked that the front door is locked.....

Well at least the concierge is downstairs keeping a watchful eye.....

Full review at the horrortrunk website.
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Well done and creepy
daniellenash8228 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A great thriller from Spain starring Luis Tosar who gives an exceptionally creepy performance. This is not a horror flick so for those who are longing for gore and jumps keep searching however if you're looking for an original story that is deeply disturbing on a psychological level than look no further.

The main character's motive, or lack of motive, in this movie is what gives it such a chilling effect. Being incapable of happiness himself he only feels content when he can secretly destroy the happiness of those around him while outwardly appearing concerned and helpful (all the better to watch their worlds crumble). He has no connection to his victims and is not seeking revenge or retribution. He's not interested in killing them either because physical destruction is not his goal. He seeks total mental and emotional destruction resulting in a broken life, prolonging the person's suffering and unhappiness.

Both the atmosphere and acting creates a feeling of total violation. The most private and secure parts of one's life, (the home, bedroom, bathroom, even one's own body) are all broken into and corrupted without the victim's knowledge creating an incredibly uncomfortable experience for the viewer who is placed in a voyeuristic role.

The ending will give no satisfaction to anyone looking for justice or even for a deeper explanation of motive. Basically there is no deeper explanation, he does what he does because he is a psychopath. For people with insect phobias there is one particular scene that will have you crawling out of your skin.

I highly recommend this movie to people who are looking for a well done, original, skin crawling thriller. You will think twice before brushing your teeth again.
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While you were sleeping... examining the dark sides of the seemingly harmless.
Nitzan Havoc6 December 2012
As a Horror fan, I like watching at least one Horror film every day (when I get the chance), and recently I've noticed a certain pattern in Thriller Horror films: they're mostly Thrillers with some touch of Horror and not basic Horror. Mientras Duermes (Sleep Tight) is a perfect example.

The real horrifying part of this film is that it plays on the small fears that regular people have, even if only at the back of their minds subconsciously. Having someone bluntly invade your privacy without you knowing it, being blackmailed for something you've done, getting old alone and becoming the gray figure neighbours pretend to be nice to - these are only some of the examples.

The story is original and clever, and unfolds only towards the middle. The acting is right on the spot. Everything is done just the way it should. This film takes the audience to the darker places of their emotions and thoughts, but not in an obvious blunt way like most Horror films, but in a deceptive and clever way. Very artistic.

There's an old saying - "there are no bad people, only people who have it bad". This film truly examines that statement, both philosophically and physically. I don't know if I could truly say I enjoyed watching it, but I'm glad I did, and I think so would you!
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It's not the bed bugs
kosmasp2 June 2012
This movie is wicked. Really wicked in an awesome way. One of the guys responsible for REC is also responsible for this one. It's the one who also did Nameless and Darkness. And this is closer to those movies. In that it is more of a thriller than a straight horror movie that is. Awesome acting on hand, terrific story (literally) and overall a great movie to watch.

I won't tell you anything about the movie, because it works wonders when you watch it without any previous knowledge of the story. And while I knew where some scenes were heading (like the "wake-up" scene at the beginning), I had to guess quite a few things. Don't forget though: This is evil and will put you into a position you might not like. And that's the point of it all ... Brilliant!
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Creepy and Original-Powerful thriller
Ajit Tiwari19 March 2012
Spanish thrillers are always original and different, I have been waiting for this movie after Rec(2007)& REC 2(2009).

It is an original thriller which has its values intact and will haunt your inner-self upside down. The story is about a person who is calamitous and he strives for a transcendental happiness through other people related to him.

It is an enigmatic movie with bleak intentions (being Ironic here) culminating a character, which has cruel intentions for his ecstasies.

An impeccable performance by Luis Tosar, story is first rate and screenplay is amazing.

Recommended for everyone who like thrillers

My 8/10
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The superman
Ricardo Fernandes4 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
No one seems to be capable of seeing the full depth of the concierge's brilliant and twisted mind. Those who surface his dark mind are unable to deal with it. Those who ignore him are affected by his wickedness too.

