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Author: 1bilbo from England
27 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The character of Zoe is so annoying that it overshadows any attempt at a plot - which turns out to be very weak.

I don't have much time for females who go stomping off every minute when things don't go their own way, also the double-talk super fast dialogue did very little to hide a very weak plot.

As usual we have a group of people trapped in a lonely location who tap into something and scary things happen. This has been done so much much better by other people elsewhere.

There is a myth that certain people have the ability to hack into any worldwide computer system, this film taps into the myth with the hackers shouting techno-drivel to each other as they open up various highly secure systems from their flat.

When weird things start to happen everything is drowned out by Zoe yelling the usual "Oh my God - get me out of here" and "Did you see that - something was here" drivel.

Films that have to include the token love angle show a lack of focus and weak script - this was no exception.

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Absolute pants!

Author: Claire from Kent, England
26 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Quite possibly the worst film I've ever seen. An hour and a half of my life I won't see again. Having paid to watch this dross on Sky Box Office I was not happy at all. The synopsis sounded amazing - British Spooky Chiller, erm were was all the spooky chills. All this was was a cheap, nasty little gore fest with petulant teenage type females arguing and seeing how many times they could use the F word. It became wearing after a while and shows just how lazy the writers are. You don't need to litter a movie with F*** every five seconds and you need to have a believable story. All that going on in a penthouse in a seedy run down block of flats in London and no-one notices - come on! I wondered what the people in the flat below them were thinking as noise travels in flats so all that idiot nonsense would have been heard, the police would have been called especially with all the screaming Zoe was doing - there was a character that you wanted to slap to shut up her incessant complaining, ranting, screaming and shouting. Not one of the characters made you want to invest in them, their story or their fate, it was a cheap, crappy, lazy tripefest of a movie and if this is what The British Film Council is actively encouraging then its no wonder it's being disbanded.

Kelly Adams of Hustle fame needs to choose her roles more carefully in future; this crap will do nothing to further her career if she leaves that show.

What a complete and utter waste of time and money, I absolutely detest rubbish like this, advertised as one thing and is totally the opposite. Lazy and ineffectual writers should be told to go back to school and learn their trade PROPERLY, not have money thrown at them to go away and make rubbish. The more that happens the more rubbish movies like this we can expect to see.

All in all this was F****** Sh*t, just like they kept saying all the way through the movie. Appalling, abysmal waste of time and money.

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Can I Get My Money Back?

Author: wood-69841 from United Kingdom
26 July 2016

I clearly wasn't thinking straight when I bought this DVD entitled Decoder, assuming it was the German film directed by Muscha. Why did the Japanese feel the need to change the title? Paid for it, might as well watch it, I thought, and then found I couldn't switch off the Japanese subtitles. The non-stop chatter and the histrionics gave me the impression that the script was written by a teenager and the only reason I ended up watching the whole silly film was because the cat went to sleep on my knee and I didn't want to disturb her. Unconvincing story and unconvincing performances. I'm not saying the acting is particularly bad, but it's English soap opera / sit-com level. The credits state 'This motion picture is a work of fiction'. No kidding. I've ordered a copy of Decoder. The right one this time.

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good for low budget

Author: beth-kenneh from United Kingdom
11 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The film is set in London, although the story sees only a pinch of the city and is plotted inside a tatty London flat.

It's a psychological paranormal film, are the characters going mad or is there something supernatural at force? Sarah comes from a strict RC mother and knows her religious passages, although, she's not a firm follower herself. She has her beliefs tested throughout this film, with a glimpse of possibility that she could fall for the insanely ranting Declan.

Basically, 2 Uni student girls, go out on a whim to visit one of their 'love interest's', which turns out to be a 1 night stand that her friend can not get over and has to pursue. Evidently, this guy feels the same way, the big issue with this, is that he is her lecturer at Uni (doh!). Only, they get an evening that they were not bargaining for!

Upon entering her love interest's flat, they find 2 other people, a Gothic bi-polar American lass and a deluded ranting crippled brit. All 3 are on a mission to hack the vatican's archives, in the hopes that they can find the elusive 'Torah' in a 3rd dimension, meaning that they may be able to crack the most sort after code, in centuries.

During this time, you do get to see declan becoming more deluded, schizophrenic could be a term for him. Breaking into the vatican record, for him, is life changing and not in a good way.

The film never expanded on the 'supernatural attack', just words like 'CIA's remote viewers' and 'Vatican ghosts' were usually flung about.

A super natural low budget thriller that would have justified it's self better, if the plot wasn't so scatty and lacking.

Saving grace of this film................quality cast.

Not a bad film but by means,it's no 'Da Vinci' code!

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what was it!!

Author: Shujja Haider from Pakistan
4 October 2011

well first i was trying to focus on the dialogues what the characters were saying but i think the actors were given a lot of dialogues which they had to complete in a short time . so they were talking so speedy. and the movie was technologically so advance and complicated that most of the things which they were discussing was out of a normal man's reach. so much stuff regarding hacking and technology, a few characters were introduced like they were going to play a turning role in the movie, like the ghost, but they were the guest characters so disappointment was the fate of this hope. i think this movie was waste of time. it was so boring. i would recommend the people who want to enjoy their weekend or precious time, please find something else to watch rather than this. and those who have watched. my sympathies are with you :)

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Willingly Suspend Disbelief and Take the Ride

Author: princessAlamander from United States
4 August 2010

Apocalyptic conspiracy thrillers are a genre unto themselves. There are enough out there in film as well as literature (often these cross paths at some point). This is a new favorite for me.

One night, Sarah hangs out with her impulsive friend Zoe. They end up at the home of Zoe's professor so that Zoe can proclaim her love. Sarah tags along.

Once there, it is clear that this is not going to be just any ordinary girl's night out. Zoe's professor, Malcolm is working with a couple on a highly ambitious project decoding the secrets in the Torah. This entails hacking into the Vatican, avoiding being hacked by the Pentagon, remote readers from secret government projects, and a lot of thinking outside of the visible dimensions.

Malcolm, Declan, and Andrea along with the assistance/distraction of Zoe and Sarah are about to open doors that some feel should never be opened, and others have dreamed about cracking for a long time.

What ensues is a fantastical, fascinating, fatal, and final, fast-paced ride.

If this is a genre you enjoy, I would say give this one a definite GO! It is Pi in color and without the personal journey towards insanity plus DaVinci Code without the silly, far-fetched, and cheese-ball theories.

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A weak movie.

Author: zeuspredator from Malaysia
17 October 2011

The director deliver the message in such a slow pace and by the end of the movie viewers already lost interest to know what's the actual cause that the bunch of geeks trying to hack on.

At least they can do better with a much better special effects on the movie. Although everyone knows this is a low budget movie. There is not enough of everything in this movie to be exact. No enough invigorating hot steamy scene and lack of high expectations.

Which is why I gave the ratings as awful and really annoying movie cant even use it to past the time cause it is far from enjoyment let alone arousing the curiosity.

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Better than the DaVinci Code

Author: GGEO GGEO from United Kingdom
1 August 2010

This is a supernatural conspiracy theory thriller that turns gory at the end and is thought provoking at the same time.

Unlike the unreadable and unwatchable DaVinci Code books and films, The 7th Dimension is easy to get into but makes you work to keep up with each twist and turn. There's no let up and you have to pay attention as the story unfolds.

After a relatively slow, low key start the film gets into its stride and turns up the suspense as the main protagonist Declan, either becomes a higher being or gets more and more demented.

There are some genuinely scary moments and the story, although mainly gobbledygook is plausible enough to let you suspend your disbelief.

Not a multi million pound blockbuster, but all the better for it.

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