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Comical, colorful, wonderfully cast and beautifully animated.
The humor's a little strange, and the action's a little frenetic, but all of it whooshes past in a swirl of tropical color and pseudo-South American bonhomie. Gorgeous scenery meets oddball characters and mild ethnic stereotyping.
Give Saldanha's film an A-plus for visuals and a B-minus for story.
The production eventually succumbs to motion overload-so many characters darting off in so many directions that the ending turns unfocused, even flat. But watching them go by is great fun, and there are worse things than a movie that can't stop moving.
Voice work across the board is top-notch, with the Black Eyed Peas' will.i.am and Jamie Foxx adding sass to their smooth-talking bird buddies, and comic George Lopez solid as a party-loving toucan named Rafael.
If nothing else, Rio is unabashedly jubilant.
For its stunning iridescent look and infectious music, Rio is a refreshing adventure worth taking.
A brightly-colored, dizzying pinwheel of 3D animation in which nothing much happens. Sounds like summer is here early.
The main reason this gorgeous-looking, sweet-hearted but so-so movie remains grounded is a herky-jerky, cobbled-together story that squawks when it should sing.
Name the first things that come to anyone's mind about Rio de Janeiro - samba, soccer, sunbathing, Carnival - and those are the building blocks of this movie. Expect the expected.
The soundtrack, overseen by Sergio Mendes, has a few lively bossa nova moments, but not nearly enough.

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