This is a film about the impossibility of happiness, or at least happiness in a conventional way. It was a treat to the senses to see how the protagonist's mother suffers with what his son tells her, and to see the old neighbour being psychologically dissected, till there's no illusion on her pathetic solitary existence.

Raw and mean, accurate on life's complexities, this is a superior film in terms of acting, direction and superb script.

Luis Tosar is the superman, who never sleeps, and whose obsession feeds him and fills the emptiness of a life.
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A Wonderful Spanish Thriller
deeno7122 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Cesar is the concierge in an apartment block in Barcelona , he is unhappy , he has an angry boss who seems to pick at him at every opportunity , a sick mother who he visits daily and also he is infatuated with Clara who lives in the block.

I won't go into too many details of the film as it would be laden with spoilers . But what I will say is this is a masterpiece of suspense.

Cesar is wonderfully played by Luis Tosar (Cell 211) , he is obsessed by Clara (Marta Etura also Cell 211) and the lengths he goes to to be close to her and in her life get more extreme and disturbing as the film progresses. Cesar is a modern day boogeyman , a human monster in plain view and Tosar plays this to absolute chilling effect.

Seeing the world through Cesar's eyes you start to almost like him even empathise with him and through Balaguero's great direction he turns a mentally unstable sociopath into almost an antihero and you then start to dislike the pleasant bouncy always happy demeanor of Clara who is the victim here and through no fault of her own . Her one crime is she just happens to live in a block where the superintendent who has access to every room is probably not in the correct line of work.

The tension builds slowly through the film and a feeling of claustrophobia increases towards a wonderful finale , the film runs at around 100 mins and it just flew by. It is not the easiest watch at times but then that is what a good horror/thriller can do, unnerve you unease you , I even felt dirty watching at times but a hugely fulfilling watch.

This is a real pleasure to watch and reminiscent of Hitchcock at his best , it also shows how Balaguero (REC) can direct in an apartment block with as different a film from REC as possible but with as good a film if not better . He really has shown here that he continues to grow and improve with each film he directs.

I think it is down to Balaguero and writer Alberto Marini that you can root for Cesar even though he is so ruthlessly psychotic.

Finally there is a lovely role of Ursula (Iris Almeida) who is a little spoilt girl who lives in the flat opposite Clara and is holding Cesar to ransom. She knows what he is up to and wants payment for her silence , which is a wonderful little subplot .

Sleep Tight is a great Spanish suspense thriller and deserves as wide an audience as possible . And watch this in the Spanish language with subtitles , don't ever fall for a dubbed version (which I hear may be out there) .

A wonderful tense drama that should be seen on a big screen 8.5/10 Taken from my blog www.thecorpsegrinder.wordpress.com
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A masterpiece of Spanish cinema...
Rabbit-Reviews22 October 2012
After big summer blockbusters, I think it's time to turn to a more thought-provoking European movies, and Mientras Duermes is a perfect choice. We have seen a multitude of Spanish movies that are excellent but somehow they don't reach any of the viewers and instead rot in the video stores (I guess they still exist...). What is fascinating (fascinating, this movie form is alive) about them are the plots and general ideas that are so whacked out and original that it's mind boggling. And lets be perfectly clear, these are not some straight-to-DVD movies with small budget and amateur actors, but a full-bloodied cinema masterpieces, with phenomenal actors and immaculate scripts. Immediately after watching Mientras Duermes I checked out what other movies did this talented crew created and Celda 211 was my first choice. I haven't watched it yet, but it seems like a damn fine movie.

I was talking about the originality and the pureness of the ideas in European cinema, and if you remember a couple months earlier I reviewed El Habitante Incierto, another phenomenal Spanish movie with a great script. Sleep Tight or Mientras Duermes, is a Spanish movie and I implore you to see the original version in Spanish as with any other movie that has a dubbed version, no matter how good the dubbing is, it's still not the real thing. One more thing about this movie is very disturbing and that is the sympathy for Cesar that I felt throughout the movie, although I maybe shouldn't. The suspense, the twists, the acting... I could go on and on telling you how good this movie is and how the atmosphere has that special vibe, that space-time continuum thingy captured, so every time you decide to watch it, you will relive it...

