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Performances range from wooden to hysterical, and it's largely due to Mulroney's inexperience behind the camera.
Though it doesn't work as entertainment, this numbingly chipper rom-com (directed by Dermot Mulroney) might be of historical value someday as an A-to-Z guide to the genre's most overworked clichés.
Except for Brolin as an unlikely born-again Jew, nobody fares well under Mulroney's ham-fisted direction.
The "romantic" half of Love, Wedding, Marriage's romantic comedy doesn't work, but that isn't nearly as problematic as the film's profound unfunniness.
Supplied with uniformly vapid dialogue, the characters come off like a bunch of twits.
Only old pros James Brolin and Jane Seymour, as Eva's colorfully squabbling parents, occasionally rouse the film beyond its fate as fodder for a Snuggie-wrapped slumber.
As if written by a robot whose frame of reference wasn't human reality but merely fairy-tale romantic comedies, Love, Wedding, Marriage strips genre tropes down to their scrawny, brittle bones.
What's most baffling is that such a canny actor is so unable to direct his own cast.
The New York Times
A movie that feels like punishment for a crime you can't remember committing.
Love, Wedding, Marriage is a movie so shallow and wooden, its actors less models than mannequins, that it resembles a furniture catalogue.

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