You probably noticed that the half of the review space has gone in some gibberish and not a word was said about the actual movie, and the reason for this is that I am afraid to say almost anything because it might ruin your viewing experience. I dived into this, now already cult, movie without any informations and was amazed, and so far everyone that have seen it had the same reaction. Some scenes where Cesar is trying to avoid detection are nerve-wrecking and so intense that I felt like I was going through it all. But still, here's something to keep you going: César works as a janitor in a building and is pretty much disappointed in life. He has no friends nor a girlfriend, no interests and nothing to make him happy, just his menial work and the smiling faces of other people who seem to be doing just fine. One of them is Clara, a beautiful girl living in the same building. Soon she becomes a subject of obsession for Cesar and to what degree this goes is up to you to find out...

Movie recommendations Rabbit-Reviews.com - Only movies worth watching
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Jay Kay20 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This film provides an alternative kind of movie to those who are fans of the horror genre.

The main character, Cesar is a troubled concierge, dissatisfied with his own life and who in secret, attempts to sabotage the happiness of the residents of building. He particularly targets a vivacious young woman and employs extravagant methods to crush her happiness. As the movie progresses, the audience finds out how truly horrific and cruel Cesar can be.

The film provides extremely tense moments and unravels the extent of Cesar's cruelty gradually so that the film will hold your attention.

Special mention to Petra Martinez's (Veronica), who in one scene, provides a heartbreaking performance, without uttering a single word.
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A Gem of a Cinema,.
inderjithg11 June 2013
My first Review on IMDb . because this film has forced me to share the thoughts and experiences of this movie,,.

Most of the Ordinary American thrillers either brings boredom or doesn't have the real quality of a thriller..

this Spanish cinema is an example of how to make a thriller that can take you inside a screenplay. and live with the character and feel it..

Luis Tosar , has brought the character to the soul. just watch it , feel the rush . you will definitely think that you have missed this movie for a long time.

How long could you Hold the Tension and thrill inside you ??
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Chilling factor
Amin Jacoub16 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Sleep tight (original Mientras duermes), is not typical horror, nor gory (except one painful sequence), but rather, deep traumatic experience we witness on screen. It is actually pure horror, at its best.

Director Jaume Balagueró is not widely recognizable to the general audience, but those that follows horror scene he is well known, especially with the "Rec" movies (which are now become franchise), and few more.

The main character, troubled César (strong impact by Luis Tosar) is a concierge and receptionist in a dwelling building, surrounded everyday by the what it seems, higher class tenants, with whom he communicate in a very kind but non touchable way.

It seems that some of the bourgeoisie tenants don't feel his presence, and behave like he is some kind of irrelevant person. His feelings and emotional response seems non existent, only suggesting that he lay hatred for them, probably. Also he is non responsive to the humiliations he gets every day from the owner of the building, or to threats from the girl we seem as a second kind of predator, almost similar to his personality.

But some of the tenants are more human and emotional than others, and sympathize with him; the old lady, and the girl Clara which besides him, is a second main protagonist, and a victim.

Let's go back to the little girl. The girl express a wast of disgust and hatred to Cesar. It seems she knows what is going on, as she spies him, treating him all the time, by blackmailing him.

At the start of the movie we see Cesar in the bed with the Clara, waking up and leaves her apartment. We may feel that it is his girlfriend as that he acts like a boyfriend (he was or still is her boyfriend in real life). It all seems typical and normal.

But very soon, we found that they have no connection at all. Later we see Cesar laying under her bed waiting for her to get home, and with that, and following, the chilling factor starts.

Clara is a happy and always smiling person. She woke in the morning, sing while brushing teeth, dancing while dress up, then she walks off the building with big smile and kindness always greeting Cesar.

Her happiness is actually the main reason for everything happening in the movie. Because Cesar is not happy, he hates to be happy, he don't know how to be happy, and he stated in his narrations that he never felt happy and don't know how to be. He just hate happiness. He only want to "rip off that smile" from Clara's face, which he repeats to his sick mother every time he visits her in the hospital.

Cesar puts his dark and chilling plan in action, torturing Clara every night by poisoned her when she fall asleep, and lay in her bad close to her, so that she don't wake up. Every morning at 5 am he leaves her apartment, and goes back to his work in that same building. He also use chemicals and bug eggs of roaches to hurt her both physically and mentally, only to "rip that smile from her face".

The climax is near at the end of the movie, but I will not spoil any further, as movies ends in a delicate way, showing us Cesar as a true monster.

The horrible act of the monster is also seen in a scene when Cesar speaks to that sympathetic old lady, left her in shock without any hope for life in her. It was very sad moment. You probably will start to hate him at that point. Probably.

Gruesome effects here are not through visuals, even we have some unpleasant, some gory and some disgusting elements, but what is truly gruesome is an intentions, and inner perspective of the main character.

We may have sympathize with Cesar or hate him, but either way we are stuck in his twisted mind and horrible actions. He is really a dark and complicated character without any good. Only one element in my opinion miss here; entering the point of what actually makes him what he become.

We may conclude something from his conversation with his mother, even it is kind of monologue, as his mother answers through painful tears, obviously as a result of what he tells her.

Maybe he was a good person once, but here we witness the vision of the intelligent and pure evil. That perspective is strong in a scene with killing Clara's boyfriend, and another with the girl involved, but it is view able through the whole movie anyway. Cesar reminds me somehow to the Javier Bardem's character in "No Country for Old Men (That two actors are actually good friends in real life).

It is very wise made movie, almost non predictable, unlike so many of them where end is visible from the beginning. Here we have tension and expectancy with delightful ending, but not happy one, rather creepy one (but this is subjective point of view).

The main characters masterfully acts here, but that goes to the rest of the ensemble.

The tension is high and the music score follows plot nicely.

For the fans of the horror and those that looks for the real chill factor, this title is recommended.
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Spanish Peeping Tom.
HumanoidOfFlesh10 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
César is a suicidal loner who is secretly fascinated with one tenant of the apartment complex he takes care of.Her name is Clara.Every night César hides under her bed,drugs her with chloroform and sleeps next to her.The daughter of Clara's neighbors begin to blackmail him.The problem begins when Clara's boyfriend appears,so he must be eliminated..."Sleep Tight" by Jaume Balaguero is a tightly-written and surprisingly dark psychological thriller with fascinating portrayal of psychotic central character.The film is lovingly calm with only one bloody scene of murder.The acting is excellent and there are some memorable scenes of suspense and dread.8 morbid fascinations out of 10.Enjoy this chilling and deliberate suspenser!
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Sleep Tight will have you checking under your bed
rgblakey3 January 2013
There are movies that come along that really leave you in a state of intrigue and a bit at a loss for words. Most of these kinds of movies come from the foreign film market and usually are a bit confusing and make little to no sense. The latest film comes from the Spanish market called Sleep Tight and takes the viewer down a strange dark path of some worst fears.

Sleep Tight follows the superintendent of an apartment building who on the surface seems like the perfect employee and all the tenants love him, but he secretly enjoys inflicting pain on others. This movie starts off a bit slow and seemingly average, but then it takes a dark twist letting the viewer know that something sinister is going on. The story is simple, but heads down some pretty dark and disturbing directions adding a bit of terror that is even more scary due to the real life nature of it. The performances are pretty subtle overall, but as the truth begins to be revealed there is just enough a change to make it work, but still maintain the creepy simple aspect of it. This is one of the more disturbing movies to come along in some time. Not because of the gore or the scary nature, but because it plays to the simple fears people have and knowing how easy some of this could actually happen.

This is a slow paced film that manages to build to a terrifying reality that affects everyone in the bigger picture. The twists and direction this character goes through to accomplish his goal is disturbing on numerous levels. This is not a scary movie in the traditional sense, but more thanks to the realism. If you weren't afraid of what's under your bed already, this film could change your mind. Be warned this movie is in Spanish, so if you do not speak it, then you will have to read the subtitles, but it is worth every word.
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Another Spanish gem
GUENOT PHILIPPE31 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
First, I am surprised that this first rate thriller has not been commented yet. But maybe it has not been released in Spain. And I am dead sure that many users will do it after my comment, and in a far better way.

Spain gives us many interesting features such as KIDNAPPED, LA ZONA, LES PROIES - french title - NUIT DES TOURNESOLS - french title too...And I forget many others. Yes Spanish movie industry is more interesting than the American one, too foreseeable for my taste in the scripts. And unfortunately, in Spain, filmmakers are better accepted by the audiences than in France, especially in horror or thriller films as this one, for instance. They have more budget, more money, and that may change many things on the screen.

Well, speaking of this one, this very same audience doesn't feel any boredom during it. All along the movie, you wonder WHY the hell the caretaker does all these nasty things to the young woman living in the building where he works. You wonder what exactly is he driving at, for what reasons? A disturbing feature, really, and not moral at all.

And maybe I am dumb, but at the end, I have not understood WHY he did all this.

WHY ???

Of course, this weird and twisted guy has a serious problem with women - see for instance how he speaks to the old lady - and he was in love with the female lead, a long time ago, but all this doesn't explain why...

During the film, I thought it was connected with his old mother, very ill and healed in a hospital. I thought the young woman, he is harassing all along the story, did something wrong to the old mother of our lead; and so he seeks some revenge...

Well, that unexplained matter doesn't remove anything to the film.

Go and see it.

One last thing, the main character, the caretaker, has something in his eyes of Jeremy Irons.
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Sleep Tight will keep you awake at night
dgefroh10 April 2013
Sleep Tight is a sleeper....this movie while mostly ignored by the critics and general viewing public is simply spell-binding. The story is so disturbing and troubling that a recommended shower after viewing is suggested. That said, if you don't watch this excellent movie, you are missing out on an excellent piece of movie magic. While at times this movie is hard to watch, you can't take your eyes off the screen. The actors and actresses are all excellent and their exceptional portrayal of this cast of characters brings this story to life.

My suggestion is that you put this fine movie in your "must watch" list. I love watching a movie where I expect little and then get a lot, with this one, you can expect a lot and it delivers.
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billcr1222 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A concierge named Cesar; with a superb performance by Luis Tosar, is a character who you will never forget. It begins with him standing on a roof, contemplating suicide. A flashback shows him waking up next to a sleeping woman and going down to his room and getting dressed for the day. As the sleeping woman, now identified as Clara, is leaving the building, they exchange pleasantries, and everything seems perfectly normal. Later on, Cesar is under Clara's bed, and obviously something is not quite right with this man. While she sleeps, he sneaks out from his hiding place and chloroforms the young lady. He also puts some chemical in to her face cream which causes a nasty rash. He is the ultimate obsessed stalker. He appears to her and the other tenants as a likable and helpful man. He fixes Clara's kitchen drain and even fumigates her place of cockroaches. His activities escalate to the point of no return and the story is compelling from start to finish, with a completely unpredictable ending. Tosar is the perfect psychopath, and Marta Etura is pretty and believable as the victim. Sleep Tight is one of the ten best movies of the year, and along with Teddy Bear, my favorite foreign films of 2012.
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Lambysalamby18 May 2015
This is a seriously creepy film. It's a very interesting character study of a stalker. The film builds slowly, but as the story develops you start to see the workings of a despicable man, all while you'll start thinking that this could actually happen!

The film comes from the same director who mad REC (which was great) and it is also set in an apartment block which makes for a great setting and provides a good place for character development. What a disturbing character this man is. A very memorable one. Great performances form the two leads.

Overall opinion: A great character study, much more disturbing than most horror movies.

Also reminded me of another Spanish classic: The skin I live in..
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Outstanding follow-up from the guy who brought us REC
Leofwine_draca26 March 2015
Director Jaume Balaguero is one heck of a talent. With REC he made what is quite possibly Spain's best-ever horror movie; with this follow-up he delivers an outstanding thriller and one that manages to be totally unique even in this world overloaded with constant cinema and DVD content.

About the only thing the two films have in common is a creepy old apartment building as a background, but other than that SLEEP TIGHT is a complete surprise. To say too much would be to spoil the fun, suffice to say that this is one of those rare movies where the protagonist isn't necessarily a good guy. Despite this, actor Luis Tosar gives an exemplary performance as the main character; he reminded me of the guy who played the lead in TIMECRIMES, with the characters similarly getting into more and more difficulties as the story lines progress.

SLEEP TIGHT boasts outstanding production values and a truly creepy premise. Balaguero's direction is top notch, to the degree that the viewer can readily forgive the occasional plot hole and lapse of judgement on the part of the scriptwriter. There are so many blacky comic, genuinely suspenseful, and downright exciting sequences in this film that it's something of a mini masterpiece; I for one had a ball with it.
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A creepy, darkly comic, Hitcockian gem
craigjpay-146-37924423 October 2014
I occasionally find myself wondering if any of the current generation of horror movies might ever be held up as classics in the same way that my generation views the likes of John Carpenter's Halloween or Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. More often than not the answer is no, but I believe there is a definite case to be made for Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza's Spanish found footage zombie flick REC, one of very few films of recent years to, a) scare me silly, and b) produce a worthy and expansive sequel. Inbetween the first sequel and the upcoming final entry in the REC series, the duo have separated to take on projects of their own. Plaza has chosen to continue plowing the undead farrow with his peculiar but enjoyable splat-stick sequel/spin off REC 3: Genesis. Balagueró's new movie however, ignoring the familiar setting of a Madrid apartment building, is a very different proposition indeed. Sleep Tight centres on the day-to-day activities of a lonely and largely ignored building superintendent named César (Luis Tosar). By day he tends to the requests of the building's various residents. By night he lays next to the drugged and unconscious body of Clara (Marta Etura), a resident with whom César has developed a powerful, all consuming obsession. The nature of the story immediately sets Sleep Tight poles apart from the savage zombie flick that made Balagueró's name. Where that movie was raw and immediate, Sleep Tight is wonderfully controlled and elegant, brimming with near unbearable tension and quiet menace. The source of much of this tension is an unusual one. While most horror/thrillers that centre on a deranged stalker will tend to give greater or, at least, equal consideration to the victim, Sleep Tight focuses pretty much entirely on César, with his victim Clara remaining only faintly sketched. It's an interesting variation on a well worn theme, the audience watches César while César watches Clara, seeing her only as he sees her (or indeed the attributes he projects upon her), it's not just voyeuristic, there's an inherent level of complicity that comes with the territory too, as César proves to be one of the most peculiarly likable horror movie psychos since Hannibal Lector. It's not simply that he's downtrodden and ignored. It's not purely that he's the movie's focus either. He's a genuinely witty and fascinating character who's just as likely to produce a wry smile as an uncomfortable shudder. With the wrong actor in place, César would have been a totally unsympathetic monster, with the wonderful Luis Tosar in the role he becomes an unexpected delight. Between them Tosar and Balagueró mine a rich vein of dark, spiky, often spiteful humour that beautifully compliments the movie's atmosphere of brooding tension. Much like Balagueró, Tosar's role here is a very dramatic shift from the one he is perhaps best known for, the towering and terrifying Malamadre in prison riot drama Cell 211. Where, in that film, his character was defined by being larger than life and known to all, César is that character's total opposite, a man who has has either chosen to be invisible, or already was and used it to his sinister advantage. It's a genuinely miraculous performance, nuanced, fascinating and always sympathetic, with truly sublime, killer comic timing. The rest of the cast play their parts perfectly, but they are wisely sidelined to a degree so the audience can view them as César does, to be objectified or idealised rather than known. The screenplay is fantastic too, not just in terms the brilliantly brutal dialogue and meticulous character development, but in its brilliant subversion of expectations, it takes great delight in wrong-footing the viewer, but does it smartly in a way that is always totally organic to both story and characters. As for any negatives, there is perhaps a very slight dip in pace around the halfway mark, but it doesn't last enough to truly upset the flow of the story, it's hardly even worth mentioning in fact. Sleep Tight is quite easily my favourite movie of the year so far, a wonderfully witty, tense piece of character driven suspense cinema with a director and lead actor on truly glorious form. I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough.
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